Chapter 685: Super Qilin Stone

Now this is what I’m talking about! Holy shit this is amazing!

Resurrection Art granted me a 30% chance to revive on death, and even if it didn’t trigger, I could still forcefully revive myself at the cost of 1 level. It was a much more tolerable price, and it made sense that death must have a penalty. Also, the item penalty when dying was removed, meaning that I wouldn’t drop any equipment no matter how many times I died. Now that, was seriously incredible.

Moreover, my attack power was increased by 10% per death, and there was no cap on the increase. If I died 25 times in a row, my attack power would be increased by 250%! How amazing was that?

Of course, losing levels to increase attack power was still a pretty terrible trade-off. The ideal scenario was still to murder the shit out of my enemies without losing any level.

Despite its flaws, I still adored this Resurrection Art. I had always been fond of Daredevil Third Brother skills like this, and I knew full well that sometimes there was no such thing as absolute power, only giving it your all and hoping for the best. The fruits of such labor were usually some of the sweetest as well.


Still holding my arm, Xinran asked me smilingly, “This Resurrection Art isn’t bad, right big brother?”

“Yes, it’s very good!” I smiled back.

“In that case, I’m going back to the God Domain ruins now!”


I reluctantly bade Xinran goodbye and watched her summon the Winged Silver Dragon and fly away. Then, I looked at Rinser and realized that the old fellow was shooting me unfriendly looks.

I was still no match for Rinser right now, so I quickly crushed a return scroll and teleported away to safety!


After I appeared at Sky City, I checked the time and noted that it was 2 pm in the afternoon. My stomach was growling in hunger, so I logged out of the game and chowed down the high-quality boxed lunch I had asked the girls to buy for me earlier. After lunch, I immediately went back into the game and continued the good fight. It was time to refine some Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potions, and the more the better considering how valuable they were!

Ice Dragon Ridge was now gone. I would have to find harder maps if I wished to gather more Divine Dayflowers. The good news was that I had already gathered a ton before I ran into the ice dragon, and they should last me a very long time.

Standing on the eastern plaza of Sky City, I opened my palm and summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse. It was time to embed a certain gem into my Level 150 Earth Rank mount, haha!

I brought up the mount embed system and took out my precious Qilin Stone. Then, I placed it on the Armored ice Qilin Horse. The mount neighed long and loud as the Qilin Stone slowly entered its forehead until it transformed into a flame-shaped mark. It was an impressive look to say the least.


System Notice: You have successfully embedded the Qilin Stone into your mount, "Armored Ice Qilin Horse"!

I quickly brought up the mount’s stats. The stat changes were absolutely massive—


Armored Ice Qilin Horse (Earth Rank Boss Mount)

Strength: +800

Stamina: +820

Attack Increase: +45%

Defense Increase: +40%

Attack Speed: +55%

Movement Speed: +150%

Attack Range: +30 yards

Max HP: +12000

Turn Rate: -30%

Mount Tenacity: +50%

Introduction: An armored horse from the western lands, it ate the Ice Qilin Grass within the Qilin Tomb and obtained the bloodline inheritance of the Ice Qilin. It is a precious and rare mount that possesses incredible speed and tenacity.

Embed Attribute (Qilin Stone): Max HP increased by 20000, attack power increased by 25%, defense power increased by 20%, mount tenacity increased by 120%, and resistances greatly increased. Damage done by Mountain Stagger Arrow, Dragon’s Roar, Spiraling Arrow Blade, Mountain Stagger Slash, and other skills that damage mount tenacity is reduced by 75%.

Level Requirement: 150

Reputation Requirement: 240000


Once again, this Qilin Stone was seriously amazing. Not only did it increase max HP by 20000, it also increased mount tenacity by 120% and resistances to mount-damaging skills such as Mountain Stagger Arrow by 75%. With the Armored Ice Qilin Horse’s new stats, I could charge an entire army alone and no longer fear being demounted by any archer or mage.

Even a top-tier archer like Beiming Xue would have to spend five whole minutes shooting me with Mountain Stagger Arrow to knock me off my mount. By then, she would have been long dead already.

Tsk tsk, the trip to Ice Dragon Ridge was truly a rewarding one. This Qilin Stone I got from the ice dragon’s anus especially was even more valuable than I had anticipated at the beginning!

I held back the urge to laugh like a madman and withdrew the Armored Ice Qillin Horse back into my pet space. If there was one flaw about my mount, it was that it was way too conspicuous. Unnecessary attention is unnecessary.

After all that was done, I moved to the center of the plaza and shouted, "WTB 100 sets of Rank 10 Dragon Meat at the price of 1 gold, or 100 gold per set of Dragon Meat! Limited purchase of 100 sets only! Make your sale while you can!"

In less than half a minute, I was surrounded by a bunch of high-level hunters. All these players were over Level 135, so they had the strength to challenge the Earth Dragons and sell some Earth Dragon Meat for extra income. It wasn’t bad business at all, but the number of master chefs in Sky City was incredibly scarce. As a result, the most popular Magic Consumable in the market was still the Rank 9 Dragonfish Soup. Dragon Meat cost 1 gold each, and it took 20 Dragon Meat or 20 RMB to create 1 Dragon Soup. It was no wonder that the normal players were reluctant to splash this much money.

However, the HP recovery effect of my Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potion was 3.3 times stronger than a normal Rank 10 Health Potion’s, and its MP recovery effect, 3 times stronger than Dragon Soup’s. Moreover, it also regenerated 25% HP and MP over 60 seconds. It was the kind of potion everyone deserved to enjoy, and it made perfect sense that the food ingredients used to make it would be rare and expensive. No investment, no return, right?

After purchasing 10000 Dragon Meat, I stored them all in the warehouse before purchasing the Green Peppers and Skyspirit Water next. After I had gathered all the ingredients, I took them out and started refining Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potion right next to the warehouse manager!

30 Dragon Meat, 20 Green Pepper, 5 Divine Dayflowers, and 10 Skyspirit Water. After I placed all the ingredients on the creation screen and selected confirm—


System Notice: Congratulations, you have made "Saint Spirit Potion X” x4!


Very good, one set of ingredients gave me 4 potions in one go! Nice!

I was boiling with excitement as I continued my production. To be honest, my stock of Divine Dayflowers was hardly infinite, and chances were I wouldn’t be able to find more Divine Dayflowers after I used up everything. Also, while the reward of my adventure at Ice Dragon Ridge was awesome, the exact process… left much to be desired. Who the hell would want to freeze in high altitude, accidentally aggro a giant ass dragon and get smacked around like a baseball? Even before that, I had had to stretch out my arm to let the Frozen Snakes bite me! The process was fucking disgusting!

Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potion was a golden liquid stored inside a small golden bottle. It almost looked like a tiny perfume bottle. It was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful.

Almost 10 minutes later, a total of 752 Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potions were stored in my bag. I didn’t even have enough ingredients to make a Rank 10 poison or anything else.

Feeling extremely pleased with myself as I checked out the potions, I sent He Yi a message: "What are you doing right now, Eve?"

"I’m creating Dark Insects at Dark Moon City right now..."

"Come to Sky City! I have a great gift for you!"


The beautiful guild leader appeared in the city in no time. She was clad in light silver armor. The snow white cloak behind her accentuated her snow white countenance perfectly. Moreover, the Blade of the Earthen Soul gleaming in her hand added a bit of heroism to her image. Her appearance instantly drew the gazes of over 90% of the stall owners in the area and turned their throats dry.

"So, what is that gift you said earlier?" He Yi gave me a small smile as she walked up to me.

I passed her 50 Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potions and said, "Here. But use them sparingly—preferably only when your life is in danger—because the ingredients are very, very hard to come by."

He Yi inspected the potion I gave her before exclaiming in surprise, "Wow, they add so much HP! Where did you get them?"

"I made them myself, hehe!" I smiled proudly before giving her another 100 potions. "Distribute these to our core members, namely Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, High Fighting Spirits, You and Yun, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, Lu Buyi, Chaos Moon, and Cute Little Naughty. Each person gets 10 potions, and no more than that. It’s limited after all."

"Sure!" He Yi happily accepted the potions before adding, "With these, not even Candle Dragon’s main army is a match for us anymore!"

"Mn. Let’s do our best!"

"Okay…" He Yi replied with a giggle. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around me before giving me a kiss on the cheek right in front of everyone. Then, cheeks as red as a rose, she enveloped herself in a magical formation and teleported back to Dark Moon City.


My mind was blank. I could still feel some of her warmth on my cheeks.

Behind me, Murong Mingyue appeared and said, "It looks like our Eve finally decided to launch her own attack. Lu Chen, do you know how lucky you are to have two gorgeous women chasing after you? Sigh. Another person would be drowning in happiness right now…"

I pursed my lips. "What are you talking about? I am drowning in happiness…"

Murong Mingyue laughed. "Oh yes, I’m fully aware how slow you are. You never fail to make them feel anxious!"



Murong Mingyue turned around and left just like that. Of course, she didn’t forget to cheat me out of twenty Rank 10 Saint Spirit Potions before she left. Oh well, there was nothing I could do before a woman like her. She could grab all the potions she wants from me...

After Murong Mingyue left, I took out the dark blue-colored pet egg—Kris the Ice Dragon—and examined it for a moment. It was much more valuable than Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue’s pets, and at the same level as the Phantom Wolf King. In fact, it should be stronger because of its draconic bloodline.

I opened my friend list, but Lin Yixin’s ID was still missing from it. I looked at the sky and sucked in a deep breath. Who else could I trust to pass this pet egg to Lin Yixin? There was only Lin Yixin’s good friend and vice leader of Snowy Cathaya, Clear Perfume.

So, I messaged Clear Perfume directly. "Qingqing, are you free? Can you come to the eastern plaza of Sky City now? There’s something I would like you to pass to Yiyi. Please?"

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