Chapter 677: Live Together

"What’s wrong, boss?!" Farewell Song exclaimed in surprise as his dagger froze in midair.

Warsky’s eyes looked like a hawk’s as he said, "Our battle is already finished, Farewell Song. It was finished the moment Candle Dragon was eliminated from this territory war. Remember, our goal has always been to deal a heavy blow to Candle Dragon, not seize this territory for ourselves. We have completed the objective we set out to do, and even the Martial God lies dead beneath our feet. Therefore, whatever happens next is no longer our concern. It is time to withdraw."

After that, he raised his sword and laughed heartily. "Today, we have carved out our fates with our swords and laid bare the strength of Warsky Alliance for the entire world to see! Well done, my brothers and sisters! Now, let us depart!"

The players of Warsky Alliance accepted their guild leader’s praise with nods and smiles. Farewell Song also ceased fighting Li Chengfeng completely and withdrew a dozen or so steps away to the back. Finally, he crushed a return scroll and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In less than five minutes, all of Warsky Alliance’s players had teleported back to the city and withdrawn from the battle as Warsky commanded.



Li Chengfeng sheathed his sword as he gazed toward the distance. "Warsky’s a shrewd one for sure. A wise man naturally knows to look after his own hide, but this one also knows how to give and take with equanimity."

Chaos Moon giggled. "Yeah, Warsky Alliance’s entire reason for coming here was to improve their placement in the CGL Guild Ranking, so their decision to avoid clashing against Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Blazing Hot Lips and withdraw after beating Candle Dragon is infinitely wise…"

I nodded. "It’s for the best of everyone. Anyway, there’s half an hour left in the clock, so let’s get ready to enter the territory hall!"


Everyone nodded in unison and started clearing out the remaining enemies outside the territory hall. After the symbol of their guild, Candlelight Shadow had fallen, Candle Dragon took a huge hit to their morale. They were unable to hold back our united assault, and the battle fell into our control completely. Speaking of which, Peach Garden had sounded an early retreat immediately after their guild leader, Indigo Collar, was taken out by Candlelight Shadow. Dominating Heaven Blade of Gods of Destruction was also killed in action after taking a huge amount of Galaxy Storms to the face. Without an oppressive amount of HP and Defense, it was simply impossible to survive concentrated attacks of any sort. The guild leader was taught a harsh lesson today.

The guild leader of Baidicheng, Come See The Snow Tonight, rode up to the entrance of the territory hall while accompanied by a troop of Level 140+ warriors and mounted players. Her eyes looked sharp as she said, "It looks like Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker’s men have all retreated inside. Hmph, there’s got to be at least 10000 high-level players in there, right?"

I nodded. "I agree. How do you plan to fight this out? Do you want us to open up a way for you?"

"No, we’ll like to give it a try first!" The guild leader’s eyes were brimming with excitement when she ordered, "Men, charge the entrance!"

"Yes, ma’am!"

Two Level 144 super magic knights stepped into the open. Together, they brandished their spears and galloped through the pitch black entrance of the territory hall.

Ten seconds passed. Not a peep could be heard from inside.

"How did it go?" He Yi asked.

Come See The Snow Tonight shook her head before replying, "They both died."

I said, "You need to send more men if you want to make it inside!"

"Yeah." Stranger of Three Lifetimes echoed in agreement. "Hall of Immortality must have surrounded the entrance with a ton of mages. As long as they concentrate their fire at the entrance, practically anyone who tries to go inside would be destroyed."

"One more time!"

Come See The Snow Tonight wasn’t willing to give up so easily. She raised her sword and ordered again, "Let’s form a vanguard of a hundred riders and try again! No way we can’t breach a simple entrance! Once you get inside, spread out so that they can’t just focus all their firepower on one area! And don’t hesitate!"

"Yes, ma’am!"

The players of Baidicheng raised their weapons and formed up once more. This time, a hundred elite knights that were packed like sardines charged through the entrance together. Also, they were followed by several hundred warriors and even more archers and mages. The entire process took less than a minute.

However, three whole minutes passed, and we still couldn’t hear anything from inside.

"How is it?" I asked from above the Armored Ice Qilin Horse.

Come See The Snow Tonight shook her head again. "We’ve been wiped out again. We underestimated Rose of the Holy Domain and Hall of Immortality’s archers and mages. Our players died almost the instant they got through the entrance. We lost a lot of good equipment this time too… Oooh, what should we do? Do I have to go in myself…"

I smiled. "You tried. It’s time to leave it to your ally!"

I turned around and turned serious. "Okay, boys and girls! As you know, that idiot Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch has set up a kill zone inside the entrance, so it’s our job to get inside and tear it to pieces! I’ll go in first with my invincibility skill and kill as many players as I can. Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, Li Chengfeng, and Chaos Moon will follow me afterward. Once you’re inside, spread out in every direction! Finally, Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, Moon Dew, and Moonlight Stone will come inside. No matter the outcome, we’ll live and die together, so there’s nothing to be afraid of!"

Gui Guzi laughed heartily and raised his spear high. "Well said! We live and die together!"

"Haha!" Li Chengfeng raised his sword with a chuckle.

He Yi also raised her Blade of the Earthen Soul. Clearly, she had no intentions to be left behind even though I hadn’t given her an order.

It was at this moment Stranger of Three Lifetimes walked forward and offered, "I want to come too. My Magic Shield’s tougher than most others’!"

I frowned. "We can’t do that, Third Wheel. You are the guild leader of Blazing Hot Lips. What do we do if you actually die during the charge?"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes looked caught between vexation and amusement. "Do you want to die? My nickname is Momo, not Third Wheel!"

"Fine then. Let’s charge together!"

After that, Come See The Snow Tonight and Ling Xueshang offered to join us as well, causing my confidence to skyrocket. How could we fail when all four guild leaders were charging together?

"Alright, I’m going in! Come in 10 seconds later!" I declared.

Everyone nodded in unison.

I sucked in a deep breath. As a sixth-promotion player who had entered the Earthfire Realm, both my Magic Resist and Defense were greatly increased. Whether or not we could breach the enemy’s kill zone was completely up to me.

The Apparition Ring flashed, and a body double of myself quickly took form beside me. After the Phantom Wolf King got into position as well, I sucked in another deep breath and activated multiple skills at once—

Shield of Evening: Concentrate a great amount of true qi and shield oneself from all damage. Lasts 12 seconds.

Blood Fiend: Regain 10% HP when dealing a critical hit to a target.

God’s Rage. User enters a berserk state upon activation and crits 100% of the time. Lasts 60 seconds.


Alright, all my super buffs were activated. Time to go in!

The Armored Ice Qilin Horse neighed loudly as I charged through the entrance. The next moment, my vision was almost completely blotted by fire, ice, wind blades, rocks, and arrows. Holy shit. Heaven knows how many players were cooped up inside the territory hall, and I almost couldn’t see where I was going. Moreover, I spotted a lot of high-level Candle Dragon mages mixed among the players of Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain and Throne Seeker. Candlelight Shadow must’ve ordered them to stay behind. After all, if Candle Dragon managed to protect the city, then their operation today wasn’t a complete failure. At the very least, it would save them some face even though it was still a loss overall.

Thud thud thud...

A ridiculous amount of firepower pitter-pattered against the Shield of Evening, unable to deal any damage to me at all. I continued charging forward and trampled over a dozen or so magic knights. After I arrived at an empty space, I raised my sword, summoned the soul of a purple dragon and activated Purple Dragon Howl!

Boom boom boom!

The draconic energy dealt massive damage to everything it touched. Even high-level mages with their Magic Shields active were shredded in the blink of an eye. The AoE skill was just too powerful for anyone to stop, and an area of death appeared inside the territory hall in no time.

That wasn’t all. I leaped into another group of players and summoned a storm of icy blades. A super long-ranged, fan-shaped energy immediately collapsed on top of them. It was my Thousand Ice Slash!


Ice flew everywhere, and countless players became trapped inside blocks of ice. They looked like frozen prawns that lost all mobility after a twitch.

Shield of Evening was definitely a great skill. It was an invincibility skill that could absorb an infinite amount of damage while it was active, so using it to absorb enemy firepower was without a doubt the best way to use it.

Behind me, my apparition caught up with me and used its own Purple Dragon Howl!


The skill was ridiculously powerful even though the apparition’s attack power was only 75% of mine. Therefore, the enemy lost almost another one hundred players or so. Unfortunately, it was losing health rapidly because the mages of Candle Dragon were bombarding it with spells. The apparition couldn’t copy my defensive skills, and its HP and Defense stats were also only 75% of mine. It was incredibly fragile to say the least.


Finally, the Phantom Wolf King leaped into a group of players and attacked them violently, shredding the metal armor of many magic knights with ease. Like a king, it howled proudly and unleashed a Purgatory Storm that shredded both the bodies and the hearts of a party of Hall of Immortality players. Just a moment ago, they were still rejoicing over the fact that they were able to kill over a thousand Baidicheng players with zero casualties, accumulate points, and obtain their equipment. Now, the situation had been turned completely on its head!

A couple of flashes appeared at the entrance. My beautiful guild leader, He Yi was the first person to enter the territory hall after me. When she swung her blade and launched an Purgatory of Ice and Magma at a packed group of Rose of the Holy Domain players, their faces instantly turned as gray as death. Then, Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, and Come See The Snow Tonight also appeared at the entrance and drew the enemy’s firepower to themselves.

Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, and Chaos Moon were right behind them, and soon Beiming Xue appeared with her Dragonbone String as well. She fired two Multi Arrows at a group of Throne Seeker players the second she showed up and made them cry for their moms and dads.

Finally, a shielded Stranger of Three Lifetimes appeared at the entrance. She was the true cannoneer of our group, and it took her only a couple of super Galaxy Storms to zip up the mouths of Hall of Immortality.


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch murmured in a daze, "Is this the end?"

Suddenly, a system announcement rang in the air—


System Announcement: Player "Wind Fantasy (Sky City)" has successfully defeated the Heaven Rank Boss, Magic Breaker Faroll, and reached Level 150. They have also met the criteria to learn the Great Earth Transformation and became the first Divine General of China! They have gained Luck +5, Tactics +10, and an exclusive Divine General Skill, "God’s Tear"!

God’s Tear: ????

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