Chapter 706: Dragonlight Shatter

Resurrection Art, activate!


Golden light surged toward the sky as a pair of translucent wings appeared behind my back before vanishing into my armor. Visually my avatar hadn’t changed whatsoever, but Resurrection Art was definitely online. The boss would have a much harder time to kill me now.

I pressed my sword to the King of Strange Beasts’ weak point and unleashed Burning Blade Slash, deleting an entire chunk of HP. However, it continued to ignore me and channel Stampede of the Hundred Beasts almost as if it knew that I would die as long as it kept this up. Certainly, I couldn’t withstand its ultimate for more than 10 seconds even with the Armored Ice Qilin Horse empowering me.

Crack crack...

My body shook like a leaf as countless blue energies penetrated my body. Finally, I died where I stood!

However, I received a system notice saying that I had come back to life. It was Immortality that revived me back to life!

At this point, I threw all caution to the wind and attacked its weak point with everything I got. After all the trouble it put me through today, I swore I was going to cut down the animal no matter what!

Stampede of the Hundred Beasts continued to impact my body until finally, I died a second time. This time I wasn’t lucky enough to trigger the passive revival, so I had no choice but to revive myself at the cost of a level. The moment I did so, a golden light flew away from my body and vanished into the sky. God dammit, an entire Level worth of experience was gone just like that!

I continued hacking away at the boss's weak point until it was an unrecognizable mess of flesh and blood. The size of the weak point also grew as more and more dragon scales fell off. In pain, the boss's bloodcurdling screams resounded non-stop inside the canyon.

Swhoosh swhoosh...

Another two animalistic energies penetrated my body and deleted more than half of my 130k health pool in an instant. It wasn’t long before I died again without triggering Immortality, and was forced to revive myself at the cost of one Level!

Luckily, Resurrection Art kept me from losing my equipment, and since my death wasn’t a "true" death I didn’t even need to reapply my buffs. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse and I simply rose back to our feet and hacked away at the boss's weak point like zombies. Speaking of which, the Phantom Wolf King had died and returned to the pet space a long time ago, and behind me Beiming Xue and Moonlight Stone had dropped a pair of boots and a necklace each. It looked like the girls were even unluckier than me today, seeing as they had dropped an equipment upon death.


Inside the party channel, He Yi asked me, "How is it going, Lu Chen?"

"I died three times and lost two levels…"


Beiming Xue said encouragingly, "Big bro, we’ll be there in three minutes, so hang on…"

"Sure, I’ll do my best…"


I didn’t stop swinging my sword while I was chatting with the girls as a matter of course. The good news was that Stampede of the Hundred Beasts only lasted about 120 seconds or so, and I finally triggered Immortality again when I died for the fourth time, reviving at no cost to myself!

"Roar roar!"

After the King of Strange Beasts had done channeling its ultimate, it let out an angry roar and attempted to gore me with its horns. God damn, this motherfucker had used its Dragonblade Pierce immediately after it used its ultimate. How bullshit was that? Of course I couldn’t let it get the better of me, so I crossed my sword in front of me and used Guard. I was the only player in the area, so I didn’t need to worry about OT.

Bang bang bang!

A ripple spread around my body every time I took a hit. It looked like a full Guard was stronger than a magic knight’s Holy Shield because I only lose 30k HP or so after the attack. It was within my ability to withstand for sure.

I raised my hand and used the God Binding Art!

Four divine weapons fell from the sky and surrounded the boss, forming a barrier.This time, it shackled the near berserk boss almost perfectly. Finally, after failing to take effect countless times in the past, God Binding Art finally worked on the boss. Maybe it was because it had lost too much health, or maybe it was because a huge hole had appeared in its defenses. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that God Binding Art had bought me some much needed breathing room and reduced my chances of dying again. After all, who in their right mind would want to lose a level if they had any other choice? If this boss wasn’t a legendary Heaven Rank super boss, I would’ve invincible teleported back to the main city a long time ago! I would gladly surrender my role to anyone who was willing to throw their Level away like it was nothing!


While the boss was immobilized, I moved as far away as I could before tossing Dragon Slaying Slashes toward its head. After all the damage I did, its HP had dropped to 8% or so. It was very close to passing through death’s door now.

Not far behind me, reinforcements had finally arrived. It was He Yi and Murong Mingyue riding together on one horse. The Dragonlight Armored Horse was swift, so He Yi brought Murong Mingyue over first. It was the right decision because a priest was exactly what we needed to guarantee our survivability.

"Let’s go!"

I let out a chuckle and raced toward the boss again.

Two minutes later, Beiming Xue and Moonlight Stone returned as well. With Freezing Arrows, Ice Dragon Howls and more crowd control skills reducing the boss's mobility, our inevitable victory became even more secure.

The King of Strange Beasts kept roaring angrily, but there wasn’t really anything it could do to threaten us. Both He Yi and I were top-tier main tanks were a ridiculous amount of HP and Defense, and as powerful as it was it lacked the ability to one-shot either of us. If we were a normal Level 140 hundred-man party, the King of Strange Beasts could’ve one-shot the frontliners again and again before their priests a chance to heal them. At the very least, Dragonblade Pierce would be one-shot one-kill as there were less than 10 players who could tank a full Dragonblade Pierce in Sky City right now.

Time passed little by little. When the boss's HP dropped to 1%, He Yi abruptly pulled away and said, "Beiming, Moonlight Stone, stop. If Lu Chen kills this boss we’ll get more equipment and reward, and he needs the experience to restore the levels he lost anyway!"

The two girls nodded and backed away in unison. Murong Mingyue was the only one who stayed behind to heal me.

It was at this moment I triggered the Cyan Netherworld Sword’s passive, Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon again. This was the 12th time the passive triggered throughout this entire boss fight, and it was the strike that deleted the boss's final sliver of HP!


The ferocious boss let out a furious scream as the draconic soul ravaged its gigantic body. It finally collapsed to the ground and died!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

I leveled up 3 times in a row, and the girls in my party at least once. That was one helluva increase in experience. Not only did I recoup the 2 levels I lost, I was sitting at Level 158 right now!

He Yi then said to me with a smile, "Lu Chen, why don’t you see what the boss dropped? It should’ve dropped a ton of equipment knowing your Luck stat."

However, my heart turned ice cold when I kicked away the boss's legs and checked the loot beneath them. "It looks like my Luck didn’t work this time. I only see three items..."

"What…?" Even He Yi sounded a bit speechless.

There were three pieces of equipment lying on the ground. The first equipment was a metal armor helmet shining a bloody light, the second equipment was a spiky longhammer shining a rainbow light, and the last equipment was a red necklace with an intimidating gleam. I wondered what was the history behind these equipment?

No one was expecting a legendary Heaven Rank boss to drop 3 equipment only!

Beiming Xue consoled me. "The boss only dropped three pieces of equipment, but maybe that’s because they’re all super amazing. Come on, show us their stats already, big bro…"


I nodded and picked up the metal armor helmet first. When I waved a hand across the equipment and brought up its stats screen, the girls immediately held their breaths—


Dragonlight Helmet (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★★★)

Defense: 1450

Magic Resist: 1200

Strength: + 275

Stamina: + 260

Agility: + 255

Tactics: + 75

Passive: Increases user’s HP by 12000

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 35%

Slot: 7

Outstanding Property: Dragon Totem. 10% chance to trigger Dragon Totem and damage the enemy when attacked.

Introduction: Dragonlight Canyon is a mysterious place situated at the center of the continent and over millennia old. A long time ago, it is said that a divine dragon took the form of a human warrior and fought the demons residing in this canyon, losing its life in the process. After its soul became refined and fused with cold metal, it became a divine item known as the Dragonlight Metal Armor.

Level Requirement: 155


"Amazing!" I couldn’t help myself from praising. "This Level 155 helmet is seriously amazing!"

The girls had to blink a couple of times before they finally recovered from their shock. Moonlight Stone said with obvious envy, "The metal armor class is seriously blessed. The Defense of this one helmet is almost higher than my total Defense…"

I was just about to ask how we should distribute this when He Yi cut me off with a smile. "This one’s yours. I’m still 3 levels away from Level 155, and why should it collect dust in my bag when you can wear it right now?"

Murong Mingyue agreed. "Yes, I think this Dragonlight Helmet should go to Lu Chen as well. Your contribution in this fight is invaluable, and you lost levels for this. There is no reason you shouldn’t receive your rightful compensation…"

"In that case, I’ll gladly accept this…"

I replaced the God Suppressing Helmet with the Dragonlight Helmet immediately. The new equipment was far better than the Spirit-grade God Suppressing Helmet, and it had an Outstanding Property called Dragon Totem that damaged the enemy when I was attacked. It was something the God Suppressing Helmet couldn’t compete with at all.

Next, I picked up the war hammer that shone with a rainbow light. It looked incredibly powerful—


Dragonlight Shatter (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★)

Attack: 1150~1420

Strength: + 210

Stamina: + 225

Agility: + 190

Tactics: + 50

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 55%

Passive: Increases user’s splash damage by 24%

Slot: 8

Outstanding Property: Shatter. When attacking, the power of the divine dragon grants the user an extremely high chance to ignore enemy Defense and deal true damage.

Level Requirement: 150


Holy shit, this war hammer was just as amazing as the helmet. My Luck hadn’t misfired after all, or we would never have gotten 2 Heaven-grade equipment at once. The Dragonlight Helmet alone could shock the world, but now we got the Dragonlight Shatter as well. The drop rate was insane to say the least.

I tossed the war hammer into my bag and asked, "This is a fighter’s weapon. Should we keep it in the guild warehouse, or sell it at the auction house?"

Moonlight Stone looked conflicted for a moment, but He Yi let out a chuckle and declared, "It’s fine. I’ll buy it for 2 million."

I gave He Yi a knowing smile before tossing the Dragonlight Shatter into He Yi’s hands. After she traded 2 million gold to me, I declared, "We’re splitting this evenly, so everyone gets 400k. Here, Moonlight Stone, this is yours…"

In fact, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Beiming Xue or I didn’t care about the money at all. We were doing this purely to compensate Moonlight Stone and gain the right to dispose of the equipment as we pleased. After I shot He Yi a private message, I confirmed that she was planning to sell this hammer to High Fighting Spirits for cheap. He was one of the wearers of the Dragonblade equipment set, and he was soon to ride a Dragonlight Horse. If he could wield the Dragonlight Shatter as well, his HP, Defense and Attack would be off the charts. He would no doubt become one of the strongest generals the guild had ever seen!

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