Chapter 669: An Unexpected Foe

Over 1300 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen charged at great speed, surprising Candle Dragon from behind with their powerful attacks. Even Candlelight Shadow and their top players like Blue Sky Scar were caught off-guard and could not react in time.

More than half of the 1300 Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen were buffed by Famous General Skills like Royal Road, Martial God, Knight God, and Knight General. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry’s strength was greatly multiplied by these stratagems. Switching from defense to attack with great flow, they fearlessly tore through their enemies.


He Yi pulled the reins of the Snow Domain Windchaser as it came to a sudden halt. She brandished her sword and activated Purgatory of Ice and Magma from a distance as five rays of icy flames burst forth from her sword and wreaked havoc among a group of enemies. In the blink of an eye, almost every single player had collapsed to the ground without being given a single chance to retaliate!

Pfff, pfff, pfff...

As sword energy tore through armor, the pitiful cries of the enemy rang out as they collapsed. Because we surprised the enemy from the back, many of their casualties were long ranged players.

"Attack! Kill every last one of them!"

With a loud shout, I urged the horse forward and swung my sword, slicing through any archer, mage, or warrior standing in my way. The Cyan Netherworld Sword was the highest grade weapon at this stage of the game, making it an extremely powerful weapon. Even elite players like Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow would not be able to withstand my attacks, let alone other normal players.


Following my lead, a large group of Cyan Tiger Cavalry behind me broke out into a run and started to charge. I glanced back and noticed that other random cavalries were running beside the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. "Greedy Wolf Cavalry, Fireblade Cavalry, Swift Panther Cavalry… Where did all these random cavalries come from?" I muttered to myself in astonishment.

Even though the different cavalries charged in a messy formation, the damage they dealt to the enemies was shockingly high. The most important thing was the sheer number of riders that we had. Candle Dragon was simply caught off-guard by the 6000 mounted players charging at them like a giant wave.

Candlelight Shadow gripped his sword in the midst of the crowd and shouted, "Tempest Shadow! Do something! Stop our riders from getting charged at!"

Tempest Shadow slowly pulled his blade from a Fireblade Cavalryman’s chest and spit a mouthful of saliva on him before replying, "Boss, our cavalry has been scattered, we can’t hold on for long! Our 40000 riders fell to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, The Monarch Descends, and Blazing Hot Lips while we were protecting the arrow towers. Even though we’re left with over 10000, 8000 have gone to deal with Warsky Alliance! We have at most 4000 riders, but we’ve been ambushed and soon will be surrounded…"

"God dammit!"

Candlelight Shadow gritted his teeth and growled in anger, "Fine then! Melee fighters, we’ll charge and block the enemy’s riders! We have to protect our long ranged players till they have retreated safely to the main hall. We’re done for if they all killed!"

Tempest Shadow nodded his head and said, "Alright, I’ll go with you!"



I shoved Blue Sky Scar back with a heavy swing of my sword. A look of surprise appeared on his face as the War God of Candle Dragon was flung 10 whole yards. He had not expected that I would become so powerful in such a short time. Moreover, Blue Sky Scar did not dare to fight me. He knew full well what I was capable of, and the result of our battle was crystal-clear for him.

I had no plans to kill Blue Sky Scar personally so I summoned the Phantom Wolf King and my apparition to keep him busy while I charged straight for the bridgehead!

A bunch of high-leveled archers gasped in shock as they shouted, "What the hell! Broken Halberd Sinks into Sand’s target is the drawbridge. Dammit! Everyone hold your ground! Hold your ground!"

I laughed as I urged the mount to go faster. With a swing of my sword, I unleashed Thousand Ice Slash amid a group of archers. The skill froze them before any could even react and many of them were one-shot instantly. I flew like the wind and continued to slash anyone in my way, not stopping for anyone till I got to the bridgehead.

God’s Dance’s Galaxy Storm enveloped me as I started hacking away at the drawbridge’s iron ropes. Gritting my teeth, I ignored the flying arrows and concentrated on cutting the iron ropes. I knew that the moment the ropes broke, the drawbridge would be lowered and our main forces waiting on the other side of the moat would be able to enter the city.

God’s Dance gritted her teeth and yelled, "Blue Sky Scar, Candlelight Shadow, Tempest Shadow, we need to stop Lu Chen! Otherwise, the drawbridge will be lowered. If that happens, half the battle is lost!"

Immediately, Tempest Shadow used Charge and appeared behind me. He swung the spear in his hand as he swept past, unleashing Blaze right at me!

I noticed him in my peripheral vision and swiftly took a step back. A large “MISS” floated above as he failed to strike me with Charge. Without wasting time, I held up my sword and parried his Blaze with a loud clang. A perfect parry! The angle and strength of my parry was absolutely perfect and I had lost only 400 HP. I would’ve lost more health if I had chosen to activate a defensive skill instead!

"Ah?!" Tempest Shadow’s jaw dropped in shock.

"Get lost!"

I counterattacked with a swing of my own, unleashing Barrier Break at Tempest Shadow. Knowing that his reaction speed was slower than mine, he did not parry my attack and instead held up his shield. However, Barrier Break ignored both Defense and defensive skills, tearing through his shield and piercing his shoulder!



The violent blow threw Tempest Shadow off his mount and into a crowd of players. Barrier Break was so powerful as it could ignore the target’s Defense. Falling off his mount came as no surprise to me, since such a powerful strike was bound to throw him off-balance.

"Attack together!"

Blue Sky Scar and Candlelight Shadow charged at me simultaneously but in different trajectories. However, as they drew near to me, they switched places abruptly, their movements imitating the Chanel logo as two full arcs crossed paths.

This was the rumored double helix maneuver! Compared to a single helix maneuver, it was almost impossible to guard against double helix maneuver. A killing blow awaited at every angle of the double helix!

"Hah! Die you retard!"

Blue Sky Scar gave a loud shout as a swirl of raging flames started to form on the tip of his sword. With a swift thrust of his sword, he unleashed Barrier Break right at the nape of the Armored Ice Qilin Horse!


I gasped in shock at the damage dealt. Candlelight Shadow followed up and executed Barrier Break and another three consecutive attacks on my mount, shaving off almost all of its tenacity!

I made a swift decision and sent the Armored Ice Qilin Horse back to the mount space. After that, I darted toward the metal chains on the bridge and used them as a springboard to power my leap into the air. My leap turned into a spin, forcing Candlelight Shadow’s consecutive attacks to miss me. As I spun over his head, I locked onto my target and swept my sword down. Burning Blade Slash! Hehe, I prepared these killer moves just for you!

"What the hell?!"

I shocked Candlelight Shadow but he reacted quickly to the incoming attack. Retreating swiftly, he held up his sword and parried the first Burning Blade Slash attack with a loud clang. He quickly raised his arm in a perfect defensive position to block the other two blows.

Two loud bangs rang out as raging flames of the Burning Blade Slash scorched his skin.



Candlelight Shadow took a few steps back with a stupefied look on his face. He definitely had not expected me to do battle without my mount.

Candlelight Shadow and Blue Sky Scar were elite players with excellent mechanical skills. Even though the mount made me extremely powerful, my range of movements was extremely limited. I couldn’t even execute 50% of my mechanical skill while riding a mount. In PvP against experts, mechanical skills were just as important as the user’s stats. Otherwise, one would not be able to even hit their opponent. In conclusion, it was far wiser for me to fight formidable opponents such as Candlelight Shadow and Blue Sky Scar on foot.

Burning Blade Slash managed to force Candlelight Shadow back, but at this exact moment, Blue Sky Scar suddenly started to charge at me!


Blue Sky Scar’s spear jerked back with a loud bang. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw Gui Guzi standing before me, blocking the blow meant for me. Raging flames surrounded his Rainbow spear as he turned his head over his shoulder and gave me a small smile. "Boss Broken Halberd, leave Blue Sky Scar to me! Go and cut the iron ropes at once so the others can enter the city. We have less than 10000 men so we can’t prolong the battle, otherwise we’ll all die!"


I shot him a grateful look and continued hacking at the iron ropes. Given my current Attack stat, I could shave off 5% of its durability with every slice of my sword. This meant that the rope would be fully cut in about 30 seconds. Three months ago, Gui Guzi wouldn’t have been Blue Sky Scar’s match. However, things were different now.

He had been killed by Lin Yixin and I countless times and had also participated in many fights. The current Gui Guzi had trained much and his mechanical skills and battle tactics had improved greatly. He is definitely capable of holding his ground against Blue Sky Scar.


Clang! Clang! Clang!

I brought my Cyan Netherworld Sword down heavily on the iron ropes, creating sparks as metal clashed against metal. I gritted my teeth in pain as I was instantly enveloped with volleys of arrows and spells from the enemy’s archers and mages. Without the Armored Ice Qilin Horse, my HP, Defense, and Magic Resist were significantly lowered. It was so much harder to withstand the attacks of the enemy with such stats.

If one voluntarily canceled the mounted state, the mount could be resummoned in just two minutes. However, if one was forced off their mount because its tenacity was reduced to zero, they would need to wait at least five minutes before being able to resummon their mount.

Right at this exact moment, Heaven’s Rain led a group of Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen to defend me. She activated Knight General and started to wreak havoc among the group of archers and mages. "How dare you bully big brother Lu Chen! I’ll kill you!" Heaven’s Rain shouted while slashing at our enemies.

I chuckled at her protectiveness before continuing to hack away at the iron ropes.


The Cyan Netherworld Sword managed to cut through the thick iron ropes at last. Without the thick iron ropes holding the drawbridge upright, it collapsed onto the ground with a loud boom!


Clouds of dust flew up as the drawbridge collapsed, creating a path across the moat!

Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, and Xu Yang gripped their swords and charged across. They had been waiting outside the city for so long and were finally able to quench their thirst for battle. Their eyes glinted with bloodlust, slashing at anyone in their path as they poured into the city. The map was soon flooded with the red emblems of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, blotting out the blue emblems of Candle Dragon. Candle Dragon had lost to the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls once again!


Candlelight Shadow turned red with anger as his blood boiled at the battle situation. Making a swift decision, he turned to shout, "Comrades! Retreat and defend the main hall! We still have two more hours! We must fortify our line of defense and guard the main hall. Victory will be ours in just two hours!"

At Candlelight Shadow’s command, players of Candle Dragon retreated swiftly like the tide, unwilling to go head to head with us anymore.

Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, and the other Famous Generals were just too powerful. Candle Dragon would surely be wiped out if the battle continued at this rate. How the tables have turned! Candle Dragon was always the one to wreak havoc on others but today, they were on the receiving end of it. Many of the Candle Dragon players were shocked by the turn of events and could not accept this reality.


The two-minute cooldown was up and I resummoned my Armored Ice Qilin Horse. I smiled in delight when power surged through me as I mounted the horse. Yes! I’m invincible again!

I raised my sword and gave the mount a light smack on its ass. Charging to the front of the troops, I pointed my sword at the main hall in the distance and shouted, "Brothers and sisters, victory is right before us! Attack!"

Excitement coursed through their veins as Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, and the rest responded with a loud battlecry. Charging forward without hesitation, they swiftly led their troops toward the main hall.

But before we could get much further, countless arrows were shot out of a small forest by the roadside. They enveloped a whole group of players, piercing through armor and flesh! Almost a hundred archers and mages were one-shot as they collapsed to the ground with pitiful cries.

"Who is it? Show yourselves!" Li Chengfeng roared in anger.

A group of enemies slowly revealed themselves as they walked out from the forest. Their leader looked extremely impressive as he emerged dressed in black armor, with a white cape flowing behind him. Gripping his sword in one hand, he looked straight at us with a smile and greeted, "Hello old friends, we meet once again!’

Li Chengfeng gritted his teeth in anger and he growled each syllable in a low voice.

"Little Piglet!"

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