Chapter 70: World of Ice and Snow

Autumn wind rustled, and yellow leaves lay lifelessly on the ground.

Suddenly, the stone giant boss executed Thunder God’s Stampede again, killing four archers and blowing countless leaves into the air.

Roaming Dragon retreated from the boss again and again, afraid to get anywhere close to it. He knew he would be lucky to escape half-dead if he tried.

Standing spread-legged in the wild grassland, Coldmoon Rose slightly lowered her center of gravity and pulled her bowstring into a full draw. A soft cry later, the Devil Piercing Arrow slammed into the stone giant’s eyes like a meteor.



What amazing damage!

Roaming Dragon couldn’t help but cheer. “Well shot, Rose! A couple more shots like that and we’ll be close to killing the boss! Once we become the first group to kill a Level 60 boss in the entire Floating Ice City, it’ll only be a matter of time before we overtake the Domination Clan!”

Coldmoon Rose raised her thin eyebrows and giggled. “I got it. If everything goes well, this Hill Protector God is definitely ours for the taking!”

A few more minutes passed by peacefully, and the Hill Protector God’s HP had dropped to 5% or so. It would die in at most a minute or two.

Roaming Dragon couldn’t suppress the excitement on his face. Suddenly, his expression became twisted with hatred as he said, “Once this boss is dealt with, I’m going to kill all the experts on the Heavenly Ranking at least once! Wind Fantasy? Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? They all deserve to die!”



A red light burst out of the ground and took on a human shape in an instant. It was me finally reaching the perimeter of the canyon and taking action!

“Huh? What’s that…”

I stabbed a Level 35 archer right through the chest armor before he could react. I easily tore apart his high-level leather armor and dealt an incredible amount of damage.


I turned my blade and killed him instantly with my second strike!

At the same time, a cyan shadow pounced toward two archers like lightning and unleashed a series of consecutive attacks. They slowly collapsed to the ground without being able to retaliate at all.


By the time my Wasp killed the archers, I was already pulling my sword out of some mage’s chest. He died with his eyes open, the corpse’s pupils still dilated in fury.

It had only been five seconds since I showed up, but three archers and a mage had already died under my and Dark Wasp’s attacks.

“It’s him?! It’s… Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!”

A priest retreated swiftly and messaged Roaming Dragon immediately, but I quickly caught up to him, destroyed his magic shield in one hit and took his life with another!

But that was the end of my surprise advantage. The valley wasn’t really that big, and I had killed a couple players already. It would be more strange if Roaming Dragon didn’t hear about me after all this commotion.

Eyes threatening to burst into flames, Roaming Dragon raised his sword and shouted, “How dare you show your face, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! Mages, one-shot the bastard with Fire Dragon Roar!”

I sneered and zigzagged my way toward another archer before retreating. He tried to kite me, but he forgot that his back was facing some shrubberies and came to a sudden stop instead. I took more than half his HP in one hit, and my Dark Wasp easily took his life with one sting.


By now, the mages had summoned seven flaming dragons into existence. It was Mage Level 20 skill, Fire Dragon Roar!

Pleased with the completion of the spells, Roaming Dragon laughed at me and said, “There’s no way you can survive seven Fire Dragon Roars at once!”

My own lips curled into a smile as I slipped behind a shrub before emerging again in less than half a second. I then swung my sword and cut down two mages in a flash.

The remaining mages wore dumbfounded looks on their faces. It was because the spell they had spent 2 seconds to cast had suddenly vanished without warning!

Roaming Dragon looked just as confused as they were. “What happened?”

Coldmoon Rose clenched her teeth and answered, “He… he knows this!? This technique is called LoS break![1] If a mage loses sight of the target mid-cast, the skill will automatically be canceled! He broke the line of sight with these shrubberies! This guy is no ordinary pro!”

Roaming Dragon’s eyes threatened to fall out of his eye sockets, but there was nothing he could do to stop me.

Shrubberies as tall as people were everywhere in this valley. I was able to maximize the effectiveness of my movement and positioning thanks to these natural obstacles, and I zigzagged across the terrain like a fish in water. The Weeping Fire Blade glowed coldly like the Grim Reaper’s scythe, and every time it flashed, someone’s life was reaped.

In a blink of an eye, all seven mages had been killed. At the distance, I could see the stone golem had taken advantage of my distraction and slaughtered Mad Dragon until they only had a dozen or so people left. However, the boss only had a sliver of HP left, threatening to keel over and die at any moment.

I looked around before fixing my gaze on Roaming Dragon. Cut the head off a snake, and the body will die!

Roaming Dragon seemed to have noticed my intention because he immediately backed away from me. At the same time, three archers took his place, pulled their bows and fired Devil Piercing Arrows at me!

Thud thud thud!




Every single hit managed to pierce through my Defense. They were Mad Dragon’s best archers, not a single one of them was a noob!

At the same time, a sinister smile appeared on Roaming Dragon’s face as he took out a light blue card and tossed it into the air. The card transformed into ice and snow, engulfing half the valley in a white blizzard!


System Notice: Player “Roaming Dragon” used the card “World of Ice and Snow”. Affected by the environment, your movement speed and attack speed are slowed by 50%. The environmental effect lasts for 5 minutes!


Damn, he got me!

Roaming Dragon laughed like an actual madman before shouting, “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, I spent 50 gold on this card just for you! I’m willing to spend any amount of money if it means ending your life!”

Fire Dragon Roar, Penetrating Arrow and Meteor hit me as I retreated with difficulty. I stared helplessly at my falling HP and drank a Rank 3 Health Potion right before the killing blow, recovering 600 HP immediately. At the same time, I opened my palm and shouted, “Dark Wasp!”

A hexagram formation glowed brightly with magic as the Dark Wasp answered my call and zipped toward the archers and mages who were attacking me. The interruption lowered their damage output by a considerable margin.

I just needed one second, one second and I would be able to use Earth Escape!

The enemy mages killed my Dark Wasp and my HP had fallen to 100. However, the distraction of my pet bought me the well-needed second of respite!


The moment my body melted completely into the ground, I moved at full speed toward the boss still rampaging above. Right now, half of the valley was affected by the card “World of Ice and Snow”, and I was the only person who was buffeted by the spell. It would be incredibly disadvantageous for me to clash against them directly on the ground!

My HP recovered swiftly as I checked the situation above the ground. Hill Protector God was on its last legs, but less than ten players of the Mad Dragon guild were still alive. They were barely holding their formation together, and they could die at any moment!

The Dark Wasp was dead, and I couldn’t resummon it after such a short time. I will have to kill this boss myself.

My only shot at victory was Pardon. It was a skill that greatly lowered my target’s Defense, and right now it was my ultimate trump card!

Roaming Dragon exploded after I made my escape, wasting his 50 gold for nothing. Eyes bloodshot and mouth fuming with anger, he roared, “Motherfucker! Focus down the boss and try to get Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand if you can! He must die! Bastard! Bastard!!!”

Coldmoon Rose pulled her bow and fired at the boss. Since all the mages were dead, she was the Mad Dragon guild’s highest DPSer right now.

I slowly made my way toward the boss while thanking my Rank 3 Health Potions profusely. I would’ve died if it wasn’t for them, and I still had a couple of them in my bag right now. Lin Yixin had gifted them to me for free, so really I should be thanking her.

I spent almost a minute making my way underneath the boss’s feet. My HP had recovered to full thanks to my pots and Regeneration of the Undead.

The strongest female archer of the Mad Dragon guild, Coldmoon Rose, suddenly eyed a patch of ground coldly and fired five arrows in a row. It was Archer’s signature skill, Volley, and it seemed to be at least Rank 3!



Unfortunately, I was struck by one of the arrows. A flash of bloody light later, I was forced out of the underground.

“He was there. Kill him!” Roaming Dragon shouted, but he was surrounded by archers. It was impossible for them to one-shot me, so Coldmoon Rose said coldly, “You go!”


Roaming Dragon raised his blade and charged me. He had finally overcome his fear of death.

Ignoring his attack completely, I ran toward the boss and swung Pardon at it. Then, I followed up with a deadly Slayer Slash!



Fuck! The boss still isn’t dead after that?!

Eyes bulging with disbelief, I swung my sword at the boss again. However, the Hill Protector God was already bringing down his right leg on me. It was the Thunder God’s Stampede!

I’m so dead!

I groaned on the inside, but didn’t hesitate to unleash my final attack!



It was a pitiful amount of damage, but as it turned out the boss had only had that much HP. A heaven-piercing roar later, the Hill Protector God was finally dead!

Swoosh swoosh!

I leveled up twice in a row and hit Level 43. I was now at the same level as Lin Yixin!

I wasted no time in leaping into the air and grabbing everything the boss dropped. A quick glance at my bag revealed a couple of Phantasmal Magic Stones and two pieces of equipment—a pair of war boots with a dark glow, and a sword that looked like it was covered in a sheen of ice. Neither of them looked like ordinary items!

That was all the time I could afford before I had to tear my eyes away from my bag. After all, six archers and a maddened Roaming Dragon were attacking me!


Roaming Dragon used Flame Thrust and penetrated my chest with his spear. Huh, his attack power is quite impressive!


Hmph, if Roaming Dragon had taken action just a bit earlier, I might not have had the chance to kill this boss.

There were arrows everywhere, leaving me no space to dodge, so I had not choice but to suffer the attacks. Both my Pardon and my Rank 3 Health Potion were still on cooldown, and the valley was still under the effects of Roaming Dragon’s card. Worse, both my movement speed and attack speed were drastically lowered. I was at my rope’s end.


Coldmoon Rose’s Devil Piercing Arrow hit me for 217 HP. They finally managed to kill me.


My vision turned black, and I collapsed to the ground. When my soul rose from my body, I immediately checked what I lost and was pleasantly surprised by my discovery. The two items I had gotten from the boss were still in my bag. I had lost some potions, consumables, three Phantasmal Magic Stones and four stacks of Garlic. However, all the important items were still there.

Roaming Dragon had to be the most devastated person in the world right now. He spent a fortune to kill the boss, but almost all the profits fell into my lap. He must be out of his mind right now, haha!

1. Line of sight break

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