Chapter 792: Soul Suppressing Ruins

After killing a few hundred Scavenger Imps, I gained a ton of EXP and even recovered five Divine Energy Points! Goddammit, five Divine Energy Points would allow me to use Ancient Seal five times! The price to use a Divine General Skill was too high!

Not to mention, the recovery speed of Divine Energy Points was extremely slow! A player could recover two points for every hour they were online and one point for every hour they were offline. For every hundred monsters or players killed, the Divine General could recover one point. Needless to say, killing mobs was the fastest way to recover divine energy.

"Chengfeng, how many Divine Energy Points do you have right now?" I asked.

Li Chengfeng swung his sword and sent a few Scavenger Imps flying through the air. He replied with a laugh, "79 points. Why do you ask, boss?"

I replied, "Damn it. You have so many points. I only have half of that..."

Li Chengfeng grinned and said, "That goes without saying! Due to my Divine General Skill’s lasting effect, the power of the battle soul comes upon me. A Divine Energy Point is used up for each minute that my Divine General Skill is activated. If I activate Great Earth Transformation at the same time, two points are used per minute! There’s no way around it. Ah, but your Ancient Soul is really a scam. Each seal costs one Divine Energy Point…"

"You’re absolutely right! This is a scam!"

Chaos Moon glared at us and shouted, "Scam my ass! Your Ancient Seal deals damage that is a few hundred times stronger than what Li Chengfeng dishes out. Stop complaining when you actually struck the lottery, you asshole!"

I grimaced and kept silent.

Girls who hadn’t become Divine Generals yet couldn’t be trifled with!


Our battle line continued forward steadily as we eliminated the monsters one by one. About a stone’s throw away from us, Hall of Immortality had also started killing the Scavenger Imps. However, things didn’t look too good for them at all. The forefront row of magic knights dropped like flies from the loud shrieks and three consecutive jabs of the Scavenger Imps. The entire group of Hall of Immortality players had descended into chaos.

Clang, clang, clang!

The Scavenger Imps’ attacks were too powerful and its pitchfork left three deep slashes on Gui Guzi’s shield. Letting out a loud shriek, it landed three consecutive hits on Gui Guzi, shaving 50000 off his HP. Fortunately for him, he regained full health after receiving two rounds of healing spells from Murong Mingyue. Then again, the Scavenger Imps posed no threat to Gui Guzi whatsoever. After all, his max HP could reach 200000 when he was fully buffed!

Unfortunately for Hall of Immortality, their Ghost Riders were just mediocre. Even with their bards’ Physique buff, their max HP only reached 60000. Moreover, they had a lower Defense than Gui Guzi and did not have Undying Shield. The Scavenger Imps dealt a total of 90000 damage with their three consecutive hits, killing their riders instantly. Cries rang out throughout the valley as they collapsed to the ground. The Scavenger Imps attacked so quickly that Hall of Immortality priests did not even get the chance to heal their riders.

"Goddammit! These Scavenger Imps are too ferocious! We can’t hold them off any longer!"

"Goddammit! Who was the bastard that said that Land of Soul Suppression was filled with treasures and gold? We’re gonna be cannon fodder!"

"Priests, keep on healing! Don’t let everyone get one-shot!"

"How do we do that?"

"Intersect your heals between the hits! Highly skilled players do it! How have you not heard of this you retard!"

"Fuck your sister! I only know how to pocket heal!"


Our guild was coping well but Hall of Immortality descended into chaos. Nearly a thousand Scavenger Imps had gathered into smaller groups to kill and eliminate Hall of Immortality players. Almost all of their frontline riders had been wiped out.

The sight of this disparity between our guilds warmed the cockles of my heart. Not only were these Scavenger Imps Land of Soul Suppression’s first line of defense, they could also move about freely. The area that we had swept clean just half an hour ago was once again filled with new Scavenger Imps. This also meant that those who did not have the strength and power to kill these imps would unlikely be able to enter into the inner parts of Land of Soul Suppression.

These Level 180 ancient monsters would most probably be able to keep at least 90% of the players out from entering the core of the map. This meant that players who were able to make it to the core are the elite and powerful ones. Otherwise, they would not be able to pass through the defense line of Scavenger Imps.

Our killing spree continued on for three more hours, until finally, we managed to get past the Scavenger Imps’ line of defense. Not only did we gain an incredible amount of EXP, the drops from the Scavenger Imps were not bad at all. The best drops we had gotten were Purple Gold–grade pieces of equipment! This Land of Soul Suppression is filled with treasures indeed!


In front of us were a line of crumbling fences and dilapidated walls. The area was desolate, the bones of warriors peaked out under the rubble of broken concrete.

I urged my horse forward to take a closer look. As I stepped foot on to the pile of broken concrete, I heard a light ring.


System Notice: You have entered a contested area—Soul Suppressing Ruins!

Map Introduction: This piece of land is filled with resentful and ruthless souls. Ten thousand years ago, during the battle with the Night Creatures, millions of human soldiers were massacred here. They were slaughtered after the battle was lost and their souls haunt every corner of this land. Their commander, Ovia, died and was corrupted by a devil spirit. He turned into a demon and became one of the Nine Sovereigns of the Night Creatures—Ovia the Bloody Finger. To appease the anger of his fallen soldiers, Ovia had built a tall pagoda called "Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower" on the remnants of the battle to suppress the souls of those who had died unjustly. To this day, the Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower stands tall above in the sky. Countless souls of heroes could not be put to rest and suffered the torment of the Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Towers day after day.


"Oh? Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower?"

I took in a deep breath before saying, "It looks like this place is somehow related to the main quest. That Ovia the Bloody Finger is ranked fourth among the Nine Sovereigns. Another human traitor! I can’t believe he actually built the Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower to suppress the souls of his own soldiers. How shameless of him…"

He Yi giggled and replied, "The Soul Suppressing Ruins are the outermost area and we have to pass through them before we can reach the tower. If my guess is right, the core of this Land of Soul Suppression is that Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower, and that’s the sole reason we are here!"

"Mn." I nodded my head readily and chuckled. "You’re right, the purpose for our journey is that Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower. However, we have to fight our way to get there. The undead monsters in front are high-level. Everyone, be on your guard. Underestimate them and you may lose your life!"

Li Chengfeng’s gaze grew stern as he said, "You’re right. Those huge skeletons are Level 185 ancient monsters. Hmph, their stats are even more powerful than those Scavenger Imps’…"

Xu Yang raised his sword and shouted, "Attack! Kill those skeletons!"



I charged forward and unleashed a green sword, piercing through the head of a large skelton. A damage number of 26553 floated above the skeleton instantly. These numbskulls’ Defense is much higher than that of Scavenger Imps!


A low growl rang out as that large skeleton started to charge forward. Wearing black rusty armor and pointed helmet, it brandished a worn-out sword. As it charged toward me, a single line of words floated above its head——

Soul Suppressing Guard (LV-185 Ancient)



I activated Charge and locked on to that Level 185 ancient monster. Flames enveloped my Cyan Netherworld Sword as I unleashed Burning Blade Slash. The three crescent waves tore through the skeleton’s arm, with the last slash being a critical hit, dealing double damage to the skeleton. My Attack was so powerful that it ripped its arm clean from its body.

"Goddammit! Lu Chen is too OP!" Chaos Moon gasped in shock.

However, in the next instant, that huge skeleton raised his sword and landed a heavy blow on my arm. A shocking damage number floated over my head immediately. The worse thing was that it was actually a critical hit!


"God damn, I was wrong. Lu Chen is so weak…" Chaos Moon shook her head in contempt.

He Yi turned to glare at Chaos Moon and said, "Omigosh, Lu Chen isn’t weak. It's this skeleton that is too powerful! Everyone, be careful. Form groups of ten and aggro a skeleton each. Don’t aggro too many! We won’t be able to deal with too many of them at once!"

Healing light enveloped me as my HP soared thanks to Murong Mingyue. Goddammit, these Soul Suppressing Guards are truly powerful. Moreover, these high-level undead skeletons knew how to aim for a player’s weak points and ignored at least 25% of their Defense. That was why it could deal such high damage to me.

Sadly, I had lost many levels during that Nation War, and I hadn’t gotten all of them back yet. Therefore, the level penalty I was experiencing right now was quite severe and it really felt like I was punching a wall with my bare fists right now.

Ancient monsters only had a max HP of 400k to 500k while my DPS was about 30k. If I added the damage that my apparition and the Phantom Wolf King dealt, it would be even higher. If I was healed continuously, I could kill a full-health Soul Suppressing Guard in 15 to 18 seconds flat. Three rounds of Barrier Break + Burning Blade Slash would do the trick. I also made sure that I got the last hit, so I would get the most EXP from each kill.

Gaining EXP was the most important thing to me at this moment. I needed to level up and reach Level 160 as soon as possible! It’s too embarrassing to call yourself a Divine General when you aren’t even Level 160!



A huge skeleton collapsed to the ground and dropped a round Phantasmal Magic Stone. I picked it up and tossed it to the Dragonlight Cavalryman behind me. The saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. After all, that stone is worth quite a few bucks!

The entire Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls opened fire and formed groups to aggro the monsters. It was much easier to kill the monsters when they were separated from each other and soon, we started to pave a way through this Land of Soul Suppression. Countless Soul Suppressing Guards guarded the path in front of us while Hall of Immortality, Mad Dragon and Gods of Destruction kept the dense crowd of Scavenger Imps behind us busy. Those idiots would not be able to catch up with us within a short period of time.

It was as if we had reserved the entire area all to ourselves. Though this was a good opportunity to grind and gain EXP, it would not last long. Warsky Alliance, Candle Dragon, Snowy Cathaya and other guilds would appear soon. Killing those Scavenger Imps would be a walk in the park given how strong they were.


In the hazy distance, under the dim glow of the moonlight, I could vaguely make out a large, towering object in the middle of the valley. If my guess was right, that should be the Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower! That was our true target, no questions asked. I was sure that many players were also busy trying to clear the monsters on the outermost parts of the map as quickly as they could. All of them had the same target as we did, to get to the Nine Tigers Soul Suppressing Tower. The first player to enter the tower would very likely also be the person who got the most loot.


Chaos Moon unleashed Rock Crush as it exploded amid a group of monsters before retreating swiftly. She cleverly disrupted the formation of five huge skeletons and dispersed their attack power.

Explosions rang out as Beiming Xue continued to engulf the monsters with her Evil Spirit Volley. All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks as her pointy ears started to twitch. She turned to look at me and said, "Big bro, someone’s approaching us from the west!"

"Can you see who it is?"

"I can’t tell who they are. But…" Beiming Xue’s pupils shrank into needles as she muttered, "Their IDs are red!"

"Goddammit, it's the Northern Alliance!"

High Fighting Spirits raised his warhammer and said, "How are they here already? They’re so quick…"

I raised my sword and shouted, "Cyan Tiger Cavalry, continue fighting the monsters! Dragonlight Cavalry, assemble! Prepare for battle!"

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