Chapter 858: Dumb Girl Ain’t Dumb


Combat Log: Froststone the Licker used "God’s Gaze", petrifying player "Wind Fantasy”. Their Defense is increased by 200%, and they cannot act for 10 minutes!


"Fuck me, the petrification lasts ten minutes?"

My eyes widened. The party’s frontline was basically halved without Lin Yixin, not to mention that her firepower was critical to the fight. How were we going to hold back this super Immortal Rank boss for ten minutes? We would be dead by the time she recovers!


The Licker raised its claws and left a deep mark on my Heaven-burning Armor. It felt like I was being torn in half by the attack.


The huge damage number definitely reflected the burning sensation I was feeling.

"The boss is about to OT. What should we do?"

Lian Xin asked as she attacked the boss with an Ice Spiral Matrix. The problem right now was that her Magic Attack was too strong, and she was drawing away most of the aggro. Not even I could hold the boss's aggro away from her by myself, and once an OT happened, the fight would be over.

"Please wake up, Sister Lin Yixin!" Beiming Xue shouted while pedaling backward and shooting arrows at the boss.

Lin Yixin’s blurry voice came inside the party channel, "I want to wake up too, but my body isn’t responding… s-sister Mingyue, take the party leader position from me and use Bright Mirror! Quickly, or we’re all going to die…"

The realization passed through our minds like a lightning bolt. That’s right, Murong Mingyue’s Bright Mirror is a super stratagem that removes all negative effects from herself and her party! As expected of the Fruit Knife Goddess, she managed to keep a cool mind even in a dire situation like this!

The transfer was completed in an instant. When Murong Mingyue stomped the ground and caused a spread of blue ripple beneath her feet, the stony exterior covering Lin Yixin’s body came off instantly. The beautiful and sexy wanderer immediately ran toward the boss again while shouting, "Pass the party leader to Lian Xin now! I won’t be able to use Bombshell for the next ten minutes, but she can! I’m sure she stole my Famous General Skill already!"

Lian Xin exclaimed in surprise, "Huh, the dumb girl ain’t dumb after all…"

Lin Yixin immediately shot her a glare. "You’re the dumb girl!"


Lin Yixin was correct. Lian Xin had used Big Dipper to copy her Bombshell in secret, and she could use it until she logged out of the game. Bombshell came active just in time to help me survive a double hit from the boss!

"Lu Chen only has 10% HP left! I can’t heal him in time!" Murong Mingyue shouted.

I raised my arm and used Tenacity of the Dead, healing myself for 60k HP instantly. At the same time, I backpedaled and used Burning Blade Slash in hopes of controlling the boss's movements.

Thankfully, Lian Xin displayed her might once more and slapped down 9 Origin Force Fields in a row, trapping the boss at the center almost perfectly. The Licker growled in frustration, but there was nothing it could do against the Phantasm of Stars.


We finally stabilized, but just barely. Ever since Lian Xin’s return, our success rate against high-level bosses increased exponentially. The Origin Force Field’s ability to control the enemy alone was unrivaled compared to other CC skills.

Chiang chiang chiang...

Energy blades erupted across the boss's head. After Lin Yixin retook her party leader position, we started using Intercourse to burst down the boss's HP as quickly as possible. Barrier Break + Universe Break, Burning Blade Slash + Ice Flame Slash. As time passed, we grew more and more in sync with each other, and our success rate eventually crossed the 60% mark. As a result, the boss fight was significantly accelerated, and the lizard dropped below 20% HP in less than 20 minutes!

Lin Yixin and my Intercourse was simply too powerful, and the boss's Stone Skin protective skill failed to slow us down too much thanks to Beiming Xue’s Bone Eroding Arrow. Lian Xin was also doing an insane amount of damage with her Ice Spiral Matrices and Dimensional Storms because magic attacks dealt extra damage to heavy-armored mobs, just like they did against metal-armor classes. We could practically feel the boss's pain even though we were the ones doling out the punishment.

Even so, it looked like it would take almost half an hour to kill the boss. It was a testament to its strength, or rather its Stone Skin and high HP regeneration. A slightly weaker boss would probably have died in less than ten minutes.

Thud thud thud...

The boss tried to use Bloody Devour on Lin Yixin, but the backpedaling Lin Yixin did a perfect U-turn and forced it to MISS perfectly. This was the 19th time the boss had tried to use its devouring skill, but every time Lin Yixin and I were able to spot it ahead of time and dodged it. If the boss had a mind, it would probably be screaming on the inside right now. There was nothing it could do against our party at all.

Not far away, Lian Xin murmured as she stared at Lin Yixin’s back, "Wow, that dumb girl has some surprisingly good moves…"

Beiming Xue giggled. "But of course! Sister Lin Yixin is ranked third in the champion arena, and her individual skill is only second to big bro. You know, she’s really a good person, and she loves both big bro and us…"

"Well, I don’t love her." Lian Xin pouted and declared stubbornly, "Boss He Yi is the only person I love, so I won’t allow anyone else to love big brother Lu Chen besides her!"

Murong Mingyue shook her head with a smile. "Stubborn little girl. Well, there’s all the time in the world to change your mind. By the way, I think you’re mistaken about something. Lu Chen already loves Eve, he just loves Beauty Lin just as much…"

It was at this moment Lin Yixin looked back at them and said, "Can you lot like, keep your voices down? I can literally hear every word you’re saying…"

Beiming Xue burst into a giggle. Even Lian Xin couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. "It’s not our fault your hearing’s too good, dumb girl! Also, why are you looking away from the boss? That’s how you d—ah!"

Lian Xin let out a surprised cry all of a sudden before warning, "Watch out! The boss is going to go boom!"


"Roar roar…"

The giant lizard abruptly looked up and let out a shrill cry. At the same time, a hexagram appeared beneath its feet, and brownish yellow energy started circulating around its body. The boss was using a big AoE skill, just as Lian Xin feared—

Combat Log: Froststone the Licker uses the forbidden spell, "Hellish Rockfall"!

God damn, there wasn’t even a casting time!

Rumbling noises started above our heads, and our surroundings turned bright red in the blink of an eye. The next moment, burning meteors started falling from the sky and exploding against the fortress. The fortification didn’t last more than a couple of seconds, and soon, one of the fiery meteors was falling straight toward us.


I punched the boss in the head with Magic Piercing Punch, but it didn’t work. God dammit. Every time the Magic Piercing Punch meets an Immortal Rank boss, it immediately becomes useless.

Beiming Xue also used Well of the Abyss, but it also failed to CC the boss or interrupt the skill at all!

"Shit! Dodge and pray you don’t get hit!" I shouted.

I kept hitting the boss though. Unlike the others, I had Resurrection Art, so I saw no point in retreating when I could be killing the boss faster.

And it was the right choice. Lady Luck seemed to be watching over us today because my Necklace of the War God’s Broken Blade triggered right after Beiming Xue lost over half her HP, and Murong Mingyue and Lian Xin were almost one-shot. The purple energy stunned the Licker and interrupted its forbidden spell!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Heart racing, Murong Mingyue cast her heals as she exclaimed in surprise, "OMG, is this Hellish Rockfall a map-wide skill? I’m pretty sure I saw meteors falling in a distant valley too."

"More or less…" Lin Yixin replied as she swung her blade, "Let’s go all out. Ultimates like this usually have a long cooldown of around 10 minutes, so we’d better kill the boss before it gets to use it again. It’s foolish to think that Little Cheat will be lucky enough to trigger Broken Blade property when that happens."

"Yeah. By the way, this is an Immortal Rank boss, right? That means it might drop Immortal-grade equipment, right?"

Lian Xin asked, "So, who has the highest Luck in this party? I have 29 Luck."

Lin Yixin answered, "Mine’s 37."

Beiming Xue answered, "I only have 27."

Murong Mingyue sighed. "Must I tell you? Fine, I only have 11 Luck…"

The girls then faced toward me in unison. "What about you, Lu Chen?"

I shot them a glance before replying, "I have 54 Luck…"

"You’re crazy!" Lin Yixin whined.

Lian Xin laughed. "Well, that’s good. We’re leaving the last hit to big brother Lu Chen then. Don’t mind the experience; the chances that a 54 Luck player would drop Immortal-grade equipment, or even Divine-grade equipment, from an Immortal Rank boss are much higher than for the rest of us!"

The girls all nodded in unison. "Mn. Lu Chen will score the last hit on the boss!"

The arrangement was beneficial to both me and the party, so there was no reason for me to turn it down as a matter of course. At this stage of the game, no one on the Heavenly Ranking really had a significant level advantage over the other, so what really was the deciding factor in battles was one’s equipment’s strength.


The Licker’s HP kept dropping to our party’s super firepower. Less than 10 minutes later, it was at death’s door with only 2% HP left.

Thud thud thud…

I ran to the back and healed my HP and MP to full. Then, I yelled, "Yiyi, use Extreme Break and break the boss's Defense! I’m going to Purple Dragon Howl this gluttonous bastard to death!"

Lin Yixin giggled. "As you wish!"

Swhoosh! A silver light flashed before my eyes, and the Fruit Knife Goddess’ dagger became lodged in the boss's eyes. For the next 15 seconds, the boss's Defense would be drastically reduced.


A purple dragon cycled around the blade as I raised the Cyan Netherworld Sword. I launched the swirling energy at the Licker, and it engulfed the boss and dealt an incredible amount of damage—





Finally, the boss let out its last scream and collapsed to the ground. At the same time, a column of golden light enveloped me and increased my level to 172. I was finally back to the Top 5 of Sky City’s Heavenly Ranking.

At the same time, a shower of loot exploded out of the Licker’s gigantic body.

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