Chapter 720: A Gigolo

The moment my sword pierced Enlightened Heart’s chest, I knew that without an invincibility skill, he would be dead meat. He was neither fast enough to dodge the Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon’s swift attack nor did he have the time to activate his invincibility skill.

Just like that, Enlightened Heart was slaughtered by China’s 7th CGL Hall of Famer right in front of his own guild members!

Countless volleys of arrows and spells rained down on my armor as I shrugged them off. I no longer felt any pain from the attacks due to the adrenaline coursing through my veins and swung my sword, unleashing Icy Cyclone Domain. A giant icy cyclone appeared instantly, creating a domain that reduced my opponent’s attack and movement speed.

Even though I wasn’t bothered by the arrows and spells that pelted on my armor, the same couldn’t be said for my mount. The Ice Qilin Horse had been hit by countless arrows and cried out pitifully.

"Loose your arrows! Use Mountain Stagger Arrows and eliminate his mount!"

Hatred and anger rose within an elite archer as he barked, "Bastard! Do you think you can escape unscathed after killing our guild leader? Die!"

My sword trembled as I swung it and unleashed Thousand Ice Slash before growling in a low voice, "If I wanted to leave, do you think you would be able to stop me?"


The Ice Qilin Horse had been hit by countless Mountain Stagger Arrows and even though it was an Earth Rank Boss mount, it was still unable to withstand such intense attacks. Moreover, some of the enemies were sixth-promotion Earthfire Realm archers. Their attacks were so powerful that its tenacity was reduced to a pitiful 4% within a few seconds. God damn, if they keep this up, I will have to fight without a mount!


A crimson ray descended from the sky and enveloped me, saving me from the brink of death. Tenacity of the Dead had allowed me to recover over 40000 HP.

The enemy’s attacks were too overwhelming and I could no longer withstand their attacks. Anyone able to handle such intense and continuous barrage would definitely exceed limits of humanity. If not for my powerful lifesteal, I would have died long ago.

I swiftly flicked the reins of the horse and started to make my retreat, but could not get very far due to the sheer number of enemies. I frowned and begrudgingly activated my invincibility skill, Shield of Evening!

At this moment, a rider on a flaming red war horse charged at me and shouted, "Broken Halberd Sinks into Sand, don’t leave! Your daddy has come for your life!"

With my invincibility skill still activated, I chuckled before rushing toward that rider. Tilting my body to the side, I swiftly grasped his spear in one hand before thrusting my Cyan Netherworld Sword toward him. Aiming for his weak point, my sword pierced him a little above his waist. Blazing flames then burst forth from my sword as I activated Burning Blade Slash, blasting a giant hole in his lower body!


He wailed in agony as it seems as if I had broken his back. His max HP did not even reach 50000 and was unable to withstand a single blow of Burning Blade Slash.

I swung my sword and tossed that magic knight’s body to the side before chuckling. Turning to a bunch of Northern Alliance players, I said, "Want to raid our cities? Come at us if you dare! I’ll be waiting for all of you at Dawn City!"

The sea of Northern Alliance players were utterly stunned by my speech. Every one of them stood rooted to the ground, at a complete loss for words.

I brought a return scroll out from my inventory and crushed it instantly!


After returning to Sky City, I clicked on Dawn City on the teleportation page and was swiftly teleported to my destination!


The moment I arrived at Dawn City, I headed straight for the blacksmith to repair my equipment.

"Better take advantage of these NPCs while they are still here," I muttered to myself. The tenacity of the Ice Qilin Horse was back at 100% so I summoned it and flipped myself up onto it. Urging the horse forward, I headed out of the city and straight for the frontlines.

As I drew near to a small hill in Dawn City’s canyon, I noticed that many leaders and core members of the big guilds were gathered there. The head commander, Mr Hot and Sour Noodles, there as well. They turned their heads and placed all their attention on me as I galloped toward them.

He Yi laughed joyfully as she rode on her Dragonlight Spirit Beast and said, "Job well done!"

Warsky laughed too and said in a low voice, "Awesome job dude! Only Lu Chen is capable of something as awesome as killing three Heroic Bannermen in a row amid 10000 enemies!"

Blue Sky Scar hefted his sword over his shoulder, smirked and said, "If it was the Martial God, he would have definitely accomplished something greater than that!"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes laughed as she held her staff and said, "Oh? So why was it Lu Chen who dared to go into battle and not the dear Martial God you always speak of?"

Blue Sky Scar growled, "Mind your own business! Shut up!"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes raised her brows and said, "What? Are you asking for a fight? Come at me then! Your momma’s not afraid of you! I can’t believe that someone as trashy as you is a CGL Hall of Famer. I can beat up two of you with one hand! Just you wait, in six months, my CGL Hall of Fame ranking will surely surpass yours!"

Blue Sky Scar gritted his teeth in anger but held his tongue knowing full well that he would never win in an argument against a petty woman. In all honesty, Blue Sky Scar might not even win in a duel against Stranger of Three Lifetimes. After all, an elite mage like her was extremely powerful and her ranking in the champion arena was even higher than Blue Sky Scar’s!

At this moment, Candlelight Shadow gripped his Blade of Scarlet Flames and growled, "Blue Sky, that’s enough! Squabbles like this won’t help with our battle situation. We need to put our heads together and form a plan to defend our cities from this invasion!"

Hot and Sour Noodles nodded his head and smiled, saying, "Alright then. Even though Lu Chen did not obey my command, he managed to kill three Heroic Bannermen, boosted the morale of our warriors and taught the Northern Alliance a lesson. Perhaps, they have even started to become fearful because of Lu Chen’s bravery."

October Rain asked, "Uncle, we should focus on a plan of attack. I’ve sent some elite players into Windy Trail to block our enemies. However, that didn’t stop the Northern Alliance and they’ve started to enter the canyon by scaling the mountain ranges, completely ignoring the zone map restrictions. It’s only a matter of time before the enemy breaks through our defenses in Windy Trail once they work in collusion from within and outside."

Hot and Sour Noodles sucked in a deep breath as he nodded gravely and said, "That’s right, I had not expected for the Northern Alliance to be so powerful. Their troops are well-trained and they attack with great determination. It seems like they will stop at nothing to take down Dawn City. How are the preparations for Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance outside Windy Trail coming along?"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes replied, "We have 200000 ranged elites and 100000 guards awaiting orders. If the Northern Alliance enters our attack range, our men will give them a hard time."

October Rain nodded her head and said, "Warsky Alliance has also prepared 300000 men outside Windy Trail. However, most of them won’t be able to make it out alive and will only be able to stall Northern Alliance for about four hours. Lu Chen, you managed to return alive. You are the person who should have the biggest say in this matter!"

I glanced at Laughing At The Heavens before pointing my finger at him, saying, "Laughing At The Heavens was killed outside the city. He knows best how powerful the Northern Alliance is!"

Laughing At The Heavens’ visage darkened as he gripped his shield and said, "The Northern Alliance is far more powerful than we’ve ever imagined. The intensity of this battle would be two at least a hundred times higher than the battle of Immortality City. Even with my Defense and HP, I would be dead in a minute without replenishing my health. This goes the same for Candlelight Shadow and Tempest Shadow as well!"

Tempest Shadow snorted but didn’t deny what Laughing At The Heavens said because he knew that the man was absolutely right. Northern Alliance was extremely powerful and even I felt the pain from their attacks, let alone the two of them. They were one up over us, be it in terms of mechanical skills or equipment!

Hot and Sour Noodles sucked in a deep breath and said, "Fuck, if they are so powerful, our chances of winning are only one third…"

Candlelight Shadow asked, "So, what should we do?"

I clenched my fist and shouted, "What do you mean what should we do? We act according to our situation! Since the Northern Alliance wants to eliminate us, we have to fight back!"

Warsky clenched his fist and pumped it in the air, shouting, "That’s right! I’ll give my all and fight to the end!"

At that moment, Purple Lily’s guild leader, Luo River God of the Capital, finally appeared with Moonkiss. Smiling, she said, "Wow, Lu Chen displays such manliness. The young and immature boy from two years ago has become so charming and delightful…"

Candlelight Shadow’s eye twitched in annoyance as he said, "Wang Luo, we are facing Nation Wars right now. It’s not the time for you to be taking liberties with this gigolo, is it?"

Luo River God of the Capital giggled but kept silent. However, Moonkiss gripped her dagger and said, "Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Lu Chen fought solo and eliminated three Heroic Bannermen! If he’s a gigolo, what are you, Candlelight Shadow? Go out now and kill three Heroic Bannermen if you have the guts! If you do that, I’ll admit that Lu Chen is a gigolo!"

Candlelight Shadow frowned and said, "Hmph, I don’t care for brawns without brains!"

"Pooh! How shameless!" Stranger of Three Lifetimes chimed in.

Candlelight Shadow pursed his lips in embarrassment. He definitely was no match against these few women.

Hot and Sour Noodles quickly intervened and said, "Alright, let’s not fight any more. Core members of all guilds, let’s go to Windy Trail and closely observe the battle from a high vantage point. We’ll leave the rest to guard the defense zone."



Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue and the rest stayed behind to guard the defense zone. While He Yi, Murong Mingyue and I followed Hot and Sour Noodles and the other guild leaders to a high point at the entrance of the canyon. We glanced down at the canyon and saw an intense battle raging on at Windy Trail. Many Blazing Hot Lips and Warsky Alliance players had been miserably slaughtered in the canyon and most of the survivors had already left.

"Bring out your large shields and block the attacks!"

Lin Bing Dou Zhe grasped his sword as he stood at the front of Warsky Alliance’s vanguard and pointed a finger toward the front. Shouting at the top of his lungs, "Block their attacks! Long-range players, attack! Block their riders’ charge! Comrades, stand your ground, don’t let up an inch, even at the risk to your lives!"

A large group of Northern Alliance riders started to enter Windy Trail and activated Charge in the narrow canyon!


Battlecries arose and reverberated throughout the canyon as Lin Bing Dou Zhe brandished his sword and urged his mount forward. Clashing head-on with the enemy riders, he was thrown backward by their Charges repeatedly while the magic knights behind him were one-shot.

Volleys of magic spells and arrows rained down on a large group of Warsky Alliance players and almost every player collapsed under their attacks instantly. In comparison, only ten Northern Alliance players were killed!

However, Warsky Alliance and Blazing Hot Hips held the advantage over the terrain and could still slaughter their enemies. This was a great opportunity for them to earn points in the Nation Wars. Almost all of the current Top 100 players on the contribution board of this Nation War were from Warsky Alliance and Blazing Hot Lips.

I was placed third on the ranking board after killing so many enemies outside the city, while the first and second place belonged to two elite mages from the Northern Alliance. Only the heavens knew how many people they had managed to kill inside the Windy Trail.


Hot and Sour Noodles frowned deeply as he watched the battle from above unfold before him and said, "Judging by our casualty rate, Warsky Alliance and Burning Hot Lips will be completely routed in about two hours. Lu Chen, what do you think?"

I nodded my head in agreement and replied, "Perhaps it will take even less than that as the Northern Alliance players are coming in endless waves. Moreover, take a look at the borders of Windy Trail, uncle. Quite a number of assassins, archers and warriors have already scaled the mountain range and infiltrated Warsky Alliance and Blazing Hot Lips’ ranks. It will be our mages and archers’ greatest nightmare if the enemy assassins enter the mountain forest region!"

Everyone turned their heads and saw that indeed, many Northern Alliance players had already infiltrated the canyon. Stranger of Three Lifetimes clenched her fists and bit her bottom lip in anger. Growling in a low voice, she said, "This cannot be tolerated… I’m sending my men over to kill them right now!”

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