Chapter 698: Fighting While Carrying a 34D

I summoned the system assistant and moved the video window to the upper right corner of my HUD. This way, I could fight the mobs and watch Lin Yixin at the same time.

To my surprise, the battle had taken place in the open world; the middle area of Dragonbone Mountain Range to be exact. Lin Yixin’s main threats were Little Piglet and Shangguan Wan’er. Little Piglet had equipped a mount and transformed into the Coldwind Knight because he was Level 150. He was also accompanied by a dozen or so magic knights and using Vajra, the Famous General Skill that boosted him and his ally’s defense power by 200%.

In the video, a smiling Lin Yixin confidently spurred her Frostscythe Warhorse forward and summoned a gigantic beast into existence. It was none other than the pet I had gifted her earlier, Kris the Ice Dragon. However, instead of fighting together with her pet, she ordered it to take to the skies while she crossed her sword in front of her chest. Suddenly, cyan-colored lotus petals appeared around her and formed a halo beneath her feet. It was none other than the rumored Great Earth Transformation!

What happened afterward… was almost too terrible to describe. Lin Yixin murdered the crap out of her opponents one-sidedly without even bothering to use her Divine General Skill. Even Little Piglet was killed where he stood, and Shangguan Wan’er was sent flying down a cliff by the Ice Flame Slash. It was a complete, one-sided slaughter.


I was speechless when the two-minute video was over. Little Piglet and Shangguan Wan’er’s attacks had been completely ineffective against Lin Yixin. When their weapons hit her armor, a cyan ripple appeared and seemingly reduced the damage she took by 75% or more. As a result, Shangguan Wan’er’s triple-hit skill, Blade Vortex, couldn’t even do over 4000 damage to Lin Yixin. It was simply impossible for them to injure their opponent severely.

Besides that, Great Earth Transformation improved Lin Yixin’s attack power tremendously. The cyan lotus petals surrounding her Blade of Violet Lightning were both beautiful and deadly, and there was practically nothing her opponent could do to stop them. Little Piglet’s Defense was infuriatingly high, but she had carved him up like a hot knife through butter and killed him with Ice Flame Slash through the torso in a head-on fight!

Divine Generals really are invincible existences!

My heart started beating in trepidation, but not for the reasons one might think. Becoming a Divine General meant learning the Great Earth Transformation, and Lin Yixin’s transformation was undoubtedly beautiful. However, the thought that every attack I made had flower petals swirling around them was… Ugh, my stomach aches just thinking about it...

I begged the heavens to not give me such a visual effect when I picked up the Great Earth Transformation. I would rather die if that happened.


The video was well received. Most of the comments expressed respect toward the Fruit Knife Goddess’ prowess, lust toward her beauty, or both. Little Piglet’s magic knight party was infamously tanky. There was one time his 10-man party encountered a hundred-man party from Flower Room in the Dragonbone Mountain Range, and they were able to annihilate their enemies without suffering even a single casualty. Vajra’s 200% Defense boost was absolutely nothing to scoff at.

Little Piglet was a famous person in Sky City. Not only was he one of the very few Famous Generals in China, both his skill and his equipment were considered super-tier. He was also said to be on par with the likes of the Dragon Warrior and Farewell Song. That was why it was shocking to see how easily Lin Yixin had carved up the supposedly immovable fortress. Snowy Cathaya might not have participated in the battle of Immortality City, but no one could doubt their strength and status in Sky City.

I thought for a moment before posting a short reply below the 2987283th user. "Keep it up, Little Knife! Love you forever~~"

I immediately felt a warm feeling in my heart. Soon, a couple of people replied to my post and expressed their astonishment—

"Hey, isn’t this Lu Chen? Is he publicly declaring his love to the Fruit Knife Goddess?"

"Oh no, we don’t even have a chance anymore now that Lu Chen’s on the move…"

"Take out Lu Chen for us, brothers! Let’s reclaim our Fruit Knife Goddess!"


I was a bit dumbfounded by the replies, but then I saw a notification stating that the poster of the thread had replied to me. It was Lin Yixin replying to me with a quote, "Hehe, you too, Little Cheat. P.S. I don’t love you~~"

Feeling very hurt, I replied, "I miss you, Little Knife…"

She responded, "Focus on your grinding…"

I shot her a "...", and she shot back ":)" before logging off the forums. Well, she wasn’t wrong. The Little Dragon Maidens were pretty powerful, and any mistake could easily result in fatalities. It had been tens of hours since we began our grind, and it would hurt the soul to lose a level at this point.


The night passed by in the blink of an eye. The grind at the middle area of Dragonlight Canyon went very smoothly, and by the time the hand of the clock passed 10 am, we had finally scoured the middle area almost completely. I had killed at least 4000 Little Dragon Maidens, and my level had risen to 155. He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Moonlight Stone and Beiming Xue had also leveled up twice or thrice. The players beyond the map were probably rioting at our insane speed right now.

"Mn, so sleepy…" He Yi stroked her hair as she put the Blade of the Earthen Soul back into its sheath. We could no longer see any Little Dragon Maiden anywhere, which probably meant that our long grind had almost come to an end. She looked at me and asked me with a smile, "Lu Chen, how do my eyes look? Are they red? They have to be red since we’ve grinded the whole night, right? Do I look like a rabbit? Do I?"

I chuckled a little before hugging her shoulders. "A little. You’re definitely the prettiest rabbit I’ve ever seen in my life though. Let’s go turn in our quest, shall we? After that, we can log out and finally catch some sleep. We’ll return here before 8 pm and continue exploring Dragonlight Canyon afterward. We haven’t even explored half of the map, so I’m sure that there is still a ton of good stuff waiting for us to claim it!"

Beiming Xue nodded smilingly. "Yeah, yeah! leveling in this map is like riding a rocket. Besides the Dragonblade equipment set, we also got a ton of top-tier Spirit-grade and Purple-grade items. I have enough loot to sell and earn tens of thousands of RMB everyday for an entire week!"

Beiming Xue’s hopeful look brightened my mood as well. I asked, "So, how is everyone’s supply situation? Do you think you can continue fighting a bit longer?"

"No, I don’t think so…" He Yi checked her own equipment before commenting, "The Blade of the Earthen Soul only has 30% durability left, and my wristguards are completely broken…"

"Same here actually…" I pointed at my legguards while grinning. "I had to fight with my thighs exposed at some point during the grind!"

"Come on," the girls complained as they stared at my lower body. "You think that’s bad? Look at Eve, she is fighting with her 34D almost fully exposed. Now that’s what you call a true warrioress…"

I glanced at He Yi, and as expected, her armor was nowhere intact enough to cover up her wonderful curves. Sensing my glance, He Yi hurriedly covered herself up with her cloak before shooting me a glare, "OMG, stop staring already, I can’t believe you actually listened to them. Anyway, we can’t fight any longer. Let’s teleport back to the city, restore ourselves and come back here at 8 pm sharp. The entrance will remain open for 72 hours, right?"

Beiming Xue nodded. "Yeah, we should head back and resupply. My arrows have dwindled to less than 30 sets, which is nowhere near enough for the upcoming battles…"

"We’re all in agreement then. Let’s turn in the quest, return to the city and come back later tonight!" I declared as the leader of the party.

It was at this moment He Yi asked me, "Lu Chen, how many Dragonblade sets have we gathered so far?"

"Give me a moment…"

After I tallied the equipment, I replied with a smile, "27. Not bad at all, hehe…"

"That’s great. Have you decided who’s going to wear these already?"

"Well, whoever we choose must be mounted, Level 150 and have entered the Earthfire Realm at least. There should be plenty of players like these among the Cyan Tiger Cavalry."

"Alright then, let’s come up with a name list and go through them now!"



And so we started choosing the 27 players we were going to give the Dragonblade equipment sets to while we traveled back to the NPCs. We came to a final decision just as we arrived at the camp—

Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Heaven’s Rain, and Diamond Dust were on the list as a matter of course. Besides that, A Lazy Cat and Yama Slayer—our two Soul of the Foot Famous Generals—were included as well. They were given the privilege because they had proven themselves to be promising rookies with great skills and high levels. Li Chengfeng wasn’t included in the list because he was powerful enough to kill a boss on his own, meaning that his equipment was even better than the Dragonblade set. He Yi was also excluded for the same reason, not to mention that we would be fighting stronger bosses in the immediate future and obtaining Outstanding Earth-grade equipment drops or better. A full set of random Earth-grade items had to be better than the Dragonblade set.

When we arrived at the temporary camp, we submitted the 200 Dragon Girl Scales that we had been asked to gather. I turned in the scales carefully because they had to be extracted from the Dragon Girls’ butts, and it was a difficult process to say the least. The NPC praised us like crazy, but the quest rewards he gave us were only experience and gold. It was a bit disappointing to be honest.

Moonlight Stone was the only one out of all of us who got an equipment reward, a 1-star Outstanding Earth-grade shield to be exact. We planned to sell it since He Yi’s current shield was much better.


"Alright, it’s time to go back!" He Yi declared.


We took out our teleport scrolls. A second later, five flashes illuminated the middle area of Dragonlight Canyon and took us back to Sky City.


The noise that enveloped Sky City filled me with a deep sense of familiarity. He Yi smiled at me and said, "You go distribute the Dragonblade sets. Mingyue and I will log off first and order us some lunch. Sleeping the day away on an empty stomach just doesn’t seem like a good idea."

"Sure, see you later!"

After He Yi, Beiming Xue and Murong Mingyue all logged out of the game, I created a new party and added all 27 players on our finalized name list into my party.

"Come to eastern plaza, everyone!"


It didn’t take long before everyone assembled at the plaza.

"What’s going on? Why did you add us to your party, Lu Chen?" Chaos Moon asked.

Gui Guzi was just as surprised. "Yeah, almost everyone who’s over Level 150 in the guild is here. Are you planning something again, Boss Broken Halberd?"

I smiled. "I have good news to share, of course! Take a look at this!"

When I shared the stats of the Dragonblade set inside the party channel, the girls of the party immediately gasped in shock.

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