Chapter 722: Vienna’s Sorrow

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Galaxy Storms, Spiraling Arrow Blades, Volleys, and many other abilities devastated our defensive line, killing nearly a thousand Blazing Hot Lips warriors in the span of less than a minute! Their bodies collapsed amid the sea of blazing flames and swirling ice.


"Shit! Blazing Hot Lips definitely won’t be able to hold out for much longer!" Hot and Sour Noodles said with a frown on his face.

As I observed the state of the battlefield, I licked my dry lips before I said, "There are four Heroic Bannermen leading the enemy forces, which number about 100000. Blazing Hot Lips doesn’t even have 30000 players left, so there’s no way that Stranger of Three Lifetimes will be able to fend off the enemy forces."

Candlelight Shadow jumped on his horse before he brandished his blade and shouted, "Tempest Shadow, prepare our forces for battle! Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance will definitely be defeated in less than two hours! Seal the entrance to the Windy Trail with our forces and kill the enemies as they come. We mustn't allow the Northern Alliance to gain a foothold in our actual territory. We cannot let them invade Dawn Valley!"

Luo River God of the Capital’s beautiful eyes widened in shock as she exclaimed, "Seal the entrance to the valley? Are you insane? There are still hundreds of thousands of players from Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance in the Windy Trail. If we seal off the entrance, it’s tantamount to just sitting there and watching as they get slaughtered by the Northern Alliance!"

Candlelight Shadow’s expression grew cold as he declared, "That’s the price of war!"

"The price of war your sister!" I growled as I glared at him coldly. "The reason why we chose to defend Dawn City was because we weren’t willing to see our kinsmen get slaughtered. The players of Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance are part of these ‘kinsmen’ that we speak of. Since they are family, why should we sacrifice them? I don’t care what you say, but Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will definitely leave the door wide open for the players of Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance to retreat! If there is a need, we will use our bodies to shield them from the enemy!"

Predestined, the guild leader of Fate, looked at me with eyes filled with approval. He nodded his head and said, "I support Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Warsky Alliance and Blazing Hot Lips have taken the head of the spear for us, there’s no reason why we should just leave them to die!"

Candlelight Shadow let out a cold snort. "Do what you want then. If the defensive line ends up collapsing, then it’s on your heads. This sort of petty kindness will be what causes victory to slip from our hands!"

He Yi arched a pretty eyebrow as she coldly replied, "Candlelight Shadow, are you done being selfish? It’s clear you want to weaken Warsky Alliance and Blazing Hot Lips in order to ensure Candle Dragon’s dominance in this Nation War."

Color instantly drained from Candlelight Shadow’s face before he sneered, "You’re measuring my greatness by your own petty yardsticks!"

Ling Xueshang hefted her bow and stepped forward. "Ptooey! Great my ass! You’re just a petty man with meager ability!"

The situation was about to get out of hand, so Hot and Sour Noodles hastily stepped in to smooth things over. "Alright, let’s stop fighting. I’ve already decided how we’re going to organize Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance’s retreat, so just obey my commands in regards to this."

I nodded my head and said, "I hope that uncle has made a wise decision!"

Hot and Sour Noodles sucked in a deep breath before replying, "Don’t worry!"

However, I was sure that Hot and Sour Noodles received the hidden message between the lines. If he didn’t make a wise decision, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls definitely wouldn’t just blindly obey his orders. I would only ever be loyal to this country and the people living in it. I would never bend my knee to anyone who styled themselves a dictator or warlord.


I quickly yelled out in the guild channel: "Chengfeng, Little Gui, Beiming, it’s time to get into formation. I want our high-level magic knights, wanderers, and warriors to form the very first line of defense. We need to defend the entrance into the valley! Do not let a single player from the Northern Alliance get behind us! Little Gui, I also want you to make preparations to lead a troop of cavalrymen into the Windy Trail at a moment’s notice. Once you are activated, your quest will be to rescue our allies from Blazing Hot Lips! We can’t give up on our comrades!"

Li Chengfeng responded in a solemn voice: "I understand! Leave it to me!"

Gui Guzi replied: "Don’t worry, Boss Broken Halberd. I’ll never give up on a single comrade or friend!"

High Fighting Spirits bellowed: "Lu Chen, I also want to enter the valley and slaughter our enemies! Just give me the order and I’ll lead a troop of Dragonlight Cavalry into the Windy Trail. My blood has been boiling since a while ago!"

I immediately shot back an angry reply: "Control yourself man! You need to learn how to control yourself! Fighting Spirits, your one flaw is your rash impetuousness. This Nation War is going to last for several days, and the Dragonlight Cavalry is our trump card. We absolutely cannot use them now! The battle in the Windy Trail is far too chaotic, and our Dragonlight Cavalry won’t even be able to show off its superiority in speed and strength in such a messy brawl. In fact, they might very well die in that huge mess, and we’ll be screwed. We can’t afford to lose this battle, no matter what! You hear me?"

High Fighting Spirits chuckled helplessly: "Fine. I know I’m a rash person, but… Lu Chen, don’t get angry at me. I was just talking nonsense. I’ll wait together with Chaos Moon and the rest, and I’ll only join the battle once the enemy starts attacking our frontline."

I chuckled as well: "Why would I be angry at you? Don’t worry! The Northern Alliance’s forces are several times our own, you’ll have your chance to earn as many points as you need to! Everyone, prepare yourselves. In two hours, we will finally face the enemy head-on!"

"Understood!" everyone replied boisterously.


The battle had grown extremely chaotic and messy within the narrow confines of the Windy Trail. The light of magic and spells erupted all over the place as one player was killed after the other. The sounds of battle and slaughter shook the air as the entire trail seemed to be engulfed in blades and fire.

Blazing Hot Lips, Warsky Alliance and around a hundred other small guilds were defending this area, and there were about two million Chinese players in all. However, they were facing off against a force that was at least five times larger than them. Furthermore, these Northern Alliance players weren’t the least bit inferior to the Chinese players. They had all mobilized their elite players for their siege, and it seemed as if they had marked out Dawn City from the very start of the game. They wanted to deliver a haymaker that would shatter the confidence of the Chinese players.

As she surveyed the situation in the small valley, He Yi frowned and whispered to me, "I’ve been keeping count of the number of Heroic Bannermen who have appeared, and I’ve already counted up to 21 in this area alone! They’re definitely going in for the kill! Most of these players are Famous Generals too, and there’s no way that Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance can hold out in the face of 21 Famous Generals!

Hot and Sour Noodles nodded his head and replied, "That’s right. There aren’t just 21 Famous Generals here either. The Famous Generals from other countries are basically the same as our own, and they have many Famous Generals with skills like Soul of the Foot and Knight General. They have even more than we do! So if our troops face a squadron of riders led by a Knight General, it isn’t something that they can deal with. Just look over there and survey the offensive power these riders display…"


Everyone looked in the direction that Hot and Sour Noodles was pointing at. To our shock, we saw about a thousand riders clad in identical black armor riding on mounts clad in spiked barding, There were three fighters leading them and all three of them were Heroic Bannermen. They were also Famous Generals who possessed the Knight General skill!

A warrior who was wielding a warblade stood at the very head of the charging formation. He was also a Heroic Bannerman who was using the Knight General skill, and there were some words floating above his head.


Vienna’s Sorrow LV-159 Great Earth Berserker

City: Hero City

Country: USA

Guild: Kismet

Position: Leader


It was actually an Earthfire Realm player who had a hidden class! He was also a Famous General with the Knight General skill. No wonder he was acting so boldly.

Vienna’s Sorrow gave a furious howl as his warblade danced in the air. Dreadful waves of light shot out from his blade as he beat back any player that stepped up to face him. Even Warsky Alliance’s Lin Bing Dou Zhe couldn’t last more than three rounds against him! There was simply nobody who could duke it out with Vienna’s Sorrow in direct combat, he was way too powerful!

"Holy shit! How is he so strong!?"

Lin Bing Dou Zhe wheeled his horse around as he retreated together with a bunch of Warsky Alliance magic knights. He yelled, "Archers, use your Mountain Stagger Arrows to throw him off his mount!"

October Rain replied, "We can’t! Our Mountain Stagger Arrows are practically useless against him! His mount is probably a boss mount that is Spirit Rank at the bare minimum. Our Mountain Stagger Arrows are barely doing anything to it!"

It was at this moment that Vienna’s Sorrow let out a furious roar and charged forward. "Brave warriors of Hero City, charge! It’s time to wipe all of our previous humiliation clean! Let’s show these Chinese how powerful Hero City is! Trample their dignity and conviction with your iron hooves!"

As he spurred his mount forward, a huge bunch of Kismet cavalrymen charged in right behind him. Their warblades flashed in the air as they tore through the rearguard that Lin Bing Dou Zhe had managed to scrape together.

Lin Bing Dou Zhe himself was soon surrounded by those riders from Hero City. His breastplate was stained red with blood and countless enemy cavalrymen had already died beneath his blade.

"Kill him!"

Vienna’s Sorrow licked his lips before he activated Charge, his blade swinging toward Lin Bing Dou Zhe!


Lin Bing Dou Zhe tried to parry that attack, but the force of the blow was too great for him to fully resist. Even his mount had been sent staggering back by that mighty blow! A long trail of dirt was dragged in the rocky ground and that single blow had demonstrated the gulf between him and his opponent!


A rider from Hero City hit Lin Bing Dou Zhe with a Barrier Break from behind, dropping his health to below 40%!

"Get off your horse!" Vienna’s Sorrow yelled. His blade swooped in from a strange angle and struck Lin Bing Dou Zhe under the armpit! The magic knight immediately let out a muffled groan as his mount got cut out from under him. He tumbled to the ground and rolled a fair distance away.


All of the sudden, a loud explosion rang out in the air as a beam of sword energy smashed into the crowd of Hero City cavalrymen. Warsky charged in through the crack created by that sword blast, his men swiftly pouring in behind him. He yelled, "Hurry up and save Lin Bing Dou Zhe! The Warsky Alliance will never abandon our fallen brethren!"

Hundred Battler rushed forward, but a single blow from Vienna’s Sorrow sent him reeling backward. The berserker was clearly out of his league!

October Rain hit him with another Mountain Stagger Arrow, but it barely seemed to do more than a mosquito bite. Vienna’s Sorrow hardly even felt it!

Just when Vienna’s Sorrow seemed to be utterly invincible, a red light suddenly streaked toward him. Farewell Song had finally made his entrance! His dagger flashed in the air as he stunned Vienna’s Sorrow. He quickly followed this up with a few penetrating strikes, and his flurry of attacks brought Vienna’s Sorrow down to half health! However, Farewell Song’s felt a chill run down his spine as he continued his fierce attack. He had never expected that Vienna’s Sorrow would have a HP pool that matched his insane Attack. How exactly were they going to deal with him!?

"Get lost!"

Vienna’s Sorrow unleashed a mighty blow which Farewell Song barely managed to parry with his daggers. Even though the assassin had managed to block the blow, he was still sent skidding backward by the impact. After that, he immediately tossed a handful of fluorescent powder in the air, disappearing into thin air.

"Ptah! You despicable bandit!" Vienna’s Sorrow exclaimed in disdain. After that, he lifted his warblade high in the air and shouted, "Brave warriors of Kismet, heed my call! For the glory of Hero City, charge! Don’t leave a single person alive! The eagle’s flag will fly above the gates of Dawn City!"



Warsky beheaded a rider from Hero City with a single swipe of his blade. After that, he raised his sword in the air and roared, "Retreat! Mages, archers, I want you to use your spells and skills to cover us! Hurry up and retreat!"


All of Warsky Alliance’s Famous Generals couldn’t handle a single Vienna’s Sorrow!

As Candlelight Shadow surveyed the battlefield, he said in a dry voice, "Vienna’s Sorrow. The man who is rumored to be the strongest American player. His skills truly do live up to their reputation!"

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