Chapter 683: Beauty Ice Dragon

The ice dragon was huge; tens of times bigger than even the Star Dragon we had encountered at the Nine Lost Dragon Domains. Its gigantic head was as big as a small mountain, and its dark blue eyes were staring at me with an icy glare. Its sharp fangs looked like a row of icicles, and I was only as big as one of its teeth. Our sizes were disproportionate to say the least.

"A dragon…"

I shivered as I looked down at the Qilin Stone I was prying out with the Cyan Netherworld Sword. Yep, my sword was stuck in its butt hole, and right next to it was a piece of frozen dragon dung. Heaven knows how long this ice dragon had been hibernating at this place for its dung to be as hard as a rock. It wouldn’t even be inaccurate to assume that it had been constipating for tens of thousands of years. If someone hadn’t been poking around in its anus, it would still be sleeping peacefully.

I felt my facial muscles twitch once as I put the Qilin Stone into my bag. Heart beating like a drum, I put on a smile and said, "Look, big brother, I’m uh… I’m just treating your constipation, that’s all. Don’t… don’t eat me, please? I haven’t taken a bath in a hundred years, and I’m not even big enough to fit the gap between your teeth, so you wouldn’t want to eat me. Seriously, don’t eat me, okay?"


The ice dragon’s nostrils twitched once, and a pair of icy streams burst into the open. Its dark blue pupils grew even more murderous as it opened its mouth and let out a mighty roar!


The roar itself was loud enough, but it was blowing directly at me. As a result, my body was freezing, my eardrums felt like they would break at any moment, and the ice dragon’s breath was out of the world. It must’ve been ages since it last gargled.

When it was done roaring, the ice dragon abruptly moved closer and acted to swallow me!

I was nervous of course, but I wasn’t a man who would resign myself to a grisly fate. You think you can eat me? Did you think the Heaven-grade weapon in my hand is for show?


I pulled out the sword stuck in the rock and let myself fall downward. After turning around and catching myself in mid-fall again, I launched my strongest offensive skill at the ice dragon’s chin—Burning Blade Slash!

Bang bang bang!

The explosive, fiery energy hit the ice dragon’s chin squarely and left sword sword marks across its thick, scaly armor. However, not only did they fail to penetrate its Defense at all, the damage numbers that popped from the wound caused my jaw to hit the floor in disbelief—




In that moment, my eyes turned as wide as goggles. "Are you kidding me? I couldn’t penetrate your Defense at all? Just how much Defense do you have…"

When I activated Dark Pupils, I finally saw the ice dragon’s name—


Kris, the Giant Dragon of the Deep Sea (Immortal Rank Boss)

Level: 185

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Kris used to be the ruler of the deep sea until the continent underwent a massive transformation, and the oceanic trench that was its domain rose to surface level. Unable to find her way home, the former ruler of the deep sea had no choice but to stay in her old lair alone. Over time, her lair turned into a mountain range, and her own hibernating body turned into the Ice Dragon Ridge.


Oh, it’s a girl, a girl with super high Defense no less!

Barely clinging onto the slippery rocks using the recoil from Burning Blade Slash, I looked at the female dragon and shouted, "Where are your manners, girl? Blood and murder are unbecoming of a lady!"

The ice dragon simply shot me a disdainful look and turned her head to one side. At this point, she had broken free from Ice Dragon Ridge completely and was sending countless rocks pitter-pattering against my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor. Then, she extended her sky-blotting wings without warning, stared at me with merciless eyes and opened her bloody mouth at me. She’s trying to hit me with a dragon breath!


This was no joke. I had no doubt in my mind I would turn into an ice sculpture and become part of the scenery if I got hit!

I hurriedly let go of the iron sword, gripped the Cyan Netherworld Sword tightly and ran down the cliff. That’s correct, somehow, someway I was running down a 90-degree vertical cliff to escape the ice dragon’s breath. A human’s potential was truly terrifying when survival instincts kicked in. Right now, I was the mirror image of those godly martial artists who could scale the walls with Qinggong!


The ice dragon’s breath struck the pillar I was hanging on earlier and snapped it like a twig. A terrible rumble later, that entire section of the mountain started crumbling into pieces and falling down the mountainside. Motherfucker, I just wanted to gather some Divine Dayflowers! Was this all really necessary??

Rocks fell from the sky like rain, and occasionally one or two would hit me in the back of my head and left behind burning hot pain. My HP dropped to 60% in just the blink of an eye, and even the Phantom Wolf King was yelping in pain. Although my pet was an Immortal Rank Boss, it was ultimately just a pet. Its stats and domain powers were completely incomparable to the ice dragon as a matter of course. Players with Immortal Rank pets would literally be unbeatable otherwise.


I felt a chill and looked behind me. My heart immediately jumped to my throat. The ice dragon was almost right behind me before I knew it, and it was in mid-swipe already! It wasn’t giving me the chance to react at all!

I raised my sword in front of me and used Guard!



A terrible, rending pain spread across my entire body, and when I opened my eyes again I realized that I had been smacked into the cliffside. Not only did her attack leave a terrifying mark on the rock, I myself was stuck in my human-shaped hole and unable to get out! Who would’ve thought that the mighty Little Heavenly King would face a crisis like this one day?

It was at this moment my pet bounced off the cliff and landed onto the ice dragon’s head as quick as lightning, its sharp claws tearing off a scale. Then, it raised its paw and hit the boss in the left eye with all its might! Not only that, it accidentally triggered Claw of the Storm and left a deep mark in the dragon’s eye!

"Roar! Roar!"

In pain, the ice dragon twisted its body and wobbled like a giant ship that tethered at the edge of capsizing. Its long tail smacked against the rocks and caused the crumbling mountain to explode into pieces!

The next moment, I heard the Phantom Wolf King letting out a scream of pain. The ice dragon had closed her eyes and slapped herself in the face, flattening my poor pet in the process! Motherfucker!

Furious, I used Tenacity of the Dead and drank a health potion to pull myself over the 70% mark. Then, I jumped off the cliff myself and shot toward the ice dragon’s head like a cannonball. Thanks to Dark Pupils, I could see that the wound on her head was her biggest weak spot. The moment I landed, I immediately stabbed it with Universe Break!



The sword penetrated the giant dragon’s head, but there was a problem. The Cyan Netherworld Sword wasn’t nearly long enough to pierce her completely. Even if I managed to sink the weapon completely into her flesh, it was still as shallow as someone given acupuncture treatment with a needle. There was no way I could deal any real damage to her like this.

"Hah! Die!"

I let out a shout and used Burning Blade Slash, firing flaming sword energy directly into her brain. The skill was a ranged attack, so the blades of energy could travel quite far before coming to a stop. This time, I knew I did real damage to her because the damage numbers that appeared was unlike anything I had ever seen—




A chance like this—a direct attack into a boss's brain—was one of a kind, and the result was six-digit damage numbers per tick! And holy shit did it feel amazing!

The ice dragon screamed in pain, but she was a dragon, the race with the most formidable vitality in the world. It was highly unlikely that I could kill her this easily.


My suspicions were proven true by the sound of my bones exploding. The ice dragon had repeated the same move she used on the Phantom Wolf King earlier and flattened me just like it did my poor pet! Holy shit!

Am I dead?

I felt unusually calm even though I died. It wasn’t shameful to die to an Immortal Rank boss, and even Thunder, one of the Nine Sovereigns of Purgatory, was just an Immortal Rank boss. This ice dragon was at least as powerful as that bastard, if not stronger. Dying to her was more honorable than shameful for sure.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the heavens weren't accepting people today, because Immortality triggered and revived me to full health!

"Haha, I am immortal!"

I stabbed the ice dragon again and used Burning Blade Slash again. She was an ice-attribute monster, so fire-attribute attacks like Burning Blade Slash did the most damage to her!

"Roar roar…"

The ice dragon screamed again before turning 180 degrees around. I immediately lost my balance and fell toward the bottomless abyss! Seriously, I couldn’t even see the bottom from up here! It took me over two hours to climb this freaking mountain, so heaven knows how tall it really was!

To make things worse, the ice dragon appeared right above me and swiped at me. I could even see her sinister gaze and disdainful grin!


The moment I assumed a Guard stance, the claw struck me and sent me flying like a ball that just got hit by a baseball bat. Pain crawled throughout my body as I flew even faster toward the ground like a cannonball!

Shit shit shit! I’m so dead!

I hurriedly activated Shield of the Evening. I could still save myself with the invincibility skill!

But it didn’t work. The system notice said, "Sorry, you cannot use the skill in your current state!"


Are you fucking kidding me? That ice dragon somehow sealed away my Shield of Evening?!

Suddenly, I came to the realization that no amount of luck was going to save me today. I was absolutely going to get crushed by this powerful ice dragon!

The ground quickly expanded before my eyes. Worse, my face was going to hit the ground first! Nooo, not the face!


I slammed against the ground like a meteor and sank deep into the rock and snow. However, it looked like a miracle had happened again! Somehow, I had hit the jackpot twice—although in hindsight, a 40% chance to revive on death was a lot—and revived through Immortality again!



Suddenly, I heard a painful groan coming from beneath me. Shocked, I looked down and realized that I was sitting atop an ugly-looking fellow, and the Cyan Netherworld Sword was stabbed right through his chest. The good news was that it was an undead, so the blow wouldn’t kill him. Second, he was actually someone I knew.

"Ah? Teacher Rinser? Why are you here?" I exclaimed in shock.

Rinser glared at me while groaning, "That’s my question, you brat! Why did you fall from the sky? What the hell were you doing?"

"No time. Let’s get out of this hole first!"

I carried Rinser on my back and climbed up. When I grabbed the edge of the giant pit and pulled myself upward, I looked up and saw a pair of beautiful legs. It was a beautiful girl wearing a pair of dark cyan war boots and exquisite armor. Pieces of cloth were flapping at the edges of the armor scales. She smiled at me and asked,

"Where did you come from, big brother?"

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