Chapter 686: Hundred Beasts

A few seconds later, Sun Qingqing replied, "What is it, a rose?"

"Of course not, you’ll know once you come over. My gift is a million times more sincere than something as vague as a rose…"

"Hoho, fine. Yiyi is waiting for me though, so I can only spare you two minutes!"

"That’s enough. Come quickly!"


About half a minute later, Snowy Cathaya’s best archer stepped out of the teleportation formation in crimson leather armor. Sun Qingqing was now Level 149, just one step away from reaching Level 150. Lin Yixin definitely spared no time and effort to turn her into a top-class archer.

"I’m here. So, what is this mysterious gift that you’ve prepared for my Yiyi?" Sun Qingqing asked smilingly.

I nodded and took out 60 Saint Spirit Potions from my bag. "These are the potions I created earlier. Its ingredients are extremely rare, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to refine this many again. Use them sparingly. They restore 15000 HP immediately, so it’s best used for fighters like Yiyi. I’ve prepared 50 for Yiyi and 10 for you."


Sun Qingqing’s mouth fell open when she saw the exact stats of the Saint Spirit Potions. She murmured in a daze, "OMG, they instantly restore 15000 HP and 7500 MP, and recover 25% HP and MP over 60 seconds? OMG, and Yiyi and I treated our Rank 10 potions like our babies. There is just no comparison…"

I laughed. "It’s not that bad. The requirement to create the Saint Spirit Potion is very strict, and its ingredients are extremely difficult to get. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I traveled to heaven and hell to acquire it, so seriously, use them sparingly. Save them for when you’re about to die."

"Got it. 10 of these are mine, right?"


"Hehe, this is awesome!" Sun Qingqing split the potions accordingly—50 for Lin Yixin and 10 for herself—in her bag before looking up. "Yiyi and her father will be leaving the country in a couple of days. Is there anything you would like to say to her?"

I let out a sigh before whispering, "I want to see her. I miss her so much…"

Caught off-guard for some reason, Sun Qingqing stared at me for a moment. "That’s a challenging request. Yiyi is afraid to see you."

"What? Why?"

"Because…" Sun Qingqing bit her lips and glared at me. "Because it’ll be a very long time before she comes back. Because she’s afraid she’ll renege on her decision if she sees you, stupid. Do you really think that Yiyi doesn’t miss you or want to see you?"

I bowed my head and fell silent.

Sun Qingqing’s eyes sharpened, but she let out a sigh before smiling reassuringly at her. "It’s going to be fine. Yiyi is a strong girl. If she really wants to see you, she’ll chase you even to the ends of the world. You’re probably the only person in the entire world for whom she’d go this far."

I clenched my fists. "It’s okay. If Yiyi’s too afraid to see me, then I’ll go see her myself!"

"And how are you going to do that, exactly?"

"You never heard of the saying that the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed?"

"Hmph…" Sun Qingqing nodded with a smile. "Okay then, I’m leaving. You don’t have anything else you want me to bring to Yiyi, right?"


"Oh. You actually have more?"


I carefully took out the dark blue pet egg from my bag; the product of metamorphosis of the Ice Dragon of the Deep Sea, Kris. An Immortal Rank boss pet was no joke. Something this valuable had never appeared in the market, and if I were to put it up for auction, it would be worth 5 million RMB at the minimum!

I trusted Lin Yixin, and I knew that only a person of outstanding moral character could become her close friend. So, I decided to put my trust in Sun Qingqing as well. I handed her the pet egg and said, "This is… priceless, Qingqing, so make sure that you pass it to Yiyi with your own two hands…"

"Oh, what pet is this?"

Sun Qingqing accepted the pet egg and inspected it. The next moment, she shivered and froze as if she was petrified by a Medusa. "An Immortal Rank boss pet… an Immortal Rank boss pet? Wow, a person stupid enough to give away something this valuable actually exists?"

"Hello? I’m right here."

"Hehe, right!"

Sun Qingqing stored the pet egg before commenting, "I’m glad to know that Yiyi hasn’t put her trust in the wrong person."

"But of course…" I raised my head proudly this time.

However, Sun Qingqing wasn’t done with me yet. She shot me a scrutinizing look before shooting a probing question, "Lu Chen, why didn’t you give Sister He Yi this pet egg? I know you treat her as well as Yiyi at least. Does this mean that Yiyi is slightly more important to you than He Yi?"

It was a surprising question. I took my time to think before replying, "I don’t think such a comparison exists because they’re both very important to me. Eve taught me how to fight for my dreams, and Yiyi taught me how to enjoy the game. They’re like the two suns of my life, and I cannot live without both of them."

Sun Qingqing giggled. "Good. This means Yiyi hasn’t fully lost yet. Yes, there’s still a chance…"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don’t mind me. Anyway, I’m leaving, Yiyi is still waiting for me…"

"Mn. Don’t forget to give the pet egg to Yiyi. If you keep it to yourself I swear I’ll hunt you down even if you escape to the ends of the world, hahaha…"

"What the hell, I’m but the messenger here. I demand better treatment…" Sun Qingqing stomped her foot in mock anger. A while later, she brought up the territory window, waved me goodbye and teleported away.


Alright, my gift delivery for the day was complete!

I checked my level and noted that it was Level 153, 97%; just a short grind away from reaching Level 154. In fact, I’m going to do that right now. Although I didn’t kill many mobs during my trip to Ice Dragon Ridge, I still managed to accumulate a generous amount of experience. It really was a great map.

I repaired my equipment and summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and the Phantom Wolf King. The moment I got atop my mount’s back, I immediately filled a surge of strength filling every inch of my body. After embedding the Qilin Stone, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse’s new stats were positively OP. Even without any buff, my stat screen looked incredibly impressive—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Great Earth Swordsman)

Level: 153

HP: 71190

Attack: 3672~4350

Defense: 4565

Magic Resist: 4110

Reputation: 228900

Tactics: 420 (+344)

Luck: 43


My max HP was now over 70k, and it was a terrifying number to say the least. At the current stage of the game, only a magic knight who pumped all their stats into Stamina could reach this level of hit points. Moreover, if I buffed myself with a Blood Knight Card, a high-rank Physique and Lu Buyi’s Purple Dragon which gave 80% to all stats, that would be a whopping 160% boost to my HP, or 180k+ HP in total. Add that to my Defense and my Ghost Deity Armor, and my survivability would be completely off the charts!

Just as I had predicted before, a fighter that reached Level 150 and entered the Earthfire Realm was completely OP. A warrior might not be able to beat a magic knight in terms of Defense and HP, but their DPS was the complete opposite. Moreover, warriors could learn a ton of offensive skills such as Blaze, Ice Ray, Double Slash, Triple Slash, and so on. Their DPS was especially scary after they acquired a mount.

Full of ambition, I teleported to Dark Moon City and spent a minute checking the buildings. He Yi and Murong Mingyue were the ones managing the city for the past couple days, and they did an excellent job as I expected them to. After that, I rode out of the territory and entered the Black Coast. I wasn’t particularly concerned about what I was going to grind to get the last 3% of my experience, so I made a snap decision to kill high-level sea turtles. Who knows, maybe I could gather some top-tier turtle shells and send them to Yamete for armorsmithing.

It was at this moment I heard a system announcement—

System Announcement: Player "Eternal Totem (Vanished God City)" has successfully defeated the Earth Rank Boss, Floater, and reached Level 149. They have also met the criteria to become a Famous General and become the forty-third Famous General of China! They have gained Luck +1, Tactics +1, and an exclusive Famous General Skill, "Hundred Beasts"!

Hundred Beasts: The stats of all pets are increased by 40%, and the pet summon limit is increased by one for all party members. Skill effectiveness depends on the user’s Tactics. Skill exclusive to player "Eternal Totem."


I was surprised by the announcement. The heck? There are 43 Famous Generals in China already? I hadn’t checked in on the Famous General Rankings because I was busy grinding or PvPing for the past couple days, and suddenly Famous Generals weren’t a rare commodity anymore.


Li Chengfeng had sent me a message: "You saw that? Eternal Totem is a member of Blazing Hot Lips, and he just picked up a Tamer-exclusive Famous General Skill. It looks like they’re going to get a lot stronger the next time we meet them."

"Oh. Does Blazing Hot Lips have a lot of Famous Generals?"

"Of course!" Li Chengfeng turned on the communicator to speak with me face to face, "Check out the Famous General Rankings. Stranger of Three Lifetimes learned Repel a while ago, Eternal Totem learned Hundred Beasts just now, and last night, another one of her subordinates, King of Huainan, learned a Famous General Skill called ‘Mandate of Heaven’. It increases all stats by 15% and mob item drop rate by 40% for all party members. It’s amazing…"

Somewhat speechless, I asked, "How about our own guild? Did we gain any new Famous General?"

"Sure! There were three players in the main guild that became Famous Generals in the past three days, and they are Beauty Hymn of the Apocalypse—you know, the girl who’s been sticking around Lil Beiming since the beginning? She learned Bow General, so I guess she won't be leaving Lil Beiming anytime soon. As for Yama Slayer and A Lazy Cat, they both learned Soul of the Foot, which is an okay Famous General Skill I suppose…"

I smiled. "Looks like our army is growing stronger day by day…"

Li Chengfeng laughed heartily. "True! Still, we’d best be prepared for the future. Candle Dragon also has new Famous Generals, and I have a feeling that Candlelight Shadow will return for his vengeance very soon. Here, I’ll send you a list!"


Very soon, Li Chengfeng sent me a couple of messages. They were all Candle Dragon players who became a Famous General recently—

Eagle-eyed: Physical attack power is increased by 10%, and attack range is increased by 50% for all party members. Max 200% attack range and 40% physical attack power. Skill exclusive to Autumn Carrot.

Execution: When the target is below 20% HP, the user gains 10% chance to execute the target. Max 25% execution chance. Skill exclusive to Dancing Spear in Pear Blossom.


I fell silent for a moment. Both Famous General Skills were incredibly threatening!

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