Chapter 725: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

"Ten thousand…"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes murmured in a daze, but a flash of determination soon passed through her eyes. "Ten thousand is fine too. Let’s move, everyone! Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is right ahead of us!"


About five hundred meters to the front, Beiming Xue ran toward the Blazing Hot Lips remnants alone while shouting, "Sister Momo, retreat quickly! Leave the rest to me!"


Stranger of Three Lifetimes, Eyes Like Water and the rest of Blazing Hot Lips ran like the wind while a bunch of ferocious enemies chased behind them. Just as I expected, they were all elite players over Level 140, and many of them had standardized mounts and equipment. The majority of them belonged to two guilds from Seven-Star City, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the guilds were famous in Seven Star City. The arrogant bastards were currently giving chase and laughing like they were on top of the world.

Beiming Xue took a step forward and drew her Dragonbone String. The next moment, a Mountain Stagger Arrow hit a magic knight’s mount squarely in the head!


The visual effect of the impact looked like a shockwave had rippled across a mountain. The next moment, the warhorse lost all of its mount tenacity and collapsed to its knees, dumping its rider unceremoniously to the ground.

Beiming Xue immediately followed up with a rapid Evil Spirit Volley, and amazingly, not a single arrow had missed its target. Her archery skill was superb as a matter of course, but I was even more impressed when I recognized that she was moving while landing her shots. She was so well-trained that she automatically placed 40 yards between herself and her target without needing to think about it.

She drew the enemy’s attention in no time, and a magic knight raised his blade and shouted, "That Chinese girl is a Level 157 archer, and her equipment is good enough to dismount Jack in one hit! Kill her!"

"Kill kill kill!!"

The magic knights changed directions and started charging toward Beiming Xue. Like an elf, Beiming Xue darted between the rocks and shot as she retreated. She shot a Shock Arrow behind her and stunned the foremost magic knight, causing his own comrades to trample over him and crush him. She then followed up with a Spiraling Arrow Blade and Multi Arrow that caused the one hundred or so magic knights at the front to squeal in pain.

Moonlight Stone raised her scepter and shouted to Beiming Xue, "Beiming, we’re coming to save you!"

But Beiming Xue shouted back, "No! Just stay there and maintain the formation! Do not let big bro’s strategy go to waste! Let them come!"

By now, everyone could see that Beiming Xue was using herself as bait and luring the enemy magic knights toward our trap. She was probably the only archer in the entire China who had the confidence and the skill to carry out such a feat.


As the horse hooves continued to rock the ground, the players of Seven Star City looked up and saw rows upon rows of Chinese players waiting for them to come on the open plains directly in front of them. Their blood boiled with excitement, and their blades gleamed menacingly beneath the sun.

"Can we go now?" Gui Guzi growled.

Chaos Moon also said, "Beiming Xue may be in danger if we wait any longer. No matter how fast she is, she can’t possibly be faster than a mounted player…"

But I shot down their suggestion and said, "No. I trust in Beiming’s abilities, and the number of cavalry who made it in hasn’t even exceeded twenty thousand yet. That’s nowhere near enough players for us to carry out our plan! Just be patient and hold for another two minutes! Just two minutes!"

He Yi nodded in agreement and voiced her support. "Mn. Be patient and believe in Lu Chen’s judgment, everyone!"

At the distance, the enemy kept closing the distance between themselves and Beiming Xue. Although she kept disrupting their charge with Shock Arrows, the line of enemy cavalry chasing after her was literally an entire kilometer long. The entire west side of the canyon was flooded by enemies.

"Die, little girl!"

A magic knight barked out a sinister laugh as he finally caught up to Beiming Xue. He brought down his sword and attempted to cleave the archer’s back.

However, Beiming Xue caught the man off-guard by turning around with a gleaming dagger in her hand. After parrying the enemy’s strike perfectly and using the knockback force to send herself flying a dozen or so meters to the front, she drew her bow and dismounted the magic knight with a Mountain Stagger Arrow.

A chorus of cheers immediately broke out from the distance. At the same time, Moonlight Stone waved her scepter and commanded, "Wings, advance! Protect Blazing Hot Lips and let no harm come to Stranger of Three Lifetimes and Eyes Like Water any longer!"

Our people immediately responded to her order and advanced toward the front. The magic knights raised their shields to form shield walls and covered Blazing Hot Lips’ retreat as they slipped into the lines.


I stared at the scene in front of me until I was certain that fifty thousand—no, it was probably more than that—enemy cavalry had rushed through the entrance. Now was the time to show the Northern Alliance our strength and annihilate our prey!


I unsheathed the Cyan Netherworld Sword, raised it to the sky and shouted, "It is time, brothers and sisters, Ride with me to battle!"

Chiang chiang chiang...

The sounds of countless weapons being unsheathed rang across the air, and the moment I spurred the Armored Ice Qilin Horse forward all 2000 of my Dragonlight Cavalry took off as well. We charged in a wedge formation so that we could slice through the enemy like a hot knife through butter!


Reaching the battle line in no time, the first thing I did was to hit an entire group of cavalry with Thousand Ice Slash, rocking the riders and freezing the horses’ limbs in ice. After the Armored Ice Qilin Horse sent flying a couple of cavalrymen that were blocking its way like a truck, I unleashed a 30-yard long Burning Blade Slash into a crowd and dealt an unbelievable amount of damage, killing practically all of them in one go. After receiving a ton of buffs from Pure Love, my Attack, Defense, HP were greatly increased. Moreover, I was fearless because I was accompanied by powerful companions such as Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits and more!

Riding atop the king of the Dragonlight Armored Horses and leading the cavalry, He Yi unleashed her Purgatory of Ice and Magma the second she made contact with the enemy. The skill was at least as powerful as my Burning Blade Slash, so a vacuum appeared where her skill had landed as well.

He Yi didn’t pause to admire her work. She followed my path and tore apart the enemy’s formation like she was cutting apart a wave.

It was Chaos Moon’s turn after He Yi, so when the time was right she fired a great deal of energy from her volume and enveloped her enemies in a transparent cyan mountain range. The skill was none other than Rock Crush!


Countless Northern Alliance mounted players turned white with fear, screaming. They weren’t expecting such a powerful force to appear from their flanks at all.

That wasn’t the end, of course. Li Chengfeng appeared next and threw out a Reverse Scale Slash that annihilated countless low-health enemies. Then, he raised his sword and summoned a swirl of draconic energy around his blade. Countless cyclones revolved around him, and a ring of light was spinning beneath his feet. He looked ridiculously handsome in that moment. When a golden dragon took form, he tossed it down the direction with the most players—Dragonblade Revolution!

Boom boom boom!

A series of explosions threatened our eardrums. One attack from the dragon warrior was enough to scare the shit out of countless opponents!

Gui Guzi himself was stabbing enemies left and right while Li Chengfeng was showing off. Aurora Thrust was now powerful enough to one-shot his enemies, not to mention that Gui Guzi with a shield was a metal fortress that practically none could penetrate. He fearlessly walked to the outermost area of the battlefield, kept his shield facing toward the charging enemies and activated Undying Shield, blocking heaven knows how much damage for Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust.

Chiang chiang chiang!




The damage numbers rising above Gui Guzi’s head were positively hilarious. He already had a ridiculous amount of Defense in the first place, and Knight God boosted that number further by 150%. Even better, he was riding a Dragonlight Armored Horse, so this so-called elite cavalry of the Northern Alliance was unable to do anything to him at all.

"Who dares to hurt my brother!"

High Fighting Spirits charged toward the enemy with an angry shout and swung the warhammer, Dragonlight Shatter, at them. The impact instantly knocked five magic knights to the back and shattered their shields. Huh, that’s surprising. I didn’t think it had a hidden shield breaking attribute.

High Fighting Spirits continued to swing his hammer in a circle and surround himself with a cyclone. It wasn’t long before the giant image of a Xiezhi beast appeared in midair, and a gigantic hurricane suddenly tore all the players around him into peaces. The Xiezhi Howl had stunned the enemies and showed the strength of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ number one berserker to the world!

Not to be left behind, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Xu Yang, Wolf Fang and the others all joined the slaughter and swung their weapons left and right. They too killed like they were playing a single-player game. The Dragonlight Cavalry had utterly baffled the enemy the moment they appeared. They weren’t expecting their prey’s reinforcements to be this powerful. The Dragonlight Cavalry was in a completely different class compared to Blazing Hot Lips or Warsky Alliance!



As a Silver Dragon Storm ripped through a crowd, I summoned my apparition and Phantom Wolf King at the same time and made them open up a path ahead of me. After tossing out another Burning Blade Slash and forcefully cutting a dozen or so Northern Alliance players to shreds, I shouted, "Cut them off! It’s enough to just cut them off and block the entrance so that no more reinforcements can get into the canyon! Cyan Tiger Cavalry, what are you waiting for? Go!!"

A new set of hooves joined the cacophony of noises as Du Thirteen rode out on his Dragonlight Armored Horse, shouting, "Cyan Tiger Cavalry, charge with me! We defend the Dragonlight Cavalry!"

Players riding ferocious tigers joined the battle and wrapped the Dragonlight Cavalry in a protective formation. They were playing bodyguard as they were commanded, but...

"What the fuck, I don’t need no protection! Gimme more kills…" High Fighting Spirits cussed out loud as he swung his hammer at a group of enemies, eliciting screams of pain from them.

This time I didn’t say anything. The Dragonlight Cavalry needed to show their power, and practically all the players who made it past the valley entrance were riders. Since physical attacks were extremely ineffective against the Dragonlight Cavalry, and everyone was buffed by a super Famous General Skill of sorts, I saw no reason to act with excessive caution.

The battlefield stretched about a kilometer or so. The battle was fierce and bloody, but the aid of the Cyan Tiger Cavalry greatly reduced our burden.

Seeing that the tide was swinging in our favor, I ordered without hesitation, "Alright, Thirteen will stay behind with 5000 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen and guard the entrance. Everyone else, follow me and annihilate the Northern Alliance’s cavalry! It’s about time we show these grandsons that Dawn Valley is a one-way highway to hell!"

Everyone laughed as they followed me toward the heart of the enemy’s cavalry. Together, we formed a sharp blade that plunged through the enemy’s chest instantly.

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