Chapter 865: Ghost Chariot Slash


I locked onto the Ghost Chariot and charged. I managed to stun it because it was a dread-rank mob, and I followed up with Burning Blade Slash at nearly the same time Lin Yixin used Triple Slash. Sparks flew everywhere as we struck the “umbrella”. It almost felt like hitting a wall of steel, and our damage wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. However, its absolute Defense would falter once Beiming Xue hit it with a Bone Eroding Arrow.


The Ghost Chariot let out a low growl before spinning on its feet and closing itself. Then, it stabbed Lin Yixin right at the blade of her sword!



The beautiful wanderer staggered a few steps backward with a shocked expression on her face. “Its Attack is quite powerful!”

Behind us, Lian Xin cast Ice Spiral Matrix that engulfed the Ghost Chariot. It got hit twice and dropped a ton of HP—




Holy fucking shit, Lian Xin’s Ice Spiral Matrix was crazy. No wonder she was able to terrorize the living shit out of top-class players like Warsky at Poplar Valley!

However, Lian Xin also caused the Ghost Chariot to fly into a demonic rage. After its panels suddenly started glowing bright red and sharp blades protruded out of its tips, the mob started spinning like a top and cutting everything in its path. Caught completely off-guard, neither Lin Yixin nor I were able to move away in time!

Bang bang!

It was the Ghost Chariot Slash, a skill that ignored 50% of the enemy’s Defense. In a sense, it was very similar to Barrier Break. The blades sank into my chest, and both Lin Yixin and I suffered massive amounts of damage—



I was fine because I had a shield and the Heaven-burning Armor, but Lin Yixin only had the Devil Bell. The Fruit Knife Goddess she might be, but she still lost almost 130k HP, or half of her total HP, in one go, forcing the Moonchaser Tiger to back away a few steps from the Ghost Chariot to protect its master. What a devastating skill Ghost Chariot Slash was!

Murong Mingyue hurriedly healed Lin Yixin while saying, “Holy shit, this Ghost Chariot Slash is ridiculous! Is this really the kind of power a dread-rank mob should have? Lu Chen, Beauty Lin, do you think you can Guard the attack? I’m sure both of you have the reaction speed to pull it off.”

But I said, “That’s not the problem, sis. Ghost Chariot Slash should be identical to Barrier Break, and Guard would only multiply damage taken!”

“Woo, this is one helluva mob…” Murong Mingyue laughed heartlessly at our plight.

“Fuck you…”

It was sad that there wasn’t really much I could do to reduce the damage, but I was the tank, and the only food for a tank was damage. At least the Ghost Chariot couldn’t heal itself like we could, so we weren’t going to lose to it no matter what. Also, it only had a million HP, so one Bone Eroding Arrow from Beiming Xue was all it took for us to lower its Defense and destroy it.


One last devastating Ice Flame Slash later, the Ghost Chariot screeched and died. It actually dropped a blood red card upon death!

I picked up the card with the Ghost Chariot’s image on it—

Ghost Chariot Card: Increases user’s attack power by 65%. User’s attacks ignore 35% of the target’s Defense. Level Requirement: 170. Duration: 120 minutes.


I stared at the Ghost Chariot Card silently for a moment. Then, I said quietly, “This has to be the strongest card that has appeared in this game so far!”

“Plus 65% attack power, and ignores 35% Defense…” Lin Yixin repeated with a smile. “Yep, this card definitely surpasses all the cards we’ve seen so far by a mile. There’s no better offensive card than this!”

“I’m going to put this away then…” I said while tossing the Ghost Chariot Card into my backpack. Frankly, I was reluctant to waste such a good card even for a main quest. I would probably save it until another Nation War or an important competition like the WSL. Good steel should be used to forge blades, not handles!


“Well, I guess we should search for more Ghost Chariots in this dragon graveyard…” I spurred my mount forward while saying, “Let’s try to grind as many Ghost Chariot Cards as possible. If we can grind enough to give High Fighting Spirits, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon and Xu Yang a card each, our fighting power will be unstoppable in any future territory war or Nation War!”

"Yes. And even if they didn’t drop the card, they still give a lot of experience. They are Level 210 dread-rank mobs after all, hehe!" Lin Yixin agreed with me. Only an idiot would choose to skip a map as profitable as this, especially since the first mob always had the highest drop rate. For example, assuming that we killed every Ghost Chariot in this area and grinded a total of 100 Ghost Chariot Cards, the next group to grind this map after the mobs respawned might not even be able to grind 10 cards, even if they did everything the same as us. It was the same for the Mingshes in the forests behind us too. After most or all of the baby Mingshes were captured, at least 90% of the total baby Mingshes in those forests wouldn’t respawn again. It was so that its first finders could hold a key advantage over their competitors. Otherwise, occupying Bloody Shield Domain would just be a pointless endeavor.

We continued forward until we heard an eerie rustling noise from the ground ahead of us. Then, two Ghost Chariots appeared in unison and charged toward us. I immediately made a snap decision and shouted, "I’ll fight the right one, and Yiyi the left! Lian Xin, help Yiyi! Beiming, help me! Sis, keep us all healthy!"


The Ghost Chariot let out a screeching howl and hit me with Undead Stab upon first contact. However, I cleverly used my shield to parry the attack and successfully triggered a MISS. Shields increased parry chance, and this chance was calculated based on a player’s fine control. The better the player’s control, the higher their chance to parry an attack with their shield. Long story short, control + stats decided everything in this game.

Not far away, Lin Yixin was hitting the other Ghost Chariot until it abruptly spun and deleted 55% of her HP in an instant. She was lucky it didn’t crit, or she would have been one-shot for sure.

Lin Yixin abruptly thrust her Seven Star Veluriyam Sword at a panel and used Barrier Break. The sword’s property, Veluriyam Lamp, actually triggered and healed her for a huge chunk of HP—


Veluriyam Lamp restored 15% HP to its player, and it was an impressive effect for sure. Its base chance was only 5%, but with Lin Yixin’s Luck, it was safe to say that the real chance was around 10% or so. It was almost the same as lifesteal at this point. Starting now, Lin Yixin’s ability to solo grind was unrivaled for sure.

Of course, He Yi’s Seven Star Veluriyam Spear had the exact same effect, so I was sure that she was doing fine in the Mingshe Forest. I bet she could even solo 2 to 3 Mingshes easily without the need for a priest to intervene. In this particular case, even Gui Guzi was probably inferior to her.


"Growl growl!" The two Ghost Chariots died at almost the same time. They didn’t drop any cards, but they did drop a couple of stones and a pitch black, 3-star Outstanding Earth-grade leather-armor helmet. I gave it to Beiming Xue just because I felt like it.

We continued forward. Somewhere along the way, we had to pass through a gigantic dragon carcass. The bones blocked the moonlight like some sort of natural barrier.

Murong Mingyue swallowed as she stared at the dragon bones above our heads. "Lu Chen?"

"Yes, sis? What is it?"

"These dragons died while lying on the ground, right? Look at their hips. Why don’t I see a… err… cock bone anywhere?"

I stared at her expressionlessly. "Who the hell told you that there’s a bone in a guy’s cock?"

"There isn’t?" Murong Mingyue exclaimed in shock. "Then why did the pornographic advertisement on websites always use the term ‘hard’, or ‘stiff’, or ‘long-lasting’ when describing cocks? Is the world lying to me?"

I felt sweat dripping down the back of my head. "And here I thought you knew everything. Look, if there really was a bone in a guy’s cock, then none of us would be able to wear a pair of jeans…"

Lian Xin blinked innocently. "Why’s that?"

"Yeah, why?" Beiming Xue also asked.

I gave it some thought before replying, "I have no idea. Ask again and I’ll kill myself…"

Lin Yixin stifled a chuckle but didn’t say anything.


Suddenly, the ground in front of us shook again before a Ghost Chariot popped into existence. After it floated into the air, it abruptly opened itself and let out a scary growl.



The girls’ mouths fell open in shock and joy at once. Why joy? It was because the Ghost Chariot before us was a Level 1 mob!


Ghost Chariot (Dread Boss Pet)

Level: 1

Introduction: Ghost Chariot is a strange creature of unknown origin that is commonly found in the land of the dead. Some say that it is the blessed child of the Spirit Realm, and some said that it is the emissary of the dead that walks between the worlds. But one thing is certain, no one who encountered a Ghost Chariot has ever lived to tell the tale. It is why paintings of this creature are drawn and spread by undead mages, not humans. It is said that Ghost Chariots reside within the burial grounds of dragons, and those that have absorbed the energy of the undead dragons are even stronger than normal. Moreover, these violent-natured creatures possess incredibly explosive power, and they will kill anyone who invades their domain.


Unbelievable. I could hardly believe how lucky we were. Not only did we encounter a pet, it was a boss-tier pet no less! Today truly was our lucky day!

No one said anything, but we all took out our Sealing Cards and exchanged a knowing smile with each other. Then, I declared, "Begin!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Several Sealing Cards flew above the Ghost Chariot and summoned their magic formations at once. The Ghost Chariot tried to struggle against the magical energy dragging it toward the center, but in the end it vanished into nothing and turned into a white ray of light. Best of all, it flew straight into my Creature Sealing Stone!

I couldn’t describe how happy I was. Should I attribute it to karma, luck, or both? One way or another, I was the first person to capture a Ghost Chariot!

The girls looked at me and urged, "Well, what are you waiting for? Show us the baby Ghost Chariot’s stats already!"


I waved my hand, and its stats screen appeared above the Creature Holding Stone—

Ghost Chariot (Dread Boss Pet)

Level: 1

Attack: 92

Defense: 84

HP: 90

Agility: 72



Attack: ★★★★★★★★★★

Defense: ★★★★★★★★☆

HP: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Agility: ★★★★★★★☆

Skills: Undead Stab (Level 20), Double Hit (Level 50), Ghost Chariot Slash (Level 100)

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