Chapter 85: One Against Many


The return scroll’s magic power flew me back to the city.

Tons of players that had already gotten up early in the morning were pouring into the city. Once they bought enough pots and consumables, they stood in the city plaza, yelling for party to level up or farm equipment.

I went straight to the warehouse manager and withdrew the Ghost Ice Soul.

An intimidating chill immediately entered my palm the moment I held it in my hand. I felt refreshed, it really was a divine weapon!


Ghost Ice Soul (Gold-grade)

Attack: 115~150

Strength: +25

Stamina: +20

Passive: Increases user’s ice attacks by 7%

Level Requirement: 50



I swapped the Weeping Fire Blade with the Ghost Ice Soul and my stats instantly shot up!


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

Class: Undead Swordsman (Bronze Swordsman)

Level: 50

HP: 1280

Attack: 311~505

Defense: 238

Magic Resist: 120

Reputation: 2840

Luck: 0


My attack soared and broke through the 500 mark in one go. This Attack was enough to exterminate any metal armor player in one strike! My HP had also risen to 1280 and was not much lower than full HP build magic knights’!

Energy Amplification’s results were now visible. My original 0 Magic Resist soared to 120 now. Faced with magic attacks, I could mitigate their damage by quite a bit!

I swung my Ghost Ice Soul and saw a layer of dense icy air around the edges of the sword that gave it a terrifying sheen. This really was a rarely seen good weapon!

I was happy. With the Ghost Ice Soul, I should be unrivaled in Floating Ice City, right? Even if my opponent was the Level 53 Lin Yixin, she might not necessarily be my match.

I looked into my inventory, two Iron-grade items that had dropped from Violet Undead Knights inside. I should quickly sell them and head to sleep!

When I arrived at the auction house, the Level 40 magic knight next to me was currently checking out shields to buy. He muttered, “Fuck, a big place like Floating Ice City doesn’t even have a slightly better shield? Do they have no shame putting up a Level 17 Steel-grade shield for sale? This Floating Ice City barely has anything good!”

I swept my gaze over. It was a middle-aged player that seemed to have come from another tier 2 city, evident from his disdain for Floating Ice City.

At this time, a warrior named Dominating Martial King chuckled, approached the man and said, “Who said that Floating Ice City doesn’t have good shields? Brother, what do you think about this shield?”

“How is it?” the magic knight said with interest.

Dominating Martial King opened his palm and the image of a very familiar shield floated up—


Elemental Barrier (Dark Steel–grade)

Defense: 72

Block: 7%

Stamina: +9

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 1%

Level Requirement: 35


I was shocked and a sudden thought came to mind. Wasn’t this the Elemental Barrier I sold to He Yi? How… how could there be another shield that looked the same? Could… could there be two exact same shields?

I hid my ID and walked up. “Bro, is this shield strong?”

“Yeah. What, even a warrior like you wants it?” Dominating Martial King said with a laugh.

“No, I’m just curious. A strong shield like this should’ve at least dropped from a Level 50 boss, right? Do you have the shield on you?”

Dominating Martial King laughed. “What Level 50 boss? This dropped from a little leveling party. Heard it was a pretty magic knight who dropped it. I don’t have it on me. If you guys want it, I can call my brother to bring it over right now!”

“Oh?” I suppressed my anger and asked with a smile, “This shield isn’t in Floating Ice City? Where’d it drop? I also want one, haha!”

Dominating Martial King laughter became even more brilliant. “Forget it, you’ll die if you go there alone. I heard that party had a really strong warrior and a priest. They’re being camped right now, think it dropped during some PvP in Silver Moon Valley. It’s hilarious though. A small party of three actually dared to challenge our Domination Clan. Aren’t they just tired of living?”

“Silver Moon Valley?” I asked.


I nodded, then turned around with my sword and began to leave. Dominating Martial King hurriedly shouted, “Hey, bro, you don’t want the shield anymore?”

“Nah, I’ll farm one myself!”

“Hahaha, you idiot. Where the hell could you farm a Dark Steel–grade shield like this alone?”

I ignored the mad laughter behind me and swifty charged out of Floating Ice City. Opening the world map, I saw that Silver Moon Valley was at the edge of Floating Ice City’s Frost Forest.


I was anxious as hell. He Yi had probably been PKed by them. With her low level, how could she possibly resist Domination Clan’s high-level players?

I almost cracked my teeth from how hard I was gritting them. Memories of our old days came to mind. Scenes of me and He Yi going against powerful enemies popped up one after another. At that time, we lost more than we won. I wasn’t able to protect He Yi in Spirit of Grief but even if I wasn’t by her side now in Heavenblessed, I couldn’t tolerate anyone bullying her!

Ten minutes later, the lush Silver Moon Valley came into view. A brightly lit silver moon shone from overhead but I wasn’t in the mood to appreciate the pretty scene. I rapidly dashed into the valley, completely ignoring the Level 45 mobs around me. I had already released my Dark Wasp on the way here. As though it had sensed my fury, it silently followed me.

Not long after, several small blue dots appeared on my map. It was the group of PKers.

In the forest, a dozen or so Domination Clan players were standing in groups of twos and threes. Xu Yang and Murong Mingyue’s corpses lay on the floor and He Yi’s body was a short distance away. Her beautiful face was perfectly still and there was a bloodstain on her chest. She had already been killed.

From Water LV-34

She had probably just equipped the Dark Steel–grade Elemental Barrier after reaching Level 35 and was noticed by these Domination Clan players when she got here. It was the reason why they attacked her!

I felt like someone had slashed me in the chest. I didn’t hide my name and revealed it. In the cold wind was a row of bright, blood-red words—

Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand LV-50 Bronze Undead Swordsman

There was not a single Domination Clan expert below level 40 under the tree. All of the present experts followed the same naming pattern. They were Dominating Archer God, Dominating Mage God, and Dominating Knight God. The shield equipped by Dominating Knight God was precisely the Elemental Barrier that had been dropped by He Yi!

Dominating Knight God played with the shield and smiled. “I heard that From Water is the guild leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? A former young genius, Falling Dust’s boss? Hahaha, Falling Dust has been crippled since long ago and this From Water is no longer worth much. Brothers, continue spawn camping them and make sure that Hot Sun and Murong Mingyue drop their entire equipments!”

Dominating Mage God chuckled. “Alright, their gear is pretty good. Hmph, and here I was wondering how strong that Hot Sun was. I easily made him kneel in two Fire Dragon Roars!”

Dominating Archer God laughed. “How can a third-rate guild like Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls go against our Gods of Destruction? Hmph, how can they compare to the guild our Domination Clan made? Let’s use Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls today as an example to let Mad Dragon and Snowy Cathaya know who’s the real ruler of Floating Ice City!”


My fury burned when I heard that. Those bastards!


I charged out of the cover of the forest lightning-quick and directly arrived before Dominating Mage God!


Dominating Mage God was stunned. He used Magic Shield on reflex but just as Magic Shield was about to activate, my longsword had already lashed out. The Ghost Ice Soul transformed into a cone of ice and stabbed into Dominating Mage God’s chest, completely shattering both him and his Magic Shield!

“Ice Ray!”


A super-high damage number appeared as Dominating Mage God slowly fell to his knees. His eyes were filled with shock, as if he couldn’t believe that not even his Magic Shield saved him from an instant death.

I slid through the ground as I angrily swiped my sword horizontally!


Drawing a beautiful arc in the forest, I hacked Dominating Archer God who had no time to dodge!



I one-shot another one. The Ghost Ice Soul’s attack power was too high. 505 Attack was comparable to a Level 60 boss and was not something most players at the current stage of the game could bear.

My Dark Wasp rushed over, killed a high-level Domination Clan player in three rapid motions, and was then bombarded to death by the mages and archers. It was, after all, just a pet. Its Defense wasn’t overpowered, so it couldn’t withstand their barrage.

However, right when those dozen or so people killed my Dark Wasp, I had already drifted to the right like a ghost. My sword dancing in circular motions disrupted the calm of the forest. My all-out attacks killed them all instantly!

In three minutes, the bodies of more than ten Domination Clan players littered the ground. Only Dominating Knight God was left. He glared at me and shouted, “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, what’s the meaning of this?”

Leaving his question unanswered, I dashed up with Pardon!



Another one-shot. Even an expert like Dominating Knight God had a hard time escaping the fate of being one-shot!

In the blink of an eye, a corpse landed on the floor. I leaned against it and waited for He Yi, Xu Yang, and Murong Mingyue to revive. I also knew that there definitely were more than a dozen Domination Clan players in the area. More would be gathering here soon. The Domination Clan absolutely wouldn’t put up with my rampage here.

As expected, the chaotic sound of footsteps came over. Soon, another dozen Domination Clan players had come. It was rare to see this many people online so early in the morning!

“Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s over there, kill! Protect second and third brother so that they can revive!”

A Level 41 magic knight immediately rushed up!

I dodged with great agility, simultaneously putting myself in a position to attack. My eyes were cold as I thrust with my new Level 50 skill—Ice Ray!



Killed another one!

My opponents were many so I couldn’t go easy on them. I quickly summoned my Dark Wasp and charged in without hesitation. My longsword sweeping through my enemies’ flesh, one could vaguely make out a shape of a blossoming flower amid the chaotic battle.


I downed a health potion but it still couldn’t stop my HP from depleting.

Once I hacked down the last magic knight, his spear also pierced my chest and we both died at the same time.


System Notice: You have been killed by Dominating Divine Fury and have fallen to Level 49!

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