Chapter 800: Heaven-stealing Tiger


Waters rose rapidly and the place started to flood. Du Thirteen dashed forward and unleashed Poseidon at the frontliners. As a result, scores of melee players had to swim to dry land instantly to avoid drowning.

Beiming Xue continued to unleash Volley + Spiraling Arrow Blade, instantly slaughtering a hundred players at the frontlines.


"Goddammit, hold your ground! Our reinforcements will arrive soon!" Red Dust shouted as he continued to charge back and forth.

At this moment, Cute Little Naughty said, "Vice leader big bro, many players are coming from behind us. They are all from Candle Dragon's first subguild! What shall we do?"

I summoned my Ice Qilin Horse, flipped myself onto it and charged toward the back. I stood imposingly before hundreds of Candle Dragon players and stretched out my palm suddenly. A golden "soul" word appeared on my palm instantly and started to pulse. It was waiting to be unleashed at any moment!

Everyone recognized this Divine General Skill, Ancient Seal, due to the battle at Dawn City. The group of Candle Dragon players stood rooted to the spot, no one had dared to take a step forward. It seemed like we had reached an impasse.

However, I grew impatient and decided to send a message to Chaos Moon: "Rally your troops and charge from the back. We will fight from both sides and eliminate Candle Dragon's first subguild."

Chaos Moon asked in shock, "Oh? Have you been ambushed?"

"Mn. You’re the closest to us! Quickly get here and help us!"

"Mn. We’ll be there in two minutes!"


Du Thirteen gripped his sword and rushed toward me, a few Dragonlight Cavalrymen following behind him. In a low voice, he said, "The battle at the back is over and we’ve eliminated all 109 of them. However, we lost one mage. Red Dust one-shot him with Barrier Break."


I nodded my head before turning my gaze back to the few hundred Candle Dragon players who were waiting in their battle formation. Flames were dancing above the staff of a group of mages and like a dragon waiting to breathe out fire, those mages were about to make their move.

"What are we waiting for?" Du Thirteen asked.

"For reinforcements!"

"Reinforcements? We have reinforcements?"

"Of course we do!"

At this moment, a radiant wave of cyan sword energy flew over the ground and scythed into the enemy players, blowing a hole in the formation of Candle Dragon’s first subguild. Right after that, the Dragonlight Cavalry burst onto the scene. All of them activated Charge as they rushed straight at the Candle Dragon players. The moment they smashed into enemy formation, they immediately activated Hoof Trample, sending Purple Dawn’s lackeys into disarray.

"Chaos Moon is here!" Du Thirteen exclaimed in joy.

I summoned my Phantom Wolf King and charged forward. Unleashing War Crush + Burning Blade Slash, I managed to kill an entire group of enemies. With a wave of my hand, a golden seal flew into the sky before crashing down onto a group of enemies, imprinting itself on the ground. Over thirty players were one-shot instantly! This Divine General Skill was too OP!


Candle Dragon’s subguild descended into chaos and a group of players were scared out of their wits. "God damn! We have enemies behind us too! Where are our reinforcements? Why aren’t they here yet! Fuck, that Chaos Moon is really fierce!"

Beiming Xue and the other archers released their AoE skills, sniping many players at once. The eights paths leading to the first floor’s boss were very narrow, and as a result, the small entrance was in absolute chaos.

The battle ended in less than five minutes. We were so powerful that we managed to eliminate this entire group of Candle Dragon at the small cost of three players.

Swhoosh, swhoosh!

I was at the frontlines and had to eat the attacks of the enemy’s long-range players. However, Yamete healed me so sporadically that my health had dropped to 25%.


Potions, food supplies and equipment piled up on the ground. Players who could enter Land of Soul Suppression were all elites, especially being from Candle Dragon’s first subguild. Naturally, the items they dropped would be of a certain calibre. After looting and distributing spoils evenly, Chaos Moon waved her hands and said, "Alright, our work here is done! We’re going back to grind now."

"Mn, go on then!"

I raised my sword, turned around and said, "Let’s go and continue to kill those Bronze Beasts. Let’s pick up the pace and be the first group to reach the boss. We’ll aggro the boss and slaughter him once he is out of his lair and obtain the very first Tiger Soul Essence!"

"Mn, let’s go!"

Du Thirteen was high in spirits as he had managed to kill seventeen players consecutively in the previous battle. He had successfully demonstrated his prowess as the leader of Bloody Mercenaries and was about to burst with pride.


We pushed on and continued to kill the Bronze Beasts ahead of us. My party enjoyed Martial God’s 200% Attack buff, making it extremely efficient for us to grind monsters.

Furthermore, we were dealing a great amount of damage to the monsters as Beiming Xue and I were the main DPSers of the team. Coupled with the help of the Phantom Wolf King, Thunder Beast and other pets, we were clearing the fields at breakneck speeds.

We eliminated all of the Bronze Beasts an hour later and even managed to gather an entire Cyanblade set. Its drop rate was pretty decent thanks to my high Luck.

As we continued to press forward slowly, I glanced at the map and noticed that we were drawing nearer and nearer to a large crimson dot.

"Big bro!"

Beiming Xue grasped my wrist and said, "The boss is over there…"

Turning to where Beiming Xue had pointed to, I noticed a gigantic cage made of steel. Even though rust had corroded it over hundreds of thousands of years, the floating magic formation below that cage continued to glow and fade at regular intervals. In that cage, a large silhouette of a body could be seen in the shadows.

"Fuck, that’s one huge boss…"

I licked my lips in nervousness before saying, "Little Gui, Eve, Chaos Moon and Li Chengfeng’s teams should be arriving soon right?"

"Mn, Sis Eve and Gui Guzi have arrived!" Beiming Xue pointed her finger to the side.

True enough, He Yi and Gui Guzi’s group had appeared at the core of the map. The Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was the first guild to reach the core of Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower’s first floor and this showed just how powerful we were.

Chaos Moon’s group arrived a few minutes later and joined the main army. As the party leader, Lu Buyi buffed us all with his Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon stratagem was able to buff all stats by a maximum of 100%, making it even stronger than Lin Yixin’s Bombshell. It was entirely deserving of its title as the number one stratagem.

Moreover, Lu Buyi had become a Famous General. However, his Famous General Skill was Soul of the Foot and it was practically useless when juxtaposed with Purple Dragon.

Everyone’s confidence started to soar as our stats received a 100% buff. I was especially elated as my max HP had risen to a whopping 270000! My HP was now higher than magic knights’! Out of all the players in the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, only He Yi and Gui Guzi could reach my level of health points.

"Prepare to fight the boss!"

I raised my Cyan Netherworld Sword and shouted, "Beiming, lure the boss! Dragonlight Cavalry, mount your horses! Encircle the boss the moment it comes out. Ranged players, cycle its aggro. If we are lucky enough, we will be able to slaughter this boss without any casualties."


Beiming Xue charged forward and arrived beside the cage and shouted, "Big bro, the cage is locked."

"I’m coming over!"

I urged my horse forward and stood beside Beiming Xue. Sure enough, a thick steel lock was latched to the door of the cage. The lock looked so sturdy that even the boss himself would have a hard time trying to get out of the cage.


A low growl rang out and I finally took a good look at the boss from the glow of my Netherworld Sword. The boss in the cage was a giant black tiger that was more than two meters tall. The gorgeous stripes on its body were hidden under a layer of thick metal armor. Its blood-red eyes gleamed menacingly in the dark as it stared straight at Beiming Xue and I. A single line of words floated above its head—


Heaven-stealing Tiger (Immortal Rank Boss)

Level: 185


I unsheathed my sword and brought it down heavily. Sparks flew as metal clashed with metal and successfully broke the lock on the cage. I grabbed Beiming Xue by the hand and retreated swiftly before shouting, "Archers, prepare to fire your Shock Arrow! Try and stun the boss!"


A deafening roar rang out as the Heaven-stealing Tiger clamped his jaw down on the door of the cage. In one swift movement, it ripped the door from the hinges, spat it away and charged out at lightning speed.

"Block its assault! Magic knights, use Charge!"

High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi and the rest quickly activated Charge at the boss. However, the word "MISS" floated above the Heaven-stealing Tiger consecutively. Heaven-stealing Tiger’s level was too high and it was easy for it to avoid being stunned by our Charge.

I swiftly locked on to the spot that was five yards in front of the Heaven-stealing Tiger and used Charge. Even though I had rammed into the Heaven-stealing Tiger, a "MISS" popped up above its head once again. My level was lower than Gui Guzi and the rest after all. If they couldn’t stun the Heaven-stealing Tiger, I wouldn’t be able to either.


Bang, bang, bang!

I urged the Ice Qilin forward and ran around in a continuous zigzag pattern, forcing the Heaven-stealing Tiger to stay in place. Meanwhile, I landed a few hits on the boss and successfully drew its aggro toward me.

I took a few steps backward before waving a hand and activated God Binding Art!


Four peerless divine weapons descended from the sky and miraculously pinned the boss to the spot!

A bunch of Dragonlight Cavalrymen quickly encircled the boss and started unleashing their Barrier Breaks at it. However, each Barrier Break could only deal around 7000 damage because the boss’s Defense was too high. Not to mention, even Beiming Xue’s Bone Eroding Arrow had missed and didn’t reduce the boss’s Defense. It was extremely painful for everyone to have to face a boss as strong as this.


Fifteen seconds later, a wave of energy exploded from Heaven-stealing Tiger as it let out a loud growl. Flames appeared above its claws before it brought it down heavily!


The flames spread like wildfire, turning the area into a sea of fire. A bunch of Dragonlight Cavalrymen who were burnt by the scorching flames screamed out in anguish and lost 50000 HP instantly. Fortunately, all of them were in Lu Buyi’s team. Thanks to the 100% buff to all stats, none of them had been one-shot.

"We can’t keep encircling it anymore, keep your distance! Hold its aggro!"

I quickly changed my tactics as I had not expected for this Immortal Rank boss to be so ferocious.

Xu Yang raised his sword and urged his mount forward, shouting, "Heaven-stealing Tiger, take this!"


He unleashed Mountain Stagger Slash on the Heaven-stealing Tiger, dealing critical damage to it and successfully drew its aggro. The Heaven-stealing Tiger growled loudly, it was clearly angered by Xu Yang’s attack. All of a sudden, golden light started to pulse on the top of its head as golden symbols started to circle around it.

"Xu Yang, be careful!" I had a bad feeling about this.

However, it was too late. Xu Yang did not manage to retreat in time. The Heaven-stealing Tiger suddenly stretched out its neck before taking a bite out of Xu Yang!


Combat Log: Heaven-stealing Tiger used “Heaven-stealing Technique” and successfully stole the item "Spirit Origin Plate" from the player "Hot Sun".


I turned to look at Xu Yang who had been stripped off his armor. All he was wearing was his Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ guild shirt. His armor was actually stolen by that boss!

"God damn! What are we gonna do now?" Xu Yang exclaimed in shock.

Chaos Moon gulped in nervousness and said, "We’re doomed. I don’t wanna be topless. How are we gonna fight this boss…"


At this exact moment, Lu Buyi stretched out his Iron Bone Fan to the right and shouted, "This is bad! We have company!"

Everyone looked to the right only to see a large group of players with crimson IDs charging toward us. The Northern Alliance players had arrived!

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