Chapter 928: Spear of the Knight God

"Nine Heavens… Nine Heavens Li Fire Bracelet…"

My voice was trembling. My heartbeat was wild. I almost couldn’t breathe due to how excited it was. Not only did I draw a Level 185 Cambrian Divine Armament, it was so powerful that it surpassed even Lin Yixin’s Level 200 Devil Bell!

For a pair of metal-armor wristguards, the Nine Heavens Li Fire Bracelet had a passive that added a whopping 65% Attack, which was higher than most high-grade weapons out there. When attacking, it had a 15% chance of triggering this "Li Fire of Xuanming" and dealing extra damage. Of course, I had no idea how much damage it could do, so I would first need to test it out. None of these even come close to being as good as its property, however. It increased inventory slot count by 1000!

Currently, it was possible to use Alliance Honor Points to exchange for a 150-slot Army Pouch in Sky City. However, the number of players who actually did this was less than 5%. It was because Alliance Honor Points were way too difficult to earn, and even my High-grade Army Pouch only added 400 slots. However, the Nine Heavens Li Fire Bracelet added more than twice that number, meaning that I now had over 1400 slots in total. Starting now, I could carry ten times the amount of potions and consumables the average player could carry!

"Congratulations, big bro!" Beiming Xue congratulated me sweetly.

Lian Xin also said, "This bracelet is so powerful. Big brother Lu Chen’s Attack, Defense and even Intelligence will be so much better than before…"

He Yi chuckled. "Alright, let’s not hold up the ceremony any longer and draw the lot already. May the rest of you get lucky as well!"

"Mn mn!"

While the girls were drawing their respective prizes, I was switching out the Battle Flame Wristguards for the Nine Heavens Li Fire Bracelet. The Battle Flame Wristguards were just a Level 145 Earth-grade item, so the gap between the two items could only be described as insurmountable. The moment the bracelet appeared around my wrist, I immediately felt a surge of warmth and seemingly infinite power roaring into my body. It was the sensation of a drastic increase in Attack. I checked my new stats, and they were as awesome I expected them to be—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Martial God of the Abyss)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Great Earth Swordsman)

Level: 187

HP: 254290

Attack: 11455~12620

Defense: 21215

Magic Resist: 17950

Reputation: 599400

Tactics: 947

Luck: 65


My max Attack was 12620, and my total HP was a whopping 250000 even without any buff. I could only imagine how much higher it would become if I had max buffs; 600k shouldn’t be too difficult a threshold to hit. Moreover, my base Defense was over 21000, and my Luck had grown to 65 as well. Not long ago, Heavenblessed revealed the formulae for Luck and confirmed once more that an account’s greatest value lies in Luck, not equipment—

Player Monster Drop Rate: 100% + Luck*5%

Player Passive Skill Trigger Rate: Base value(1 + Luck*1%)

Player Damage Roll: The higher the Luck stat, the closer the damage roll is to the peak value


This meant that my mob drop rate was 425%—or 4.25 times that of a normal player with 0 Luck—which explained why bosses always dropped a bunch of insane items for me. Also, my passive’s trigger rate was 1.65 times of the skills’ base value. Immortality’s base trigger chance was 30%, and after the Luck boost, it was 49.5%. This meant that I had almost a 50% chance to revive for free every time I died. How awesome was that?

Let’s talk about the bracelet itself. There were literal flames licking the bladed exterior of the bracelet, and chains surrounding my wrists. I reckoned that I could do a ton of damage even if I attacked an opponent bare-handed. This bracelet truly was a weapon of great destruction!

Now that I was done admiring myself, I finally checked the girls to see how they were doing. The first person to draw the equipment was Beiming Xue. After the girl carefully pressed the Confirm button on her screen and spun the wheel, the needle gradually stopped on a dazzling longbow—


Ice Soul Feather (Archean Immortal-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★)

Attack: 3200~4150

Stamina: +1250

Agility: +1200

Strength: +1150

Tactics: +135

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 97%

Passive: Skypiercer’s damage is increased by 100%

Slots: 15

Outstanding Property: Ice Soul. When attacking a target with Ice Soul Feather, extremely high chance of triggering Ice Soul and dealing a wide area of ice damage

Effect: Bow God’s Oath. All bow-type skills’ rank +1

Introduction: The Ice Soul first came to be at the northern frontier during the conception of heaven and earth. Tens of thousands of years ago, a great storm turned the north of the continent into a graveyard of ice and snow, and it was during this time the Bow God and his subordinates chased a devil all the way to the northern frontier. Although they were able to slay it in a harsh battle, his subordinates froze to death before they were able to escape the frontier. In the end, even the Bow God himself couldn’t take a step further, and a small part of his soul merged with the ice next to him and transformed into the Ice Soul Feather.

Level Requirement: 185

Reputation Requirement: 320000


The fact that the Ice Soul Feather was an Archean-grade item meant that it was on the same level as my Purple Ying Sword. It might not be comparable to Cambrian-grade equipment, but it wasn’t really that far behind. Moreover, its insane Attack value and Attack boost were a godsend for any archer, not to mention that it increased the power of Skypiercer by 100%. In the future, every time Beiming Xue used that skill, it would be like critting 100% of the time. How amazing was that?

The icy aura surrounding the bow made our beautiful little archer look even deadlier than before. The shiny lights surrounding the bowstring were incredibly dazzling as well.

Beiming Xue murmured, "Skypiercer… Ice Soul Feather…"

I smiled. I couldn’t help but imagine Beiming firing her super Skypiercer with the Ice Soul Feather and triggering the Ice Soul effect almost per arrow. How explosive would that be, literally? One thing for certain, Beiming Xue was the Bow God of China after today. Not even Transient Smoke and Clouds, Nangong Lexi and October Rain could beat her anymore, much less surpass her!

The good news was that a Nation War would most likely happen not long after the WEL nationals were over. Everyone including me would get the chance to test out our new equipment and wet them with our enemies’ blood!


Ding! It was at this moment the wheel in front of He Yi came to a stop as well. Her reward was a pet egg with purple clouds surrounding it—


Dragonscale Beast (Earth Rank Boss Mount)

Strength: +1000

Stamina: +1200

Attack Increase: +55%

Defense Increase: +50%

Attack Speed: +75%

Movement Speed: +180%

Attack Range: +32 yards

Max HP: +30000

Turn Rate: -35%

Mount Tenacity: +40%

Unique Skill: Dragon Soul Protection. Summons a Dragon Soul Guardian Knight that increases Attack and Defense by 50%

Introduction: One of the descendants of the Dragon Race. The Dragonscale Beasts are violent creatures who live among the animals of the wilderness. They look like warhorses, but they are really carnivorous.

Level Requirement: 180

Reputation Requirement: 250000


"Eh? Didn’t they say that the champion rewards would be Heaven-grade or above?" Murong Mingyue sounded confused.

I answered, "Boss-tier mounts are different. This Dragonscale Beast is Earth-grade, but it’s slightly stronger than my Armored Ice Qilin Horse, and of course much, much stronger than Eve’s Dragonlight Spirit Beast."

He Yi nodded. "Yeah. Let’s hold onto it first and see if there’s anyone who urgently needs a new mount."


Appearance-wise, the Dragonscale Beast looked very similar to the Dragonlight Armored Horses, except that its stats were much stronger.

Next, Lian Xin drew an Immortal-grade mage robe that was much better than the one she was wearing. Murong Mingyue drew an Immortal-grade ring that improved her healing effectiveness by 75% and increased her Spell Shield’s durability as well, so that was great. Of course, their rewards were nothing compared to my Nine Heavens Li Fire Bracelet and Beming Xue’s Ice Soul Feather.

After everyone had drawn their prizes, Fei’er returned to the stage once more and declared, "Next, I would like to declare the MVP of the WEL China nationals. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it, but yes, the MVP of this competition is our Little Heavenly King, Lu Chen! He made it all the way to the finals without losing a single match, and he was a major factor in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ rise to the top! There is no one who deserves this title more than him!"


System Announcement: Congratulations to player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" for becoming the MVP of the WEL China nationals. Rewards: Dark Moon City Rank +1


System Announcement: Congratulations to "Dark Moon City" territory for becoming the first city in the entire world to reach Rank 10. Dark Moon City obtains the Undead Castle unique skill, "Duplicate Mount", and the "Mounted Shooting Training” skill. Dark Moon City’s city durability +40%, NPC Attack and Defense +50%, and the city lord, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, is rewarded with "Spear of the Knight God"!


Holy shit! Spear of the Knight God?!

Astounded, I opened my bag and found a shiny spear sitting inside my 1450-slot bag. I took a quick look and was stunned by what I saw—


Spear of the Knight God (Archean-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★)

Attack: 3120~4200

Stamina: +1250

Strength: +1050

Agility: +1100

Tactics: +115

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 90%

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 40%

Slots: 15

Outstanding Property: Knight God’s Blessing. If the user possesses the Famous General Skill "Knight God", the upper limit of Tactics-scaled boost is multiplicatively increased by 50%

Introduction: The spear once used by the Knight God himself…

Level Requirement: 180

Reputation: 250000


I trembled in excitement after I read the description. A 50% increase to the Knight God’s effects? This was the perfect equipment for Gui Guzi, wasn’t it? Knight God’s base Attack and Defense increase was 150%, but this spear boosted those numbers all the way up to 225%! Who wouldn’t be excited by this?

Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust’s Knight General increased the Attack and Defense of all mounted players by 100%, but Gui Guzi’s boost was more than twice their number. They must be feeling very jealous right now.


I teleported out of the stage and returned to Gui Guzi. Then, I planted the weapon right next to Gui Guzi’s feet and let out a chuckle. "Little Gui, this is yours! Take it!"

At first, Gui Guzi looked surprised by my offer. Then he picked up the spear and was stunned by what he saw, "Holy fuck, Boss Broken Halberd, this is… an incredible weapon…"

I smiled. "You will be the cornerstone of our guild in the coming Nation Wars, so don’t disappoint me!"

Gui Guzi replied firmly, "Heh! No problem, boss. I am the shield of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. No one can hurt our guild without going through me first!"



On the stage, Fei’er spoke through the mic, "Aiyo, why did he go away so suddenly? I was going to… Oh well. Beauty From Water, would you like to share a few words on behalf of your team?"

He Yi replied expressionlessly, "You can just tell him to come back, you know."

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