Chapter 703: A Promise

Eyes lighting up like a bulb, I grabbed October Rain’s hand and beamed at her. "Aiyo, our friendship truly knows no bounds! Tell me what you want, beautiful! Everything is negotiable~"

October Rain shot me a glance before shaking my hands away. "You really are an animal!"

"So, what’s this condition?"


October Rain pondered for a moment before replying, "To be honest with you, I haven’t thought of one yet, so why don’t we do it this way. You, Lu Chen will owe me one. In the future, if I make a request of you, you must grant it no matter what the content is. Is this acceptable?"

I shivered. "Wait a second… Why does this sound so familiar? Holy shit, isn’t this what Zhao Min said to Zhang Wuji in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? No no no, absolutely not! I never accept a promise lightly, and I never promise something I’m not confident of fulfilling! I alway honor my word, and no one can take that from me."

October Rain huffed. "Come on, it’s just a promise! Do you have to act like this?"

I said, "I won’t commit atrocities or things that damage our nation’s interest."

"Of course not!"

"I won’t harm others or do things that go against my feelings!"

"Of course not!!"

"I won’t disregard my moral compass and become a hypocrite either!"

"Of course not!!!"

"Lastly, I... er… I won’t date you or any of the sort. That falls under the ‘goes against my feelings’ category, you see…"


October Rain blushed bright red before punching me on the shoulder. "Who do you think I am? I, Chen Yu, am at least a beautiful girl with great skin, great looks, and great shape in all the right places! Do you really think I have to throw myself at you! Hmph! Do you even have to ask? There’s no way I’d make a request like that!"

Then, she hesitated for a moment before shooting me a look, "I really can’t ask for that?"

I rejected her immediately, "Absolutely not!"

"Fine…" October Rain shrugged before giggling. "Well, that’s enough teasing for the day. Don’t forget, Lu Chen. You owe me a promise, and one day I’ll have you fulfill it. Now come on, these 3000 Sealing Stones you’re looking for are in my warehouse. Just this once, I’ll abuse my authority."

"Mn, thanks!"

We started walking to the warehouse. I followed behind her and stared at her fluttering cape and her swaying, round bottom. I couldn’t help but admire it for a little.


I bumped into October Rain before I realized it, causing her to turn around and glare at me. "What are you so engrossed with ? Pay attention to where you’re walking! Anyway, get ready. I’ll be trading you 30 stacks of Sealing Stones, and each stack contains 100 Sealing Stones. Remember, used Sealing Stones can be stacked only if the pet it contains is above a certain rank. Now pay me my due already. I have a responsibility to Psychic since it’s his stuff that I’m trading."


I quickly selected 4.5 million RMB. My account was bound to Dark Moon City’s income, so it had over 50 million RMB right now. 4.5 million wasn’t much for me at all.

After the sum was confirmed, and the bank confirmed that I had enough money to pay, the trade button turned green and clickable, and click it I did.

The trade was complete just like that, and 30 stacks of brand new Sealing Stones appeared in my bag. Awesome!

After confirming that everything was in place, I smiled at October Rain and said, "Thank you, seriously. I won’t forget our friendship, October Rain."

She smiled back. "Good. Never forget that, even if the grudge between our guilds runs as deep as the sea one day. We may belong to enemy guilds, and you are free to hate Warsky Alliance however you like, but you will never sever the bond between us, understand?"

I nodded. "Understood. I will keep this promise for the rest of my life!"

October Rain hid her smile behind her hand. "Now go. I know you must have encountered something in a map or something. I look forward to your performance, Little Heavenly King of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and China~~"

After that, October Rain turned away and left. She took a few steps and transformed into a beam of light. Clearly, she had returned to her guild territory, Warsky City.


I put away my stall and summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse. Then, the Phantom Wolf King and I teleported to Dark Moon City and raced toward Dragonlight Canyon at top speed. It took us less than ten minutes to reach the entrance, and a flash later, I was back inside the map again. I brought up the minimap and saw four orange dots meandering about at the center of Dragonlight Canyon. They were none other than He Yi, Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, and Moonlight Stone. They were probably killing the Dragonlight Armored Horses that weren’t mounts right now.

Thud thud thud!

The Ice Qilin Armored Horse’s hooves crushed the grass and soil it stepped on. It took me only a moment to return to their side.

"How is it? Did you succeed?" He Yi asked smilingly.

"Of course! My negotiation success rate is 100%, hahaha!"

After that, I rode down the direction Beiming Xue pointed me to and found three Rare mounts waiting there. After locking onto a target, I took out a Sealing Stone and began taming!


A taming formation appeared beneath the mount as I opened my palm and cried out, "Catch!"


Looks like the first try is a fail. Again!


Another fail. Again!

Five failures later, my 43 Luck finally did its magic and pulled the Dragonlight Armored Horse into the Sealing Stone. The orb immediately turned from black to indigo color; the color of the Dragonlight Armored Horse’s dragon scales.

I checked the stats of the sealed pet to confirm that it was identical to He Yi’s. With this, the dream to make a Dragonlight Cavalry was officially not a dream anymore! The Dragonlight Armored Horse didn’t only have good stats, but also an active skill called Hoof Trample. Just like my War Crush, using it at the end of a Charge was amazing at tearing apart an enemy’s formation. At the very least, it was hundreds of times better than Bite of Candle Dragon’s Viper Dragoons!

I happily put the Sealing Stone in my bag before moving onto the next Dragonlight Armored Horse. Three attempts later, I put away the used Sealing Stone while feeling like a millionaire. Top-tier mounts like these were usually one of a kind, and if I were to sell it for money, its base price would be 100k RMB at least. Right now, I was sealing a couple of them per minute! How exciting was that?

A round later, 7 Sealing Stones with Dragonlight Armored Horses in them sat inside my bag as a stack. For a moment, I was surrounded by overwhelming happiness.


After I returned to the girls’ side, I began fighting the Dragonlight Armored Horses again and sped up the party’s grinding speed by at least 40%. I, my apparition, and my Phantom Wolf King contributed a ton of DPS every fight.

Every time a statue turned out to be a Rare mount, I immediately stepped forward to seal them with my Sealing Stones. The process was swift, and Dragonlight Canyon didn’t disappoint us. A ton of Dragonlight Armored Horse mounts were hidden in this map, and the more mounts we captured, the harder it became for us to control the grin on our faces. I couldn’t wait to see how many Dragonlight Armored Horses we could capture by the end of this. In the next 3 to 5 days, the amount of fighters who would have reached Level 150 in our guild would approach the 10000 mark. The main guild alone would be welcoming a total of 5000+ sixth-promotion Earthfire Realm fighters. So far, the best of the best players were catching up with levels real quick, and even I, the highest-leveled player in Sky City, was only 6 levels ahead of the 1000th player on the Heavenly Ranking.

After He Yi brought up the map and examined it for a moment, she said with a smile, "Well, I see a lot of zones that share the same color as this one. If everything goes well, we should be able to seal at least a thousand Dragonlight Armored Horses in this map. How do you think we should distribute them, Lu Chen?"

I gave it some thought before answering, "Let’s decide using the guild’s player ranking!"

"Player ranking?" He Yi sounded a bit confused.

I nodded. "It’s a ranking based on a player’s level, battle contribution points, PvP contribution points, and equipment contribution points. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has over 15k warriors, magic knights, and wanderers, so we’ll make a ranking comprising these three classes and specific to the criterias I mentioned earlier. After that, all we need to do is to distribute them to the highest-ranked players."

Beiming clapped her hands and praised me, "Yes, that’s a good idea. You’re so smart, big bro!"

Moonlight Stone wasn’t so quick to trust, however. She asked, "Lu Chen, assuming that we capture a total of 1000 Dragonlight Armored Horses, some in the Top 1000 are bound to be new recruits. How can you entrust such a valuable Sealing Stone to someone who hasn’t even fought a war with us before?"

I laughed. "Don’t worry. You know the saying ‘Do not doubt those you trust, and do not trust those you doubt’? I have faith in everyone who joins our guild. A person’s heart is made of flesh, not steel. If I treat them with kindness and honesty, they will reciprocate the favor. I can’t deny that some of them might have had ulterior motives when joining, but I’m sure with enough time and trust between us, we will become brothers and sisters in the end. That’s how I lead my life anyway!!"

A starry look immediately appeared on Moonlight Stone’s face. She gripped her staff and said, "Alright, I finally understand why simple-minded people like Li Chengfeng and High Fighting Spirits are so loyal to you. You really do possess your own unique charisma. It’s no wonder Chaos Moon can’t stop fantasizing about you…"

As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough by the praise, He Yi let out a cough that tuned up the awkwardness tenfold. I hurriedly said, "Anyway, it’s time to get back to the grind. We don’t have much time left, and we have to grab every Dragonlight Armored Horse there is on this map. If we miss this opportunity, we will never get another chance like it."

"Mn. Let’s do our best!"


As He Yi had predicted earlier, the number of mounts on this map was insanely high. Almost 50% of the statues we shattered turned out to be mounts, proving once more how invaluable that the treasure map Lin Yixin had given me was. If I had to make a comparison, a treasure map that could create a top-tier cavalry like this was as valuable as a territory, or even Dark Moon City itself!

The moon hung silently in the sky as we fought riotously on the ground. We netted both joy and cash as one Dragonlight Armored Horse after another fell into my bag.

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