Chapter 726: Oath of Four Seas

The Cyan Tiger Cavalry blocked the canyon entrance while the rest of us attacked the Northern Alliance’s cavalry. Beiming Xue, Moonlight Stone, and Stranger of Three Lifetimes launched a frontal attack on the foes we had trapped.

Battle cries filled the valley for a moment. So far, the give-them-a-taste-of-their-own-medicine tactic was working surprisingly well.

The battle was over in less than twenty minutes. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had displayed a staggering amount of firepower and crushed almost 90k enemy cavalrymen like it was nothing.

I saw a party of almost a hundred players still resisting with all their might not far away from me. They were led by a Heroic Bannerman—I was surprised to see one here—who was probably the famous guild leader in Seven Star City. He was fighting like a furious, cornered animal because his men were being killed left and right.


"Leave this one to me!"

Li Chengfeng let out a shout and raced toward the Heroic Bannerman like the wind.

"Hmph. Dragon warrior!?"

The Heroic Bannerman spurred his mount toward Li Chengfeng the moment he saw his title. His HP was less than 50%, and his equipment was covered in marks, but Li Chengfeng wasn’t a pedantic fighter. He killed both the weak and the strong equally.

"Come on, show me what you got!"

Banner shuddering behind him due to the movement of his mount, the magic knight thrust his sword at Li Chengfeng with a sudden Barrier Break.


Li Chengfeng smiled a little before committing himself to a shocking move. He leaped away from his own mount and parried the enemy’s Barrier Break. Still in the air, he spun around and hit the back of the magic knight’s head with a Barrier Break + Dragonbone Flurry combo. Clearly it was a weak point.

Bang bang bang bang!

A series of damage numbers flew up the guy’s head, and a system announcement rang—


System Announcement: All players, Heroic Bannerman "Mountain Walker" (USA) has been killed by player "Legendary Brave" (China)!


High Fighting Spirits let out a hearty laugh as he said, "Well done, Li! That horse-jumping technique of yours is bloody perfect! Not even a Heroic Bannerman was able to dodge your attack!"

Chaos Moon rolled her eyes beside him. "That’s called a dismount technique, not a horse-jumping technique, idiot. It’s a high-level mounted combat skill you might never learn in your lifetime…"

High Fighting Spirits grinned carelessly. "Brute force is the only thing I need to know!"

That shut up Chaos Moon completely.

When the last of the enemy cavalrymen was killed, I immediately pointed at the valley entrance and ordered, "Mages, archers, priests, assist our Cyan Tiger Cavalry now! Dragonlight Cavalry, withdraw and stand by. Also, someone give me a casualty report!"

A smiling Chaos Moon responded, "We lost zero Dragonlight Cavalrymen, over one thousand Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen and over 3000 of other players! We eliminated 90k elite cavalrymen in exchange! It’s a massive victory!"

"Mn. Reorganize our troops and join up with the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. We’re going to the frontlines!"


Us Famous Generals immediately ran to the frontline and buffed the Cyan Tiger Cavalry with our Famous General Skills. Even Lu Buyi had gone to the frontline and buffed everyone with Purple Dragon, increasing their stats by 95%. It was even more powerful than Lin Yixin’s Bombshell! Sadly, Lu Buyi informed us that his stratagem was capped at 100%, but it was still incredibly powerful. I highly doubted that there was anyone among our enemies who could really threaten the 200 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen whose stats were buffed by 95%.


The moment I reached the battle line, I immediately launched Burning Blade Slash at the enemies in front of me.

However, I was astonished to find that only one-third of the canyon had turned into a battlefield. Neither Candle Dragon nor Purple Lily had engaged the Northern Alliance yet because Warsky Alliance had held out longer than Blazing Hot Lips. In fact, it was only now that small groups of players had finally trickled back to us.

"What’s going on?"

Li Chengfeng frowned as he cut apart a magic knight’s shield. He glanced to the right and asked, "Why hasn’t Warsky Alliance retreated yet? Warsky can’t have lost his mind and decided to sacrifice his entire guild for his country, has he?"

"Who knows…" I replied indifferently.



Suddenly, two arrow-riddled assassins flew out of the canyon. They belonged to Warsky Alliance, and they had been turned into porcupines by the enemies. They were dead before their bodies even hit the ground.

Six Northern Alliance archers then appeared right after them, running away and shooting behind themselves at something. It was futile though. A mounted warrior quickly caught up to them and killed them all, and it was none other than Warsky himself. He was using Hegemon right now, so he kept landing critical hit after critical hit. The archers’ weak Defense and HP couldn’t stop his attacks at all.

It looked like Warsky Alliance had finally returned!

Thud thud thud...

After Warsky showed up, October Rain appeared from the valley as well. She didn’t forget to look back and shoot the players chasing after her to death.

"Warsky Alliance has come back!"

Stepping into the open to receive them, Moonkiss shouted, "Warsky, how many more players do you have who can retreat safely?"

While Warsky was turning his mount around to face his enemies, he replied, "About 60k or so! Our main guild fared better than our subguilds, but we lost too many people to make a proper count right away! Moonkiss, can you tell your guildmates to support us? We suffered huge losses this time…"

"Got it!"

Countless Warsky Alliance players started emerging from the canyon, but they all looked like they had been through hell. Their armor was damaged, their weapons were chipped, their expressions looked a little downcast, and they were covered in blood from head to toe. A large majority of these players were mounted players because they had high survivability and high mobility. Naturally, they were the likeliest players to survive the battle.

A deafening cacophony of battle cries erupted from behind Warsky Alliance even as they made a rapid retreat toward Dawn Valley. It was the Northern Alliance chasing them closely from behind!


A commotion stirred among the ranks of Candle Dragon for a moment. Suddenly, a warrior pointed toward the front and shouted, "Look, the number one expert of Hero City, Vienna’s Sorrow, is coming! He’s leading a huge army as well! He’s clearly using Warsky Alliance as bait to make us open the gate to Dawn Valley for them!"

Tempest Shadow immediately galloped to the front and shouted, "We cannot let the Northern Alliance’s devious ploy succeed! We cannot surrender the northern gate of China to our enemies just like that!"

A ruthless gleam passed through Candlelight Shadow’s eyes, and he ordered, "Move our defense line to 20 yards before the valley entrance. Halt the Northern Alliance’s advance with Far Shots and magic!"


Candle Dragon’s magic knights immediately spurred their horses forward until they were in front of the entrance. Then, they laid down their shields and formed an impassable wall around it!


Warsky’s eyes turned red in an instant. He pointed his sword at Candle Dragon and swore at him, "What the fuck is the meaning of this, Candlelight Shadow? Why are you blocking our retreat? Is this how you treat us after we battled the enemies for two hours straight?"

Candlelight Shadow replied darkly, "Think of the bigger picture, Warsky. If we surrender this gap to the Northern Alliance, they will be able to advance to the south unhindered. Our land will be exposed to the iron hooves of the enemies. We can fight with you, Warsky Alliance. I promise to give you the supplies you need!"

Warsky shouted, "Supplies my ass! My brothers and sisters are battle weary, our pots are about to run out, and our equipment durability is under 20%! How the fuck are you going to supply us with everything we need? And even if you have the supplies, the enemy is about to reach us right away! They will die long before your supplies arrive!"

Candlelight Shadow merely snorted and said nothing this time.

Tempest Shadow raised his spear and said, "Call us ruthless if you want to, but Candle Dragon will lock down this pass if it’s the last thing we do. This is for the greater good!"


It wasn’t long before all of Warsky Alliance’s defeated army had arrived. However, their path was completely blocked by Candle Dragon.

Laughing At The Heavens was withdrawing with a group of magic knights when they suddenly knocked into Candle Dragon’s shield formation and bounced forward. They looked back at Candle Dragon in disbelief.

Behind Warsky Alliance, the army of the Northern Alliance descended ruthlessly upon their enemies. The light of skills were exploding everywhere, and Vienna’s Sorrow was killing Warsky Alliance’s players left and right. When he pointed his sword forward, at least hundreds of thousands of elite cavalry responded to his command and charged at the final forces of Warsky Alliance, intending to end their lives once and for all.

Lin Bing Dou Zhe shouted, "Brothers and sisters, let’s stop them one more time! Go!"

The vice leader of Warsky Alliance didn’t even hesitate as he countercharged the Northern Alliance and killed many players in the process. However, he was quickly ganged up upon by two Heroic Bannermen—an archer and a mage—and ate a devastating Fire Dragon Spell and Freezing Arrows to the chest!

Bang bang bang!

He bled everywhere as he staggered backward uncontrollably. Before he could do anything else, a magic knight dashed toward him and slashed right at his neck. A bloody line appeared between his neck as Lin Bing Dou Zhe slowly slid down his mount, dead.

Hundred Battler was also charging with a group of low-health magic knights, but they were quickly run over and trampled to their death!

Surrounded by enemies, Laughing At The Heavens shouted to vent his fury.

Chiang chiang chiang!

Then, Vienna’s Sorrow landed three devastatingly powerful strikes on his armor, and a dozen or so Northern Alliance knights used Barrier Break on him at once!

Thud thud thud thud...

The attacks literally tore him to shreds!



Warsky dropped to his knees and cried, "My brothers and sisters are being killed like animals, but I… I…"

Bloodcurdling screams filled the air as the grim slaughter continued, but the players of Candle Dragon were completely unmoved.


Li Chengfeng clenched his fists so tightly that veins popped on the surface. "Bastard!!"

Xu Yang’s eyes were red with fury, and Gui Guzi was shaking from head to toe.

Feeling like molten lava was scorching my insides, I shouted, "Dragonlight Cavalry, follow me to fuck Candlelight Shadow’s mother!"

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