Chapter 810: Joining the Light Side


I stifled a groan of pain and hurriedly changed directions. As the Armored Ice Qilin Horse rounded a corner, my entire person was slanted 45 degrees above the ground as if I was a MotoGP rider. I lowered my sword to keep my balance, the tip drawing sparks and leaving behind a long skidmark on the ground.


When the Armored Ice Qilin Horse was about to hit the other wall, it launched a mighty kick and forcefully changed our trajectory. Thanks to this, we were able to avoid most of the cavalry charging behind us and the projectiles being fired by the Silver Soul players. A Dragon’s Roar from a Silver Soul mage dealt at least 5000 damage, so I would rather not get hit by one if at all possible.

Swhoosh swhoosh...

It was at this moment two Silver Soul assassins rushed me at the same time. It was clearly the prelude to the skill, Ambush.


Truly enraged, I swung my sword left and right and grazed the two assassins in the middle of their throats with my sword. My basic attack dealt over 40k damage to each assassin, and they didn’t have the HP to survive it. They dropped to the ground and died just like that. At the back, Rose-tinted Spectacles screamed in anger, "How is this possible?"

While I was thwarting Rose-tinted Spectacles’ schemes, the Northern Alliance’s cavalry caught up to us in just the blink of an eye. The sword-wielding Knight General slammed into Silver Soul’s formation and shouted, "An ambush? Brothers and sisters, charge! Do not leave a single Chinese player alive!"

The Northern Alliance party had almost 50 riders, and majority of them rode on Bloodthirsty Beasts. Worse, they were all empowered by Knight General, so there was no way in hell the Silver Soul party would be able to endure it.

I turned around and commanded the Phantom Wolf King to attack the Bloodthirsty Cavalry. I myself spammed Universe Break + Burning Blade Slash off cooldown at the enemy’s weak points again and again because that was usually enough to instakill a Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalryman. While enemies were busy fending off the Phantom Wolf King and I, I moved my apparition dozens of yards away and made it fire Purple Dragon Howl!


The skill instantly took out a dozen or so Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalrymen. Less than two minutes later, over half of their numbers fell by my hand.

Now that the situation was turned around, Rose-tinted Spectacles shouted loudly, "Everyone, take out Lu Chen first! We cannot let him show us up any longer! Mages, use Dragon’s Roar! Assassins, stun him!"

The Silver Soul players obeyed the order and focused all their attacks on me instead. They didn’t need to worry about being attacked by the Northern Alliance because the latter was intimidated by my power and was doing everything they could to eliminate me.


Thud thud thud…

I was forced to change my direction and speed repeatedly to dodge the attacks and retaliate with Burning Blade Slashes whenever possible. It was a harsh battle even for me.

It was at this moment the young archer at the back of the Silver Soul party suddenly tore off the guild emblem on his shoulder and yelled, "Fuck, what the hell is this? Lu Chen helped us take out the mobs and cooperated with us to kill our enemies, and this is how we repay his kindness? Are you people even human? I quit! I would rather be guildless than be a part of this shameless guild! My bottom line wouldn’t allow it!"

"Do you want to die, Windless?" Rose-tinted Spectacles raged.

However, a dozen or so angry priests and mages also quit the guild at the same time and declared, "Fuck this shit. We’ll follow you, Brother Windless! We quit! Silver Soul was supposed to be a righteous guild, but it looks like even their corps commander doesn't have a sense of shame! We’re all better off without this trash guild!"

Gladdened by this sight, I yelled, "Brothers, if Silver Soul will not take you, then we will! Don’t worry, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would never resort to such despicable methods! For now though, let’s take out the Northern Alliance trash first!"

The dozen of players nodded in unison and turned their weapons onto the Northern Alliance once more. Thanks to their help, the Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry kept falling to my powerful attacks, and the priests kept me alive with their heals. Whatever chance the enemy had to kill me was completely gone now. A short while later, the Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry had all been killed, although Silver Soul didn’t have many players left either. Their remaining frontliners had all died in the battle.


A few more minutes passed by, and I took out the last member and Knight General of the Northern Alliance with Ancient Seal + Burning Blade Slash combo. The guy was kind enough to drop a great helmet.


Rose-tinted Spectacles’ weapon hand was shaking with anger. The blue-faced party leader pointed a finger at his former guildmates and uttered, "Thankless wretches! Silver Soul spent half a year nurturing you thankless wretches for nothing!"

The young archer couldn’t help a sneer on his face. "Nurture? What on earth are you talking about? We’ve always taken care of ourselves, and we joined Silver Soul purely to enjoy the game with a bunch of like-minded friends. We never thought we would come to serve under a despicable little bitch like you though. Pooh! It shames me to even think about it!"

The shaking having spread to his entire body, Rose-tinted Spectacles raged, "Very well, if that is what you want, then I shall cleanse the guild of your taint right now!"

"Cleanse my ass instead, I’ve already quit the guild, you dumb fuck!" A mage raised his scepter threateningly and said, "Touch us and we’ll give you a taste of our power!"

I said, "Why even wait? By my right as the vice leader, I declare you all members of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ 12th subguild, and your first mission is to take out Rose-tinted Spectacles. This is a man who thought to backstab a fellow countryman even when he was under a foreign attack. The entire world will be better off without his kind. Kill him!"


The party responded affirmatively and started throwing flames, wind blades and meteors at Rose-tinted Spectacles. The enraged magic knight tried to attack them, but I blocked him with my apparition until he was eventually overwhelmed. These ranged players might not be strong enough to beat a dread-rank mob, but they were definitely experienced in the art of PvP.

"Just you wait, Silver Soul will take revenge for me!" These were Rose-tinted Spectacles’ last words before he died.

I chuckled and kicked away the magic knight’s body. Then I said, "Alright, come around me, everyone! Apply to join our subguild now so I can approve your application!"


After the 17 people who had defected from Silver Soul joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls 12th subguild, the color of their IDs immediately turned friendly. The reason I recruited these people wasn’t because we were lacking in recruits, but because they were okay players with an actual brain in their heads. Plus, I was in dire need of party members—especially priests and mages—and there was still a long battle ahead of us. Neither of us could do without each other.


While the eighteen of us were sweeping over the battlefield, 7 Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players appeared from the passages behind us and greeted me with a smile. "Vice Leader Lu Chen! You were teleported here too?"

I smiled back. "Come, join my party and let’s fight our way into the boss zone!"


Our party became stronger, and the strength of the Dragonlight Cavalry opened the eyes of our new recruits. It was an honor and blessing for them to be able to call such powerful players their comrades.


Suddenly, Xu Yang called out to me from the guild channel, "Lu Chen, yellow alert! Lu Chen, yellow alert!"

"What’s wrong, Xu Yang?" I asked.

He replied solemnly, "A 400-man Northern Alliance cavalry party led by a Heroic Bannerman is making their way toward you right now. Whatever you did, it was too big for them to ignore. These people are highly dangerous, so be careful!"

"Thank you for the warning, but don’t worry. It’s just one Heroic Bannerman, right?" I replied with a chuckle. "I’m accompanied by 7 Dragonlight Cavalrymen right now. We should be able to deal with this without much trouble!"

Heaven’s Rain spoke up, "Worry not, vice leader! I’m with 77 Dragonlight Cavalrymen right now, and we’re about 500 yards to your right! We’ll be coming to you as soon as possible, hehe!"

He Yi: "Very good, with Beauty Rain’s support there’s not even a chance the Northern Alliance might get lucky and threaten Lu Chen anymore. Mm, from the looks of it, Lu Chen and Heaven’s Rain had more or less assumed control of the southwest corner of the floor. Everyone else still needs to work harder though. The counterattack to destroy all of the Northern Alliance’s bases begins now, everyone! The sooner we reach the boss area, the better! We cannot let the Northern Alliance be the victor of Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower!"

Li Chengfeng: "Mn! I passed by a battlefield just now and saw Warsky and Lin Bing Dou Zhe leading a bunch of Frostscale Cavalrymen and chasing down some Northern Alliance players. Also, Candlelight Shadow is said to be mounting a counterattack from the northeast, and Beauty Lin from the north. The China server has many amazing players, so I have full confidence that we’ll come out victorious in the end, haha!"

We all laughed. It was exactly the kind of encouragement we needed to hear.


After I turned off the guild channel, I looked at everyone and said, "A large group of enemies is swiftly approaching us, so I want everyone to stay alert and listen to my orders. Otherwise, we’ll all die a horrible death, understand?"

Both the Dragonlight Cavalry and the new recruits nodded in unison. "Of course!"

Our party continued forward, aggroing the Silver Halberdmen blocking our way and killing them one by one. I continued collecting the Silverblade sets, but instead of selling them like I had usually done, I planned to unload them all in the guild warehouse. It would be better for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls if our cavalry could wear these Silverblade sets!

A short while later, we started to hear thundering hooves from the fog ahead of us.

A Dragonlight Cavalryman immediately warned everyone, "It’s them! Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry’s hooves sound very dull, so I’m sure it’s them!"

I nodded and yelled loudly, "Brothers and sisters, form up and prepare for battle!’

I spurred my mount to the forefront and kept my sword lowered in readiness. The Phantom Wolf King was crouching next to me and growling in anticipation as well.

A few minutes later, a troop of fast-moving cavalry burst out of the fog and charged toward us. As expected, they were all Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalrymen, and there were about 400 of them; so numerous that they practically filled up the entire width of the corridor. When the leader of the cavalry troop—I noticed that he carried a red banner behind his back—saw me, his eyes immediately lit up with greed, "Haha, looks we’ve found our main course, brothers and sisters! Kill that CGL Hall of Famer and become a hero!"


At the same time, I raised my weapon and growled, "Dragonlight Cavalry, prepare to charge!"

There were only 7 of them, but every Dragonlight Cavalryman wore a serious expression on their face. They were ready to go the second I gave the command!


Before I could do anything though, a loud boom suddenly erupted from the crossroad directly ahead of me. It was a troop of cavalry appearing from the side roads and intercepting the Bloodthirsty Beast Cavalry! The female knightress leading them was none other than our Knight General, Heaven’s Rain!

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