Chapter 81: Good Luck

Heavily-armored warriors charged toward the boss only to be torn by its tough pincers. The Giant Cave Monster attacked once per 2 seconds, and there wasn’t a single player who could withstand its attacks. But still, 2 seconds was a lot, it was just too slow!

Roaming Dragon had become much wiser since our last meeting. If this situation continued, the Level 70 boss would fall in less than 15 minutes!

I muttered to myself while frowning, “This doesn’t look too good…”

Lin Yixin’s expression was just as stern as mine. She asked softly after hearing my mutter, “What do we do? The situation is extremely disadvantageous toward us. Roaming Dragon put several parties on the outside so that no one can disrupt them. Our chances are dwindling.”

I nodded. “Their combat rhythm is pretty much perfect right now. If we don’t disrupt it, we’ll become the losers of this battle.”

In this case, I was a lot more experienced than Lin Yixin because I was a veteran in VRMMO games. Lin Yixin probably hadn’t dabbled in this type of games until Heavenblessed, so she couldn’t compete against me in certain areas no matter how talented or intelligent she was.

“Charge them from the right and distract the players on the outside for a moment. I’ll use this opening to assassinate their high-level archers and mages. Our chance will arise if their DPS falls behind!”

I looked at Lin Yixin’s beautiful face and voiced my thoughts.

Lin Yixin looked a little confused. She stared at the black mass not far in front of her and said, “Me? Wouldn’t I be shot into a porcupine the moment I revealed myself? Isn’t this a little too dangerous?”

I nodded. “Your chances of survival will be extremely low!”

“Then why are you making me do this?”

“Because I would fare even worse than you. You’re a Wanderer, right? You have a lot of Defense thanks to Protective Aura!”


Lin Yixin slowly pulled out her sword and looked into the distance. She said quietly, “Lu Chen, I can tear a hole in their right side, but only for 30 seconds. I can’t guarantee anything more than that. Are you sure you can slip into their formation during this time?”

“Mn, no problem. Go!”


Lin Yixin and I split up and went our own ways while our people watched our backs.

Not bothering with pretences, Lin Yixin charged and launched a direct attack against the enemy. Milky-white Killer Wind surrounded her blade before passing through two mages in a beautiful arc, killing them instantly. Lin Yixin then forced her way into the middle of their formation and swung her blade twice, claiming another two archers’ lives in the process.

“Ambush! We’ve been ambushed!”

The formation at the Mad Dragon guild’s party panicked. Clearly, Lin Yixin’s aggressive movements had put a lot of pressure on them.

Rustle rustle...

The leaves and branches rustled as I passed through them. While Lin Yixin was distracting them, I emerged from the other side and hit a Level 41 tamer, my Weeping Fire Blade wrapped in green energy!


It was an unquestionable one-shot!

The moment the tamer was dead, a small, green totem on the ground vanished into thin air. It was a Detection Trap that could negate my Earth Escape!

I noticed this earlier, but the Mad Dragon guild’s party only had 3 tamers despite being thousand men strong. Moreover, this Level 41 tamer was the strongest out of all of them. Now that he was dead, no one could detect me anymore!


My body turned into red light and sank into the ground. I activated Earth Escape the second the tamer was killed, so swiftly and sneakily that most of the present players didn’t even realize what had transpired before my figure was already gone. Lin Yixin was pulling off a wonderful distraction with her Killer Wind Swordplay and her natural beauty. It was no wonder that everyone’s attention was on her.

Suddenly, a cold beam hit Lin Yixin’s shoulder and caused a blood spurt. Damn, that Devil Piercing Arrow is strong! This was the first time Lin Yixin took this much damage since the start of the fight. The skill had broken through her Defense entirely.

Some distance away, an Archer was pulling her bow and aiming at Lin Yixin. It was none other than Coldmoon Rose, Mad Dragon’s best archer!


Lin Yixin clenched her teeth and downed a health pot. Then, she charged toward Coldmoon Rose!

My eyes widened. Is she trying to kill Coldmoon Rose while surrounded by all these people? That’s crazy!

Coldmoon Rose was no newbie. Backing away rapidly, she fired a Volley at Lin Yixin and worked together with her allies to shoot her down.






A bunch of numbers popped above Lin Yixin’s head. She was losing HP way too quickly!

I couldn’t help but shout in the party channel, “Are you crazy, Lin Yixin!? Get back now! You’ll die if you proceed further!”

Instead of talking, Lin Yixin changed her weapon into a dagger. She was going to use her trump card!

It was at this moment a Level 42 magic knight stood in front of Coldmoon Rose and yelled, “Protect!”

Knightly Protect was an incredibly powerful skill that nullified 100% of the melee damage dealt to its target. In return, the caster would be taking double damage during the skill's duration!

What a hero. He’s literally throwing his life away to protect Coldmoon Rose!


Lin Yixin actually chuckled in this situation.

A silver glint that looked as clear as the moon itself entered Lin Yixin’s purple pupils. It was none other than her signature skill, Moon Gaze!


The magic knight collapsed the very instant the dagger reached him. His eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t think that the legendary Fruit Knife Goddess actually had the ability to one-shot any opponent she faced!


The damage number rising from the magic knight’s head was impressive. Moon Gaze guaranteed that Lin Yixin’s attack would always hit a weak point, and Knightly Protect doubled the damage taken by the caster. It was no wonder that even a tanky magic knight was one-shot.


Lin Yixin laughed in the team channel. “Lu Chen, I’ve completed my mission. Good luck!”


I relaxed after Lin Yixin slipped back into the forest with a sliver of HP left. Light wanderers are seriously powerful. Now, it’s showtime!


The ground was alight with moonlight. As I slowly slithered into the enemy formation using Earth Escape, I saw three mages and two archers dishing out damage at a nearby shrubbery. I felt a tinge of pleasure when I saw their levels: 42, 41, 40, 40, and 43. They are all high-level players, and they are all as good as dead!

“Focus fire! Haha, we’re doing so much work, everyone!”

The Level 43 mage laughed while throwing a Fire Dragon Spell. “Not only does our squad have the highest DPS out of all the teams, our damage is four times the second team’s! Hahaha, give it your all, everyone! If you run out of mana then use some Magic Consumables! There’s no need to hold back!”

An archer also laughed while firing a Volley. “This Level 40 Dark Steel–grade bow is truly powerful. The proc chance is only 1%, but when it does proc, it’s worth 10 times the basic attack of another player!”

“Haha, did you guys notice Wind Fantasy trying to take a share of our pie just now? How delusional. She may be number one on the Heavenly Ranking, but she is nothing to the Mad Dragon guild. Hmph hmph, we should send her an invitation letter and ask her to become our ‘mistress of the fort’ after we’ve gotten a Hero’s Token and built a guild, hahaha!”


I laughed inwardly. Fools, if you want Lin Yixin to become the “mistress of the fort” you should at least be stronger than her. There is no way someone as competitive as her would submit to weaklings.

Anyway, it was time to act!


I burst out of the ground and returned to human form. Then, I plunged my blade into the nearest mage’s chest!


It was a one-shot! I turned around and attacked another mage, dealing 490 damage this time. He also died in one attack.

It was incredibly MP-consuming to cast consecutive spells on a boss, so these mages didn’t even turn on their Magic Shields in order to conserve MP. They were just asking to be killed.

Not wasting even a single moment, I opened my palm and summoned the Dark Wasp with a flash of hexagram magic formation. It stung a Level 41 archer three times consecutively with Flurry, the poor guy joining his friends in the afterlife.

Now, the only ones left around me were a Level 42 archer, a Level 43 mage, and 5 bards. But since Bard was a support class with zero offensive skills, I just ignored them entirely.

“How… how did you come here?” the Level 43 mage exclaimed in shock as he stomped the ground, surrounding himself in a magical shield. At the same time, he fired Fire Dragon Spell at me.


Damn, so powerful!

I clenched my teeth and forced my way through the flames. The Weeping Fire Blade started glowing red like it was a black reaper that would devour all lives.

The Mage ran and looked back at me with a sneer. “My Magic Shield is Rank 4, there’s no way you can break through it. Just stand there and await your death!”

But I was faster than he was thanks to the 0.5% movement speed boost of my Stormy War Boots. I caught up to him in the next moment and cut him twice with lightning speed!



Pardon tore through his Rank 4 Magic Shield like nothing. The mage was utterly speechless as my blade sank into his chest!


The dead mage dropped a shiny ring that I picked up before charging the Level 42 archer. He was currently being chased by the Dark Wasp, and he had less than half HP left. The archer wanted to kite my pet, but he quickly discovered that it was way faster than he was. It could’ve been the other way around had I given it the command.

I rushed toward him and checked out the light purple bow he was wielding. I sneered and raised my blade.


I zigzagged toward my opponent and stood in the way of his retreat. The archer practically ran himself into my Weeping Fire Blade before slumping to the ground, dead!


A bunch of Magic Consumables, pots and a piece of equipment appeared. The item had a faint purple glow. Seriously? The bow really dropped? Hell yeah, what dogshit luck! I’m rich!

I grabbed the bow and only the bow. Leaving the pots and Magic Consumables behind, I leaped between the trees and dodged a rain of arrows. I still got hit here and there, but it was nowhere close enough to put me in danger.

The Earth Escape skill finished its cooldown, so I slipped into the ground once more. Operation success!

At 10% movement speed, I moved even deeper into enemy formation instead of backing away as they might have expected me too. It would at least confuse them for a moment.

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