Chapter 7: Justice On Heavens’ Behalf

The harsh reality of the world was that the strong eat the weak. It was no different in the game. It was not unheard of for some powerful guild to oppress weaker groups.

The Mad Dragon guild was definitely the strongest organization of these three starting villages. At a glance, there were at least twenty people, and all of them of high level.

Roaming Dragon held a rusty iron spear. He looked at the four people who had been fighting the boss previously, waved his hand and shouted, "No one else here. Clear the field!"

Clear the field. This was an aggressive phrase. This meant that they were taking over this place, and all other players had to die!



The Level 8 magic knight was furious, held up his long lance and shouted, "Fuck! Who are these Mad Dragon guys to demand people to leave the leveling ground?"

Another Level 7 warrior was also burning with anger. He raised his sword and said, "At worst, we will all die. Come!"

Then he charged forward, his steps rhythmic. He suddenly walked a curved path, his longsword swiping toward the neck of Roaming Dragon.


Roaming Dragon shouted in anger, his spear titling and accurately stabbing the warrior's body.

My pupils couldn't help but contract. This Roaming Dragon's judgement ability was terrifying, and his attacks were vicious. He was clearly a gaming expert. The originally doomed team was about to be doomed once more.

The spear's tip trembled. Roaming Dragon stabbed the leader of the four-man team to death and sneered, "Kill the other three for me! Remember this lesson, possessing a treasure can be a curse. You do not qualify to discover this boss!"

A group of Mad Dragon members surged forward, tearing apart the magic knight and the tactician in an instant. There was only a young female bard left, her face pale, as she stumbled toward the dense forest.

This girl was about twenty years old. Her expression was a face of panic as she burrowed deeper into the forest. Her gaze coincidentally met mine.


The girl's mouth was open wide in shock. Maybe my appearance was too frightening. It really was scary to see a skeleton appear out of the forest with a iron sword.

Before the girl could react, with a "pfft", a dagger glowing with green light penetrated her chest. That was a Level 8 assassin!

Seeing the girl slowly fall down, I was still very calm. The instant her body touched the ground, the attacker behind her showed their true appearance.

In a flash, the assassin's eyes suddenly widened. He had discovered me.

Pfft! Sst!

With almost all of my power, I landed two strikes. He couldn’t even react before dying. One strike hit his neck, the other, his abdomen. They were both weak spots.


I picked up the several potions dropped by the girl and the assassin. Crouching, I silently watched the situation outside.

Roaming Dragon was completely unaware that a person was missing from his team. All of his attention was on the Green Praying Mantis King. He roared, his face flushed, "Brothers, go. Attack in groups. Even if this is a Level 12 boss, we can chip him to death using our numbers. Do not fear dropping levels. For every level lost by dying to this boss, I will pay 500 RMB, haha!"

Mad Dragon members’ eyes flashed green as they waved their starting blades and charged over.

The drop rate in Heavenblessed was extremely low, and the weapon drop rate was even lower. Mad Dragon had more than twenty people, but they all had Common-grade weapons, none of them with stat bonuses.


Rushed feet stepped on the grasses within the forest as the crowd charged toward the Green Praying Mantis King. The boss also sensed the arrival of danger. It instantly turned around, its two armblades raised high. It gave a sharp scream, its presence growing as though defending its authority as king!

"Go, do not fear!"

Roaming Dragon laughed out loud and ordered, "Pay attention to your cooperation and paths. Melee, move in and out at 1.5 second intervals. After attacking, move outside the boss’s range to recover for at least a second. Don’t get greedy, make sure its attacks are futile!"

A very professional person!

Roaming Dragon continued to raise morale. "Brothers, our Mad Dragon will definitely get famous this time. Even if we cannot become the first guild in China, we must take over Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai region. Hmph. Killing the Green Praying Mantis King today is the first step to our Mad Dragon's rule!"

Everyone was motivated, filled with savagery, their necks and faces flushed as they howled!


The boss used a pincer attack, felling a member of Mad Dragon immediately. A beautiful instant kill. The damage number of 421 floated up. I’m afraid this is enough to one-shot any player at present.

However, as the group of Mad Dragon players attacked together with their various weapons like iron swords, spears, iron fans, bamboo flutes, sabers, and iron whips, the Green Praying Mantis King’s HP was quickly depleting.

After two seconds, another member of Mad Dragon was killed by the boss.

Roaming Dragon stood by the side and supervised the battle, his expression changing. As he watched the battle, he couldn't help but look around, fearing that someone else would appear. If so, Mad Dragon’s mission this time would be for naught.

Still hidden inside the forest, my lips curled into a smile. Roaming Dragon may have been experienced, but his judgement this time around was wrong. The greatest enemy in their current situation wasn’t other players, but the boss in front of them that they couldn’t hope to defeat!

Roaming Dragon’s analysis was very shallow. By the time the first player died, they’d only chipped away 7% of the mantis king’s HP. At this rate, it would take more than twenty-five people to kill this boss. After all, with every death their damage output would be decreased. Associating one player with 7% was wrong.

Simple mathematical deduction, yet the ones participating in the battle were blind to the crux of the matter. Roaming Dragon let himself be blinded by the prospect of valuable loot and forgot this basic logic.

The result was as I expected. As the battle continued, Roaming Dragon's expression was gradually worsening. His eyes widened as he shouted, "Faster, be faster!"

He took a deep breath and said, "Leave the boss at low HP. Let me finish it!"

I suddenly realized why Roaming Dragon's level was so high. It was likely connected to this. The person who gave the boss the final attack would obtain 50% experience. Roaming Dragon could easily organize a team to grind high-level monsters. This way, it would be hard for him not to be first in the rankings.


The Green Praying Mantis King’s Whirlwind Chop was very powerful and killed more than twenty people in the blink of an eye. When it only had about 10% HP left, there were only four Mad Dragon members left, three warriors and Roaming Dragon.

"Dammit!" Roaming Dragon spat. He grabbed his lance and entered the battle. He looked at the Green Praying Mantis King with a cold expression and shouted, "Go to hell, bastard!"


The attack broke through its defense. Roaming Dragon's attack power was not high, but his aim was true, striking right in the opening between the creature’s scales. Having penetrated soft flesh, the drop in HP would be big.

“Ugh!” With two thuds, another two warriors died, leaving only Roaming Dragon and one warrior alive.

Roaming Dragon rejoiced that he hadn't been killed. He kept a close eye on the last sliver of HP, his moves vicious as though he wanted to devour the boss whole.

Yet suddenly, a change occurred!


Cold light flashed. The last remaining Mad Dragon member’s eyes went wide. He had originally been dodging the boss's attack, but was killed instantly by a sword from the back. The blade struck his weak point, the neck!

Roaming Dragon was shocked. He found the attacker was a small sword-wielding skeleton in a glowing armor!

"Ha? Who are you?" Roaming Dragon said in anger.

"A good samaritan!"

"What the fuck do you want?"

"Justice on heavens’ behalf!"

I smiled brightly, but my grin was slightly terrifying. Ehh, this skeleton face really didn’t do my original, slightly handsome countenance any favors.


The Green Praying Mantis King tore the air with its blade. Roaming Dragon saw this, and suddenly jumped backwards with a snarl on the corner of his mouth. This attack was perfectly aimed at me.

"Trying to get someone else to do your dirty work?"

I chuckled, slid on my feet, and easily dodged the attack. At the same time, the iron sword struck Roaming Dragon's chest from the side!


I was a Level 7 warrior. Roaming Dragon clearly had not expected my attack to be so powerful, or that my reaction and strategy to be so thought-out.

"Motherfucker, die!"

Roaming Dragon roared and thrust again. I hurriedly pulled back and dodged. Alas, there was almost a second of delay. I was a bit too slow and took a hit.


Roaming Dragon was shocked. His feet quickly carried him away from the boss's attack range. He licked his lips and said with a smile, "That armor isn't bad, I want it."

I also smiled. "Do you have the life to take it?"

Battle ensued, the boss being the focal point of our plans. We kept using techniques such as positional blocking and intercepting to drive each other toward the boss. Roaming Dragon's reaction speed and skill were pretty good, and with my one-second delay it wouldn't be easy for me to kill him.


Suddenly, I stumbled, and lost my balance.


Roaming Dragon leapt without thinking, his spear coming like a surging dragon.

I smiled even more. It was just a small opening. Did he have to be so joyful? If he was an expert on the level of Martial God Candlelight Shadow, he definitely wouldn’t have fallen for it!


The iron sword locked with the spear. I put pressure on the spear, using the momentum to spin and kick Roaming Dragon’s shoulder. His balance was shaken, making a beautiful arc as he fell into Green Praying Mantis King’s loving embrace.

"Damn you bastard!"

Roaming Dragon was astounded and shouted angrily, "I will return. If you have balls, do not leave!"


The Green Praying Mantis King's armblades were like grim reapers, harvesting Roaming Dragon’s life. Along with his character, a starting spear dropped, with Attack of 0~1. Naturally, I had no interest in it.


The iron sword suddenly attacked the soft flesh under the boss's chin at a difficult angle!



As expected, a high damage modifier!

With a successful attack, I did not get greedy and immediately took several steps back. I flashed to hide among the tree branches, my iron sword flying out again like a poisonous snake!


Another attack to a weak point!

In two minutes, under the barrage of attacks, the Green Praying Mantis King was on the verge of death. With the Iron-grade armor, this boss could not kill me instantly. Luckily, I had enough health potions that I managed to withstand!

"Hiss hiss..."

With a tragic grunt, the Green Praying Mantis King finally died.


System Notice: Congratulations on killing the Green Praying Mantis King. You've obtained 7000 EXP and 40 Reputation!


After going up two levels, I was already number one. Roaming Dragon, having been killed, had dropped off the position.

Looking on the ground, I saw a Big Magic Stone, Quality 98. Haha, I’m rich!

Also, a narrow sword flashing with green light was lying silently on the grass. This was one of the two items the Green Praying Mantis King had dropped. At its sight, my heart started beating violently.

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