Chapter 804: Arthur


A murderous dagger flew my way. It felt like time itself had frozen for a second.

I abruptly spun down my horse’s back and slid the Cyan Netherworld Sword across my back. It parried the incoming blow with unerring accuracy.


Shocked, the assassin hurriedly tried to stab his right dagger through my neck.

I wasn’t going to give him too much leeway, so I slammed my entire foot into his back and sent him stumbling toward the ground. There was no chance an assassin could outdo an undead warrior in terms of Strength.


After I dismounted and landed steadily on the ground, I started beating the crap out of the arrogant assassin. I was sure he had seen my ID and recognized me as the infamous warrior who single-handedly stalled the entire Northern Alliance during the War of Dawn City, but he still chose to ambush me. He was way too arrogant for his own good.


I kneed him in the stomach, pinned him against the wall and stabbed him right through the chest. A huge damage number rose above his head, and the fool only had a sliver of HP left.

I stared at his unreconciled eyes and smiled at him. "Do you really think I’m one of those warriors who only know how to charge ahead without taking note of my surroundings? Rest in peace!"

I slashed his neck, and the assassin slowly dropped to his knees and dropped a loaf of bread and a floor of potions.

I picked up the bread and went back to grinding. Right now, my main focus was leveling with the help of Bronze Armor Wolves.


According to the chat in the guild channel, PvP was breaking out everywhere, small skirmishes under 5v5 happening all over the place.

The corridors of Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower were long and complex, and a ton of Bronze Armor Wolves and Bronze Beasts were blocking the path. It was impossible to run through the area unhindered, which was also why it was some of the best locations for PvP. This map was destined to become the generator of many classic battle reports.

"How is it going, everyone?" I asked in the guild channel after grinding for a bit.

Xu Yang: "I partied with Thirteen and Yamete and took out two Hot Sand City priests. It’s so satisfying, muahaha…"

Chaos Moon: "You killed priests and you’re boasting about it? I ran into Moonkiss, and we took out a five-man mage party from Hero City together, hehe!"

I chuckled. "Not bad! Are you close with Moonkiss or something?"

Chaos Moon: "Nah. It’s just that I saved her when she had been chased into a corner by two warriors, and she was so grateful she almost gave me her hand in marriage…"

He Yi giggled. "Why don’t you accept her? We are in dire need of powerful assassins anyway. Cute Little Naughty alone isn’t enough!"

Chaos Moon: "Sure, but only if you promise to give us a big red packet during the wedding day…"

He Yi: "..."

Gui Guzi: "I’ve gathered 14 people at the east side of the map, (3261, 7676). Six of them are Dragonlight Cavalrymen, but our healing is quite lacking. Are there any priests nearby who would like to join us?"

Murong Mingyue: "Little Gui, I’m grinding with Beiming Xue at (4288, 8512) right now. Can you and your party come to our location? And be quick, we just ran into a six-man party from Chariot City not long ago, and if it wasn’t for Beiming Xue and our two pets we would’ve been dead already."

Gui Guzi: "Mn, I’m coming over right now, so hang in there! We’ll be there in 20 minutes tops!"

Li Chengfeng: "Little Gui, Xu Yang, come to (5512, 5119) after you’ve met up with the others. I’ve gathered 23 players, and we are very close to the boss area. Let’s try and take out this boss before anyone else finds it!"

Gui Guzi: "Sure! Oh right, where is Boss Broken Halberd?"

Chaos Moon: "If I’m not mistaken, that guy must be solo-grinding right now. The Bronze Armor Wolves give an insane amount of experience, so there’s no way he’s going to let go of this opportunity…"

"Solo-grinding?" Xu Yang gulped. "I almost got soloed by a Cyan Armor Wolf just now, and you’re solo-grinding, Lu Chen? How long does it take you to kill one Cyan Armor Wolf?"

I thought for a moment before answering, "8 to 9 seconds."


Everyone fell silent for a moment. A long time later, Xu Yang finally said, "You’re as OP as ever…"

I asked, "Does anyone know Vienna’s coordinates?"

Everyone seemed confused for a moment. Gui Guzi asked, "Where would we even get that information? What are you planning, Boss Broken Halberd?"

I smiled. "Create a chance encounter and take him out, duh…"

"What the fuck…"

My declaration silenced them even longer than just now. Everyone knew just how powerful Vienna’s Sorrow was, and normally speaking, his enemies would want to stay as far away as possible from that monster, not the other way around. Right now, the only players in the entire China server who would dare to entertain the idea of seeking out Vienna’s Sorrow voluntarily were Lin Yixin, Candlelight Shadow and me. Only Divine Generals had the power and confidence to kill Vienna’s Sorrow in a fight!


Two hours passed by in the blink of an eye. I had passed through 7 corridors and killed countless Bronze Armor Wolves and Bronze Beasts during this time, and my experience bar had filled up to Level 159 97%. Level 160 was just a moment away from me, and I had collected over 20 Bronze Armor Wolf Cards and 4 complete Cyanblade sets. My 54 Luck wasn’t for show after all.

The corridor was shrouded in darkness, so my vision range was greatly reduced. After killing a couple more Bronze Armor Wolves, I noticed that the area in front of me was widening into a hall of sorts.

Suddenly, the vague sound of battle entered my ears. Judging from the intensity of the noises, it was a battle between players!


I hurriedly ran forward and activated Dark Pupils, increasing my vision range by 100% or more. I quickly spotted a group of players embroiled in a battle!

They were members of Gods of Destruction!

Dominating Heaven Blade hit a magic knight’s shield with a broad blade three times in a row, but not only did he fail to penetrate the latter’s Defense, he was knocked back by the rebound. The magic knight was Level 162, and his shoulder bore the emblem of Chariot City. He was riding a Behemoth, and his ID was "Arthur", a name that was borrowed from a legendary king of the fifth century.

"Haha, kill them all! Leave no one alive!"

Arthur abruptly moved his shield aside and thrust his spear forward, piercing Dominating Heaven Blade’s defenses and knocking him back.

At the same time, the Behemoth Cavalry behind Arthur—subordinates of Arthus, since they were all wearing the same guild emblem—rushed forward and surrounded the dozen Gods of Destruction players.

At the back, a withdrawing Dominating Archer God was parrying away a couple magic knights’ attacks with his dagger and just barely hanging on for dear life. When he found an opening, he abruptly executed Mountain Stagger Arrow + Volley combo and shouted at the same time, "Boss, escape now while I’ll hold them back! Meet up with Knight God, Warrior God and Mage God!"

But Dominating Heaven Blade rejected the suggestion, "Unnecessary! Worse comes to worst, I’ll stop them with my life! Land of Soul Suppression was originally a Chinese territory, and it is still ours even if it was changed into a leveling map! We must protect our homeland with our life! Everyone, focus your fire on that Arthur first, worry about the others later!"


Unfortunately, it’s great to have dreams, but reality is a cruel mistress.


After taking a magic knight’s life with Barrier Break, Arthur performed a long-range thrust that knocked Dominating Heaven Blade off his horse and pierced two mages at the same time. His attack power was just too much for them to handle.

"Pooh! You talk about defending your homeland when you’re this weak?" Arthur let out a laugh before spurring his mount forward. He then pressed the tip of his spear against a female priest’s breast and taunted, "Now, how should I kill you?"

The priest was a stubborn one. She tried to smack Arthur’s spear away with her staff while shouting, "Get lost, you bastard!"

Unfortunately, the Strength difference was too great. Her offender’s spear didn’t even budge one bit.


Around 40 or so Chariot City players attacked Gods of Destruction from every direction. Dominating Heaven Blade was bleeding men by the second.

Not waiting for them to be annihilated, I rushed out of the darkness and sent Burning Blade Slash at the enemy’s flank. Three flaming auras engulfed a dozen or so Chariot City players instantly!

Boom boom boom!

Their metal armor was torn into pieces. The Behemoth Cavalry screamed in pain.

"Shit! Enemy ambush! It’s a strong player!" someone shouted.

Arthur hurriedly looked toward my direction. He was scared out of his wits when he saw my ID, "Shit! It’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, that devil that killed Vienna and Blade of Kings!"

I was already moving past him before he even finished shouting. A cyan light over took my blade, and I stabbed the guy’s throat with Universe Break. It was a critical hit!


Arthur’s HP immediately saw red after the attack. Claw of the Storm from my Phantom Wolf King later, both Arthur and the few players behind him were decimated by the skill.



I immobilized a running player with the God Binding Art before stunning the other with Thunderous Charge. Then, I froze a couple more with Thousand Ice Slash before shouting at the Gods of Destruction players, "What the fuck are you waiting for? Kill them all before they escape!"

"Oh… right!"

Dominating Heaven Blade and his men broke out of their daydream and finally began the counterattack. They clearly hadn’t expected me to help them.

A couple minutes later, all 50 or so subordinates led by Arthur were dead. The Phantom Wolf King and I hunted down all the players who tried to escape.


I picked up wristguards Arthur had dropped. They were 4-star Outstanding Spirit-grade equipment, and I could tell that they would be worth a lot of money!

It was at this moment Dominating Heaven Blade and his dozen of survivors walked up to me from behind before saying respectfully, "Thank you for saving us, Lu Chen…"

Even Dominating Archer God said reluctantly, "I didn’t think you would help us!"

I smiled. "It’s only because your opponents were people from Chariot City. I wouldn’t bother wasting my weapon durability if you were fighting a Chinese party!"

Dominating Heaven Blade smiled. "Understood. Good luck to you!"


I left after picking up a couple more items. By saving Gods of Destruction, I had also leaked my own coordinates. It would be bad if I dilly-dallied too long and became caught by the enemy’s reinforcements.


Suddenly, Gui Guzi called out to me from the guild channel, "Come quickly, Boss Broken Halberd! We’ve gathered about 100 people, and we’re starting the boss now!"

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