Chapter 716: Dawn Archer


I grinned at the sweet sound of my sword piercing through my enemy’s armor. A dozen Titan City’s magic knights were one-shot instantly under the consecutive attacks from my Cyan Netherworld Sword.

"Damn it, who the hell is this guy? Why is he so powerful?" Many of the Northern Alliance players shouted with anger. Windy Trail was filled with their allies and they held the advantage in the current battle situation.

"Look! He has a CGL symbol at the end of his ID!"

An archer with blond hair and blue eyes raised his bow and shouted, "I know that symbol, it represents the elites of China! There are only 29 CGL Hall of Famers in the entire China! Everyone, attack! Once we eliminate him, the morale of the Northern Alliance will be greatly boosted!"

I gave a small smirk as a group of players started to charge at me. In the next instant, I summoned the Phantom Wolf King and unleashed Claw of the Storm. The skies turned crimson as dense dark clouds started to gather and countless lightning bolts lit up the skies. The winds started blowing heavily and in the next short few seconds, a dozen tornadoes were formed in the narrow canyon, wreaking havoc among the enemies!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless players were swept into the tornadoes as blazing winds of fire and ice blades tore through the Northern Alliance players. The Phantom Wolf King was already a Level 159 Immortal Rank pet, making its skills and damage exceptionally powerful. Its skills were definitely not something that this bunch of players could withstand.


"Mages, focus your firepower and eliminate this asshole!"

Someone among the crowd gave an order and soon, a large swarm of mages with the yin-yang symbol of Korea’s flag appeared before me. They were high-level mages who were above Level 150 and their attacks were not to be trifled with!

"Give them a Galaxy Storm! Let these China players have a taste of our attacks!"

Countless Galaxy Storm started to rain down on me at the command of a Level 154 mage at the frontlines. Players around me started to cry out in agonizing pain when the Galaxy Storms pierced through their armor. The attacks of these bunch of mages were ridiculously powerful! Even though I had great Magic Resist, I still managed to lose 30000 HP in a matter of six seconds! How could the normal players be able to withstand such powerful attacks?

I gritted my teeth as I looked around at my allies who collapsed instantly under the heavy fire of the enemies, lining the ground with their potions and equipment. I was all that was left as I turned and faced the sea of Korean players. Their national flag symbol above them blended into an ocean of white while the red 5-starred flag above my head stood all alone.

I brandished my sword and urged my Ice Qilin Horse forward with an angry roar. Charging forward, I swung my sword and unleashed Thousand Ice Slash!


The energy of my sword turned into frost aura that covered the group of enemies amid an explosion. The large patch of mages brought their Magic Shields up to defend themselves. The AoE skill made a dent in them and some of the mages were even frozen. However, none of them were one-shot and I had only managed to shave off half of their Magic Shields’ durability. God dammit! These mages are too powerful, my attacks can no longer one-shot them!

"Attack, little wolf!"

I growled as the Phantom Wolf King and I dashed forward at lightning speed. I violently swung my sword at the frontmost and highest-leveled mage with Universe Break, unleashing an indigo spiral of energy right at his chest. It penetrated through his Magic Shield and hit him smack on the armor, dealing damage of 31723!


The mage’s eyes turned as wide as saucers and let out a pitiful wail. He had not expected my attacks to be this powerful and my lightning-speed moves did not give him a chance to dodge. At least his horizons were broadened after witnessing my Universe Break which was a skill that was similar to Barrier Break and I reckon that he died without any grievances.


A bunch of Titan City players charged forward, coordinating perfectly with a group of Korean mages. A dozen magic knight riders brandished their sword as a swirling blaze started to form on their tips. They surrounded me and swiftly unleashed Barrier Breaks and the spiraling energies, headed straight for me. God damn, such perfect coordination. These players must be the elites of the Northern Alliance, otherwise they would not have such great rapport.

I sucked in a deep breath and waited for an opportunity to present itself. The moment the enemy lunged for me, I smacked my mount and moved swiftly in a Z line, appearing on their right and penetrated through their battle formation. My sword trembled as I swung it and feigned three attacks.

Chiang! Chiang! Chiang!

Sparks flew as I held up my sword and parried three consecutive Barrier Breaks from my enemies.

"What? Is that...even possible?!"

Three Titan City’s warriors stood rooted in shock as they had not expected that the invincible Barrier Break could be so easily parried by a player. They had probably never seen such a feat before this. This move however, was actually a simple feat to me because of my top-notch mechanical skills and top-tier equipment. Also, I had experimented with this move countless times before I could execute it perfectly.

Grasping the perfect timing, I abruptly pulled on the reins of my mount. The Ice Qilin Horse quickly dug its hooves deep into the ground and skidded to a stop as I swept my sword across and unleashed Burning Blade Slash!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three crescents of flaming sword energy exploded among a group of sixth-promotion mages. The Thousand Ice Slash I had unleashed previously had shaved off more than 50% of their Magic Shields’ durability. Without giving them a chance to recover, I unleashed three consecutive blows of Burning Blade Slash the moment I saw an opening. The first and second blow cracked their Magic Shields and the bunch of mages turned ashened at the force of the third blow. No one had expected a warrior to be this powerful, or his attack range to be so ridiculously long!

Cries of desperation rang out as more than twenty sixth-promotion mages had collapsed under the power of Burning Blade Slash. They died with their eyes wide open, outraged that their collective efforts were still not enough to deal with me. Neither did they expect my attack range to be so extensive.

"God dammit, this rascal is so powerful! Attack quickly, kill him!"

The Northern Alliance players started to panic out of fear. However, at this moment, a Level 158 elite archer appeared, wearing leather armor and holding a bow in his hand. A crimson flag appeared on his back and a golden halo surrounded his feet. This was the Northern Alliance’s Heroic Bannerman!

I activated Dark Pupils and the stats of that player were revealed to me.


ID: Frosty Night (Korea)

Level: 158

Class: Dawn Archer

Attack: 2984~4140

Defense: 3370

HP: 69035

Skills: ???


Damn it! Such a high Attack! It even reached a maximum of 4140 which was even higher than Beiming Xue and not much lower than mine. Even his HP almost reached 70000! Can such an archer even exist? Only god knows how good this player’s equipment is. Such an opponent will be a big thorn in our side!

The Northern Alliance started to calm down at the appearance of Frosty Night because he was a Heroic Bannerman. As their leader, his appearance demands their immediate submission!

Frosty Night looked straight at me as he gripped his bow and shouted, "This man is the 7th CGL Hall of Famer! If he dies, it will smash the morale of all of China’s players! I will keep him busy while the magic knights stab him with Barrier Break! As for the archers and priests, attack together and restrain him!"

Before he even finished his sentence, countless battlecries started to ring out. I hurriedly tugged on the reins of the mount while commanding the little wolf to attack and draw their attention while I attacked from the opposite side. I have to avoid their vanguard first before forming a plan to get rid of that Heroic Bannerman, Frosty Night. Hmph, that guy looks like a formidable opponent!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosive Arrows, Shock Arrows and other skills started to explode all around me. The Ice Qilin Horse cried out in pain while I gritted my teeth when my HP had been reduced from 160000 to 70000 in the blink of an eye. I whipped out my precious Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potion swiftly and drowned it to recover some health.

"Trying to focus fire on me? Die, you retards!"

I turned around suddenly and hurled my sword with a loud cry. The Cyan Netherworld Sword left my hands and spiraled through the air, generating powerful tornadoes as it spun through the air. Ultimately headed for Frosty Night, it skewered all the enemies in its path!


Frosty Night sneered before leaping backward nimbly, the Sword Boomerang narrowly missing his nose. God damn, such precise judgement!

However, the spiraling blade continued to penetrate through the enemy archers. Even though it missed Frosty Night, the others were instantly killed. Given my powerful attacks, I am able to one-shot even those clad in leather armor.


Frosty Night only took a few steps back before leaping forward and positioned his bow. Cocking his head slightly to the side, he pulled the string of his bow and a glowing arrow started to form. In the next instant, he released his fingers and the arrow started to fly!


My body trembled as that glowing arrow pierced my chest, shaving 17364 of my health. The Dawn Archer had released Arrow of Light! What a powerful attacking skill!


Frosty Night arched his brow and said, "What is this Defense?! The CGL Hall of Famers truly do live up to their name…"


The Phantom Wolf King unleashed Claw of the Storm as it exploded among the enemy. Frosty Night was within its attacking radius and so, he was forced to retreat, but a dragon’s howl rang out and a cyan energy blade pierced him squarely on his shoulder!



Frosty Night turned pale with shock, jumped backward and retreated swiftly after being pierced by my Dragon Slaying Slash. He knew that if he faced me head-on, he could very well be one-shot if I used another fatal skill. A melee fighter with ranged skills at his disposal was definitely someone he would not be able to kill!


Meanwhile, I continued to fight and retreat simultaneously. My health had dropped to 50000 which was less than a third of my HP bar. It would be very easy for my enemies to kill me if I decided to charge forward with such low health. Moreover, I had caught the attention of an elite of the Northern Alliance. I could be easily one-shot if I made any rash moves.

Right at this moment, our reinforcements arrived. Two elite magic knights dashed forward and shouted, "Don’t retreat! Everyone come with me and attack! Let’s slaughter these Northern Alliance assholes!"

Relief washed over me as I glanced backward to see two CGL Hall of Famers, Laughing At The Heavens and Tempest Shadow, rushing toward me. Even though they were not highly ranked, they still belonged to the CGL Hall of Fame.

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