Chapter 718: A Crazy Massacre


System Announcement: Hero City, Seven Star City, Titan City, Hot Sand City, Warhammer City, Burning City, Sunset City and Eternal Love City have decided to attack China. Will you declare war on them?


The sound of the system announcement had caught me by surprise. I stopped and quickly pressed down on the "Confirm" button before swearing, "Fucking hell! Why wouldn’t we want to fight invaders who are coming to raid our cities?"

According to the rules of Heavenblessed’s Nation Wars, one party had to make a declaration of war in order for that party to raid their opponent’s city. Moreover, the top hundred guilds in that nation’s server would all receive a notification once the declaration of war had been made. They would then choose whether to accept or reject the notice. Once all the requirements had been met, the players who were killed in an enemy server’s maps would not be able to enter those maps again for the next 72 hours.

Half a minute later, we heard another "ding" ring out in the air. A new system announcement has been made.



System Announcement: The requirements of Nation War have been met.

Hero City has declared war on China!

Seven Star City has declared war on China!

Titan City has declared war on China!

Hot Sand City has declared war on China!

Chariot City has declared war on China!

Burning City has declared war on China!

Sunset City has declared war on China!

Eternal Love City has declared war on China!


System Announcement: CGL player from China, Laughing At The Heavens, has been killed by Enlightened Heart (Korea)!


My eyes widen as I angrily muttered, "Fuck! How unfortunate!" Laughing At The Heavens had been killed before the announcement, so it technically didn't matter too much since he could still participate in the war. The problem was that his death was announced to the entire server. Their morale was sure to skyrocket after hearing the announcement of the death of a CGL Hall of Famer!

A bunch of archers in front of me pulled back their bowstrings as their leader laughed out loud and said, "Heh, I knew it. These CGL Hall of Famers don’t deserve their reputation. Comrades, continue the advance! We’ll charge into Dawn City and kill all 29 of those CGL Hall of Famers! Let’s show them the might of the Northern Alliance!"

Tempest Shadow immediately retreated into Windy Trail with a huge group of Candle Dragon players, leaving me all alone at the borders of the canyon.

The ground trembled under the stampede of horses as a large bunch of Hero City riders charged toward me. The magic knight at the forefront stared at me and gave a hearty laugh, "Look, a sheep ripe for the slaughter! That’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! One of the best players in China! He’s currently ranked second amongst the active players in the CGL Hall of Fame! Comrades, let’s kill him and parade his head through the streets of Dawn City. We’ll show these Chinese ladies what real warriors are made of, hahahaha…"

I frowned deeply as the Cyan Netherworld Sword glowed crimson with undead energy. I whipped my head up suddenly, red light bursting from my eyes, as I charged toward them!

"You wanna kill me? Then show me what you’ve got!"

I charged forward into the group of riders without a trace of fear. My sword flickered through the air three times, sending three of those mountain goat riders flying. Sparks flew in the air as my sword violently tore through their breastplates and pierced through flesh. Martial God’s 200% Attack buff was simply way too OP!

"Get lost!"

I turned my body and swung my sword as three burning crescents of sword energy slammed into a group of riders. Startling explosions rang out in the air as everyone retreated swiftly from the raging flames of my Burning Blade Slash. With just a single strike, I had nearly killed all of these riders from Titan City, and I wasn’t going to let them off the hook just yet. I grinned as I felt my arm go cold. That was the wind-up effect of Silver Dragon Storm!


Cries rang out as Silver Dragon Storm tore through a group of players and started to wreak havoc. The impressive blast left scores of enemy players dead. There were no survivors.

I tugged on the reins of the Ice Qilin Horse, causing it to zigzag across the ground as I charged toward my opponents, my sudden cuts allowing me to move out of the range of the enemy archers and mages. My sword continued to slash through the air as I penetrated a weak spot in their defensive formation, instantly one-shotting a bunch of archers and assassins. The art of war ultimately revolved around two principles, minimizing the amount of damage taken while maximizing the amount of damage dealt. This was the ideal way to fight.

The Phantom Wolf King flew through the crowd of enemy players with lightning speed. Its sharp claws tore through the leather armor of an archer before it opened its mouth wide and bit down on that hapless archer’s neck. Blood sprayed all over the place as the archer collapsed limply to the ground. When the mages around the Phantom Wolf King tried to use their magic to lock it down, it danced away, quick as lightning. It was simply impossible to restrain it. This group of players soon understood just how difficult it was to face off against an Immortal Rank boss pet.

Tempest Shadow was pushing his way through the chaotic battlefield as he brandished his spear and shouted angrily at me, "Fucking hell! Lu Chen, you bloody idiot! Why are you charging straight into the teeth of the enemy? Goddammit, do you really have no fear of death!? Hurry up and retreat! We’ll cover you while you retreat back to Dawn Canyon! We’re in the enemy’s territory right now!"

His words fell on deaf ears as I ignored him and continued to charge through the enemy lines. Hmph, Laughing At The Heavens' death had caused our morale to plummet, and now I had to salvage the situation! I would regain the honor that the Warsky Alliance had lost for us!


One of the enemy players had finally figured out what I was trying to do! It was a player with a crimson flag on his back standing in a crowd of people. His eyes turned as wide as saucers as he shouted, "That bastard… that bastard is targeting our Heroic Bannermen! He wants to kill the Heroic Bannermen!"

"Damn it! It’s not gonna happen!"

A bunch of battle-axe wielding berserk warriors rushed to the front of that Blazing Pulse assassin to shield him. It was this exact assassin who had stunned Laughing At The Heavens, giving other players the opportunity to kill him, which ultimately resulted in the announcement of the death of a CGL Hall of Famer.

Grasping the reins in one hand, I gave it a quick flick. The Ice Qilin Horse gave out a loud neigh and dashed forward. Stones and gravel flew from the ground as it zigzagged into the group of berserk warriors from the side. I spread my fingers as the Apparition Ring glowed brilliantly, summoning my apparition!


I shouted with a loud battlecry as my apparition brandished his sword and activated Purple Dragon Howl!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Purple Dragon Howl wreaked havoc among the enemies as a group of battle axe wielding warriors started to panic seeing their friends being one-shot. I swiftly activated Dark Pupils and my surroundings suddenly became so distinct and clear. I leaped forward and swung my sword, unleashing Thousand Ice Slash!


Streams of icy sword aura burst forth and exploded among a group of warriors as they cried out in agony. The explosions reverberated through the canyon and one-shot almost a hundred berserk warriors!

"Bastard, do you think you can kill me?"

The assassin Blazing Pulse lifted his dagger as he leaped backward abruptly, slipping into a void and entering into stealth mode. Unfortunately, he did not know that I had Dark Pupils and did not think that I was still able to see him even though he was invisible to others. Even though this assassin’s mechanical movements were exquisite, he was nothing compared to Farewell Song’s ghost-like movements. Even without the aid of Dark Pupils, I would still be able to tell his approximate position.

I swung my sword and thrust it in the neck of a magic knight. He cried out pitifully, unable to retaliate even though his sword was in his hands. Both he and his mount were dragged several steps before I pulled my sword out and dealt another blow, ending his misery instantly!

At this moment, the assassin charged swiftly at me, his blade glimmering with an icy chill!

"Heh, there you are!"

I chuckled as my horse lunged forward, enticing that assassin to gain speed and chase after us. However, I quickly pulled the reins and the Ice Qilin Horse rose on its two hind legs before stomping its front legs and activating War Crush!


Blazing Pulse had not expected me to pull such a move but reacted nimbly and leaped back to avoid being hit.

Unfortunately for him, I had great reflexes too. I pushed myself off the horse in a quick move and swiftly ran behind Blazing Pulse before locking my sights on a player right behind him and used Charge!


I stopped using Charge midway and swung my sword, releasing a crescent of sword energy right at Blazing Pulse’s back!

"God damn!"

Blazing Pulse’s gaze burned with passion, and his blade danced swiftly, meeting with my sword with a clang as he parried my attack. Moreover, a cold blast of energy accompanied that right dagger, clearly indicating that he was well-versed with his move.

I did a flip backward and smacked the ground with my left palm as my crimson cape danced behind me. I stretched out my right leg and did a high kick, landing a hit on my opponent’s armpit!


My attack was extremely powerful! That single kick shaved off so much of his health. Blazing Pulse stumbled back clumsily and, taking advantage of that opening, I did a quick drop and roll. A swirling crimson energy formed on my blade before swinging my sword and unleashing it at my opponent’s legs!


Blazing Pulse screamed in agony as he collapsed to his knees. I did another roll on the ground toward him and swiftly plunged my sword through his chest. In a low voice, I growled, "Die!"



Blazing Pulse’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked down at my Cyan Netherworld Sword that nailed him between the crevice of two boulders. Without any priests to heal him, he was utterly doomed.


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that Heroic Bannerman, Blazing Pulse (Korea), has been killed by Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (China)!



I abruptly pulled my sword out of his chest before doing a backflip. My Ice Qilin Horse ran to my side and I swiftly flipped myself over its back. Grasping its reins, I gave it a quick flick as it charged forward at lightning speed, leaving the attack range of Galaxy Storm and Spiraling Arrow Blade. I would have certainly died if my mount had been any slower.

I glanced at my HP bar which was at 50% and heaved a sigh of relief. I was so fortunate to be able to eliminate a Heroic Bannerman and escape unscathed!

I glanced to my left at the Phantom Wolf King near me as it continued to fight alongside me with 45% of its health, gunning for the Northern Alliance players who fought alone. Numerous Korean and American players were gathered there, both countries top-tier when it came to virtual gaming competitions. Both were homes for many elites, evident from Blazing Pulse’s exceptional mechanical skills. Unfortunately for him, he met me.


System Announcement (Player Hot and Sour Noodles Shout): I, Zhang Chun will give out Nation Wars commands through system announcements from now on! And erm…. Lu Chen, you should return to Dawn City quickly. If you die, we lose one of our leaders. This is my first command!


I snorted indignantly but did not comment any further. I stared at a crimson flag in the distance before narrowing my eyes when I recognized the Heroic Bannerman. He was the Dawn Archer, Frosty Night!


I raised my Cyan Netherworld sword and swung it down, killing a few Northern Alliance archers and regained some health before continuing my killing spree. There are almost a hundred Heroic Bannermen, how is killing only one gonna affect our warriors’ morale?!

Frosty Night stared back at me without a thread of fear in his eyes. He gripped his bow and pulled its string back before releasing seven brilliantly-glowing arrows straight at me!

I increased my movement speed and immediately waved my sword to block the incoming arrows. Sparks flew from my sword as I blocked two of the arrows. At the same time, I lifted my armored left hand and accurately caught an arrow with a loud bang!

I grimaced as the other three arrows managed to pierce me. What a skilled archer!

Every arrow shaved off 10000 of my health and so, I had lost almost 30000 HP. Frosty Night gritted his teeth and muttered, "What the heck… how is this possible? How can this be an actual human being’s reaction speed?"


The Phantom Wolf King raised his head and howled, unleashing Purgatory Storm upon Frosty Night!

Frosty Night gasped in shock and jumped backward, retreating instantly!

Meanwhile, I adopted a two-pronged approach. I activated Dragon Slaying Slash and hurled the Cyan Netherworld Sword, unleashing Sword Boomerang!


Both the spiraling blade and Dragon Slaying Slash landed on Frosty Night’s weak points. His face turned ashened with shock before collapsing onto the ground.


The blade tore through armor and pierced through flesh. Frosty Night was a top-tier archer but he was caught off-guard and was slaughtered by my two-skill combo!



Lady luck was definitely not on his side, the Sword Boomerang had actually landed a critical hit on him!


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that Heroic Bannerman, Frosty Night (Korea), has been killed by Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (China)!

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