Chapter 697: Dance of Draconic Energy

"Level 150 Spirit-grade equipment set? It’s also 2-star Outstanding…"

Beiming Xue looked overjoyed as she said to me, "Big bro, this Outstanding Property, Draconic Energy, increases attacks’ light property and damage dealt to undead units by 5%. If we manage to gather a full set, this Outstanding Property should be even stronger, right? Since a large majority of Heavenblessed’s enemies are undead, this is a very useful attribute to have!"

I replied approvingly, "Correct. It’s also a Level 150 high-grade equipment, so I’m sure it’ll sell like hot cakes. Even if we ignore the Outstanding Property, it still gives +4% crit rate. I’m pretty sure you can make a super-tier fighter with a full set. This is going to be fun…"

He Yi counted with her fingers for a bit before saying, "We need to kill 2000 Little Dragon Maidens to complete this quest. If we let Lu Chen land the last hit on all of them, we should be able to gather 20 full sets of Dragonblade sets or more. That’s 20 first-class fighters to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

"Yeah!" I nodded strongly before gazing toward the distance. "High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and Heaven’s Rain are all mounted players, but their equipment is so-so at best. If we can equip them with the Dragonblade sets, they can all become one-man armies!"

Moonlight Stone voiced her agreement. "Yeah, yeah! Let’s work hard and gather the equipment for everyone! By the way, Lu Chen, why don’t you equip the Dragonblade Wristguards temporarily? The full list of the set’s effects should show after you equip it."


I did as she said and equipped the Dragonblade Wristguards. As expected, the set effect that had been hidden before immediately became visible. I shared it with everyone so they could see it—


Dragonblade Set:

1 piece: None

2 pieces: Increases user's Defense and Magic Resist by 40%

3 pieces: Increases user’s max HP by 8000

4 pieces: Increases user's attack power by 45%, and attack speed is increased by 20%

5 pieces: Dance of Draconic Energy. The user may inject their weapon with draconic energy and deal 80% more damage to undead units.


The stats were so impressive that the girls were literally speechless for a time. The pieces themselves were already pretty impressive—they were Level 150 and Spirit-grade after all—but the set effects were out of the world. 40% extra Defense, 45% extra Attack, 8000 extra HP and even an OP-as-shit passive that added 80% extra damage against undead units? It was unbelievable!

Let’s put it this way: If Farewell Song dueled me while wearing this equipment set, my chances of winning against him were less than 30%. 80% increased damage was absolutely no joke, especially in PvP. According to Heavenblessed’s calculation formula, +80% damage was definitely superior to +80% attack power between two players of the same level.

I re-equipped the Battle Flame Wristguards and laughed, "Alright, it looks like everyone’s motivated now. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to give these items away for free. I will select a number of players from the guild and send them screenshots of its stats. Then, I’ll price the equipment set at 200k RMB and leave it to them to decide whether to buy it or not. This way, all of us will get something out of our hard work. What do you think, Moonlighter?"

Moonlight Stone turned red. "Sure, sounds pretty good, but uh, can you please not call me Moonlighter? I’m a hardworking and frugal girl, so I definitely don’t need a second job to maintain my expenditure, nope. Also, it sounds weirdly sexual for some reason…"

Beiming Xue was giggling behind Moonlight Stone’s back, and He Yi was shooting me an approving look. As I had mentioned earlier, I was planning to sell these Dragonblade sets to Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, and Xu Yang and the rest. They were all signed to a big club with a starting salary of 2 million per year at minimum, so 200k was entirely within their ability to afford. Also, the Dragonblade set was so powerful that I guarantee it would sell for at least 2 million at the auction house. If anything, they were the ones who should be thankful that I’m charging them only 10% of this equipment set’s true value.

Also, I hadn’t suggested selling the equipment for my own sake. I didn’t lack this bit of money, but the same couldn’t be said for Moonlight Stone. Although the girl was perfectly willing to gather these equipment for her sisters for free, it wasn’t something I could allow. One of my responsibilities as the vice leader was to speak up in situations like this one and make sure that my guild members were treated fairly.

Anyway, back to the present. We moved on and continued to hunt for Little Dragon Maidens, using more or less the same battle plan as before. Beiming Xue would bait the miniboss out of its trap with Mountain Stagger Arrows, and the rest of us would pummel it until it was dead. He Yi and Beiming Xue were incredibly intelligent girls, so they always stopped attacking when the boss had less than 3% HP and gave me the last hit. There was no reason to waste my 43 Luck after all. Right now I had the highest Luck stat in the entire server, followed by Candlelight Shadow with only 28 Luck, and finally Lin Yixin with 26. Luck could only be obtained through main quests or big events, and in this game, it was the most important stat of all!

And my Luck definitely didn’t disappoint. Two hours passed by in the blink of an eye, and we had killed over 50 Little Dragon Maidens and had dropped 5 pieces of the Dragonblade set. Although there were duplicates and thus couldn’t make a full set, it was clear that our dream to gather ten sets of Dragonblade sets wasn’t a pipe one!

After that, we devised a new plan to kill the mobs faster. Beiming Xue would aggro 3 Little Dragon Maidens at once. He Yi, me and the Phantom Wolf King would tank a Little Dragon Maiden each. We would fight within a 10x10 yard area so that my Icy Cyclone Domain could cover all the mobs, and Beiming Xue could hit them with her AoE skills such as Multi Arrows and Evil Spirit Volleys. With proper control and positioning, I was also able to hit all three mobs with just one Burning Blade Slash, Thousand Ice Slash, War Crush and so on. Sure, it was dangerous—our HP dipped dangerously low if we made even the slightest mistake—but our grinding speed improved tremendously as a result. Also, it was a risk we had to take because it took too long to kill the Little Dragon Maidens one by one.


The fight lasted until the wee hours. Although we had been grinding for a dozen of hours or so, the girls didn’t seem tired at all. It was because everyone had leveled up once or twice during this time thanks to the insane amount of experience entering our pockets, and we had gathered 7 Dragonblade sets in total. This trip was absolutely worth it even if we called it quits and went back now.

"Should we go to bed and continue tomorrow?" I suggested after checking the time. "It’s early morning already. We’ll be burning the midnight oil if we stay up any longer."

Beiming Xue checked her bag before replying, "I still have 100+ sets of arrows and enough supplies to fight for another 24 hours straight, so I don’t mind either way."

Moonlight Stone said, "Let’s burn the midnight oil then! I want to enter Sky City’s Heavenly Ranking…"

He Yi chuckled. "Well, you heard her. Let’s continue, Lu Chen!"

"Alright!" I replied with a smile. If they weren’t tired, then I wasn’t tired either. I was a professional gamer who dabbled in the industry for many years, so 10+ hours of login time only tired me slightly. To make a comparison, I was like a tenacious camel that could go 72 hours without food or water—seriously, I did that before—and this bit of strain was nothing at all.

And so, we continued hunting for Little Dragon Maidens. They must die. I couldn’t forgive them for tricking righteous young men like me with their upper bodies. Of course, the main reason was because they dropped the Dragonblade set. At this point, I didn’t even care about the quest quota anymore. I would do my best to kill as many Little Dragon Maidens as possible because the Nation Wars could begin any moment now, and we needed to improve our Famous Generals’ strength as much as possible.


At this point, my body had gotten so used to the repetitive fights that I could afford to split my attention. I was glad to see that our beautiful guild leader had finally evolved from a complete newbie to a proper second-rate expert. In fact, she was slowly but surely growing to become a first-rate expert. Her attack angles, timing, movement, and positioning were very proper, and she already possessed the basic qualities to become a first-rate expert. Given more time and training, I’m sure that she would reach even the level of the CGL Hall of Famer, Laughing At The Heavens.

I felt almost zero pressure since He Yi and Phantom Wolf King were taking care of the other two minibosses. So, I decided to check the forums. A wise gamer would stay up to date at all times and pay close attention to even the slightest peeps from the devs so that they wouldn’t be caught off-guard by unexpected surprises.

Just like before, the new CGL Guild Ranking was displayed on the home page, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was sitting proudly at third place. There were also the Level Heavenly Ranking, Equipment Heavenly Ranking, Divine General Ranking, Famous General Ranking and General Ranking.

I sighed quietly. Lin Yixin is probably playing the game from somewhere on the other side of the ocean, isn’t she? I wonder what the net speed in Canada is like. Eh, it’s got to be at least a couple hundred times better than China’s...


I opened the forums and saw three pinned threads. The first one was the recruitment thread I posted earlier. Man, the admins were such nice people. Pinned, stickied, awarded, and so on; they did practically everything they could for the thread.

The second thread was an announcement regarding the Divine General Skill patch. I could ignore this one since it was really just some standardized statements.

The third thread caught my attention, however. The title in deep blue font stated: "The Fruit Knife Goddess, Wind Fantasy’s First Battle Report After Becoming a Divine General!"

I clicked it open and as expected, there was a video attached.

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