Chapter 812: Eagle-eyed

Luo River God of the Capital abruptly turned toward me and said, "Let’s charge to the center area as soon as possible! We absolutely cannot allow Vienna’s Sorrow to snatch the fourth boss!"

Moonkiss nodded in agreement while I declared with a raise of my sword, "Dragonlight Cavalry, we will make our way to the boss area within three minutes! We will not be engaging the Silver Halberdmen since there’s no time left! Let’s go!"

After I said that, I summoned the Phantom Wolf King and made it run in front of me while I rode at the back. The little wolf was faster than any of us, so I used it to draw away the dread-rank mobs blocking the way and open up a path for us. The Dragonlight Cavalry and Purple Lily’s cavalry were able to ride unhindered toward our destination because of it!

Luo River God of the Capital was running on foot, but she Blinked every few steps and was actually keeping pace with us. The mage’s movement speed was pretty impressive.


The further we traveled, the more Chinese players we encountered. In fact, we saw the players of Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, Silver Soul and more.

The center of the floor was a super huge plaza with a cage that extended all the way to the top. Judging from the sounds of battle and lights of skill appearing from the cage, it was clearly the boss zone. From the looks of it, the Northern Alliance was inside the cage, and the Chinese players outside.

"Lu Chen!"

I turned around to see He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Li Chengfeng and the rest of our elites standing at a corner. She pointed to the center and said, "The boss is down to 80% HP, but we can’t get inside yet. Vienna’s Sorrow had surrounded the perimeters with a band of Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry and mages from the Mystic Alliance. Not a single Chinese player had been able to make it in so far."

"I see. Let’s take a closer look!"


I spent a quick moment assembling the parties. The Dragonlight Cavalrymen stuck at the first floor had broken through the trap by force, so around a thousand of them were gathered at this place.

The Armored Ice Qilin Horse let out a long neigh as I led the charge. Surprised, the Chinese players standing in our way opened up a path instinctively and let us all through.

It didn’t take long before I saw a swathe of blood-red IDs directly ahead of me. As mentioned, a ton of Northern Alliance players were gathered at this place and trying to monopolize the boss of the fourth floor. It was a ferocious tiger with azure-colored skin and the name "Heaven-opening Tiger”. It was roaring, swiping and killing the Northern Alliance riders surrounding it almost too easily. As expected of a Level 189 Immortal Rank boss, its Attack was nothing to scoff at.


Not far away, a group of Hegemon Palace players led by Little Piglet appeared. The Famous General pointed his sword to the front and said, "Porcupine Riders, charge! Let’s tear down their firewall by force and open up a new battlefield for our fellow countrymen!"

Little Piglet took off with almost 400 Steel Needle Porcupine Cavalrymen following closely behind him.

In the Mystic Alliance’s formation, a golden-haired woman in sexy robes let out a giggle and said, "Mystic Alliance, show them what you’re made of. Bombard the area with Galaxy Storms!"

The female mage herself weaved a spell of destruction before tossing it to the front. A wall of destruction immediately appeared in the cavalry’s path!

Bang bang bang!

The sounds of magic tearing into armor pierced everyone’s ears. In just a few minutes, the bodies of hundreds of porcupines and their riders were strewn across the ground. After killing a dozen or so mages by force, Little Piglet dropped to low health and was forced to retreat.

"Sorry, guild leader. The enemy’s firepower is simply too strong. There’s no way to punch through such a powerful bombardment unless we slowly push our way in," Little Piglet reported.

The corners of Wang Dongliang’s lips twitched. He was hoping to show off his guild’s prowess before the people, but he wasn’t expecting the Mystic Alliance to be this strong. His mistake had cost him a ton of elite cavalry.

"Should we try this one more time? We still have over 800 riders of an inferior cavalry troop that we can use. There’s a chance we can break through the enemy if we let the priests, mages and archers assist them from the back," Little Piglet said while staring at the Mystic Alliance. His sword hand was shaking, but it wasn’t out of fear, but excitement. The failure only seemed to fuel his hunger for battle.

Wang Dongliang shook his head. "It’s fine. If we can’t win, then we’ll let someone else do the dirty work for us!"


Another group of players made a break for Mystic Alliance’s formation. It was Candle Dragon led by Candlelight Shadow himself.

The man seemed to be full of confidence now that he had joined the ranks of Divine Generals and gained the powerful Outer Flame. He said with a smile, "Prepare for battle! I will charge the enemy’s mage formation. Carrot, come here and rally our best archers!"


A Level 159, well-equipped archer responded to the call and stepped into the open. He was none other than Autumn Carrot, a Famous General of Candle Dragon with the Eagle-eyed skill. After raising an arm and crying out an order, a large group of Candle Dragon archers rushed to his side and aligned themselves in rows. There were about 300 of them.

Candlelight Shadow then pointed his sword to the front and laughed. He ordered, "Archers, fire Volleys and Spiraling Arrow Blades at will! Tear this Mystic Alliance to shreds!"

Despite being 150 yards away from the enemy, the 300 archers drew their bows and released the bowstrings in unison!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

The arrows flew into the air like an unnatural storm. Their attack range was boosted by 200% by Eagle-eyed, it was never a question whether or not their attacks could reach the enemies. The arrow rain landed squarely on the group of Mystic Alliance players!

Bang bang bang…

The Spiraling Arrow Blades and even some mages’ Galaxy Storms erupted across the battlefield. The enemies screamed in pain as their Magic Shields started distorting visibly under the concentrated assault. Their protection could falter at any moment.


At the same time, Candlelight Shadow unsheathed his sword and declared, "Attack!"

The Martial God charged first and dodged the enemy’s bombardments with a couple of beautiful zigzags. The moment he made contact with the enemy, he immediately unleashed two AoE skills and cut down entire swathes of mages like weeds. The arrow rain from earlier had already strained their Magic Shields, so there was no chance they were going to survive Candlelight Shadow’s Encourage VII–boosted assault.

Not pausing to check out his work, Candlelight Shadow waved his left palm and unleashed yet another attack. It was none other than the Divine General Skill, Outer Flame. Seven blasts of fire engulfed the enemies, and each blast dealt at least 50k damage. It was a terrifying skill to say the least.

Screams of pain filled the air. Who would’ve thought that the seemingly unbreakable Mystic Alliance would crumble this easily before Candlelight Shadow’s Outer Flame? Not only that, the one thousand Viper Dragoons at the back charged forward and seized the upper hand completely. The enemy guild was being routed!

However, the back of Candle Dragon’s formation suddenly fell into disorder. It was because Autumn Carrot’s ranged party had been attacked by someone! Blue Sky Scar shouted, "Candlelight, come back to us now! It’s Vienna’s Sorrow!"

The thundering hooves belonged to the Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry, but with one key difference—this time, Vienna’s Sorrow was leading them himself. Wielding an Immortal-grade spear and looking to be in high spirits, the Divine General laughed and fired a frozen beam about 20 yards long from his spear tip. It was of course his Divine General Skill, Ice Stream Blade!


"Get out of my way!"

Vienna’s Sorrow shouted as the icy skill slammed into Blue Sky Scar’s chest armor. The super long–range attack couldn’t be stopped even by the Blue Sky War God himself. He lost over 70k HP in one go and was sent flying across the sky.

I gripped my sword and ordered in a hurry, "Go! We need to save Candle Dragon’s backline! Blue Sky Scar is no match for Vienna!"

I spurred my mount and charged straight toward the enemy.


After killing a group of Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalrymen with Thousand Ice Slash, I raised my palm and fired a seal into the sky. The Ancient Sword Seal crashed right on top of Vienna’s Sorrow and dealt an insane amount of damage—80982!

"It’s you?"

Vienna’s Sorrow shot me a hateful look before backing a few steps to let his priests heal him. He then waved his Immortal-grade spear and shouted, "Take out that fucker!"

A couple of Heroic Bannermen and many more Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalrymen immediately answered his call.


He Yi swung her sword, and all our generals rushed forward to meet the enemy. Empowering himself with Great Earth Transformation, Li Chengfeng ran toward Vienna’s Sorrow like lightning and hit him three times in a row from three different directions. However...

Chiang chiang!



Amazingly, Vienna’s Sorrow swung his spear expertly and was able to parry two of Li Chengfeng’s attacks. The dragon warrior was hardly done, however. Instead of faltering, he circled to Vienna’s flank and executed Dragonbone Flurry to the ribs. This time, he was able to delete almost 100k HP!


Vienna’s Sorrow swung his spear horizontally and hit Li Chengfeng squarely in the chest. The long-range beam attack was simply too powerful!


Li Chengfeng gritted his teeth and was forced to retreat. Despite being a Divine General himself, his Attack and even equipment were clearly inferior to Vienna’s Sorrow’s. The Divine General was growing stronger and stronger each day, and he definitely deserved his title as Hero City’s best player.


I rushed to Li Chengfeng’s aid and blocked in front of him. Then, I rode toward Vienna’s Sorrow.


To my surprise, the Divine General swung his spear one last time to kill the dozen of Candle Dragon archers around him before backing away. It seemed like he didn’t want to clash against me head-on.


It was at this moment a tiger’s roar suddenly shook the air. For some reason, the Heaven-opening Tiger suddenly tore through the Northern Alliance’s defense line, jumped and landed in between the Chinese forces and the Northern Alliance’s forces. It then swung its claws and summoned a rain of fire!

"Fuck me, this fucking boss!" Chaos Moon groaned as she was forced to retreat.

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