Chapter 673: The Last Chaotic Battle

"Out of the way!"

A loud roar suddenly exploded from somewhere. It was Dominating Heaven Blade charging into the middle of Candle Dragon’s second subguild with a blade shining with cyan energy. The head of a gigantic tiger appeared above the man, and a sword aura swept across the area like a shockwave! The image in the air also changed into a cyan tiger pouncing toward its prey!

"Cyan Tiger Fury!"

Dominating Heaven Blade was buffed by Encourage VII, so his attack power was pretty impressive. The Cyan Tiger Fury was unstoppable, and Candle Dragon’s second subguild was his prey. The skill exploded in the middle of the crowd and killed twenty or so players in one go. None of us was expecting Dominating Heaven Blade to be this powerful.


"Hmm?" Gui Guzi exclaimed in astonishment and paused for a second. "That’s strange. I thought Dominating Heaven Blade had given up on competitive gaming after Gods of Destruction was no longer strong enough to keep afloat in Sky City? Since when did he become this powerful? His Cyan Tiger Fury is way stronger than the last time we fought each other!"

A skill’s power was tied to a person’s stats and level. The fact that his Cyan Tiger Fury became this powerful meant that Dominating Heaven Blade had grown drastically after a period of hard work!

Xu Yang also looked confused. "He can’t have drugged himself to get stronger, right? Also, he went straight for Candle Dragon just now. Did he have a grudge with Candlelight Shadow or something?"

Beside him, Chaos Moon answered his question, "It’s simple. A couple months ago, Dominating Heaven Blade went to negotiate an alliance with Candle Dragon as the ‘number one guild of Sky City’. He thought he was an expert just because Gods of Destruction was a runner-up on China’s Guild Ranking. Anyway, Candlelight Shadow rejected him and even humiliated him in public because he didn’t think that Gods of Destruction was worthy of Candle Dragon’s attention at all. It’s one thing to be rejected and another to be humiliated, which is why Dominating Heaven Blade held a grudge against him to this day. Right now we are all united against Candle Dragon, and Dominating Heaven Blade isn’t the kind of person who would let a perfect opportunity to gang up on his humiliator slip past him, is he?"

He Yi couldn’t stop herself from smiling. "That’s great! Candle Dragon barely has any allies because they’re way too arrogant for their own good. No way they can fight us, Peach Garden, Gods of Destruction, and Warsky Alliance together!"

Li Chengfeng agreed. "Yeah. As the saying goes, the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear. Candle Dragon is the strongest or the second strongest guild in the entire world, but they just couldn’t help but drop a rock on their own foot! There’s no chance this isn’t going to end in a tragedy for them. These guilds could end them even if we weren’t participating in this war!"

"Yeah!" I nodded with a smile. "Prepare your popcorn, because the show is only going to get better and better, hahaha!"


While Dominating Heaven Blade was going on a rampage, Tempest Shadow stepped out into the open with a spear in his hand. He laughed loudly at the guild leader and said, "Gods of Destruction? What a joke. You guys should really call yourselves Clowns of Circus instead, because only a clown would think they’re good enough to challenge Candle Dragon. Come on, show me how much the guild leader of Gods of Destruction weighs!"

"Fuck you!"

Dominating Heaven Blade roared angrily before Charging a player next to Tempest Shadow without warning. Once he got into range, he suddenly spun around and hit the CGL Hall of Famer with an unexpected Barrier Break!



It was just a single hit, but it scared Tempest Shadow so much that he stumbled backward like a drunkard. He had no idea that Dominating Heaven Blade’s attack would hurt this much until he actually got hit. The Barrier Break had penetrated his Defense completely.

Tempest Shadow’s embarrassment turned into full blown anger. He was a veteran CGL Hall of Famer, the so-called "Tempest War God" of Wind City, and a ruthless character who seldom met his match!

Chiang chiang chiang!

Tempest Shadow immediately retaliated with a rain of devastating attacks that overwhelmed Dominating Heaven Blade’s defenses and knocked him back unceremoniously. The fighter immediately laughed loudly and said, "You can’t kill a god if you’re dead, can you?!"

Seeing that Dominating Heaven Blade was in danger, a couple of players immediately ran to his aid. They were a knight, a warrior, and an archer!

"Boss, we’ll help you!"

Dominating Knight God activated Charge the moment he got within the skill range!


As it turned out, Dominating Knight God was very lucky today because he actually stunned Tempest Shadow. Dominating Warrior God also did the same before following up with a Barrier Break and a triple-hit melee flurry skill!

Clang clang clang!

Sparks flew everywhere the attacks left deep impressions on Tempest Shadow’s armor. He had lost a lot of HP to the skill combo—





Tempest Shadow shook like a leaf and dropped to half health in just an instant. Before he could do anything else, Dominating Archer God hit him with a Shock Arrow before flicking his bow like a boss, landing a very good Volley. Finally, Dominating Mage God chanted from a distance and cast two spells in a row, Dragon’s Roar and Galaxy Storm!

Boom boom!

Magic ravaged Tempest Shadow and nearly emptied his health bar. Dominating Mage God’s Magic Attack wasn’t to be underestimated!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

A pair of white light surrounded Tempest Shadow and pulled him from the brink of death. It was Candle Dragon’s priests dutifully healing their general back to full health. Tempest Shadow’s embarrassment and anger had only deepened, however. He was the Tempest War God, and he was almost killed by the rats from Gods of Destruction! How embarrassing was that?

Even Candlelight Shadow couldn’t watch this any longer. He ordered, "Blue Sky Scar, Transient Smoke and Clouds, go help Tempest Shadow. Hmph, no one is allowed to humiliate our corps commander like this!"

"Will do!"

The two generals immediately ran toward Gods of Destruction. Blue Sky Scar charged Dominating Warrior God and slashed Dominating Warrior God across the neck. Then, he turned around and followed up with a Barrier Break!


Blue Sky Scar’s sword burst out of Dominating Warrior God’s chest and dealt critical damage of 31478, killing the latter before he even realized what had happened to him. Dominating Warrior God was just way, way too weak compared to Blue Sky Scar.

On the other side, Transient Smoke and Clouds darted across the battlefield and shot an explosive combo of arrows. All of his shots passed through Dominating Archer God’s neck perfectly, and just like Dominating Warrior God he was killed before he realized what had hit him. Beside him, a couple of Gods of Destruction players picked up the equipment he had dropped before shouting angrily, "The Blackwater Bow is with me! Tell boss Arrow God to get it from me later! Brothers and sisters, the brutes of Candle Dragon just killed our brother, so what the hell are you still waiting for? Kill them all!"

Despite losing Dominating Warrior God and Dominating Archer God, the rousing speech still stirred the players of Gods of Destruction to action. They immediately clashed against the main forces of Candle Dragon.

The fires of war burned everywhere as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, The Monarch Descends, Blazing Hot Lips, Baidicheng, Warsky Alliance, Gods of Destruction, and Peach Garden ganged up on Candle Dragon at once. Melee fighters were hacking the shit out of one another in savage abandon, mages were chanting spells as if mana pots were free, and archers blotted out the sky with Far Shots. The battlefield quickly devolved into a chaotic mess.

Not all guilds were allied with each other, and people were attacking with their attack mode set to "Guild”. Therefore, the possibility of hurting or dying from stray fire was very real. It was the main reason the people went absolutely bonkers after the free-for-all battle began. For example, heavy cannoneers like Beiming Xue and Stranger of Three Lifetimes farmed the shit out of Gods of Destruction, Warsky Alliance, Candle Dragon, Hall of Immortality, so on with their Multi Arrows and Galaxy Storms.


It was a long, chaotic, fierce battle where no one could tell who was a friendly and who wasn’t. As for me, I simply rode the Armored Ice Qilin Horse into a group of players and murdered anyone whose ID wasn’t the color of friendlies, orange. Simple!

This was also the first time the Cyan Netherworld Sword got to drink blood to its heart’s content. If it was a demonic weapon, it would’ve slaughtered enough souls to evolve a long time ago.


Suddenly, someone parried my attack and shouted at me with bloodshot eyes. "What the fuck, Lu Chen! It’s me!"

I focused my attention and, oh, it was Indigo Collar from Peach Garden.

Indigo Collar’s sword was just as bloody as mine. He pointed his fingers at two different directions and said, "I go here, you go there…"

I nodded. "Sure…"

The fight continued after that short interruption. The Cyan Netherworld Sword was a Heaven-grade weapon, but its blade was inevitably chipped due to the sheer amount of players I had killed. I’ll need to repair it soon. Thankfully, this battle won’t last too much longer.

Not far away from me, Li Chengfeng was pointing at Xu Yang’s sword and laughing loudly, "Xu Yang, what the hell is that thing you’re holding? It looks more like a saw than a sword…"

Xu Yang checked his heavily-chipped weapon and realized that it really did look like a saw. He sighed. "Bah, who cares as long as I can kill someone with it? Anyway, continue!"

Gui Guzi, He Yi, and Beiming Xue’s kill counts were off the charts at this point. Wherever they went, they left a sea of blood in their wake.


The battle lasted for almost an entire hour. Finally, the number of players was decreasing to a point where we could breathe again. The floor was absolutely stacked in layers upon layers of bodies, equipment and potions, and because there were too many guilds involved in this fight, everyone was just picking loot at random. It was completely up to luck and insight whether or not someone could pick up a top-tier item or two.


As I rode past a crowd of players, I bent down and picked up a gold-colored shield. To my surprise, it was a 4-star Outstanding Spirit-grade shield that was dropped by a high-level magic knight from Candle Dragon. I tossed it into Diamond Dust’s hands immediately. It was exactly the equipment she needed right now, and a shield synergized perfectly with Knight General’s 100% boost to Defense.


At the entrance to the territory hall, Candlelight Shadow looked like he had just climbed out of a blood pool. Intelligent and cold-blooded, the warrior had somehow managed to kill all the players who attempted to invade the territory hall amid the chaos including Dominating Heaven Blade of Gods of Destruction, Moon Scar and Wheel Shadow of Peach Garden and more. It showed just how indomitable and powerful he was. Despite facing superior numbers, Candlelight Shadow maintained a cool head and fought like a machine. It was a quality that few people could emulate.

"Who else dares to challenge me?!"

Candlelight Shadow let out a mighty shout that actually stunned all the players fighting close to him. For a moment, it looked like no one could move past him.



Suddenly, a bloody light flashed past his person and immobilized him. A big stun icon appeared above his head.

"What the fuck, the Martial God got stunned? Who’s the assassin with such giant balls?!" Xu Yang’s jaw almost hit the floor when he saw this.

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