Chapter 696: Dragonblade Wristguards

"Ahh, I’m going to die!"

I scrambled backward and tried to pull myself free, but the girl’s grip was just too powerful. What the hell is this shit?!

At the same time, the scythes rocked my waist and caused sparks to flint off the Crimson Rock Dragon Armor. Two damage numbers appeared above my head—




Not good! I wasn’t mounted right now, so I only had 60k+ HP or so. There was no way I could endure this one-sided beating for long!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

Murong Mingyue quickly dished out a couple of healing spells and healed me back to full. Thank goodness she was here!

Meanwhile, the mob was slowly pushing itself out of the hole with its powerful legs and revealing its true body. Everything under its belly was like a scorpion’s that was covered in dragon scales instead of a carapace. Its head was actually the entire upper body of that of a girl. What a shameless and cunning mob! It buried its true body beneath the ground so it could lure righteous young men like me to their deaths!

Dark Pupils revealed the mob’s stats, and I shared it inside the party channel—


Dragon Girl (Earth Rank Miniboss)

Level: 178

Attack: 3140~4780

Defense: 5000

HP: 9,000,000

Skills: Dragon Claw Rend, Armor of the Wild, Dragonblade Storm

Introduction: The Dragon Girls are cross-breeds between dragons and humans. The eggs are abandoned in the wild since birth, and only one in ten survive the hatching. With no parents to guide them since birth, these vengeful and violent creatures gathered at Dragonlight Canyon and became its predators. The only joy they know in this world is that of tearing a human apart and cutting them into pieces.


"Fuck, it’s a miniboss!" I exclaimed.

He Yi charged the Dragon Girl and was able to land an incredibly lucky stun. She immediately called out to me, "Free yourself now, Lu Chen!"

Right now, the Dragon Girl was holding me in the air and attempting to slice through my waist with its twin scythes. If I didn’t free myself now, it would most certainly succeed in her grisly endeavor!

I immediately kicked out with both legs and struck the Dragon Girl squarely in the chest. At the same time, I swung the Cyan Netherworld Sword and fired Burning Blade Slash at her ugly body!

Bang bang bang!

Fire rocked the Dragon Girl’s body, and finally I was able to break free from her grip. At the same time, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse neighed loudly and caught me perfectly with its back. Truly, this was a level of intelligence only an Earth Rank boss mount or better could display! I instantly entered a mounted state and enjoyed a drastic boost to all my stats. It was time to take out this miniboss!

"Come on! It’s time to kill this Little Dragon Maiden![1]"

I rode toward the Dragon Girl and pierced her body with Universe Break, dealing almost 30k damage in one hit. At the same time, I came to realize that this quest actually tasked me with killing 2000 minibosses. How crazy was that? On the good side, this was a jackpot. There was definitely enough experience to level up everyone many times over!


Beiming Xue drew her bow and launched Devil Piercing Arrows and Spiraling Arrow Blades at the Dragon Girl. Moonlight Stone burst into laughter when she heard me addressing the Dragon Girl as the Little Dragon Maiden. "OMG, now that I think about it, you really did almost get raped by a Little Dragon Maiden, didn’t you…"

I looked again at this so-called Little Dragon Maiden. Her upper body was perfect, sure, but her lower body was disgusting to say the least. I would rather die than be raped by this thing!

Chiang chiang chiang!

Sparks flew everywhere as my sword tore apart its scale armor. In a fair fight, my strength was equal, no, better than this Level 178 Earth Rank miniboss. Moreover, Murong Mingyue was healing me, and He Yi was fighting right by my side. Our metal swords furiously clashing against the draconic scales illuminated the dark of the night.


A cold light shot out from Beiming Xue’s Dragonbone String and nailed the miniboss right beneath its chin. A sickly, purple light instantly enveloped its entire body. It was the Bone Eroding Arrow, a skill that lowered the target’s Defense by 50%. Thanks to it, we would be able to end this fight a lot faster!

"Roar roar…"

The Little Dragon Maiden finally opened her mouth, but what came out of her sweet, red lips was a beastial roar. Veins were popping on her face because we had taken out almost 10% of her HP in the blink of an eye. Not even a miniboss could withstand our devastating offense for long. Suddenly, she swung her claws mid-scream and spun around like a top, summoning a bloody storm around her. It was the skill Dragonblade Storm!

Thud thud thud!

The skill was about 10x10 yards wide, and both He Yi and I were struck by the draconic blades. Three damage numbers popped above our heads as our health dropped drastically—




God damn, that would’ve been fatal for our ranged players were they inexperienced newbies who stayed close to the miniboss as if they were melee fighters. Luckily our girls were anything but, so they were able to escape its skill range in time.

Neither He Yi, me, or even my pet, the Phantom Wolf King, was cowed by the miniboss in the slightest. We all tanked its attacks head-on and retaliated with strikes of our own. Beiming Xue’s Purgatory Thunder Beast was close to full maturity, so it also helped out and struck the Little Dragon Maiden’s with its claws. Occasionally, its claws would paralyze the miniboss—its attacks were imbued with lightning property—and greatly lower its attack and movement speed, improving our situation even more.

The fight lasted nearly 5 minutes, and the Little Dragon Maiden’s HP dipped below 20%. She roared and used Dragonblade Storm again, but she was facing me and He Yi, a pair of high-level mounted players whose stats were buffed by 50% thanks to Royal Road. Her fate was sealed from the moment she failed to one-shot us with her greatest skill.


Another two minutes later, I pierced the Little Dragon Maiden’s body with Universe Break. Finally, the Dragon Girl collapsed in a roar and kicked up a cloud of dust. Not only that, it dropped a pair of purple stones.

The miniboss didn’t drop any equipment. It only dropped 2 magic stones and a scale; a quest item.

"Wah! It’s a magic stone!"

Moonlight Stone was a magic stone-con, so her eyes turned misty when she picked them up from the ground. "Wow, they’re Purple Crystals! One of them is 97 Quality, and the other, 89! Lu Chen’s Luck is seriously OP, even the magic stones he gets from his kills are of high quality… how should we distribute this?"

Purple Crystal was a grade higher than a Phantasmal Stone, and it could be sold for 10 to 1000 gold at the shop depending on its quality. For example, the 97 Quality Purple Crystal could be sold at the shop for 970 gold, or 970 RMB in real life. Throw the 89 Quality Purple Crystal into the mix, and that was almost equal to the one-month salary of some workers.

He Yi said, "Purple Crystals are extremely valuable, so let’s go with round robin split—the first stone goes to Moonlight Stone, the second goes to Lu Chen, the third goes to Beiming, the fourth goes to me and the fifth goes to Mingyue. It’s fairer this way, and there are still plenty of minibosses to kill. I’m sure we’ll amass a ton of Purple Crystals in no time."

Murong Mingyue nodded smilingly. "Yep. By the way, did you guys see how much experience the miniboss gave? My experience bar filled up visibly when it died! Level 178 Earth Rank minibosses are seriously amazing… All this healing is making me go through my Magic Consumables really fast though. Handsome, did you bring enough magic consumables for this adventure?"

I replied, "Of course! I know how MP-hungry you are, so I brought a total of 290 stacks of Rank 10 Magic Consumables besides the Saint Spirit Potions. You can eat them off cooldown for three days and nights and still not be done, so don’t worry about it. What’s the point of refining a ton of Magic Consumables if I don’t find a use for them, right?"

Murong Mingyue smiled happily. "Awesome! But first, give me 50 stacks!"


We moved on after I traded the Magic Consumables to Murong Mingyue. There obviously was more than one Dragon Girl in this lifeless wilderness, or it would be impossible to complete the quest.

As expected, it took us less than 20 steps to cross to the other side of the small hill and run into another Dragon Girl. This one’s upper body was sticking out of a bush, and just like before, it was showering me with teary looks and stretching its arms toward me like the perfect damsel in distress.

I immediately pulled out my sword and cursed her, "Fuck you!"

Beiming Xue didn’t even bother to swear at the Dragon Girl, opting to skip straight to the murder part of the show, firing Mountain Stagger Arrow. It lodged into the center of its chest and caused the breasts to bounce uncontrollably!


The Dragon Girl entered a half-stunned state after eating the skill and shed off its pitiful appearance. Pulling its gigantic, ugly lower body out of the ground and growling something hoarse and incomprehensible, it ran toward us like a scythe-wielding truck intending to run down its enemies. Her attention was all on Beiming Xue, since she was the one who had hurt it.

"You are courting death!"

I fired Dragon Slaying Slash at the Dragon Girl’s head and dealt over 20k damage, instantly pulling her attention toward me. Before she could get close to me, I tossed the Cyan Netherworld Sword and carved up its stomach with Sword Boomerang.


My combo wasn’t over yet. Charging toward the boss, I grabbed the hilt of my sword and executed War Crush! My mount’s hooves smashed the ground thunderously!

Bang bang bang!

Both the planning and the execution were flawless. Moonlight Stone’s mouth fell open as she murmured, "OMG, is this how the Little Heavenly King fights? What an impressive combo and skill mastery…"

Once again, we surrounded the Dragon Girl and showered her with blades, arrows and magic. The miniboss soon died as a matter of course, but this time, it dropped two Purple Crystals and scaly wristguards!

I spurred my mount toward the equipment and picked it up from the ground. When I willed its stats screen into a hologram, the girls immediately exclaimed in pleasant surprise—


Dragonblade Wristguards (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★)

Defense: 670

Magic Resist: 550

Strength: +130

Stamina: +125

Passive: Increases user's critical rate by 4%

Outstanding Property: Draconic Energy. Imbues user’s attacks with light energy, increasing damage dealt to undead units by 5%.

Property: Dragonblade Set, Wristguards

Level Requirement: 150

1. Xiaolongnü,

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