Chapter 675: Killing Gods


As it turned out, Blue Sky Scar’s luck wasn’t that much better than Tempest Shadow’s. He dropped wristguards that Li Chengfeng picked up and tossed into his bag without even looking. He was that confident in his ability to stay alive and not drop his loot in this war. I could already imagine him examining his prizes in the safe zone of Sky City at his leisure.

"Fuck! Even… even boss Blue Sky Scar is…" The jaws of several Candle Dragon magic knights hit the floor. They simply couldn’t believe that their CGL Hall of Famers—invincible warriors who won every battle they fought and were just one step away from becoming legends—would be killed in action, and in such a clean and decisive fashion no less.

October Rain smiled when she saw that the players of Candle Dragon were shaken. "Alright, let’s keep up this momentum and take out the remaining three CGL Hall of Famers, everyone!"


Her words terrified them even more. A CGL Hall of Famer was the walking banner of a guild and a hero to all players, but in October Rain’s words it was almost as if Candle Dragon’s CGL Hall of Famers were just bounties to be claimed. To give an example, it was like Guan Yu talking about killing Yan Liang and Wen Chou. To the great general of Shu, killing Yan Liang and Wen Chou was just a matter of when and where.


An arrow suddenly flew out of nowhere and hit a Level 143 Warsky Alliance magic knight in the head. It was a Mountain Stagger Arrow. When the magic knight shuddered and fell off his mount, he immediately ate a Volley to the chest. A column of damage numbers appeared above his head, and he dropped dead just like that.

His killer was the archer, Transient Smoke and Clouds!

"Motherfucker! It’s Transient Smoke and Clouds! Don’t let him escape!" Furious, Warsky brandished his war blade and charged straight toward the archer. Not only did he give off the impression that he could solo an entire army himself, I could see that he had improved by leaps and bounds just looking at his attack angles and battle rhythm. It wouldn’t be long before he evolved from a first-class player to a super-tier one. People like him were scary because they had the cunning and the willpower to improve themselves constantly.

Transient Smoke and Clouds shouted right back, "Pooh! You think you can defeat me, Warsky? What else do you know besides buying people’s loyalty with that tiny pile of wealth you have?"

The archer fired a Shock Arrow at Warsky. If he could stun Warsky, then Candle Dragon’s mages could one-shot the guild leader with Galaxy Storms. Warsky was a warrior and not a magic knight, so he didn’t have a mount just yet.


The lightning-fast arrow missed and hit the ground after Warsky threw himself into a backward slide. He actually managed to dodge the CGL Hall of Famer’s Shock Arrow! The corners of his mouth turning upward, he blew past three magic knights who were trying to trap him with two wonderfully executed zigzags before slashing the air in front of him!

"Flowing Light Slash!"

Warsky shouted as a sword aura flew out of his sword and traveled about 20 yards in a straight line! Transient Smoke and Clouds was standing right on top of the line of impact!


Transient Smoke and Clouds nearly pissed himself when he saw the huge damage number rising above his head. He was that close to being one-shot by Warsky. The attack might not seem like much, but its super-long range was a deadly threat to anyone who wasn’t expecting it.

The archer immediately used Leap to move away to safety. The skill was an excellent escape skill, and a perfect complement to Freezing Arrows when kiting melee players. It was one of the most common combos an expert archer could use.

Unfortunately for the CGL Hall of Famer, I was observing him when he jumped. Bursting into uncontrollable laughter, I taunted him, "You’re dead, Transient Smoke and Clouds!"


Terror filled Transient Smoke and Clouds’ eyes when he turned toward me in midair. When he saw the spiraling energy around the blade of my sword, his heart turned as cold as ice.

Inside my head, I calmly and quickly calculated the distance between the two of us, his landing point and the force behind my swing. After the calculations were complete, I abruptly dashed exactly 6.5 yards to the front and launched Sword Boomerang right at the archer!


A beautiful whirlwind of death flew in an arc and cut down entire groups of archers and mages in an instant. Transient Smoke and Clouds himself was exactly in the path of collision. The archer couldn’t change positions in the air, so all he could do was watch himself falling toward the spinning blade of death with a complexion that was as pale as death.

The calculation behind the strength, angle, distance, and enemy’s landing spot was all perfect. He had absolutely no chance of escaping his death!


There was a loud bang, and the sword punched a giant, bloody hole in the center of Transient Smoke and Clouds’ chest before he even landed on the ground. He collapsed to his knees, dropped a ton of potions and died with his eyes opened.

Not far away, Warsky raised his sword and laughed loudly. "Well done, Lu Chen! That is how you take out them CGL Hall of Famers! Show them no mercy!"

Suddenly, I heard the sound of Dragon’s Roar and Galaxy Storm. Shit, the enemy’s super mage God’s Dance has arrived!

Bang bang!



The two spells nearly one-shot the hooting guild leader. Scared out of his mind, Warsky hastily drank a health potion and dodged the follow-up spells from God’s Dance. There was nothing he could do against this cannoneer because he couldn’t break her Magic Shield before she escaped. Hell, she could even kill him before he got close to her.

I immediately shouted, "Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, take out God’s Dance! Little Gui, Little Rain, Diamond Dust, block Candlelight Shadow while we kill her!"


Gui Guzi immediately charged toward Candlelight Shadow and clashed weapons with him twice. The brief duel went slightly in favor of Candlelight Shadow, but Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust and nearly a hundred Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen showed up just in time to assist him. Not even Candlelight Shadow could delete these Knight God and Knight General–empowered magic knights from existence in a short time.

That wasn’t all he had to deal with. When Candlelight Shadow saw He Yi charging her with the Blade of the Earthen Soul beside her, he shivered a little before retreating to the back, shouting, "Archers, give me an arrow rain!"


Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield, Li Chengfeng had carved open a path for Chaos Moon to get close to God’s Dance. She immediately locked onto the mage and used Rock Crush!


Pieces of rocks covered the air and scared the shit out of the magic knights who got hit. However, God’s Dance Magic Shield only warped a little and lost 15% of its durability after eating the skill. It showed just how powerful God’s Dance was. Her Magic Attack was insanely high, and that translated into a super tough Magic Shield. Her survivability exceeded even a large number of magic knights!

Unwilling to admit defeat, Li Chengfeng replaced Chaos Moon’s position and shot three long-ranged attacks at God’s Dance—Dragonbone Flurry!

Thud thud thud!

The three sword auras hit God’s Dance Magic Shield and deleted a huge chunk of durability. However, God’s Dance calmly retaliated with two Galaxy Storms that forced Li Chengfeng and Chaos Moon to halt their charge and heal themselves. A reckless fighter was just prey to a powerful mage like God’s Dance.

It was at this moment Xu Yang arrived and let out a mighty roar, intimidating his opponent with the sheer volume of his voice. While she was surprised, he hit her Magic Shield with a Mountain Stagger Slash!

"OMG, why is this idiot here?" God’s Dance exclaimed in surprise while she took a direct hit. Mountain Stagger Slash was the melee version of Mountain Stagger Arrow, but it was surprisingly effective against Magic Shields as well. God Dance’s Magic Shield durability dropped even lower as a result.



God’s Dance moved backward while leaving a trail of fire lotuses in her tracks. It was a kind of continuous AoE skill and a literal trial by fire that Chaos Moon and Li Chengfeng had to go through if they wished to get to the mage.

Everyone was getting really anxious at this point. God’s Dance was so good that she single-handedly held off the three super experts of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!

Suddenly, a shadow emerged from the darkness and charged straight toward God’s Dance. The mage immediately exclaimed in fear, "Farewell Song!"

Instead of replying, the assassin kept running until he came within range of God’s Dance. Then, he slashed the mage’s Magic Shield with his dagger and turned her face as white as a sheet of paper.

Shield Pierce was the signature skill of a high-level assassin. It ignored a mage’s Magic Shield completely and dealt full damage to the target as if they were shieldless. Naturally, it was a skill widely feared by many mages, and the CGL Hall of Famer God’s Dance was no exception. Its skill book was incredibly rare, but Farewell Song had it.


God’s Dance screamed and collapsed slowly to the ground. Her Magic Shield wasn’t even broken when she died.


Li Chengfeng exclaimed in shock when he caught up. He didn’t think that their kill would be stolen by Farewell Song. Before he could say anything, the cold-blooded assassin turned his daggers on him and executed Blade Vortex!

"Out of the way!"

Li Chengfeng’s sword pierced the air!


Sparks flew everywhere, and Farewell Song was sent sliding across the floor from the sheer force behind the strike. Li Chengfeng’s strike might seem clumsy at first glance, but it came at Farewell Song at an angle that prevented him from parrying the attack in any way, forcing him to Guard to survive the blow.

"Hmph, I’ll deal with you later…"

Unperturbed by his failure, Farewell Song smiled before fading into the darkness once more.

I hurriedly activated Dark Pupils to give Li Chengfeng an advantage, but even with the skill Farewell Song continuously faded in and out of my vision. What the hell was his stealth anyway? Not even Dark Pupils were able to reveal him completely. Farewell Song was truly an amazing assassin!

Thankfully, Farewell Song meant what he said and didn’t attempt to attack Li Chengfeng again. I hurriedly recalled the dragon warrior and charged toward the final CGL Hall of Famer of Candle Dragon, Candlelight Shadow!

At this point, we had killed the four War Gods of Candle Dragon. Once we took out the strongest and last of them, Candlelight Shadow the Martial God, Candle Dragon was as good as dead!

Warsky, Lin Bing Dou Zhe, and the rest of Warsky Alliance was swiftly approaching the space where Candlelight Shadow was making his last stand as well. The guild leader raised his war blade and declared on top of his lungs, "Kill Candlelight Shadow! Flatten Candle Dragon beneath our feet!"

I also raised my weapon with a smile. "It is time to settle things with Candle Dragon!"

Candlelight Shadow glanced back and forth between me and Warsky. His eyes were angry, but there was a tinge of resignation in them as well. He knew that it was impossible for him to turn the tide around by himself no matter how powerful he was.


It was at this moment a deep voice suddenly came from a crowd. "Stop!!"

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