Chapter 727: The Justice One Can Only Hear, but Not See

Chiang chiang chiang!

Swords were pulled out of their sheaths. The Dragonlight Cavalry that was about to withdraw came back to us.

I spurred my Armored Ice Qilin Horse around before looking at Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits and everyone else. "We will charge Candle Dragon’s shield formation and open up a path home for Warsky Alliance! For the justice one can only hear, but not see!"

Li Chengfeng clenched his own fist and raised his sword into the air. "For justice!"

High Fighting Spirits waved his Dragonlight Shatter and shouted, "CHARGE!"


The Armored Ice Qilin Horse neighed loudly and became the first mount to charge forward, my generals following closely behind me. Around 200 Dragonlight Cavalrymen were added into Gui Guzi’s party immediately. We didn’t bother to hide our activity at all.


"Huh? What is Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls doing?" A magic knight of Candle Dragon standing at the front of the shield formation looked at us in surprise. "Why are they coming here when they’re supposed to be guarding the west side of the canyon?"

Beside him, a wanderer with pointy lips and thin face said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has been duking it out with Warsky Alliance since the beginning, so they must be planning to hit them while they are down. These poor bastards, not only are they being slaughtered by the Northern Alliance, they’re about to be ambushed by Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls too. Haha, they should just die quickly and save us all the trouble!"

Suddenly, I changed my direction and changed straight toward Candle Dragon. Raising the Cyan Netherworld Sword high above my head, I shouted, "Those who stand in my way will die!"

I fired Burning Blade Slash and one-shot a ton of people on the spot. The next moment, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse rammed head first into the magic knights at the front row!


The tremendous impact caused the frontmost magic knights to grit their teeth unconsciously. At least a dozen or so magic knights staggered backward a dozen or so meters because the gap between our Strength stats was that huge.

The next moment, High Fighting Spirits, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, Gui Guzi and the others also slammed into Candle Dragon’s shield formation. Utilizing our Strength advantage, we were able to force Candle Dragon’s shield formation to move backward again and again.

Tempest Shadow shouted from amidst his people, "Have you gone insane, Lu Chen?! You’re attacking your ally at this time? Is this your retirement act or something?"

Instead of replying, I bound him with a God Binding Art and launched a Sword Boomerang that penetrated his shield and dealt almost 30k damage to him. The Viper Dragoons around him had dropped to half health as well.

"Madness, truly madness!"

Blue Sky Scar gripped his blade and looked to Candlelight Shadow for direction, "Candlelight Shadow, are we retaliating, or?"

The only response he got from his commander was a dark snort.

Blue Sky Scar stopped talking after his question was met with a non-committal response. In fact, both of them knew full well that Candle Dragon would be branded as traitors the second they ordered a counterattack. That was why Candlelight Shadow decided to do nothing in hopes of pinning the crime of treason onto Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls later. They were the ones who attacked first.

Bang bang bang...

I punched the magic knights in front of me with my left fist to avoid killing them. I didn’t really want to kill them in the first place, it was just that they had crossed a line with their inaction earlier.

I looked behind me and shouted, "Xu Yang, take a group of people with you and guide Warsky Alliance into Dawn Valley! Little Gui, take 400 Dragonlight Cavalrymen with you, intercept the Northern Alliance and cover Warsky Alliance’s retreat! Everyone else, continue what you’re doing and knock Candle Dragon’s shield formation backward!"

Gui Guzi accepted his orders and left. High Fighting Spirits’ chest was covered in arrows, but he ignored them completely and kept smashing his hammer against the shields of the pale-faced magic knights and roaring like crazy. The magic knights’ Strength stat was incomparable to a warrior who dumped all his points into Strength at all, so they had no choice but to stagger backward again and again.


It wasn’t long before Warsky Alliance’s remnants led by Warsky and October Rain successfully withdrew to the flanks while Xu Yang and a group of Dragonlight Cavalry carved open a path for them. Gui Guzi and his Knight God–empowered cavalry also fought at the frontlines and stopped Vienna’s Sorrow from progressing.

Bang bang bang! Gui Guzi ate at least a dozen of strikes from Vienna’s Sorrow, but Undying Shield converted much of that damage into HP. After Chaos Moon threw a Rock Crush at his direction to support his counterattacks, they were miraculously able to force Vienna’s Sorrow to back away temporarily. However, Gui Guzi had dropped to red health, and Vienna’s Sorrow still had 30% HP when they disengaged. The power gap between the two players was clear.

At the distance, Moonkiss and Purple Lily’s cavalry also appeared at the front of the formation. While they were charging Candle Dragon’s shield formation and aiding Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls in their efforts, she shouted, "Warsky, this way quickly! Candlelight Shadow hasn’t given up on killing you yet!"

A grateful Warsky looked back at Xu Yang and said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, you are the true pride of the China server. I will never forget what you’ve done for us today!"

Xu Yang replied with a wave of his sword, "Get your ass back to Dawn City already, we don’t need Warsky Alliance here anymore. You can repay the favor by blocking the Northern Alliance’s advance when they finally reach the city!"

"Got it. Let’s go!"

The remaining 20k+ players of Warsky Alliance heeded his call and ran toward Dawn Valley while Purple Lily was covering for them. They desperately needed the resupply right now.


Seeing that our mission was complete, I immediately rode up to Gui Guzi’s side and helped him murder the mounted players charging his way. Then, I shouted, "Mission complete, everyone! Unless you want to play cannon fodder for Candle Dragon, I think it’s time to go back to our camp! They call themselves the number one guild of China, so they can deal with the wolves of the north themselves!"

I turned my mount around and left immediately. The Dragonlight Cavalry retreated with me as well. We had mobilized almost all of our elite players this time, and even our beautiful guild leader was standing at the frontlines and reaping countless northern souls with her Blade of the Earthen Soul. It was a declaration to the world that she was no longer a vase who was only good for show anymore.


When I returned to our camp, I received a message from Hot and Sour Noodles. "Lu Chen…"

I turned on the communicator and said frankly, "Zhang Chun, I know that you and Candlelight Shadow are good pals, but you’ve seen it yourself how Candlelight Shadow blocked the entrance of Windy Trail and attempted to annihilate Warsky Alliance to the last. Hmph! Did you forget that Warsky Alliance has CGL Hall of Famers like Farewell Song and October Rain? If they die, our people’s morale will suffer greatly, and that is before I even mention how much I detest despicable acts like this in a Nation War!"

Hot and Sour Noodles let out a sigh. "I’m aware that Fang Zhuo didn’t do the right thing in this matter, but that’s just how his personality is. He always picks the most extreme measures in battle, and the fact is your action has pushed back our battle line by almost a hundred meters. With the Northern Alliance this close, it’s definitely going to cost us more energy to reclaim these lands."

Anger abruptly rushed to my head. "None of the reasons you stated is a good reason to choose cowardice in battle! If the only way to cover up for my weakness is to fuck up my own ally, then I would rather withdraw of this war right now! Hmph! If Candle Dragon can beat back the Northern Alliance then good for them, but if not, they should just fuck off and surrender the best defensive terrain of this entire battlefield to someone else! I bet you that Snowy Cathaya could’ve done much better than Candle Dragon!"

Hot and Sour Noodles smiled helplessly. "Fine, fine, I’m well aware that Fang Zhuo and you share plenty of grudges, so let’s not talk about this and fight together as before, okay? Any time after the Northern Alliance is beaten back is a better time and place to fight a civil war than now, especially since Vienna’s Sorrow has shown up. I heard from a reliable source that he’s the highest point contributor of the Northern Alliance right now. I’m not exaggerating when I said that he had killed at least ten thousand China players at Windy Trail alone!"

I nodded. "Got it. Take care of yourself, uncle. Whatever happens, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will do their best to safeguard every inch of the west side of Dawn Valley. At the very least, we’ll make sure that the soil we stand on is fully nourished by our enemies’ blood for every inch we lose!"

Hot and Sour Noodles smiled. "Got it. My Righteousness is about to engage the enemy with Purple Lily, so I’m hanging up now!"



I turned off my communicator and continued to run back and forth across the battle line. The Cyan Netherworld Sword shone brightly as it devoured the enemy’s lives with every sword aura it unleashed.

"Gui Guzi!"

"I’m here. What is it, Boss Broken Halberd?" Gui Guzi shot me a glance while he was killing the enemy with his spear.

"How many did we lose during that battle?" I asked.

Gui Guzi gave me a reassuring smile and said, "Very few. Their ranged parties weren’t caught up with their vanguard, so they couldn’t really damage our people. Vienna’s Sorrow killed three of our Cyan Tiger Cavalry, and the damage to our Dragonlight Cavalry is negligible. In general, the Heroic Bannermen were all held off Chaos Moon, Li Chengfeng and me before they could do anything to our Dragonlight Cavalry."

"Well done!" I praised him. "Tell the Dragonlight Cavalry to retreat and reorganize. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry and the rest of our riders are good enough to hold the frontline. I want all our Famous Generals at the front so that our strength can be displayed to the fullest degree. Also, reorganize the parties to fit one Knight God, two Knight Generals, two Souls of the Foot and one Royal Road. That’s 2400 players holding the line. Teach these northern fuckers a lesson they won’t forget!"

"Got it, I’m carrying out your orders right now!"


It didn’t take long for the parties to be reorganized. I myself added 399 people to my party, although unlike the others, most of them were archers, mages and other ranged players. Martial God’s 200% boost to attack power was no joke, and ranged players didn’t need to worry about being caught in a crossfire. This was the best use of Martial God right now, and the frontliners were better off beefing themselves up with Knight God, Knight General and Royal Road anyway.

I stood at the frontline and kept hacking away at the enemies. Every time a Silver Dragon Storm or Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon triggered, the enemies died in droves and increased my Nation War contribution points like mad. However, the battle wasn’t without its casualties. The Northern Alliance’s offensive power was nothing to scoff at, and even with Knight General, plenty of allied magic knights still died to Galaxy Storms and Spiraling Arrow Blades.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

Healing light kept enveloping our frontliners. It was Murong Mingyue, Moon Dew and the rest of our healers healing us with their spells. Since Bright Mirror increased the effectiveness of their healing spells by 50%, they decided to use AoE heals most of the time. It was the right call. AoE heals and healing over time skills were much more effective than single-target heals in large-scale battles like this.


Bang bang bang…

A Bow General player soon appeared in the enemy lines. He carried a heroic banner behind his back and led a group of high-level archers. They shot a barrage of arrows in my direction, and three Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen by my side were instantly killed by their Spiraling Arrow Blades.

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