Chapter 863: Not Lacking Money

Swhoosh swhoosh!

Murong Mingyue cast two healing spells and restored my HP.

While I was blocking another round of attack with my new shield, Lin Yixin swung her Seven Star Veluriyam Sword and hit the Bloodblade Ghost General with the Wanderer skill, Triple Slash. It was one of her more explosive skills as each strike dealt more damage than the last, especially now that she had a couple of top-tier items on her person, such as the amazing Seven Star Veluriyam Sword or the even greater Devil Bell. Her Attack was at least as good as mine, if not higher.

The equipment wasn’t the only reason why she was dealing so much damage. For one, a white light about five centimeters thick was enveloping the blade of the Seven Star Veluriyam Sword. It was the Holy Energy passive that dealt extra damage to the undead. She also had her Killer Wind Swordplay, a skill that increased her Attack even further. In a sense, Lin Yixin’s basic attacks were never really "basic attacks" because she constantly had Killer Wind Swordplay buff active.


Meanwhile, Lian Xin was slowing down the Bloodblade Ghost General with Gravity Traps from the back. She also cast Ice Spiral Matrix repeatedly and dealt heavy damage to the miniboss. Godlike mage like Lian Xin was practically the nemesis of the heavy-armor miniboss.

Beiming Xue was amazing as well. Her DPS was bolstered by the two new Windchaser equipment pieces she had just obtained, and her arrows never missed the Bloodblade Ghost General’s visor—its weak point—even once throughout the fight. That she was constantly on the move while shooting only served to solidify the fact that she was among the best archers in the China server right now. In fact, she had probably surpassed the two CGL Hall of Famers, Transient Smoke and Clouds and October Rain already.

All true experts were born from the fires of war. Beiming Xue was already a natural in the first place, and she had never backed down from a fight, no matter how dire. As a result, her skills grew by leaps and bounds, and half a year later, the once nameless girl was looking like some of the strongest, if not the strongest archer in the entire China!


"Roar roar!"

Some time during the fight, Bloodblade Ghost General abruptly raised his blade and roared, "Damned travellers! I shall grant you death in the name of the War God! Witness the power of the ancient martial technique—Bloodblade Formation!"


The miniboss tossed his weapon into the air, and it suddenly split into a hundred blades. From the looks of it, the Bloodblade Ghost General was going to manipulate the blades remotely and rain hell upon us.

"Watch out! All backliners, move to the back now!" I shouted, "Yiyi, stay with me and use Guard!"


Lian Xin was a mage, so it only took her one Blink to escape the boss's range. Murong Mingyue ran backward as fast as she could with her Priest Shield turned on, and Beiming Xue used Leap to get to safety. Since Lin Yixin and I were too close to the boss, we simply took a few steps back. When Lin Yixin crossed her sword in front of her chest, the white light shining from her sword made her mounds look even whiter and smoother than they already were. I couldn’t help but gulp at the sight, and when I remembered that she was my girlfriend, my heart started racing like a horse. I could have actually suffocated if I didn’t remind myself to breathe.

"Stop looking and start Guarding already, bastard!" Lin Yixin chided me with a fierce blush on her cheeks. I supposed that I was being too obvious.


I took another step backward and raised my left arm, and the Bloody Fortress Shield immediately winked into existence. With this, I had nothing to fear from the miniboss's ultimate!


The storm of blades rained down on us, thudding against my shield and bouncing off Lin Yixin’s Seven Star Veluriyam Sword. But to my surprise, both of us were hit about 10 times, and each hit deleted around 20k HP or so. By the time the Bloodblade Formation had run its course, both our HP had fallen below 25%. The Bloodblade Ghost General definitely deserved its rank.

After the ultimate was over, Murong Mingyue ran up to us and healed us from afar. Her timing was so good that she healed both Lin Yixin and I for at least 100k HP each almost right after the Bloodblade Formation was over. A surprised Lin Yixin exclaimed, "OMG, Sister Mingyue’s heals are seriously explosive…"

I said, "Nah, she just got lucky and critted twice in a row…"


I pointed at the Bloodblade Ghost General and used God Binding Art. Once the skill landed successfully, we immediately launched a counterattack and recaptured the aggro in just a couple of attacks. The fact that our excellent party had nullified its ultimate almost perfectly proved that the miniboss was ultimately incomparable to a true Immortal Rank boss. It was only a matter of time before it died.

Our blades and spells tore apart the Bloodblade Ghost General’s armor. Less than five minutes later, its health had fallen to 28%. After we resisted another Bloodblade Formation, there was nothing the boss could do to threaten us any longer.

When the boss's HP dropped to 3%, Lian Xin said, "Everyone, stop! We need big brother Lu Chen to score the last hit so we can get better loot! Sister Mingyue, please focus your heals on him!"

Lin Yixin nodded in agreement and lowered her Seven Star Veluriyam Sword. But instead of retreating, she stayed close to me just in case something unexpected happened and watched me tear the boss apart with Burning Blade Slash.

A few rounds of attacks later, the Bloodblade Ghost General finally lost its last sliver of HP and collapsed to the ground. Suddenly, a red soul flew out of the dead husk and said to us, "Ah, I will not forget. I will never forget the glory of the Dharan Empire Earth Knights, the feast my king held for me, and our battle against the undead. Thank you for freeing me, warriors from distant lands. My soul can finally ascend to the heavens and be free from the eternal torment. Goodbye, my dear brethren!"

The Bloodblade Ghost General’s soul vanished into thin air just like that, leaving only his husk behind. And beneath, all the loot it had dropped!

I pushed away the Bloodblade Ghost General’s body and found a pile of stones. There were magic stones that could be sold for money such as the Purple Crystals, and there were gems that could be embedded into one’s equipment such as the Dragonstone Gem. Long story short, the gems alone were worth over ten thousand RMB. Well, with myLuck stat, it was always going to be a profitable kill.

There were three pieces of equipment: a fiery red axe, a metal armor helmet, and a pair of leather armor wristguards. I picked up the war axe first and gave it a swing. Its stats screen immediately appeared in the air—


Dark Flame War Axe (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Attack: 980~1340

Strength: +300

Stamina: +275

Agility: +100

Passive: Increases user's attack power by 35%

Outstanding Property: Split. 50% chance to split an attack into 3 to 5 attacks and damage all nearby enemy targets.

Slots: 7

Level Requirement: 175


The axe had good Attack and stats, but the Level Requirement of 175 was a bit too much. Anyone who already reached Level 175 such as Gui Guzi and Li Chengfeng wouldn’t be satisfied with an Earth-grade weapon. That being said, it should fit the likes of Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun or Heaven’s Rain quite well.


I dumped the axe into my bag and said, "Let’s put this in the guild warehouse when we get back!"

However, I changed my mind when I saw Lin Yixin. "Actually, never mind, let’s sell it at the auction house and split the money in half. It would be unfair to Yiyi otherwise!"

Lin Yixin let out a happy hmph before replying, "It’s fine, you can keep it for your guild. I don’t need that bit of money…"

"Okay then, Yiyi is so nice…"


We moved onto the second item and were stunned by what we saw. This proved that luck wasn’t something you could guarantee. Even with my godly Luck, I never imagined that an Immortal Rank miniboss would drop something as shit as a Dark Steel–grade helmet—


Wild Walker Helmet (Dark Steel–grade, Outstanding★)

Defense: 775

Magic Resist: 500

Strength: +55

Outstanding Property: Increases user’s Defense by 4%

Level Requirement: 175


Thud! I literally threw the Wild Walker Helmet to the back of my head and complained, "Fuck, talk about shit you don’t want to take up a slot in your bag!"

However, Lian Xin jogged to the Wild Walker Helmet, caught it in her arms and whined, "How can you do this, big brother Lu Chen? It might be shit, but it’s still a boss drop! Does anyone have a bagspace to spare? Anyone?"

We all stared expressionlessly at her for a moment. A while later, Lian Xin finally relented and said, "Fine, fine, we don’t need this…"

The last drop was the pair of leather-armor wristguards. When their stats screen appeared inside the party channel, the girls immediately jumped in excitement—


Windchaser Wristguards (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★★★)

Defense: 1020

Magic Resist: 900

Agility: +375

Stamina: +330

Strength: +305

Tactics: +40

Passive: Increases user’s attack speed by 45%

Passive: Increases user’s ranged attack power by 40%

Outstanding Property: Windchasing. Increases user’s attack and movement speed by 15%

Property: Windchaser Set, Wristguards

Introduction: 25000 years ago, archery was a popular sport on the Heavenblessed Continent, and empires all across the land started a war called the Bow God War to determine the Bow God of them all. Many wars later, the title was won by a young man who came from the mountains. It wasn’t until later that it was revealed that the young man was actually the incarnation of the Bow God of the Heavenly Domain. When the Bow God collapsed during the War of Gods and Devils, his body split into five and transformed into five armor pieces. They are called the Windchaser set.

Slots: 9

Level Requirement: 170

Reputation Requirement: 250000


It was another Windchaser set piece! And it was so powerful that it almost shouldn’t fall under the Heaven grade!

"Beiming, catch! Our time with this boss was definitely not wasted, hahaha…"

I tossed the Windchaser Wristguards into Beiming Xue’s hands. Right now, the girl looked as happy as a blooming flower. Now that she had 3 Windchaser set pieces, even stronger set effects were unlocked to her. She was far stronger than before, and her attack power and speed alone were 70% higher than what they used to be!

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