Chapter 69: Thunder God’s Stampede

“The boss is here, it really spawned!”

Roaming Dragon rushed into the valley. Unable to suppress his excitement, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t aggro the boss yet, wait until we’re all here before attacking. Warriors, magic knights, and wanderers in the front row get ready. Back row, mages and priests, must follow closely. Archers, get ready to use Devil Piercing Arrow!!”

Coldmoon Rose swung her hips as she gracefully walked to Roaming Dragon’s side with her long legs. She smiled charmingly. “How is it? See, I told you, a Level 60 boss really did spawn in this canyon. Hmph, and you didn’t even believe my scouting abilities. I saw the boss spawn with my own eyes, you know~”

Roaming Dragon laughed. He reached out and lightly patted her round butt below the leather armor. He smiled rather vulgarly. “I know you’re amazing. Don’t worry, I’ll reward you once we defeat the boss!”

Coldmoon Rose smiled before she walked toward the formation in front with her longbow. She said in a loud voice, “Archers take care. Once we start fighting the boss, all second-promotion archers listen to my commands. Once we fire off our Devil Piercing Arrows, lock down the boss as your target and use Volley!”

I was shocked. This Coldmoon Rose was vicious. If the archers used Volley, there would be no way for me to remain close to the boss. My invulnerability from Earth Escape would be canceled and I would immediately become a porcupine!

Roaming Dragon walked forward. “Rose, why use Volley? Even though Volley is powerful, its single target damage is not that great.”

Coldmoon Rose’s face darkened. “A player has already entered Reflection Hills before we came. It was a warrior.”

“Oh, what’s his name?”

“Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, the 5th guy on the Heavenly Ranking!”

“What, him?” Roaming Dragon’s sword-like eyebrows slanted down as his voice turned cold. “That kid was here before us? Fuck! If I catch him, I won’t let him live a good life!”

Iron Pardon said with a low voice, “Boss, do you remember Greenstone Mountain Valley? Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy broke our defense together and snatched our boss. I remember that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand has an Earth Escape skill that’s similar to an Assassin’s stealth. We have to guard against that. We can’t make any mistakes this time or else we’ll fail again.”

Roaming Dragon nodded. “I understand, I’ll control our rhythm when we fight the boss. Hmph, it’ll be invulnerable!”

Roaming Dragon’s expression became sinister when he said that. His hatred overflowed as he tightened his fist and shouted, “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy humiliated me and I’m gonna pay it back ten times over! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand dares to provoke Mad Dragon so we’ll kill him back to Level 0. As for Wind Fantasy, hmph…”

Once Roaming Dragon thought about Lin Yixin, his expression immediately turned obscene. He licked his lips and said, “If she falls into my hands, I’ll give her the time of her life!”

Iron Pardon said with locked brows, “Boss, stop thinking about playing women. Let’s first plan how we’ll defeat the boss with the least amount of deaths. If too many of us die, I’m afraid we won’t have enough people alive once the boss is low. If we get ambushed then, I’m afraid not even ten or twenty of us will be able to block an expert like Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!”

Roaming Dragon nodded. “Don’t worry, I got it!”

He then shouted, “Level 30–35 priests and mages, come over. Every one of you will get 10 Rank 3 Magic Consumables. Those above Level 35 come over too. You guys will also get 3 Rank 4 Magic Consumables. Deal as much DPS as you can and don’t be stingy with the food. We can just buy more!

Seems like Roaming Dragon’s going all out. He really wants to be the first to get a Hero’s Token and dominate Floating Ice City.

I obviously couldn’t allow this to happen. If Mad Dragon got big in Floating Ice City, whether it was the Bloody Mercenaries workshop, Lin Yixin’s future guild, or even Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, we would all be affected. After all, Roaming Dragon’s impression of us was already as low as hell. I couldn’t be kind in this war for Floating Ice City. When enemies meet, only those with courage win. Let’s see which one of us is tougher!

A magic knight wielding a spear walked out from Mad Dragon’s formation. It was precisely Inconstant, one of the Gemini Stars. He voiced his concerns. “Boss, this monster is Level 60 and the majority of us are only Level 30. This would usually make our miss rate over 90%. If we attack like that, will we really be able to kill this Level 60 Hill Protector God?”

Roaming Dragon answered with raised brows, “Stop being so pessimistic, the hell are you scared of? We’ve mobilized 500 people for this. Look at Floating Ice City, or even the entire China server. Which guild has this strong a lineup? Hmph, even if we miss 90% of our attacks, as long as we have 50 people that can hit it at all times, killing this boss is only a matter of time.”

“But…” Inconstant’s eyebrows furrowed. “Boss, have you taken the boss’s HP regen into account? The Hill Protector God is a giant-type creature. Its Defense, Stamina, and HP regen are the highest in Heavenblessed. In my opinion, our chances of killing this boss are below 30%. Why don’t we go kill a Level 50 boss? With our manpower, we’d have a success rate of 80% or higher!”

Roaming Dragon’s face instantly frosted over. He said furiously, “Just focus on the assault formation, you punk! Don’t concern yourself with stuff like decision-making. You think I don’t know killing this boss will be hard? Or maybe you don’t know what dropping a Hero’s Token would mean! Mad Dragon would already have a foothold in the China server. Rising to the Top 3 of the Guild Ranking would also be a possibility. I’ve thought about it more than you did.”

“Yes… I understand.”

Inconstant could only walk to the frontlines with his spear. He was also one of the main tanks in this boss fight this time.


Hidden deep inside the canyon, I couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. There was a world of difference between the strength of players at this stage of the game and a Level 60 boss. I could only assume Roaming Dragon had not realized this fact yet. If 500 people rashly ran over, the chances of a complete wipe were huge.

In around ten minutes, the damage I dealt to the boss previously had long been recovered to full. Next up was probably Mad Dragon’s human wave attack.


Roaming Dragon drew his sword and yelled, “Like a mad dragon bursting out of the sea, we must advance onward! Brothers, for the glory and honor of our Mad Dragon guild, go, use our blood and flesh to forge tomorrow’s brilliance!”

I couldn’t help but acknowledge that this guy was a pretty good leader. Or at the very least, he was pretty good at boosting morale.

Accompanying the guild leader’s shout, the densely-packed Mad Dragon guild moved out. There were around a hundred melee players at the very front. Like ants, they charged at the stone giant boss’s feet. Behind them was a typical echelon formation. The archers shot their Devil Piercing Arrows which ignored 50% heavy armor Defense. The boss was precisely a heavy armortype monster. A huge number of damage numbers floated.







There were a lot of misses with some 1s here and there. I nearly laughed out loud when I saw those numbers. Even though they could ignore half of the boss’s Defense, Mad Dragon’s archers still couldn’t break through its Defense and could only deal 1 damage. This was too amusing. I want to see how they’re going to take down this Hill Protector God!

At this time, an enormous flaming dragon shot out from the ground. It roared and twisted itself around the stone giant’s body. It was the Mage class’s high-level spell—Fire Dragon’s Roar!





A string of numbers popped up and I was shocked once again. What a strong magic attack. I miscalculated. The stone giant’s Defense might be high but heavy armor’s natural bane is magic. Archers couldn’t break through its Defense but mages can ignore a big part of it. 

Reevaluating my stance, it really was possible for Mad Dragon to kill this boss.

I clenched my fist, already having prepared my heart to fight to the death. Mad Dragon absolutely could not receive the boss’s drops, no matter what. If they did, who knew how unrestrained Roaming Dragon would become. And this guy, if not kept in check, would be the very embodiment of the word “annoying”.

The Hill Protector God finally revealed its might as a Silver Rank boss. With a roar, it lifted its hill-sized leg and suddenly stomped!


The stomp caused sparks of lightning to flit from the point of contact. Snakes of electric current razed everything in a 5x5 square, instantly killing seven or eight Mad Dragon players.

Combat Log: Hill Protector God used “Thunder God’s Stampede”!

It was impressive, alright. A new hope rose in my heart. As long as this boss killed all of Mad Dragon’s warriors, the mages, archers, and priests in the back would be easy pickings without the tanks to hold the line.

The priests there didn’t even get a chance to do anything. The moment the Hill Protector used an attack, it was all instant kills. That wasn’t surprising at all. How could these players that weren’t even Level 40 escape death if even my Dark Wasp had been one-shot?

A giant arm swung and was followed by miserable cries. Yet another three magic knights were swatted flying and turned into ice-cold corpses in the air. Having dealt with them, the boss jumped into the air. Two stone fists held each other as they came crashing down.


Another seven or eight warriors became meat paste!

I stared, dumbstruck. Good thing I didn’t try to engage this boss in the open field. It would only take one Thunder God’s Stampete to turn me into mincemeat.

Before five minutes had passed, around a third of the boss’s HP was gone. Not many of Mad Dragon’s one hundred melee players remained. There were only a few left that didn’t dare to go up. As for Mad Dragon’s Gemini Stars Iron Pardon and Inconstant, they had long been crushed to death by the boss.

Roaming Dragon raised his longsword and shouted, “Brothers that have died, hurry back immediately after reviving. We will take turns wearing out the boss. Archers and mages, dish out all the damage you can! Where are the tacticians and bards? Buff the archers and mages with Encourage and Valor!”

Encourage, Tactician's area of effect skill, increased the attack power of all surrounding party members by 5%.

Valor, Bard’s single-target skill, increased the attack power of targeted players by 10%.

Tactician and Bard were both support classes. In terms of buff skills, Bard’s buff was better but it was only for one target while Tactician could buff the entire party.


Ten minutes later, the boss only had around 25% HP left but it had already gone berserk. After wiping out the melee, the stone giant ran around using Thunder God’s Stampede’s at the group of mages and archers. One stomp had a decent range and it took a while for the effect to disappear. The speed at which the boss’s HP fell was slowing substantially as Mad Dragon’s DPS was getting lower and lower.

“1, 2, 3… 75, 76, 77…”

Mad Dragon still had 77 people remaining and they were all long range-classes like mages and archers while the boss’s HP was soon reaching the 10% mark.

Now’s the time!

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