Chapter 674: Whirlwind Slash VS Whirlwind Slash


A dagger cut through his armor, punched through his bone and brought out a shower of blood. That was just the beginning, however. The murderous dagger then burst into a poisonous green light and entered Candlelight Shadow’s chest, stabbing him three times in a row until its wielder used up all of his energy.

Thud thud thud!

Almost every attack penetrated over 50% of the target’s Defense. Not even Candlelight Shadow could shrug off a combo like this and pretend that it was nothing—






Four consecutive hits later, Candlelight Shadow’s HP dropped from 100 to almost zero. Even with a Physique buff, he only had almost 50k HP. In this regard, he was no match for a high-level magic knight.

Unfortunately for the assassin, Candlelight Shadow recovered just in time to parry away three consecutive strikes that would’ve killed him. Eyes as cold as ice, he shouted, "Farewell Song, you sure gave me a good time!"

While withdrawing so that the priests behind could heal him, he shouted angrily, "Just you wait, I swear I’ll wipe out Warsky Alliance!"

Instead of answering his challenge, Farewell Song silently slithered back into the darkness. As an assassin, Farewell Song never overextended or put on a show. After failing to kill Candlelight Shadow in one go, he immediately retreated and waited for his next opportunity to arrive. He was exactly the kind of top-class player that Candlelight Shadow and I were most afraid of. A tenacious, cunning, and cruel assassin like Farewell Song was like a gangrene that you couldn’t escape from. Candlelight Shadow had to be feeling very uncomfortable right now.


Warsky raised his weapon and shouted, "Warsky Alliance, keep up the pressure on Candle Dragon! We must wipe out their forces in half an hour’s time!"

October Rain nodded and carried out the order. She and a group of archers fired a ton of colorful Multi Arrows into Candle Dragon’s ranks and made life hellish for them.



The guild leader of Bloody Mercenaries, Du Thirteen, was swinging his sword in front of him and launching a short-range AoE skill at five Candle Dragon magic knights. While they were staggering backward from the attack, he pounced toward them, used Barrier Break on one, pierced the throat of another, killing two people in quick succession. From behind him, Xue Lu enveloped the rest of the knights with her magic, cleaning them all up. The two lovers had come to form a wonderful rapport with each other.

"Lu Chen!" Du Thirteen took the moment of respite to ask me, "Why are these sons of bitches from Warsky Alliance fighting so hard today? Warsky isn’t the kind of person who would waste his energy on fruitless endeavors, and they should know that their chances of getting the city are low…"

I cut down a magic knight before replying, "It’s simple, this territory war is one of the battles that will determine the new CGLGuild Ranking. Everyone is fighting to increase their score. Candle Dragon is the number one guild right now, so Warsky wants to beat Candle Dragon with his own hands. He’ll certainly score a lot of points if he succeeds."

"I see. Let’s do our best too!"



The battle was extremely bloody. In less than 20 minutes, every Candle Dragon subguild at the outer ring had collapsed under heavy fire. Not everyone could handle being focus-fired by dozens of middle to big-sized guilds.

The player count on the siege battle window was decreasing rapidly as well. The number of defenders had dropped from 1.74 million to 470k, and a large majority of them were stuck outside the city. The actual number of defenders guarding the territory hall was less than 200k.

Meanwhile, the number of attackers was over 2 million. At this point, it was crystal clear that Immortality City was destined to fall, but Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was still fighting with all his might. He had invested too much money and energy into the city to give up now. He believed that Immortality City was secure with Candle Dragon around, but our cavalry troops had shredded that confidence and Candle Dragon’s cavalry troops into pieces!

In fact, the turning point of this war was the battle between Candle Dragon’s Viper Dragoons and our Cyan Tiger Cavalry. When Candle Dragon lost that battle, they had lost both their aura of invincibility and their morale. Not even their own players believed that Candle Dragon was the supreme god of the battlefield anymore. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls might have lost 4000 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen in that battle, but in exchange, we tore their confidence to shreds.

The battlefield was chaotic, with people moving about randomly, battle cries filling the hall.

At this point, Candle Dragon’s main guild was the only guild still defending the territory hall. Candlelight Shadow had healed back to full health and joined the battle once more. His four War Gods—Blue Sky Scar, Tempest Shadow, God’s Dance, and Transient Smoke and Clouds—were holding their positions and showing off their strength. Like four beacons of hope, their very presence supplied their players with seemingly endless faith and energy. The only true way to defeat Candle Dragon was to kill Candlelight Shadow and the four CGL Hall of Famers!

I glanced at Warsky from a distance, and he glanced at me. Despite not having exchanged any word with each other, we understood each other’s intention and nodded at the same time. It was time to dispatch our strongest players and eliminate the enemy’s CGL Hall of Famers!

I raised the Cyan Netherworld Sword and shouted, "Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, follow me! We will take out Candlelight Shadow and his goons! It’s about time we ended this war!"

Chaos Moon nodded and replied, "Yes, let’s take out those CGL Hall of Famers!"

He Yi also urged her Snow Domain Windchaser and joined us as we ran toward the territory hall. She was the guild leader, so I couldn’t give her a direct order. However, she was also an intelligent woman, and she picked up my meaning without me having to say anything. Now that she had the Blade of the Earthen Soul and the Purgatory of Ice and Magma, she was a key player of our elite forces as well. She understood that it was her responsibility to fight with us.

In front of the territory hall, Tempest Shadow was riding back and forth on his mount and killing a ton of people with his spear. Like a god of war, he shouted, "Comrades, there are less than 40 minutes left on the clock! We will be the ultimate victors of this war if we manage to defend the territory hall! We need every one of you to defend our title of the sovereigns, so kill them all! Pave the path to our throne with the blood of our enemies!"

A group of magic knights immediately let out strange battle cries and attacked the enemies around them like madmen. Although Tempest Shadow seemed like an unreliable guy in the norm, he was surprisingly good at leading his players. In that sense, he was very similar to Xu Yang. Unfortunately for us, Tempest Shadow was at least seven or eight leagues ahead of Xu Yang in terms of skill and personal strength. They didn’t belong in the same weight class at all.


On the other side, Warsky, Lin Bing Dou Zhe, Laughing At The Heavens, and October Rain burst into the open together. Warsky shot all his generals a glance before ordering, "Let’s take out Tempest Shadow together!"

Laughing At The Heavens laughed loudly from his mount. "I shall face you, magic knight of the CGL Hall of Fame!"

Tempest Shadow side-eyed him before sneering, "Laughing At The Heavens? Just because you’re in the CGL Hall of Fame doesn’t mean you’re worth shit, loser. Did you forget I’m the 18th player on the list, and you are the 22th? I may not be able to kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, but I can definitely kill you!"

While he was speaking, he urged his mount forward and brandished his spear. The way he cut in diagonally toward Laughing At The Heavens did look pretty professional. He stabbed Warsky’s general three times in the chest with lightning speed, and the attack angle he chose was incredibly tricky. Even better, they all hit Laughing At The Heavens’ weak spot, dealing almost 30k damage to the magic knight in one go.



While all this was going on, Laughing At The Heavens only managed to retaliate with a single Barrier Break. It must be said that there was a definite skill gap between the two magic knights. Tempest Shadow had a better understanding of PvP than his opponent, and Laughing At The Heavens was too reliant on skills. It was why he had lost the upper hand to Tempest Shadow.


But before Tempest Shadow got to boast again, Lin Bing Dou Zhe charged and successfully stunned the War God. He slashed three times—Double Slash + Barrier Break—and dealt almost 30k damage. Although the latter was stunned, he had consciously moved his shield toward Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s direction right before the Charge hit him. Therefore, two of the three slashes had been blocked by his shield.

"Not bad! Now die!"

Tempest Shadow recovered from the stun and raised an arm, applying War God Recovery to himself—restoring 100% HP over 60 seconds—and drinking a health potion at the same time. He must’ve done this countless times in the past judging from how smooth his movements were. Then, he thrust his spear forward and hit Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s chest with a Barrier Break!



The counterattack hit Lin Bing Dou Zhe hard, but the fighter simply sneered and grabbed the spear shaft. At the same time, his sword flashed across the air in front of him like lightning!


Tempest Shadow was shocked, but he couldn’t react in time. By the time pain exploded from his neck, he had suffered massive damage to a weak point already!


No one was expecting Tempest Shadow to lose this badly. Tempest Shadow himself had completely underestimated Lin Bing Dou Zhe thinking that the man was just lucky to have learned a Famous General Skill. He never thought that the fighter himself was a super-tier player who was inferior to Li Chengfeng and Purple Marquis, but only by a little.


After Lin Bing Dou Zhe pulled Tempest Shadow off his horse and stabbed him one last time, the magic knight died and dropped a ton of potions and a blood-red helmet.

"Look, it’s a 3-star Outstanding Spirit-grade item! Not bad!" Lin Bing Dou Zhe praised as he picked up the piece of equipment. Not far away, Candlelight Shadow, Blue Sky Scar and the rest almost burst a lung watching this.

"You motherfuckers dare to kill Tempest Shadow? Die!"

Blue Sky Scar lost his cool and pounced toward Lin Bing Dou Zhe. The force behind his swing was so huge that the fighter was actually knocked a dozen or so steps away from his original position. Then, he swung his sword and executed Whirlwind Slash, tearing a dozen or so Warsky Alliance magic knights into pieces instantly. The Blue Sky War God was definitely a lot more powerful than Tempest Shadow.


However, someone knocked his sword away before he could do anything else, and Blue Sky Scar looked up to find Li Chengfeng smiling at him. "The CGL Hall of Fame is a legend among gamers, but that doesn’t mean that you are one. Die, boy!"

Li Chengfeng stomped his boots on the ground and activated Blitz, drastically improving his movement speed. The next second, he vanished from Blue Sky Scar’s sight so quickly that he left behind an afterimage!


Blue Sky Scar exclaimed in shock.

"Why don’t you test out my Whirlwind Slash?!" Li Chengfeng said from behind Blue Sky Scar. The man turned around in despair as the dragon warrior rotated his waist and swung his storm-shrouded sword toward him!

Crack crack crack crack...

The sound of metal tearing through armor rang melodiously in everyone’s ears. The moment Li Chengfeng activated Whirlwind Slash, he also switched out his Blitz for Encourage VII. The result was absolutely brutal!


Blue Sky Scar’s chest armor was torn apart, and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he slowly dropped to his knees. He couldn’t believe that Li Chengfeng had nearly chopped him in half with just one Whirlwind Slash to the waist!

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