Chapter 1003


“Surrender. You will lose in a mere contest between domains.” Akaban’s voice echoed throughout the battlefield. He was circling Leylin leisurely, aside from the two demigods in combat.

He had the valiant spirit of an emperor, and before becoming a demigod he had clearly been a tactician. His words were designed to affect Leylin’s mind. Sadly, Leylin’s own hardships had given him a will that was harder than diamond. Such challenges were pointless, only revealing Akaban’s lack of confidence to him.

‘Are you worried about any trump cards that I have? Or is it my background on the mainland?’ The gears in Leylin’s mind whirred, and he soon understood what the other party was thinking. Akaban seemed to know a little about the gods on the mainland, which was why he was guessing at Leylin’s identity.

Unfortunately, Leylin was now completely alone. Even if he were to be killed here, nobody would cause trouble for Akaban…...

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