Chapter 719: A Duel Between Heroes


System Announcement (Player Hot and Sour Noodles Shout): Lu Chen have you gone crazy? Stop charging forward! Northern Alliance has already occupied more than 80% of Windy Trail! How are you going to come back?


Mr Hot and Sour Noodles was starting to get annoyed at me. That was perfectly understandable, considering that I had completely ignored his very first command.


He Yi sent me a message and asked, "Lu Chen, why are you not coming back? Zhang Chun had turned red with anger and I can almost see smoke coming out of his ears, hehe…"

I swung my sword and hacked away at a few riders and used lifesteal to regain 10% of my health. I laughed and replied, "Rules are meant to be broken. Moreover, I have no obligations to take orders from others. I will continue on the path that I think is right without second thoughts!"

He Yi sent a smiley emoticon and asked, "How many Heroic Bannermen do you intend to kill before you come back?"

"A grand total of three! Otherwise, our men’s morale will not be boosted. That idiot, Laughing At The Heavens died too soon! Our players’ morale plummeted because of that!"

"Mn, I support you! Go for it! Mingyue and I are currently organizing the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls battle formation. Our main guild has 30000 players and four of our subguilds have reached Rank 6, bringing our total members to over 200000!"

"That’s great!"


I swiftly closed the chat and concentrated on fighting. He Yi did not know the situation I was in currently. Northern Alliance players filled the entire canyon while I stuck to the borders. I continued to charge and attack at the enemy’s weak points while regaining my health at opportune moments. All while I searched tirelessly for another Heroic Bannerman.

God helps those who help themselves. After ten minutes, I finally spotted the third Heroic Bannerman at a corner of the canyon, a top-tier Korean magic knight. That magic knight was someone I had been itching to kill the most. A Heroic Bannerman, Enlightened Heart. This was the magic knight who had killed Laughing At The Heavens! If I manage to charge into ten thousand enemies and personally relieve Enlightened Heart of his head, the humiliation we suffered would be washed away!


I summoned my apparition once again and he activated Earth Escape the second he appeared. I then commanded the Phantom Wolf King to activate Charge and dash into the crowd of enemies. Enlightened Heart was the guild leader of a top-tier guild in Korea and would have many elite players by his side. Killing him would be a difficult feat indeed.


The Phantom Wolf King charged at lightning speed and brandished its sharp claws, summoning two Claw of the Storm at once. Two claw-shaped energies were unleashed into the group of players as they cried out in agony and collapsed.

Enlightened Heart raised his brows and laughed loudly. "Alright! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you’re the bravest player of your country! Come, your daddy wants to see how you intend to kill him in his territory! Magic knights, to your battle stations and attack at full force! Kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand at once. This asshole has slaughtered two of our Heroic Bannermen and we cannot let him continue on like this!"

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Countless Korean magic knights pulled their swords out of their sheaths and charged at me. Avoiding the attacking range of the Phantom Wolf King, they waved their swords and dashed toward me with a loud battlecry. A bunch of players in the distance activated Charge soon after, clearly intending to run me over!

I promptly made a decision and gritted my teeth as I activated the same skill as my opponent. I took aim for the magic knight at the center of the crowd and activated Charge!


I dashed forward at lighting speed as thunderbolts were shot from the sky, colliding head-on with the group of magic knights. The Ice Qilin Horse let out a loud neigh as intense sounds of collisions rang out continuously!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I collided with the Korean riders with so much force that a large bunch of them were hurled off their mounts. Their Strength was no match for mine and it was laughable that they thought they could stun me with their Charge.

The Ice Qilin Horse raised its front legs high in the air before stomping on the ground violently, unleashing light rays of War Crush. It instantly recovered a huge chunk of my HP, bringing me from 55 to 87%! This way of regaining health was much more effective and reliable than any regeneration skill!

I swung my sword and unleashed Universe Break as it violently exploded on the head of the frontmost magic knight. He was already turned pale with fright when he held up his shield and activated Holy Shield!

I chuckled at his mistake with glee. My Universe Break’s attack power will only be amplified under the effects of Holy Shield!


The ray of sword energy penetrated through the shield with a loud clang as a frightening damage number floated from that magic knight’s head.


He was one-shot instantly! God damn!

I locked eyes with Enlightened Heart in the distance and he stared back with a fierce look from under the protection of his subordinates. He had at least 150000 HP, so it looked like he pumped all his stats into Stamina. His Defense and HP were in no way inferior to Gui Guzi’s. Burning Blade Slash + Universe Break would definitely not be enough to kill this tank.

Moreover, as a Heroic Bannerman, he should possess exceptional movement and may even be able to parry my attacks. I can only rely on my apparition to kill him with Purple Dragon Howl. My apparition is my secret weapon and these losers will not be able to guard against him.

I ignored the arrows as they enveloped me like heavy rain and pelted on my armor. I continued to swing my sword in all directions, killing the warriors near to me to regain my health. The 10% lifesteal was just brilliant! I would definitely not be able to fight and keep my health high at the same time without it.


Miserable shrieks rang out as not a single melee warrior was able to withstand my continuous attacks. Thousand Ice Slash, Burning Blade Slash, War Crush and other skills continued to explode and massacre a bunch of players. Enlightened Heart turned pale and growled in outrage, "You bastard, don’t get too cocky! Mages, attack! Baptize him in Galaxy Storms and let him have a taste of how powerful Korea’s team of mages is!"

At the command of Enlightened Heart, a large number of mages started to surround me. Chorus of incantations started to arise as countless Galaxy Storms started to rain down!

I turned to the right and dashed out of the attack range. Only an idiot would just stand there and be hit by those spells. I ran in the direction away from my apparition so that the Galaxy Storms would not be able to nullify its Earth Escape state.

My Ice Qilin Horse picked up speed and dashed forward, avoiding 70% of the Galaxy Storms. I was not one to get the short end of the stick and I unleashed Thousand Ice Slash, freezing a huge bunch of mages before crushing them with three consecutive waves of Burning Blade Slash. Countless mages were one-shot instantly by the three crescents of sword energy while I continued to charge at Enlightened Heart, reducing our distance to seventy yards. Another thirty yards to go and I would be able to lock on to him and activate Charge!

Enlightened Heart frowned and gripped his sword at the bloodbath before him and growled, "Kill him! I refuse to believe that we cannot bring down a single CGL Hall of Famer with so many of us! No matter how powerful he is, he is still flesh and blood! He is not invincible!"

Hearing those encouraging words from a Heroic Bannerman, a bunch of Korean players started to attack as if they were in a frenzy. A bunch of Titan City players nearby baptized the Phantom Wolf King and I with their arrows and spells. Even though the little wolf was an Immortal Rank boss, its HP regeneration rate was not very outstanding. In a blink of an eye, its HP had dropped to almost 10%.


System Announcement (Player Hot and Sour Noodles Shout): Lu Chen you’d better come back this instant! Have you gone insane?! Do you really think you can solo 10000 enemies? And there’s more than that beyond the canyon!!


I continued to ignore Mr Hot and Sour Noodles and concentrated on multitasking instead. On one hand, I continued to advance toward my target, killing my way through to get to him. On the other hand, I took control over the movements of both Phantom Wolf King and my apparition, all while noticing that the cooldown on Claw of the Storm was done.


I thrust my sword into the chest of a magic knight and sent him and his mount hurling through the air. The Ice Qilin Horse sprinted forward, leaving a trail of dust in its wake before I swiftly pulled on its reins, causing it to come to an abrupt stop. Yes! I’m 40 yards away from Enlightened Heart, this attack range is sufficient!

I raised my Cyan Netherworld sword and swung it down violently, unleashing Dragon Slaying Slash!


A draconic energy circled around the Cyan Netherworld Sword as I unleashed Dragon Slaying Slash at Enlightened Heart’s back. He panicked at the sudden attack and did not manage to block my blow as the hit landed right smack on his armor!


That blow landed heavily on him but it was far from enough to kill him. However, this was all part of my methodical plan. The Phantom Wolf King skidded to a stop, raised its head at the brink of death and unleashed Purgatory Storm!


Tornadoes exploded in the midst of the crowd and unluckily for Enlightened Heart, he was standing at the core of the crowd and had nowhere to run. Three strings of damage numbers popped up from his head instantly!




After the Phantom Wolf King released its consecutive attacks, a few archers behind it loosed their arrows upon it. The Phantom Wolf King howled in pain and turned into a white ball of light before flying directly into my pet space.

At this exact moment, my apparition appeared among the crowd and activated War Crush + Burning Blade Slash in an instant. The players around it quickly retreated and it swiftly downed a Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potion. Without a second to lose, the avatar raised his sword and unleashed Purple Dragon Howl which took a whole three seconds to be fully charged.

The unexpected appearance and unleashing of Burning Blade Slash by the apparition caused the opponents to flee. This bought him time to activate the Purple Dragon Howl successfully without any disturbance from his opponents!

"Damn it!"

Enlightened Heart turned deathly pale and shouted angrily, "Priests, heal me immediately! I have to withstand his attacks!"

A bunch of priests behind him raised their staffs and healing spells enveloped him instantly. It would be extremely tough to kill Enlightened Heart who had 150000 HP if his priests healed him constantly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Purple Dragon Howl wreaked havoc among my enemies before locking its target on Enlightened Heart. Wave of explosions burst out in its wake, sending groups of magic knights hurling through the air. Purple Dragon Howl was too powerful and its attacks were not something that normal players could withstand.

Enlightened Heart was a clever man and had good mechanical skills. He swiftly lifted his shield and activated Holy Shield which was a skill resistant to both magical and physical attacks, rendering its defense extremely high toward an AoE skill such as Purple Dragon Howl. The golden shield merely flickered as the Purple Dragon Howl collided against it with a resounding bang but did not manage to break through the shield’s defense. Only ten thousand was shaved off Enlightened Heart’s health which was far from enough to eliminate him.

While he was occupied by the Purple Dragon Howl, I took advantage of this opportunity and unleashed my true move!

Locking my sights on Enlightened Heart, I swiftly activated Charge!


I rushed through the crowd, splitting it in half and leaving a trail of dead bodies behind me. The Ice Qilin Horse leaped high in the air and I raised my sword above my head, aiming for Enlightened Heart’s head. Enlightened Heart lifted his head and was overwhelmed with shock, "Ah…"

Crushing Blow!

Without giving my opponent a chance to react, I unleashed a skill which could break through his defense. My sword pierced through Enlightened Heart’s Holy Shield and penetrated through his shield!


Following that, I activated Universe Break!


A swirling indigo flame formed at the tip of my Cyan Netherworld Sword and swung my sword in a rapid motion. I unleashed Universe Break which was also a skill that ignored the opponent’s defense!


Even after taking two hits, Enlightened Heart that tank still had a sliver of health left. The crowd of priests behind him helped him regain health too quickly!

At this moment, a chill shot up my arm as the Cyan Netherworld Sword started to tremble with a clanging sound. Alright! The Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon was actually triggered in a life and death situation such as this!


The Divine Dragon burst out of my sword and tore through Enlightened Heart’s armor, exposing his flesh. Enlightened Heart’s breastplate had been ripped apart like a wet tissue as he jumped back in shock. His mount let out a pitiful wail as the Divine Dragon had stripped off all of its Defense and HP!


Enlightened Heart stared at me in disbelief, his mouth opened wide as blood spurted out from it. His mount buckled as he rolled off it and collapsed to the ground.



System Announcement: All players, please be informed that Heroic Bannerman, Enlightened Heart (Korea), has been killed by Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (China)!

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