Chapter 671: Don’t Let Little Piglet Escape


Noticing the distant hostility as well, Cute Little Naughty stooped slightly and shook her cold, gleaming dagger for a bit. Then, putting on a confident smile on her face, she melted soundlessly into thin air and left behind only swaying grass amid a gust of wind.

"A duel between two assassins? Heh!" Li Chengfeng smiled. "Interesting!"


We had no plans of interfering with either the clash between the Crimson Fire Cavalry and the Porcupine Riders, or the duel between the two high-level assassins. I also wanted to know how much Cute Little Naughty had evolved since joining Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.

The thundering horse hooves were noisy, but it didn’t impact our viewing experience in the slightest.

I balanced myself against my sword and activated Dark Pupils. I immediately saw two beautiful female assassins slowly approaching each other.

When Cute Little Naughty moved forward, her ears were shaking slightly, and her eyes were watching her right side. It was as if every movement, natural or unnatural, fell within her perception; a quality that I expected every top-tier assassin to have.

A disturbance suddenly ripped through the air, and metal sparked against metal three times in rapid succession. It was Cute Little Naughty and Shangguan Wan’er clashing daggers with each other. Cute Little Naughty had slightly more Strength than Shangguan Wan’er, so the latter was sent sliding back against her wish.


Cute Little Naughty smiled slightly as she put strength into her smooth, armored legs and pounced forward. Her right dagger was glowing red with the power of Gouge.

Shangguan Wan’er stopped herself and reacted with lightning speed. She parried the attack and shifted to the right in one swift motion.

However, it turned out that the Gouge wasn’t Cute Little Naughty only move. Her right dagger was knocked to the side, but her left dagger was swirling with a bloody vortex of energy. It was her strongest skill, Blade Vortex!


Shangguan Wan’er exclaimed in surprise. She hadn’t expected Naughty to react this quickly. By the time she came to, the cold dagger was about to penetrate her chest.

Shangguan Wan’er bent backward and tried to parry the skill. She actually succeeded in parrying the first and second hit of Blade Vortex, but the third hit ultimately slipped past her defense and sank into her flesh!


Blood flew everywhere as Cute Little Naughty landed a critical hit of 18084 damage. Her critical rate was probably 40% or higher considering her current equipment, meaning that she would crit once every two hits or so. It was scary to say the least.

Shangguan Wan’er refused to lose the engagement, so she kicked Cute Little Naughty in the shoulder at the same time the third hit sank into her flesh, spun around and slashed the assassin right across the chest. she also landed a critical hit—12908!

Naughty stubbornly hung on and returned the kick immediately, causing Shangguan Wan’er to stumble backward. While the latter was drinking a health potion, Naughty smoothly transitioned into a spin and slammed her dagger into Shangguan Wan’er’s arm.


Shangguan Wan’er’s expression changed drastically as she jumped backward on one foot. She then made a throwing motion at Cute Little Naughty!


Something cut through the air like a rainbow and sank into Cute Little Naughty’s chest. When she looked down, she saw that it was a dark green throwing dart. An assassin with a ranged attack? This may be a bit dicier than I thought.

Caught off-guard and losing most of her health, Cute Little Naughty hurriedly backed away and drank her own health potion. When she looked up again, Shangguan Wan’er had melted into thin air once more.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Suddenly, a dozen or so arrows flew toward Cute Little Naughty. A Hegemon Palace archer was trying to assassinate her while she was distracted!

He Yi rushed in like the wind and raised her shield in front of Cute Little Naughty. She was able to intercept all of the arrows and even cause them to bounce off harmlessly thanks to her insanely high Defense. There was nothing the archer could’ve done to He Yi.

"Shameless fucker! How dare you sneak attack during a duel!"

I urged my mount forward and crossed my sword in front of me. Then, I sent it spinning toward the archer who had tried to kill Cute Little Naughty. The bastard could only stare when the Cyan Netherworld Sword punched through his chest and left a giant hole in its wake. From his dazed expression, it looked like he wasn’t expecting to die this easily.

The archer wasn’t the only one who died for his transgression. The mages around him were caught off-guard and killed as well. It was an attack of a player who had reached the Earthfire Realm, so of course I was able to one-shot them.


Cute Little Naughty stomped her foot once before chiding me, "Guild leader, my duel with that Shangguan Wan’er isn’t over yet!"

"Save it, she’s even resorting to hidden weapons to gain an advantage. How shameless is that? Anyway, we don’t have much time left. Let’s take out Hegemon Palace and occupy the territory hall already!"


My cavalry got back up their mounts after hearing my order.

At Hegemon Palace’s formation, Pillar of the Nation gripped his blade and shouted, "Why are you breaking combat rules, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? Are you going to attack us before a winner is decided between our cavalries?"

Li Chengfeng laughed. "Why should we obey any rule against people like you? Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls obeys only strength and victory. We aren’t so pedantic that we’d let trash like you hold us hostage with words!"

I raised my Cyan Netherworld Sword high and shouted, "Brothers and sisters, kill everyone whose ID has Hegemon Palace in it in half an hour! If they want to use us as their stepping stone so much, then let’s help them on their way and make them a laughingstock once and for all!"

Laughing in excitement, the Cyan Tiger Cavalry led by Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, and Diamond Dust charged the enemies and swept over them like a hurricane.

Our main guild’s cavalry had dropped to less than 10000. Bloody Mercenaries and our subguilds’ cavalry had also dropped to 20000 or so. Even so, there was no chance Hegemon Palace could withstand our power because we still had several Famous Generals on our side, and they had none. Little Piglet, their one and only Famous General, was currently trapped by Come See The Snow Tonight at the centermost area of the battlefield.

That wasn’t all. The Monarch Descends and Blazing Hot Lips added to Hegemon Palace’s misery by sending out their own ace cavalry, causing the latter’s defense line to crumble like sand. Simply put, Hegemon Palace didn’t even belong in the same league as us, so they were unable to push back even an inch.

Battle cries and the stench of blood filled the battlefield. Somewhere in the city, Warsky Alliance, Candle Dragon, Gods of Destruction, Peach Garden, Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, Throne Seeker, and more guilds were fighting valiantly as well. Their goal wasn’t to occupy the city, but to become the dominant guild in this epic war of guilds and improve their placement in the coming CGL Guild Ranking.

The cavalry charged at the front while the mages and archers caused havoc from the back. In a direct fight, the upper hand was ours because the average quality of Hegemon Palace’s players was inferior to ours, and their strength didn’t even deserve a comparison. Moreover, the eighth subguild led by Cute Little Naughty had entered the forest, slipped behind the enemy lines and were assassinating their high-level mages and archers right now.

Bloodcurdling screams broke out everywhere for a moment. The assault was so soul-crushing that Pillar of the Nation acted like a terrified rabbit. "Motherfucker, they’re all attacking! This is so unfair! Wan’er, Wan’er, we need to retreat right now! Tell Little Piglet that it’s time to go! Hegemon Palace has done enough for the day…"

Shangguan Wan’er was pulling a dagger out of an archer from The Monarch Descends when she heard the order. She was dumbfounded and dissatisfied with his cowardice, but she nodded obediently and said, "Got it. However, Little Piglet is currently surrounded by the Crimson Fire Cavalry, so whether he can escape is all up to him…"

Meanwhile, Little Piglet was charging left and right to break out of the encirclement he was trapped in. Every time the Cold Wind Swordsman dashed across the battlefield, the players of Baidicheng cowered in terror. Come See The Snow Tonight was the only one who could fight against him on equal footing. Her individual skill was no match for Little Piglet’s, but her knowledge of battle formations more than made up for that flaw. She had Little Piglet trapped like a beast wrapped inside a net.


"Archers, Shock Arrows! Don’t let Little Piglet escape!"

Little Piglet sent Come See The Snow Tonight stumbling with a Cold Wind Slash, but she retaliated by barking out an order. The dozens of archers behind her immediately changed skills and stunned Little Piglet in no time.

"Shield walls, surround!"

This time, the Crimson Fire Cavalry raised their shields high and surrounded Little Piglet completely, preventing him from escaping anywhere.

Come See The Snow Tonight said with a smile, "Vajra increases Defense by 200%, but Defense is all it is. His Magic Resist is nothing special. Ah Lan, Rachel, summon the mages and send him back to his city with Galaxy Storms!"

The two female mages and a group of mages immediately stepped to the front. They chanted loudly as Little Piglet tried to make his escape, but he couldn’t even overcome the shield wall around him. He looked absolutely furious because dying this way as a super-tier player was shameful to say the least.

Boom boom boom!

Little Piglet shuddered violently as the Galaxy Storms rocked his body. He looked like a dying leaf shaking violently to the wind. Come See The Snow Tonight’s declaration was absolutely spot on, and Little Piglet let out a death scream and died in less than half a minute. That was another Famous General gone from the battlefield!


I couldn’t help but sigh a little. Little Piglet was absolutely one of the most outstanding experts of China, but he hadn’t entered the Earthfire Realm yet. If he could ride a mount and his resistance was just a bit higher, Come See The Snow Tonight wouldn’t have been able to kill a Vajra-active Little Piglet as easily as she did. Heck, even we would have to invest quite a lot of effort to kill him.

"Kill them!"

After Little Piglet died, our morale skyrocketed while Hegemon Palace’s collapsed. Countless players took out their return scrolls and teleported back to their city!

Not even Wang Dongliang could stop his players from escaping. He murmured in shock, "Unbelievable, you shameless, thankless bastards, you—"

It was at this moment a beautiful knight killed her way toward Wang Dongliang. She was He Yi of course!

"Long time no see, Eve! I heard that you quit GGS! Are you interested in working with Shanghai Shengyi…" Wang Dongliang stared at her like she was his last hope.

He Yi smiled sweetly and brandished her Blade of the Earthen Soul. "Why don’t you go back to Sky City and figure out my answer yourself?"

Bang bang bang...

Five sword auras of ice and fire exploded amidst the crowd, and Wang Dongliang was standing at the center of the explosion. Naturally, He Yi’s terrifying Purgatory of Ice and Magma annihilated him from existence.

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