Chapter 944: Offense and Defense

Lin Yixin scored first blood and deleted a lot of HP using Extreme Break, but she wasn’t done yet. Backing away from Titan God, she raised her arm and dropped a block of ice on top of the man. God’s Tear!



Stunned by his failure, Titan God hurriedly Charged away from the unlucky spot and arrived at Lin Yixin’s right flank. Then, he raised his weapon and unleashed Earth’s Fury!

Boom boom boom!

The earth beneath Lin Yixin’s feet started falling apart like an earthquake, but that wasn’t where everyone’s focus was on. Lin Yixin stepped onto a rock that had burst out of the ground, jumped into the air, Charged back to the ground and fired an Ice Flame Slash at Titan God!

The thunder warrior groaned. As it turned out, Beauty Lin was a lot more decisive and stronger than she was before.

Titan God was the guild leader of Olympus and the so-called best defense-oriented expert in the north. His parrying and movement were top notch, and he preferred to defend until he found an opportunity to counter his opponent. He usually wasted his enemy’s cooldowns via parrying and blocking before ending their life in one decisive combo.

On the other hand, Lin Yixin was your standard nimble-footed attacker. She relied on insane attack power and speed to cut down her opponent like a hurricane. Figuratively speaking, Lin Yixin was the sword, and Titan God, the shield. Either the sword would cut through the shield, or the shield would grind the sword to dust.


Rustle rustle rustle...

Titan God’s HP dropped below 20% after receiving the Ice Flame Slash, but he didn’t panic. He swung his sword, and a ray of light descended from the heavens to heal him for 50% of his total HP. It was a skill called “Mercy of the Thunder God”, and it was even more OP than my Tenacity of the Dead.

Eyes burning with fighting spirit, Titan God clashed sword with Lin Yixin before knocking away a dagger strike with a swing of his left arm. Then, he clashed swords with her again before the impact sent them stumbling away from one another. The power of Great Earth Transformation was no joke.

Titan God raised his sword and let out a shout, summoning a rain of lightning on top of the Fruit Knife Goddess. It was the Thunder Warrior class’s signature skill, Mad Thunder Slash!


Both sides took a moment to recover themselves. Lin Yixin didn’t have much health left now, but Titan God had to wipe a trail of blood that had trickled down the corner of his mouth himself. The girl’s attacks were so powerful that even he was beginning to feel the effects. Titan God grinned dangerously at her before saying, “Do you really think you can kill me this easily, Wind Fantasy? Dream on! My defense is the strongest defense in the entire world! Who do you think you are?”

Lin Yixin didn’t let the taunt get to her. She simply looked him up and down once before snickering, “Strongest defense in the world? Not even Little Cheat has the balls to claim something that outrageous, you shameless bastard. Today’s the day I tear apart that false myth of yours!”

She was on the move even before she finished speaking. Titan God had issued a challenge to Lin Yixin, and the girl gladly accepted. Both players were extremely prideful people, so even if they didn’t voice it out loud, they knew not to use a character skill that invalidated technique completely. Lin Yixin even turned off Great Earth Transformation before swinging her sword mightily at her opponent!

Titan God shuffled his feet and swung his blade from a clever angle, knocking Lin Yixin’s sword away from him. Not only that, the sword continued along its trajectory and flew straight for his opponent’s neck! No wonder he was called the best defense-oriented expert in the north! The counterattack could only be described as magnificent!

However, Lin Yixin was as nimble as a butterfly, and it only took her three steps to the back to dodge the attack. The moment the blade passed her, she immediately rushed in again and slashed at Titan God at a 45 degree angle. Titan God raised his own sword to block the strike, but Lin Yixin’s dagger was moving toward his chest at almost the same time. He had no choice but to block it with his remaining hand!


Both combatants froze as a tremor coursed through their bodies. Titan God was surprised by how even their Strength stats were.


Lin Yixin wasn’t one to freeze in the middle of combat, however. She pushed herself off the ground and kneed Titan God right beneath the chin, cracking his defense completely. Still in the air, her right arm flashed across Titan God’s neck as she landed yet another Extreme Break.

Hurt and angry, Titan God grabbed Lin Yixin’s right arm before shouting, “Get lost!”

Lin Yixin was thrown toward the ground like a ragdoll, and Titan God even managed to land a slash on her back before she was out of reach. However, she put away her dagger and halted her momentum by pressing a hand to the ground. Then, she rotated her legs into a swept Titan God’s legs!


She was successful, and this time it was Titan God’s turn to fall. Eyes catching an opportunity and her hand moving even faster to seize it, Lin Yixin tossed her sword forward.


The sharp, translucent blade pierced through Titan God’s body, deleted his last sliver of HP and sank into the earth. Titan God’s eyes widened as he stared at the blade protruding from his chest. The sword was as clean as it was powerful because not even one drop of Titan God’s blood remained on its blade.

Titan God twitched for a bit before dissolving into a shower of white light and returning to his waiting area. After Lin Yixin got up to her feet, she gave her sword a light kick, caught it in mid-air and returned it to its sheath in one smooth motion. It was one of the coolest things I had seen from her.



Meanwhile, Titan God’s complexion had turned a shade of purple after he returned to his waiting area. He slammed his blade into the ground before uttering, “FUCK!”

Fairytale Killer advised, “Calm down, boss. Wind Fantasy is fast and accurate, so it makes sense that her attacks will slip through your guard sometimes. All things considered, you still have a huge chance of winning against her.”

Titan God nodded. “Mn. I won’t let her have the last laugh. There’s no way a mere Chinese woman can beat me!”

Beside him, the female magic knight Wight suddenly shot him a dangerous smile. “What’s that, boss? You’re not looking down on us women, are you?”

Titan God immediately corrected himself, “Of… of course not! It’s the opposite actually, I respect her too much to not give her a third round, hahahaha!”

Meanwhile, us Chinese players were clenching our fists nervously at our waiting area. If Vienna’s Sorrow was the face of the USA, the Titan God was a close second. If Lin Yixin could beat Titan God in a fair fight, it would be a most impressive achievement.


The second round began in no time, and things went almost the same as the first round. Lin Yixin attacked Titan God like the storm, and Titan God defended like a steel fortress. It took a whopping 125 seconds for a victor to be decided, and when it was finally over, the big screen displayed a couple of stats—


APM: Wind Fantasy 527, Titan God 441

Hit Rate: Wind Fantasy 85%, Titan God 45%

Clashes: 447

Winner: Wind Fantasy


The stadium erupted. Countless Chinese players and even American players were screaming Lin Yixin’s ID until they were hoarse. If nothing else, Lin Yixin had proven her technique to be superior to that of Titan God!

It took a ridiculous number of 447 clashes of blades to get there, but Lin Yixin was ultimately able to whittle down her opponent’s defense with controlled speed and score a precious point from Titan God. Just like the first round, neither combatant had used Great Earth Transformation or their character skills to fight, making it a pure duel of swordsmanship!

Crossing his arms before his chest and leaning against a wall, Li Chengfeng sighed wistfully and said, “That’s the Lin Yixin we know alright. What ridiculous APM and skill…”

I said, “Don’t disparage yourself, you took out Titan God at Breeze Canyon too.”

But Li Chengfeng shook his head and said, “It’s not the same. I was a Divine General, and my stats were strengthened by Battle Soul Possession at the time. I had killed Titan God only because I used Dragonblade Revolution, a skill that gave him no chance of defending himself. Before that, I only managed to go even with him in terms of technique. He’s a most formidable foe, and he’s probably the strongest man in the Northern Alliance after Vienna’s Sorrow…”

I laughed. “Well that’s no good! We’ll probably have to fight him again in the upcoming Nation War!”

Li Chengfeng’s grin matched mine. “I know right? Fuck!”


Thanks to Lin Yixin defeating Titan God with a 2:0 score, Snowy Cathaya got ahead of Olympus and threatened match point for now. It could still go either way though. Both Olympus and Snowy Cathaya were hot contenders to enter the semi-finals, and the intensity of the battles so far only served to fan the fans’ excitement.

The fourth match was between Clear Perfume and Wight. Wight was a gorgeous woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and an hourglass body. Before the match, she had stared at Murong Mingyue as if she couldn’t believe that an eastern beauty could have a body like hers. Murong Mingyue puffed up her 34Es proudly and stared right back until Wight felt too embarrassed to continue.

On stage, Clear Perfume looked a bit nervous and out of sorts. Her reaction was perfectly natural of course. This was the eighth-finals of the WEL, and even Lin Yixin and I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous, to say nothing of Qingqing.

“I wonder if Qingqing can win this…” He Yi said quietly as she stared at the screen.

I gave her a smile but spoke the truth, “It’s unlikely. I heard that Wight is a Heroic Bannerman and the strongest female knight of Titan City. It is said that she has an exceptional amount of attack power. Qingqing’s equipment is good, but archers are naturally disadvantaged against knights, and she doesn’t have Beiming Xue’s ability to parry or even repel her enemies at close range, so she’s probably going to lose.”

Beiming Xue pouted. “It’s a shame Nangong Lexi couldn’t participate because she just joined Snowy Cathaya a while ago. She would’ve had a much better chance of taking this match.”

Li Chengfeng agreed. “Yeah. Nangong Lexi has participated in big tournaments before, and she’s steadier and more skilful than Clear Perfume. She would’ve done better than Clear Perfume…”


As expected, Sun Qingqing got 2:0’d by Wight before we were even done talking about her, so the match came down to the final 2v2 match. It was Lin YIxin and Purple Marquis versus Titan God and Grief of the Dark!

As I foresaw earlier, Lin Yixin and Purple Marquis worked very well with one another. Their class combination was scientific, and their strategies were logical. Twice, Purple Marquis was able to freeze his opponent with Absolute Zero and destroy them. It still came down to the wire, however. During the second round, Lin Yixin managed to kill Titan God but couldn’t survive Grief of the Dark’s magic attacks. In the end, though, they managed to beat their opponent 2:1 and win the 2v2 match!

With an overall score of 3:2, Snowy Cathaya stepped over the corpse that was the number one guild of Titan City, Olympus, and advanced to quarter-finals!

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