Chapter 1001

Giant Serpent Church

The plague had cut the population of the Sakartes Empire in half, and their military power had sharply declined as well. Leylin’s Hope Stronghold continually absorbed the nutrients of Debanks Island and grew ever more prosperous. However, he estimated that a new wave of power would soon arise.

‘The earth-bound spirits and totem spirits should be planning something massive…’ Leylin stroked his chin and pondered. The spirits of Debanks Island were in fact borne of the wandering spirits of the various regions. Their strength was somewhat limited to the area they came from and the knowledge they possessed.

Leylin had only slain the spirits of small tribes thus far, even the strongest among the totems containing a shred of divinity. Even if such a spirit possessed a domain, Leylin did not fear it in the least.

However, the Sakartes Empire had several powerful spirits with strength approaching the level of demigods....

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