Chapter 94: Recruiting

Outside the city near the edge of Frost Forest, Iron Pardon suddenly stopped walking and turned around to look at Yamete. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “You actually came after us? What an idiot! Brothers, kill that blind fool and teach him a lesson!”

The assassin that had been trailing behind Yamete launched into action the second he received his order!


Yamete let out a cry of surprise. He just realized that he walked right into the trap his enemies had set up from him. In a sense, Iron Pardon wasn’t wrong to call him an idiot. At the very least, Yamete’s brain wasn’t as big as his humongous head might suggest.


But before the assassin could activate Cold Blade and cut down Yamete, he shuddered, looking down in disbelief. A cold, eerie blade was protruding from his chest, and it was none other than my Ghost Ice Soul! Hmph hmph, Yamete’s level wasn’t high enough to see through the assassin’s stealth, but that wasn’t the case for me. Level 42 assassin’s figure was as clear as day to me within 7 meter radius.


The assassin died immediately and dropped a bunch of common potions.

I waved a hand and summoned my Dark Wasp into existence. Then, I shot a hostile look toward the dozen or so Mad Dragon guild players. Since the assassin had died by my hands, my ID obviously turned blood-red in an instant. It was of no concern to me, however. I was a Night Creature of the neutral faction, so the protection of the city extended to me as well.

Iron Pardon glared at me hatefully. If looks could kill, he would have killed me many times over. He shouted angrily, “What is the meaning of this, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? This is none of your business!”

I stepped on the assassin’s corpse and chuckled. “If there’s a bump on the road, why not remove it? You think I’m meddling? No, I just can’t stand watching a bunch of noobs abusing their power and bullying others, that’s all.”

“Are you calling the Mad Dragon guild ‘noobs’?” Iron Pardon looked absolutely furious.

I smiled in return and said, “Oh my, sharp of you to notice that. You’re smarter than I thought.”

“Fuck you!”

Iron Pardon was furious, shouting at his guild members, “Brothers, kill that bastard! I heard he got the moniker ‘Silver Moon Devil’ or ‘Reaper’ or something after he farmed Dominating Knight God, Dominating Archer God, and Dominating Mage God at Silver Moon Valley. Hmph! Let’s expose his true colors and show he’s nothing but a fraud!”

I quickly verified the enemies’ numbers and classes as they charged toward me. Five warriors, two mages, two priests, one archer, and one tactician. Very balanced and meta composition!


I raised the Ghost Ice Soul as a stream of icy energy crept up the edge of my murderous blade. It was at this moment that the brawny Yamete piped up, “Brother, you didn’t need to get involved in this! This is between me and the Mad Dragon guild. They are terrible bastards who can’t be reasoned with. If you anger them, you’ll be forced to leave Floating Ice City like me…”

I simply raised my eyebrows and said, “Cut the crap, will you? It’s way too late to say those things now anyway. Heal me if you’re a real man!”

Yamete’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Okay. Let’s kill them all, brother!”


I was already charging toward the enemy by the time he answered me. To be honest, I wasn’t too worried about the situation because the enemy only had two mages and one archer. After all, my Defense was high, I had the Ghost Deity Armor skill, and a high-level priest to support me. The only real threat to me was long-range damage, and they didn’t have nearly enough firepower to put me down!

My first target was Iron Pardon. He was the greatest threat out of all these people!

I turned the edge of my blade without warning and pounced at the ace warrior of Mad Dragon. Ghost Ice Soul became covered in a sheen of ice as I got ready to activate Ice Ray!

“What?! A Level 50 skill?”

Iron Pardon didn’t dare treat me lightly. He forcefully twisted his body out of the way to avoid a direct blow.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t predict my next move. The second we brushed past each other, I suddenly sped up and caught up to him from behind. Then, I swung the Ghost Ice Soul at his body!

Ice Ray!


Slayer Slash!


Fuck, Iron Pardon’s Defense is surprisingly high. I didn’t expect to hit him for so little despite using 2 killer moves in a row. The enemy priest tossed a heal at him, and he was out of immediate danger!

“Heh, die!”

Iron Pardon suddenly charged toward me and swung his sword across my neck. It was a ruthless attack to say the least.

With no hesitation, I bent my body so that his attack would hit my shoulder. At the same time, I stabbed the Ghost Ice Soul into his back!



Nothing could save him this time. Both his level and equipment were slightly inferior to mine, so his defeat was sealed.


Iron Pardon slowly dropped to the ground and passed away.

Thud thud!

Two Devil Piercing Arrows hit my chest as the enemy archer finally took action. At the same time, a Fire Dragon Roar engulfed my body before I could react. I had lost over 700 HP after taking three long-ranged attacks in a row!



But to my surprise, a beam of holy light enveloped me and healed me for almost 300 HP. I was overjoyed. Yamete’s healing power might not be comparable to Murong Mingyue’s, but it was still pretty impressive.

Yamete’s support boosted my confidence tremendously. At first, my plan was to rescue Yamete and escape. But now? I’m going to kill them all and leave afterward!

Crack rack!

I charged toward the Level 41 magic knight and relieved him of his life in two strikes. At the same time, my Dark Wasp flew toward their backline, like a flying guillotine. They died shortly after.

The enemy tactician’s pet finally reached me. A huge, lumbering Praying Mantis swung its giant armblades!

I smiled and thrust my sword right through its chest. Then, I pulled my weapon horizontally and activated Desperate Gambit!


It was a one-shot!

This Praying Mantis had such terrible growth and BN value that it wasn’t worth mentioning at all. At a certain level, the difference between it and my Dark Wasp would be as huge as the vast expanse between heaven and earth.

Bang bang bang!

I shuddered as three warriors attacked me and rattled the Ghost Deity Armor. But in reality, I lost only 100 HP or so. Unfortunately for them, my Defense was a bit too high for them to handle right now.

My icy blade danced soundlessly across the air and slaughtered all three warriors where they stood. At the same time, my head flashed with the light of healing. Yamete’s healing was very impressive, and not once have I fallen below half HP. The enemy priest on the other hand was having a bad time because he barely had any chance to heal anyone at all. My Ghost Ice Soul was so powerful that almost all my opponents were one-shot, denying him the chance to heal anyone.

“Fuck! He’s too powerful. What should we do?” the priest asked the tactician with a stern look.

But the tactician was just as stunned as he was. There was no one left for him to use Encourage on.

I smiled at them and said, “You run, duh? Unless you have something else in mind?”

The priest and the tactician bolted into Frost Forest like they had just escaped the death row. They were so nimble that they could put any archer or assassin to shame.


Yamete laughed joyously after his enemies scattered like rabbits. He walked up to me and gave me a pat on the shoulder. “Thank you for helping me, brother!”

I gave him a smile and picked up a black piece of Obsidian lying on the ground. “I still would like to forge a Silver-grade chest armor for a friend. How much is this Obsidian? I’ll buy it off you!”

Yamete immediately stared at me. “Buy it? Are we not brothers? This Obsidian is yours, and I’ll forge your armor for free!”

“No way, I don’t want to take advantage of you!”

Yamete laughed at my response. “It’s fine, it’s not like I’m affiliated with anyone. I was having fun making armors in Heavenblessed, and I would’ve continued to have fun if these trash hadn’t suddenly decided to harass me a few days ago!”

“Are you a solo player?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Yamete nodded strongly. “I am. It’s been three years since I graduated from university, but I wasn’t able to hold down a job. I couldn’t bear to stay at home, so I decided to leave and make something for myself. It so happens that Heavenblessed was launching, so I decided to invest all my savings into it. I swore I would become the best armorsmith in Floating Ice City!”

I asked carefully, “Are you planning to join a gaming workshop?”

“If it’s worth my time, then maybe I’ll consider it,” Yamete said proudly.

I asked, “What about mine?”

Yamete shivered before shooting me a complicated look. “The famous Bloody Mercenaries of Floating Ice City are willing to accept me? A subpar priest who only knows how to forge armor?”

I nodded encouragingly. “That’s right. Setting aside your profession, Bloody Mercenaries are in desperate need of a priest right now. You have great potential, but what I really value is your courage to stand up to a super-sized guild like Mad Dragon. You are exactly the kind of person we’re looking for.”

Clenching his fists together, Yamete suddenly clasped his hands and bowed toward me. “It would be disrespectful of me to turn down such an invitation. Please allow me to serve you, leader.”

I laughed loudly and patted him on the shoulder. “Starting today, you are a member of Bloody Mercenaries. Speaking of which… when is the soonest you can move to our workshop? We’re based in Suzhou, New District.”

“I see. I live in Shanghai. I’m totally free, so just give me some time and I’ll come over right away. It’s almost time for me to pay my rent anyway. Fuck my landlord man, all he thinks is ways to increase my rent. Well, he can increase it all he wants after I’m gone. Those ingrates care for nothing besides money!”

“Haha. Well… the day after tomorrow then. Take your time to pack your stuff tomorrow, and come over the day after tomorrow. Our workshop covers both room and board, although we don’t offer benefits such as pension funds and so on.”

“It’s fine, 90% of the companies in the city don’t provide that anyway.”

“Alright! Here are the pelts. Tell me if you need anything else, I’ll gather the materials for you.”

“It’s okay, all I need is this Obsidian.”

After Yamete accepted the Obsidian and the Wolfking Pelts, he moved next to a furnace and asked, “Leader, this Silver-grade chest armor will be a leather armor, and you clearly don’t need such a thing. Who are you forging this for?”

“Oh, it’s for an archer in our workshop. She’s a real beauty~”

“An archer?” Yamete smiled. “She must have followed you for a very long time then. Otherwise, I can’t imagine why you would forge a Silver-grade item for her…”

“Nah, she joined us just a day or two ago.”


Yamete stared at me in shock.

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