Chapter 715: Official Confrontation

How time flies! In the blink of an eye, it's already 10:25 pm. Alright! The server has reopened!


I went online with a bright flash and appeared in my personal tent, located in the canyon. Grasping my sword, I slowly stepped out of the tent only to be greeted by numerous densely packed tents before me. Many players had logged in the second that the server had reopened. Countless tents started to vanish one by one as players stepped out of it.

I looked at the distant vast open plains and saw thousands of tents that seemed to stretch on for miles, their lamps flickering under the stars. Many players had even decided to set up bonfires to illuminate the dark night.

Wow, I can’t believe that Nation Wars are actually going to start at night!


At this moment, someone in the crowd of players shouted, "What the hell! I have news from the frontlines that the Northern Alliance players on the other side of Windy Trail had already woken up. All of them had entered Windy Trail and both parties had already started to engage in battle! Be careful everyone!"

Players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls came online one by one. Players of other random guilds started to grow nervous as our opponents were 2 to 4 times more numerous than the players we had in all three major cities. Moreover, troops had to be deployed to defend the major cities as well, further reducing the number of people that could be dispatched to Windy Trail and Dawn City’s defense. We could not afford to be careless about this, otherwise it would be utterly embarrassing for us.

I summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and the Phantom Wolf King as I jumped up onto high ground. Pulling my sword out of its sheath, my equipment started to glow brilliantly and even my game ID had been revealed. Raising my glowing Cyan Netherworld Sword, I shouted, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, we will guard this place with our lives! Kill any enemy that dares to step foot on our soil. Party up and prepare for battle!"

The players of the smaller guilds turned quiet and started to calm down at my speech. They were reassured that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had their backs and CGL Hall of Famers would fight alongside them. Leaders were absolutely necessary in this era of the Nation Wars. Having a CGL Hall of Famer lead the way would encourage and ignite the fighting spirits of countless players!

He Yi, Beiming Xue, and the others started to come online, appearing near me.

Remembering Moonkiss’s words, I walked to He Yi’s side and said, "Eve, form a powerful party of magic knights and aid Blazing Hot Lips. The Dragonlight Cavalry and Cyan Tiger Cavalry will remain here. Please allow me to assume command over these two cavalries for this Nation War!"

He Yi nodded her head and smiled, "Alright, I’ll leave them to you!"

I contacted Li Chengfeng and Gui Guzi instantly, both of them being the commanders of the Dragonlight Cavalry and Cyan Tiger Cavalry respectively. I would have to go through both of them to assume command of both cavalries.

I urged my mount forward and entered the depths of the canyon. I spotted Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, and the others riding on their mounts, waiting for me from a distance. More than twenty of them were dressed in the Dragonblade set, looking rather magnificent and pleasing to the eye.

"Boss Broken Halberd!" Gui Guzi gripped his pike and smiled when he saw me draw near. "What is our plan?"

I shook my head and said, "We don’t have one at the moment. We need to send scouts to gather some information and assess the battle situation before making any plans."

Li Chengfeng nodded his head in agreement and said, "Ok, Cute Little Naughty had already sent out her scouts. More than 10000 Ancient Sword Dreaming assassins had been scattered among the battlefield, ready to assassinate the enemy’s priests and archers at will. Lu Chen, when will our Dragonlight Cavalry move out?"

I paused for a moment to think before replying, "Be patient Chengfeng. I will take command over both calvaries in this battle. All commands will come from me personally, all other commands are not to be obeyed, understand?"

"Yessir!" Li Chengfeng smirked with glee and said, "It’s a good thing that you’re taking command. If it were Xu Yang, I’m sure that we would be sent to our deaths…"

Xu Yang grabbed his sword and replied, "You asshole, stop making fun of me. I didn’t say I want to be the commander…"

I laughed and spoke in a gentle tone, "The Dragonlight Cavalry is our final ace and we can’t show our hand until the last moment. We will sound the Dragonlight Cavalry war horn only when the Northern Alliance enters into the canyon. Remember, we thrive on the open plains, not in canyons. We won’t go there, otherwise we will just be asking for death. It would be a complete waste if we do that."

"Mn, I agree!” Li Chengfeng nodded his head in agreement.

I gripped my sword and said, "Chengfeng, Little Gui, stay and guard this place while I go to the frontlines and assess the situation. I may even be of some help while I’m there, heh!"

Li Chengfeng pouted and said, "I really wanna go too but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to withstand the powerful attacks of the enemy. Having said that… Lu Chen, you’d better not die. If you do, our morale will be terribly affected…"

I chuckled and replied, "Don’t worry, I have over 100000 HP and my Defense is much higher than yours. If I really do get surrounded and am on the brink of death, I’ll just enter invincibility state and crush a teleportation scroll…"

"Haha, you’re too despicable."


I pulled on the reins of my mount and turned around as I activated the Bloodknight Card and downed a Rank 9 Health Potion. Pure Love buffed me with Physique while I activated Martial God and smiled in glee as my health points rose to 165661. Tsk tsk, my new Dragonlight Helmet added a whopping 12000 HP, making me beyond strong. I still had such high HP even though I hadn’t been buffed by He Yi’s Royal Road. The Northern Alliance was going to have a hard time dealing with me!

"Lu Chen, wait!"

I turned my head to look at Chaos Moon when I heard her voice. "You have to beware of those Northern Alliance players with a crimson flag on their backs. Those are top-tier players and even you may not be able to fight against them if two or three of them manage to surround you!"

"Oh? Crimson flag? What’s that?" I asked puzzledly.

Chaos Moon frowned and said, "Sigh, do you not read the forums? A few countries in the Northern Alliance share a single server, with America as their core country. Very much like our CGL Hall of Fame, their players would also vote for the top elites of their server. These top players are known as ‘Heroic Bannermen’ and a crimson flag is shown on their backs. They have less than a hundred of such players but if you do meet them, you must be careful!"

"Alright, I got it!"

I muttered in a low voice, "I will be careful. Heroic Bannermen huh. Interesting!"


Amid the sound of hooves, the Ice Qilin Horse left Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ defense region and continued forward. The flat ground began to narrow, forcing me to stick close to the mountain range and travel through the forest. As I continued forward I saw countless Blazing Hot Lips players laying out their defenses. Their warriors brandished their shields by the edge of the forest while their ranged players stood guard behind them.

Because they had the high ground, their shooting range would be increased by a whole two hundred yards. If they worked together with Warsky Alliance who was on the other mountain range, their firepower would be able to envelop the entire Windy Trail. As long as the warriors in the canyon are able to withstand their opponent’s attacks, it is completely possible to cause fatal damage to the Northern Alliance’s army.

"Hey, Lu Chen!"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes appeared among the crowd with her staff in hand and greeted me, "Where are you going?"

"I’m gonna take a look at the frontlines!"

"So you’re asking for death, huh?"

"That’s right!"

I urged my mount forward into a run as I heard Stranger of Three Lifetimes giggling behind me.

Windy Trail was getting more and more narrow as the area in front grew dim. The mountain ranges on both sides of the canyon looked like giants, making Windy Trail look extremely narrow in comparison. However, hundreds of thousand players were squeezed into the narrow canyon. Flashes of light rays from magic spells and skills lighted up the canyon as the battle raged on.

I came to a halt as the canyon became too crowded, then turned the reins of my mount and decided to climb up the rocks at the borders of the canyon. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse was able to climb to places that players on foot could not. My Phantom Wolf King stretched out its claws and grasped the rock firmly, climbing up the rocks alongside me. Since we’ve even scaled Ice Dragon Ridge before, this canyon is nothing compared to that.

As my mount ran on top of the mountain range, I glanced below at the intense battle. Countless players were engaged in battle and it was getting hard to tell friend from foe. Galaxy Storms and Spiraling Arrow Blades exploded among the masses, blasting armored players into pieces and spilling fresh blood to fertilize the hot soil.

A proud feeling warmed my chest at the sight of this group of players trying their best to resist the enemy. Among this group, some of them might even belong to the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Even though they knew that death was inevitable, they were still willing to fight and buy us time. These players are truly brave warriors!


Not far from me, a magic knight riding on a black antelope shouted as the star and stripe symbol floated above him. It was a player from America’s Titan City! I frowned as I did not understand a single word that he spoke due to my poor command of english and all I caught was the word ‘fuck’. He looked intimidating and ruthless on his mount as he hacked away at his enemies. His level was extremely high and he wore exceptional equipment, putting him in a cut above the rest. A group of players behind him were also from Titan City and had been wreaking havoc for a long time, eliminating countless China players.

I swiftly activated the system’s translation service that translated any foreign language to mandarin before continuing forward.

A Level 146 Warsky Alliance player raised his sword and yelled, "Attack! Slaughter those antelope bastards! They’ve killed too many of us!"

The group of antelope-riding magic knights laughed and shouted brashly, "These stupid Chinese players are seeking death. Do they honestly think that they can fight against our Northern Alliance’s tanks? Hahaha, we will flatten Dawn City and wipe out the entire China server! Just you wait and see!"

The bunch of magic knights lunged forward as a swirl of energy formed on the tips of their swords and executed Barrier Break. The Level 146 Warsky Alliance player collapsed instantly without even putting up a fight.

The antelope riders smirked maliciously as they swept their swords, unleashing various skills among their enemies!


A dozen melee and ranged players were hit by the enemy riders. Ranged players were one-shot and collapsed under the powerful attack of the enemy. The antelope riders had been buffed by Encourage VII and other stratagems, increasing their Attack by 100%!

"God dammit, we can’t hold on any longer!"

A few Warsky Alliance players panicked and retreated swiftly. They were the vanguards and yet, they were unable to withstand Titan City’s elite magic knights.

At this moment, I gripped my Cyan Netherworld Sword and jumped down from the boulder. In midair, I shouted, "Stand aside! I’ll deal with them!"


"Ah, it’s… it’s Broken Halberd Sinks into Sand!"

The faces of a few Warsky Alliance players lit up and the crowd quickly parted like the Red Sea. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse landed on the ground and immediately charged at a few Titan City players!

"Oh? A pro is here?!" A magic knight riding on an antelope laughed loudly and shouted, "Attack! Eliminate him!"


I chuckled inwardly and spurred on my mount. It suddenly ran forward and executed a helix maneuver!

The Phantom Wolf King and I had excellent rapport and completed an intersecting double S maneuver. While charging at the side of the antelope rider, I made a sudden turn and aimed for his back instead. I swung my sword violently and unleashed Barrier Break + Pardon + a basic attack!




The magic knight was one-shot without a doubt as he collapsed to the ground with a groan. I turned my body to the side and unleashed three crescents of projected sword energy, forcing the dozen sixth-promotion Earthfire Realm players back. Once my six-second skill combo cooldown was up, I activated Burning Blade Slash again and sent three surges of blazing energy hurling into the group of players!

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