Chapter 82: Bow of the Fire Elf

Pa pa pa...

Six arrows consecutively pelleted into the forest like a machine gun. Coldmoon Rose had surprisingly brought along a few archers. She coldly stated, “Volley, attack at will. We must find that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Hmph, once we establish our Mad Dragon, the first two people we’ll destroy are Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy! They’re too hateful!”

I found her words funny. Mad Dragon was exceptionally overbearing. In Floating Ice City, they cheated the weak but feared the strong. They never dared to provoke the Domination Clan yet would inconsiderately massacre other forces. They would lock down entire maps, kill people there and make them drop their items. There was nothing Mad Dragon wouldn’t do. If a guild like that were to be destroyed, their demise would be well-deserved!

After slowly moving out of the inner forest area, I burst out from the ground with a “swhoosh” and a flash of red light.

Lin Yixin immediately came over with a smile. “Lu Chen, I saw it… were you the one who got that bow?”

“Yes, I plan to sell it for a good price…”

Lin Yixin said pleadingly, “Don’t, just sell it to me…”

“You can’t even afford it…”


I took the bow out of my bag. With a brush of my hand, the longbow’s stats window flew up amidst the trees—


Bow of the Fire Elf (Dark Steel–grade)

Attack 42~71

Agility: +15

Passive: 1% chance to ignore Defense

Level Requirement: 40


Damn! It really was not too shabby a bow. 71 Attack was nothing to complain about and it even added 15 Agility. To archers, not only could Agility increase Attack, it would also increase critical rate and attack speed. For Archer players, it was absolutely the best statistic. For them, 15 Agility was like getting 3 levels. No wonder this Level 42 archer was so strong even a Level 70 boss had been shaken by it!

Lin Yixin’s beautiful eyes were a bit hazy. She gazed at the Bow of the Fire Elf with misty eyes and said in a small voice, “Not too shabby…”

I nodded. “Of course. If a Level 40 archer had a bow like this, they’d be much stronger!”

“Yes…” Lin Yixin raised her head to look at me. Her pretty face had a soft smile, instantly alerting me. This was the so-called honey trap!

I casually threw the Bow of the Fire Elf at the Du Thirteen behind me. “Hold onto it for me. Don’t give it away…”


Du Thirteen answered, then continued to chat with Clear Perfume. Not even half a minute later, the bow was in Clear Perfume’s hands. The girl smiled gleefully. “Brother Thirteen, give the bow to me, okay?”

Du Thirteen’s entire body jolted. “I can’t, this is Lu Chen’s. Even if you want it, you have to fork over the money!”

“How much?”

“At least 200 gold!”

“I only have 200 silver…”

“Sigh, alright, I’ll do it in the name of our friendship!”

I gritted my teeth, itching to kick Thirteen flying. This guy seriously had no prospects. He couldn’t even resist a honey trap of Clear Perfume’s caliber. My firm resolution to resist Lin Yixin was in vain.

“Oh, success…”

Lin Yixin shot me a smile. “Thanks, Lu Chen…”

I waved a hand. “Forget it. Don’t fuss over it. We’ll have to cooperate later to kill that boss so we can’t let a bow break our relations.”


In all honesty, I was only able to get this Bow of the Fire Elf due to Lin Yixin’s cover. I wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise. Seeing Clear Perfume’s hopeful expression, I couldn’t bear to keep it to myself anyway. If I gave it to her, our Bloody Mercenaries would have more of a bargaining chip over the equipment that the next boss drops.

Oh right, there was a ring in my bag too. It had been dropped by that mage. I wonder what it is!

I quickly fished out the ring. After a flash of light, its stats came into view. Nice, it is actually a Dark Steel–grade item. That team sure had some good items!


Life Ring (Dark Steel–grade)

Strength: +12

Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 2.5%

Level Requirement: 40


It actually gives the user 2.5% more HP. This is some good stuff. 

This ring was a rare quality item, especially for classes that had high HP and Defense. That Level 43 mage was really stingy. Instead of keeping it to himself, he could’ve sold it or given it to a Magic Knight friend. This ring on a mage was simply a waste of potential!

When I thought about it, the most suitable person for this ring wasn’t me but the high-Defense-high-HP Gui Guzi. Moreover, I already had the Bloody Ring of Protection.

As such, I turned around and threw the Life Ring at Gui Guzi. “Wear it. Once we move out, run to the front with Undying Shield!”

Gui Guzi looked at the Life Ring and was petrified with shock.. He strongly nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you all down!”

Lin Yixin found a few priests to mainly heal Gui Guzi and three bards that would buff me, herself, and Gui Guzi with Forge, Valor, Bloody Battle, and Nichang.

Lin Yixin lightly smiled. “Too bad we don’t have a bard over Level 40 with us or else we’d be even stronger with their Level 40 single-target skill—Homecoming—that buffs Defense by 15%!”

I nodded. Classes like bards and tacticians would definitely become even more important come end game. Strong bards and tacticians especially would become game changers. After all, their buffs were powerful. Even ordinary player could fight experts when buffed with many high-level buffs!


In Violet Valley, Mad Dragon’s boss battle was already at its climax. That Giant Cave Monster hadn’t let me down. It raised its claws and swiped forward, summoning an intense firestorm. Everything within the range of 10 yards had been instantly turned to ash, Mad Dragon’s strongest party of archers and mages along with it.

Roaming Dragon lifted his spear and said angrily, “Team 90 through 120, go. Don’t let the boss tear through our defense line. Don’t be afraid, everyone. For our Mad Dragon’s glory and honor, for our dream of ruling over the world, a true man would gladly give his life on the battlefield. What’s so scary about dying?!”

Roaming Dragon continuously boosted morale and compelled his troops to go forward. But due to the instigations from me and Lin Yixin, the Mad Dragon guild was a bit flustered. They knew that Floating Ice City’s 1st and 2nd place experts were watching them from nearby, so how could they fight the boss at ease?

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

The firestorm was incredibly intense and the Mad Dragon players couldn’t block it at all. They died one after another, and not even twenty minutes later, they had less than 200 people remaining. Such high casualty rate was something I didn’t anticipate.

Lin Yixin’s eyes closely followed the boss’s health bar. She whispered, “Lu Chen, should we go now? The boss is already at around 10% HP!”


I nodded, then looked to Gui Guzi. “Bro, you’re up!”

Gui Guzi excitedly raised his spear, smiling. “Alright, follow me. We’ll first destroy Mad Dragon’s effective strength.”

Lin Yixin smiled. “Mn, we’ll be in charge of killing people and Lifetaking Sword will be in charge of bringing people to intercept the boss. This means that even though we have a hundred people, we’ll have at most 50 PvPing, the rest will be taking the boss.”




Lin Yixin drew her longsword and pointed to the front, shouting, “For Snowy Cathaya, charge! Kill everyone from Mad Dragon!”

With her fluttering long hair and armor, Lin Yixin looked charmingly beautiful with a heroic air. There was not much else to say. As long as she stood in front, there would be countless men yelling while charging forward behind her. At times, a beautiful commander was far better than any potential material reward.


Green leaves swayed as Gui Guzi took the lead in charging out. He swung his spear and yelled, “Bloody Mercenaries are moving out! All unrelated people move, get out the way!”

I couldn't hold back my smile. This guy’s too cute!

Charging forward with my sword, I tightly followed. Lin Yixin brought Clear Perfume, Zi Chuanyu, and the rest of her group to the other side of Gui Guzi. With Gui Guzi as the tip of our blade, we stabbed into Mad Dragon’s formation with great momentum. This was no longer a wild ambush from two or three people but a large scale war between two guilds!


Flames burned as Gui Guzi thrust a spear at a Level 41 mage, attacking a place with no resistance like my very own Zhao Zilong...[1]

Roaming Dragon quickly came to his senses. He realized that it wasn’t just Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy coming over. There were more Heavenly Ranking people, as well as nearly one hundred elite players. They stabbed themselves into Mad Dragon’s rear, causing Roaming Dragon great discomfort. Although he was being attacked on all sides, he wasn’t willing to give up the boss. Since he wasn’t willing to abandon the boss, he had to attack it, but that wasn’t possible either. He only had 200 people and they were still getting demolished by the boss at this very moment.

Our timing was impeccable, causing Roaming Dragon to have an urge to die!


The tip of my sword slashed at the neck of a mage. After the instant kill, my Dark Wasp also descended from the air and swiftly zipped through the crowd, killing single players. This boss-tier pet was seriously awesome. Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade was much worse in comparison. It took two stabs to kill a leather armor archer whereas my Dark Wasp could one-shot anyone unless they wore metal armor.

The battlefield was in chaos. Clear Perfume stood in place, firing arrows left and right at the mages, bards, and tacticians present. She had become a long-range slaughter god with the newly-acquired Bow of the Fire Elf in her hands!

“Kill! Instakill Gui Guzi!” Roaming Dragon loudly commanded.

As a result, fireballs, wind blades, and arrows all flew toward Gui Guzi’s Undying Shield. Multiple damage numbers jumped into the air but healing light continuously flashed above Gui Guzi’s head. He tottered like a tilting doll but he just refused to die.

In just five minutes, Mad Dragon had been utterly defeated!

This was a result nobody would have expected. Gui Guzi’s frontward charge had attracted the majority of their firepower and Undying Shield showed off its abilities. With the addition of a few priests behind him that were constantly healing him, the kid’s HP stubbornly lingered around 25% and refused to drop below. I bet Roaming Dragon hates this undead knight to death.

1. Also known as Zhao Yun, general of Shu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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