Chapter 728: Forest Battle

"Lu Chen, kill that Heroic Bannerman! His Famous General Skill is hurting us too much!" Chaos Moon ordered.

I nodded. "I’ll give it a try!"

I raised my arm and attempted to use the God Binding Art. As long as the skill was successful, all I needed to do was one-shot the guy with Dragon Slaying Slash and Sword Boomerang. That being said, I needed to ensure that both skills landed at the same time so that the enemy had no chance of healing in between skills.

However, the archer smiled a little and backed away a couple of steps just as I was about to use God Binding Art on him. He had easily moved out of my skill range!

Fuck, this guy was an exceptionally skilled player. I wasn’t expecting him to be mindful of my movements all along, and I was almost certain that I would only be wasting my cooldowns if I tried to hit him with my ranged skills!

Chaos Moon pouted a little before relenting, "Never mind, let’s just focus on the enemies in front of us…"


Meanwhile, High Fighting Spirits and his party were charging the enemies next to a craggy wall. Every time he swung his hammer and used Xiezhi Howl, a group of enemies was sure to suffer terribly. However, he also ate a faceful and chestful of arrows, which made for quite the amusing sight. Still, the enemy’s archers and mages were ridiculously powerful. The only reason he was still alive was because our healers had been healing him non-stop!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

He Yi unleashed the five-hit Purgatory of Ice and Magma and deleted an entire swath of Northern Alliance players in one go. Then, she looked at Beiming Xue and ordered, "Beiming, I want you and a thousand archers to climb up the rocks and shoot the enemy archers and mages from above. We need to lessen the pressure on our troops."

Beiming Xue blinked and shot a question, "Sure, but what should we do if their assassins and archers climb up the mountain as well, Sister Eve? Warriors and knights can’t climb these walls, and Agility-based classes don’t pose much of a threat."

I said, "This is the time to test our eighth subguild. Tell Cute Little Naughty and her 2000 assassins to escort your troops up the hills. I believe she’s a pro in forest battles. Also, take 100 priests with you to be safe!"

"Got it. We’re going!"


After Beiming Xue had made her selection, she and almost 2000 archers immediately started scaling the walls with unbelievable agility. The way the sharp-eared archers almost flew up impossible terrain was definitely not something us Strength-based players could emulate. Also, Cute Little Naughty, the guild leader of our eighth subguild, also arrived with her assassins and climbed the walls right behind our archers.

In less than ten minutes, the hills were completely covered by our players. When Beiming Xue gave the order, the archers immediately loosed their arrows into the enemy’s party. The surprise attack had killed at least a thousand archers and mages.

When the second barrage of arrows arrived, the Northern Alliance players had no choice but to withdraw to the back. The pressure on the battle line immediately lessened drastically.

On the ground, the archers of the Northern Alliance were pissed at the surprise attack. A group of Vietnamese players pointed their longbows up the hills and shouted, "Shoot back at them! Kill them all!"

Twang twang twang…

The arrows flew into the air, but their flight slowed drastically when they passed the 40-yard mark. By the time they finally reached Beiming Xue’s position, they were so weak that they could be brushed aside with the flick of a hand. Naturally, the counterattack did very little damage.

Beiming Xue chuckled and responded with Evil Spirit Volley. The explosions caused the Northern Alliance players to run like rabbits.

Finally, the Heroic Bannerman archer lost his patience and growled angrily, "I want 1000 men to follow me! Let’s scale the walls and take out those archers!"

Someone said next to him "Guild leader, that Chinese girl is a Famous General with Bow God. That’s a 150% boost to ranged attack power. Be careful…"

"Relax, you don’t seriously think I’d lose to her, do you? There has never been a top-class archer in China!"

"Yeah. Do your best, guild leader!"

The Heroic Bannerman scaled up the walls in no time. However, he seemed to have severely underestimated us because he brought only 1000 archers with him.

Even from below, we could see a tight formation of archers moving straight toward Beiming Xue’s troops from the flanks. It didn’t look good for them.

"Lil Beiming will be fine, right?" Gui Guzi asked in a worried tone. Beiming Xue did call him big brother Gui Guzi before.

Li Chengfeng burst into laughter immediately, causing Gui Guzi to turn and glare at him. "What the fuck you laughing at, Li?"

Li Chengfeng curled his lips. "Little Gui, your IQ is definitely your primary weakness…"

"What do you mean…"

"Think about it. How many people did the guild leader send up the hill earlier? Who else is up there besides the archers and priests?"

"Cute Little Naughty and her 2000 assassins."

"Correct. Now tell me, where are these assassins?"

"They’re… nowhere?" Gui Guzi slapped his head in disbelief. "Wait what? How can this be? Did the native monsters eat them because it’s the fifteenth day of the month or something?"

Li Chengfeng rolled his eyes. "You’re the one who got your brain eaten, you idiot. They’re assassins! They know stealth!"

Gui Guzi nodded in realization when he finally got what Li Chengfeng was trying to say. Chaos Moon was laughing so hard that she almost shed tears.


Li Chengfeng was completely correct, of course. Right now, Cute Little Naughty and her 2000 assassins were spread out inside the forest, invisible. The Northern Alliance archers never discovered them or even realized that they were there, possibly because our archers and assassins had scaled up the walls from the Vietnam archer’s blind spot earlier.

When the 1000 enemy archers climbed to an elevated position, they immediately aimed their bows at Beiming Xue’s direction. The Heroic Bannerman shouted, "Loose! Kill them all!"

Beiming Xue had superior eyesight, so she quickly spotted the enemy and dished out an Evil Spirit Volley + Spiraling Arrow Blade combo to suppress them. The explosions blinded the forest and caused countless red maple leaves to fall from the trees, forcing the enemy archers to halt their advance temporarily.

"Continue. Attack!"

The Vietnamese archers loosed their arrows, and this time they were able to a dozen or so of our archers. Beiming Xue chose to play it safe and retreat to the back. The Vietnamese archers chose the opposite and rushed forward because they managed to score the first blood on their ambushers.

I licked my lips with bloodthirst as I cut down an enemy in front of me. "It’s time. Where are you, Naughty?!"

As if they were trying to prove my declaration, the forest on the hills suddenly shook with activity. Countless red lights erupted from the back of the enemy archers’ heads or waists. It was Ambush, a skill that would stun them for 1 to 2 seconds!

Thousands of assassins ambushed their prey in unison, and half of the archers dropped dead in a second. Another second later, their number had dropped to less than 10%!

"Fuck, assassins! Very high-leveled assassins!"

The surviving archers scattered like rabbits, but they couldn’t outrun the Swift Dash–empowered assassins. One by one, the Vietnamese archers fell to our assassins’ daggers.


"Still think you can run, uncle?!" Cute Little Naughty smiled predatorily at the Heroic Bannerman before ordering, "Stun him!"

"Don’t even think about it!"

The archer abruptly leaped to the back and fired a Spiraling Arrow Blade at his original location. The dozen or so stealthed assassins surrounding him were instantly shredded to pieces!


The archer landed solidly on his feet, but a cold chill suddenly pierced his waist. He never thought that he would be stunned even after he had used his Leap skill. It was a beautiful female assassin who stunned him from behind. Cute Little Naughty activated Swift Dash, ran toward him and stunned him yet again. The archer had almost 50k HP, but it was dropping rapidly as the assassins ganged up on him.


The archer pulled out his dagger and cut Cute Little Naughty once before running away in an orderly fashion. He really was a good archer seeing as he didn’t panic even considering the dire situation he was in. Unfortunately, Cute Little Naughty’s movement speed was at least twice of his since she had activated Swift Dash, and Beiming Xue had finally arrived!


Beiming Xue landed a Mountain Stagger Arrow squarely in the chest as the archer attempted to leap to safety, stunning him. Then, she fired one last Evil Spirit Volley!

Bang bang bang!

The archer collapsed in a scream as the explosions engulfed him. He even dropped a pair of leather armor wristguards!


System Announcement: All players, Heroic Bannerman "Lake Baikal" (Hot Sand City) has been killed by player "Beiming Xue" (China)!


Very good. Earlier, Laughing At The Heavens’ death was announced to all players because he was a CGL Hall of Famer. But now, Lake Baikal’s death had greatly restored our morale!

"Attack! Push the line forward!"

Xu Yang shouted, and the Cyan Tiger Cavalry fought with everything they got. The timing of his order was perfect, and our battle line slowly shifted two hundred yards to the front. What this meant was that all the players within these two hundred yards had been killed!

Our magic knights stood at the forefront and held the shields high to block the enemy’s arrows and magic. They were all using Holy Shield because the skill blocked both magical and physical attacks; a wonderful defensive tool in this warring era!

Suddenly, we heard the sound of mechanical springs from the distance!

Twang! Twang! Twang!

A shrill noise cut through the air. We saw a dozen or so giant rocks flying past our heads and smashing into our people!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dust clouds exploded where the rock struck. Our formation fell into disarray as countless people became flattened by the rocks!


Xu Yang spat on the ground and swore loudly, "Those shameless wolves brought fucking catapults to this battle! So shameless!"

I raised my sword and shouted, "Maintain the formation and don’t panic! Listen, in this war a river of blood will be spilt. We aren’t so strong that we can win it without any casualty whatsoever! Focus on protecting your teammates and keep a cool head when you see a rock flying toward your direction! As long as you don’t panic, you’ll be able to dodge out of the way! Now, continue!"

Our players were highly professional, so it took them little time to cool their heads and steady themselves. I stared at the flying rocks in the sky and smiled brightly. "These fuckers sure have a lot of creative ideas, huh?"

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