Chapter 707: Necklace of Azure Pupil

After deciding the future owner of the Dragonlight Shatter, He Yi secretly traded the war hammer back to me and sent me a message, "I think it’s better if you speak to High Fighting Spirits yourself. Sell it to him for 100k and tell him that he’s getting the weapon whether he likes it or not. Tell him that we expect him to carry the title of the strongest barbarian warrior of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

I gave her a reassuring smile and replied, "Don’t worry, High Fighting Spirits is a passionate and loyal guy. He won’t let the weapon go to waste or bring shame to our guild!"

He Yi smiled back before saying out loud, "Now, let’s check out the last equipment drop, shall we?"


I picked up the necklace. The pendant was shaped like a silvery round moon, but it was surrounded by a red, flame-like aura. Despite the contrasting energies, I could feel a tremendous power seeping into my palm. The necklace clearly had amazing stats, and judging from its appearance, it was most likely another Heaven-grade item. I brought up its stats screen, and just as expected—


Necklace of Azure Pupil (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Agility: +280

Stamina: +275

Intelligence: +240

Tactics: +59

Passive: Increases user’s physical ranged attack power by 50%

Passive: Increases user's max HP by 20%

Slot: 7

Outstanding Property: Azure Pupil. 30% chance to land a critical hit on the next attack.

Level Requirement: 150


"Oh? A Heaven-grade necklace?" The corners of my lips turned upward. "This is the first Heaven-grade necklace in the entire server. Hahaha, our luck is truly off the charts today!"

Murong Mingyue chuckled. "Since this one adds physical ranged attack power, it’s Lil Beiming’s!"

Beiming Xue stared at the necklace admiringly and said, "Wah, this necklace is even more beautiful than the one I’m wearing right now…"

"Take it. You’re the only one who can use it anyway."

"Mn mn, thank you, big bro!"

Beiming Xue quickly equipped the Necklace of Azure Pupil, and the way the pendant hung between Beiming Xue’s breasts was so attractive that I actually lost my train of thought for a moment. She even looked seductive when she glanced downward to examine the necklace. The young girl had grown up a lot for sure.

"Well, all that’s left is the small stuff. Let’s distribute them quickly and get back to sealing Dragonlight Armored Horses!"

I flipped over the boss's body and found a ton of Purple Crystals beneath it. In fact, there was even a golden Divine Crystal in the midst. I held up the item and let out a sigh of admiration. "Holy shit, I heard that a 1 Quality Divine Crystal of worth 1000 gold, so that means that a 100 Quality Divine Crystal can be sold for 100k…"

He Yi tilted her head a bit as she urged me, "So? What’s the quality of this Divine Crystal?"

I glanced at its stats before grinning uncontrollably. "It’s 92. Hahaha, this thing is worth 92k RMB! We’re rich…"

"Let’s split the money between us then…"


I put away the Divine Crystal and gave everyone the appropriate sum of money in exchange. No one was taken advantage of.

It didn’t look like the boss dropped anything else, and when I tried using Death Plunder on it, I only got a shoddy scale that was a Rank 8 armorsmithing material. At our level, the material was almost useless to us because both my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor or He Yi’s chest armor were far better than anything this material could make.

It was at this moment I glimpsed a ray of indigo light coming from a pit beneath the boss's body.

"Come on, Lu Chen! It’s time to get back to the Dragonlight Armored Horses!"


"What’s wrong?" He Yi looked back at me.

I got off my mount and removed the leg that was blocking my view. After I pushed away the soil covering the item, a round, indigo object appeared before us. I could actually feel a tinge of faint warmth when I touched its surface.

"Huh? What… what is this thing?" The girls exclaimed in astonishment.

When I picked it up and waved my hand across it, the girls’ astonishment turned into full blown shock—

Dragonlight Spirit Beast (Pet Egg): Earth Rank Boss Mount. Incubation Level Requirement: 150. Reputation Cost: 40000. Gold Cost: 20000


"Holy shit, it’s a Level 150 Earth Rank Boss mount…" I gasped. It was at the same level as the Armored Ice Qilin Horse! This was the true reward my Luck stat had led us to!

Murong Mingyue burst into laughter. "This is awesome! This means that Eve doesn’t need to ride a common Dragonlight Armored Horse like everyone else! Lu Chen, this Dragonlight Spirit Beast is Eve’s, you hear me? You can’t keep this for yourself when you have the Armored Ice Qilin Horse already…"

"But of course!" I smiled and passed the egg to He Yi. "In fact, you should hatch it right now, Eve. Our task would be easier with the king of the Dragonlight Armored Horses aiding us!"

He Yi was so happy that cheeks were rosy. She carefully dripped a drop of blood onto the egg to confirm her ownership, and a second later, a mature Dragonlight Armored Horse that was as big as the Armored Ice Qilin Horse manifested into existence with a long neigh. Appearance-wise, it looked very similar to the Armored Ice Qilin Horse except that it had three horns. It was also way larger than a normal Dragonlight Armored Horse!

After He Yi climbed up the mount, she exclaimed in astonishment, "Oh wow, my HP just increased by a lot…"

I nodded smilingly. "Very good. Now we can continue sealing more Dragonlight Armored Horses and build a cavalry of eternal victory!"

"Mn mn. Let’s go!"

Our beautiful guild leader’s confidence skyrocketed like never before. In fact, her strength had climbed to a whole new height, and her Attack wasn’t too far behind mine after she gained the top-tier mount.


After that, the five of us continued to search for more Dragonlight Armored Horses amid the endless mist. Looking at the time and the size of the map, we should be done more or less when our time limit was up.

However, the grind screeched to a halt at around 5 pm or so. It was because the girls couldn’t hold on any longer.

"Ai, we’ve been online for 22 hours straight. I’m almost certain the dark circles around my eyes right now can rival Kung Fu Panda’s. What should I do…" Beiming Xue complained with a sigh.

He Yi nodded. "Yeah. Now that I think about it, I have a board of directors meeting to hold the day after tomorrow. So torturous…"

Murong Mingyue also said, "You age faster if you burn the midnight oil, and more importantly… I’m so hungry I could die…"

Unwilling to push the girls any harder than this, I said, "Log out and eat your dinner. Rest until midnight, then come back and grind until the time limit is up. This map is simply too precious to waste."

"What about you?" He Yi asked me.

"I can still continue. I can fight the minibosses here alone, and I have a body double and the Phantom Wolf King. Also, don’t forget that I have the God Binding Art and ranged skills like the Dragon Slaying Slash. The grind won’t tax me too much. Also, I’m going to avoid fighting the mobs if possible and focus on sealing the Rare mounts only!"

"Okay. But you should at least eat dinner with us before you get back to the grind!"



We set up our tents and logged out of the game. We agreed to meet up again at 12 am sharp.

I got ready to log back into the game after eating dinner with the girls. At least 15% of the map was still unexplored, and I couldn’t let even a millimeter of it go to waste. For every Dragonlight Armored Horse I captured, a new top-tier rider was born in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!

During the meal, Murong Mingyue said while staring at some data on her notebook, "Chaos Moon sure is an efficient worker. She has already created the ranking we asked her to. It looks like everyone is grinding levels like mad for the past few days, hehe. There are over 800 players in the main guild above Level 150 and after sixth promotion, and over 4000 players who are Level 149. I reckon that the number of Level 150 players will reach 3000 by tomorrow afternoon!"

"That’s amazing!" I laughed while tearing a piece of cooked beef.

"Oh right, how many Dragonlight Armored Horses have we captured so far, Lu Chen?" He Yi asked.

I thought for a moment before answering, "I think it’s around 1400 or so. After tonight, we should be able to seal close to 2000 Dragonlight Armored Horses. After today, our best cavalry will be welcoming a new upgrade! The Cyan Battle Tigers are nothing compared to the Dragonlight Armored Horses!"

He Yi nodded in agreement. "That’s true. The Dragonlight Armored Horses are Spirit Rank Miniboss mounts after all. Of course the Cyan Battle Tigers are inferior to them."

Murong Mingyue said, "Now that more and more players are hitting their sixth class promotion, I’m expecting the devs to unleash the Nation Wars patch very soon. When that happens, all the maps situated in between the main cities will disappear, and the borders will be clearly defined. The Nation War is the perfect time for our Dragonlight Cavalry to make its name and conquer the world!"

I chuckled. "Don’t get arrogant. Otherwise, the Dragonlight Cavalry might just break and sink into sand…"

"What the fuck! Why are you cursing our own cavalry?"

"Fine, I’ll say something nice. Sis, it looks like you’ve grown bigger in the past two days…"

"Is that so?"

Murong Mingyue looked down at herself. "What a conundrum. I’ve almost ran out of underwear shops at this point…"

I suggested, "You can always wear a dudou like the ancients, you know?"

"Fuck off, who will want me if they sag? You?!"

"It’s fine, your baby won’t need to worry about the quality of their powdered milk at least…"

"Go to hell!"

Both Murong Mingyue and I had turned complete red by this point. The problem with NSFW dialogues was that they were impossible to stop once they began!

Beiming Xue kept digging into her food and pretended that she had no idea what we were talking about. He Yi was already used to this, so she simply smiled gracefully like a mother watching over her arguing children.


The girls went to bed immediately after they finished dinner. Pretty girls needed sleep to maintain their beauty, and they certainly had suffered enough in the past few days. They would definitely beat me up if I tried to push them any further.

I, on the other hand, was a camel of gaming, so I logged back into the game after relieving myself in the WC. Sigh, I definitely feel more like a mule than a human these past couple days!


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