Chapter 9: Black Bracers

On a desolate graveyard filled with deathly ominous energy. The gravestones stood upright, but the graves were empty. The dead had long been summoned as Night Creatures and joined the forces of the Dark.

Yet, even though we were all Night Creatures and part of the same faction, I did not know which faction I had been allocated to. At least, I categorized those that appeared in front of me as enemies.

Under the starry sky, bone-white skeletons roamed the graveyard, occasionally letting out low howls. This was the ghostly wail people spoke of.

Damaged Skeleton Soldier LV-12

Level 12 skeletons. Mn, I can use them to test my sword!

I took a quick step forward, my longsword wrapped in green light falling down and cutting the shoulder blade of the skeleton—Slayer Slash!


This skeleton trembled, and stumbled backwards. The power of Slayer Slash was fearsome indeed.

I chased, my blade rising again. Cutting and sliding, I hit the skeleton four times, but it did not retaliate at all. This was rhythm, something one had to learn in a realistic game. When you took control of the other's rhythm, the battle would become one-sided.

The trick to rhythm was very simple. When I successfully made my first attack, the skeleton lost his balance and stumbled. At this time, I could not give it time to adjust. Since it was falling to the side, then I would add more force so he could not balance himself. This way, victory was within my grasp.


A sharp sword stabbed into the skull's eye socket in a critical hit!


A respectable number. The Level 12 skeleton fell and left me 75 experience. Also, there was a thread of purple flame left in the air that seemed to be burning quickly.

"Hm, what is this?"

I was slightly surprised. I reached out and held it in my hand. A string of bells rang by my ear—


System Notice: Do you want to absorb this Spark of the Undead?

This should not be a bad thing. I immediately pressed yes!


The purple flame immediately entered my chest. I instantly felt refreshed like I had inhaled two pounds of weed. I felt like I was a completely different person.

Strange, it did not increase experience or have any other effect. Was this just a momentary pleasure?

I shook my head and said to myself, "Never mind. Nothing lost, pleasure gained."

I continued to roam the graveyard. These Damaged Skeleton Soldiers could be considered the lowest-ranking Night Creatures. Their undead sparks were relatively weak. While I did not know what the benefit was, I still absorbed them. It would be a waste to just leave them. I devoured them all!


Another skeleton fell to the ground and dropped a Small Magic Stone. It could probably sell for 1 silver.

I picked up the Small Magic Stone and lamented, "One hour to drop a Small Magic Stone. Damn, this drop rate is so shameless…”

However, my experience bar had grown greatly. I was at Level 10 85%. If I killed a few more, I would reach Level 11. I’d also gathered 9 out of 10 Skeleton Fingers required. I would soon be able to turn in the quest.

I looked at the time. 8:30 Beijing Time. It was already morning. Without realizing, I’ve been playing for seven hours. My results were pretty good. I walked out of the starting village, obtained two pieces of Iron-grade equipment, and could be considered an expert at this early stage of the game.

I opened the ranking list. Large numbers of players had entered Floating Ice City. My level wasn’t enough to enter Top 10. Ah, the China server sure is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons! I inspected the rankings and found the top person in Floating Ice City was called "Wind Fantasy." Level 13. Such a terrifying leveling speed. This guy must be exploiting!

Also, the person ranked second was called "Gui Guzi", Level 11. He had a powerful classUndead Knight. It would appear he was of the same sort as I, the undead race.

I was unable to enter the Top 10 ranking in Floating Ice City. This meant that in the entire China server, I could not rank in the Top 100. This was really a tragic thing.

But I had to remain open-minded. Levels were nothing. There was no need to be first in terms of level. True experts were those hidden who were extraordinary in their moves and could kill the experts in the Heavenly Ranking in a flash, and not the person with the highest level.



The green blade swung through the air. Another Level 12 skeleton fell to the ground and dropped a cracked Skeleton Finger and a Small Magic Stone. At the same time, a golden light fell on my body. I finally reached Level 11!

I absorbed its spark and immediately rushed to Frost Mound to turn in my quest items to Sentinel Leader Fark.

The skeleton leader held the Skeleton Fingers and laughed out loud. "Good job, little skeleton. Those dirty worms finally know our power! Good, you have protected the honor of the Night Creatures. Come, this is your reward!"


System Notice: You have completed the quest [Skeleton Finger]. You have received 1200 EXP, 5 Reputation, and a quest reward: "Black Bracers"!

I was overjoyed. An equipment reward! My luck was good!


Black wristguard fell into my bag. This was an item with stat bonuses!


Black Bracers (Iron-grade Metal Armor)

Defense: 8

Strength: +2

Level Requirement: 10


I immediately put on the item with joy. My defense immediately jumped to 18. Now, can I be considered an iron warrior?

I grinned. After putting on these bracers, I was covered from wrist to shoulder. I finally looked like an ordinary person. When my level grew higher, and I put on legguards and boots, no one would be able to see I was from the undead race under the cloak.

The difficulty of getting a girl as an undead was too high. If I had the best equipment but my skeleton face scared people away, that would be most unfortunate!

Suddenly, I was struck with a thought, pulled open my pants and looked…

I grimaced, wanting to help the sprout grow.

On another thought, why was my level behind others?

Firstly, I had wasted too much time in the starting village with PK. I also wasted a lot of time with the Big-eared Rabbit Boss. The boss gave a lot of experience, but not a staggering number.

Secondly, I had just recovered from my illness. My three-second delay had just disappeared. I still couldn’t adjust to my nimble responses, and thus my flow was slightly lacking as I leveled.

Thirdly, my mind was preoccupied with an image of a certain person.

What level are you? My boss, He Yi.

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