Chapter 666: Viper Dragoons

I moved my hand to shield my eyes from the rays of golden light shooting out from in front of me. A dense crowd of riders gathered in their battle formation at the main plaza of the city, the Candle Dragon guild emblem proudly floating above their shoulders. I squinted my eyes to get a better view of the mounts and gasped in shock. Those squiggly, writhing mounts were actually gigantic snakes! These golden vipers had raised their heads and arched their backs upright so that a knight could ride on them.


The collective hissing sounds of these vipers were enough to make one’s skin crawl. However, the elite magic knights of the Candle Dragon were perfectly calm as they gripped their swords in one hand and held on to the ferocious snakes’ heads with the other. Even though the snakes wore helmets, their movements were not hindered in the slightest. The snakes looked positively disgusting and frightening as their tails slithered and tangled with each other every time they moved.


"What kind of mount is that? It’s super disgusting!!" Heaven’s Rain made a vomiting sound. Frowning deeply, she asked, "Big Brother Lu Chen, can we not fight against these disgusting things?"

I shook my head and replied, "Unfortunately not. It looks as if these riders are Candle Dragon’s ace. This was a premeditated move! Candlelight Shadow let us into the city so that we would be ambushed by those snake riders! Damn it! What kind of mount are those? They look really disgusting! Thank God I skipped lunch!"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes pursed her lips as her eyes widened in shock. "Those mounts… seem to be the legendary Viper Dragoons. Some Candle Dragon players were showing them off in the forums. They are a rare Purple Gold Rank Mount with extremely powerful stats!"

"Oh, so they are of the same rank as our Cyan Tiger Cavalry…" I frowned and said, "That’s gonna be troublesome. It looks like they have more than ten thousand riders. I wonder where Candle Dragon managed to get such powerful mounts from…"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes gave a small smile and replied, "It’s a simple feat for Candle Dragon. They are recognized as the top guild in Wind City, even Purple Lily and Peach Garden cannot be compared to them. These Viper Dragoons are rumoured to be descendants of dragons and they can be found in mountain caves. Candle Dragon occupied the entire map a month ago and prohibited other guilds from taking a single step on the mountain. Sister Luo River God of the Capital had brought a few players and they tried forcing their way through a couple of times, but they were forced to retreat. Almost every Viper Dragoon in the entire Wind City now belongs to Candle Dragon. Their numbers are simply terrifying as they have more than 13500 riders! More than half of the elite magic knights in Wind City are part of this Viper Dragoon Cavalry!"

"Oh?" He Yi shivered slightly as she glanced at me and said, "Doesn’t that mean that we have to do battle with Wind City’s top cavalry?"

I gripped the Cyan Netherworld Sword and smiled slightly, "Don’t worry Eve. Don’t forget, we are Sky City’s top cavalry! No, we are the world’s best cavalry! Even though we make up only half of our enemy’s numbers, we have powerful skills like Knight God, Martial God, Royal Road, and Knight General! Why should we fear these insignificant Viper Dragoons? Though they are rumored to be descendants of dragons, they are but a bunch of snakes in reality! Haha!"

I raised my sword high up in the air as I projected my voice toward the huge mass of Cyan Tiger Cavalry behind me. "Comrades! We will let these Candle Dragon retards have a taste of how the top cavalry does battle! Let’s wipe them out and destroy their confidence completely!"

That few simple sentences ignited everyone’s lust for battle as they all raised their swords high and shouted, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will rule the world!"


Meanwhile, Candlelight Shadow stood in the center of the city as Viper Dragoons flanked his left and right, crowding the entire main plaza. The Candle Dragon guild emblem on their shoulders looked like a raging ball of fire, ready to consume the entire world with its flames.

Tempest Shadow activated his Famous General Skill, Resolute, while Blue Sky Scar followed suit and activated Frenzy. Resolute increased a player’s Attack by 120% while Frenzy increased it by 150%. Even though Blue Sky Scar was not a rider, he decided to fight alongside the Viper Dragoons. His party members would be very powerful with the additional 150% Attack. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would have a hard time dealing with them.


Candlelight Shadow pulled out his Blade of Scarlet Flames as he stared into the distance with a hint of anger in his eyes. In a low voice, he growled, "We, Candle Dragon, have always held honor and comradery above our lives. Today, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have challenged our honor and pride. Comrades, today will also be the day we muster our courage and defend our honor! Under the protection of the arrow towers, we will tear this overly ambitious Cyan Tiger Cavalry into pieces. We will return freedom and honor to the China server!"

A large group of Viper Dragoons pulled their swords out of their sheaths as a chorus of voices yelled out, "Uphold our sovereign dignity!"

Tempest Shadow spit a mouthful of saliva on the ground before raising his pike and shouted, "Viper Dragoons, Charge! For glory, for our comrades and for our dreams!"

Instantly, more than ten thousand vipers started to slither across the ground at frightening speeds. They actually managed to cover a hundred yards within a blink of an eye. Their speed could easily rival to that of our Cyan Tiger Cavalry! Moreover, the viper moved in an S shape and could easily twist itself which only made it harder for us to defeat them.



The Cyan Netherworld Sword gave out a crimson glow as I activated Undead Energy and shouted, "Comrades, the time for vengeance is nigh! No longer will we have to fear the tyrannical abuse of the strong! Today, we will use our blood and courage to write a new chapter in Eternal Moon’s annals of history. The world will tremble and our enemies will quake in fear at the mention of our name! Charge! Kill without mercy!"

I urged the Armored Ice Qilin Horse forward, leaving behind a trail of frost. In all honesty, the Viper Dragoon Cavalry was every bit as powerful as the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. But fortunately for us, we had elite riders and powerful Famous General Skills on our side!

Since I was the first warrior to ever ride a mount, I had to perform well on the battlefield and eliminate as many as I could! Otherwise, all the hard work I had put into my sixth class promotion would be for naught!


Battlecries rang out in the city as the ground shook under the stampede of the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. Tiger riders activated Charge one by one and followed my lead. Gui Guzi, Diamond Dust, Heaven’s Rain and He Yi each led a hundred players into battle while I had a whopping four hundred men in my party. All party members were buffed with a 200% increase to their Attack! In this tough battle, these superbuffed eight hundred Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen would be the key to our victory!


The Phantom Wolf King let out a reverberating howl before turning into a streak of lightning and charging at a nearby Viper Dragoon Cavalryman. It appeared in front of its target in the blink of an eye and brandished its gigantic claws, landing a loud smack on its opponent’s head. Immediately after, it unleashed Claw of the Storm into a group of enemy riders with a loud boom as the tornado started to wreak havoc. The tornado swept a bunch of riders up into the air, instantly tearing apart their battle formation.

My Apparition Ring trembled as I summoned an apparition with a wave of my hand. The double was also mounted on an Armored Ice Qilin Horse and had 75% of my stats. It ran toward the center of the main plaza, brandished its sword, and activated Purple Dragon Howl. A purple dragon energy started to circle around the apparition before it was swiftly unleashed toward a group of enemies following a draconic howl.

Wails rang out as the purple dragons started to wreak havoc among the targeted group of players. The jaws of Candlelight Shadow and his comrades dropped as their eyes widened in shock. They clearly didn’t expect all of my clone’s cooldowns to be refreshed on resummon.

"What the fuck! This is atrocious! Kill him! Don’t let Lu Chen break the battle line!" Tempest Shadow yelled as he gripped his pike in outrage.

I chuckled at his words and swiftly took control over the Phantom Wolf King, unleashing Purgatory Storm!

Awoo awoo!

The little wolf raised its proud head and howled. A huge expanse of red clouds started to form in the sky and the ground collapsed suddenly, leaving a large hole as lava started to bubble up. Countless tornadoes sprung up and began to utterly devastated any enemy within a 40-yard radius. Pitiful cries rang out as the enemy collapsed one by one at the hands of the Level 147 Phantom Wolf King. Since it had extremely high stats, it was natural that it had exceptionally terrifying attack skills.

Candlelight Shadow was thoroughly angered and decided to take matters into his own hands. Even though he was a warrior, he rushed to the frontlines and activated Charge. Locking onto Heaven’s Rain, he swung his sword as it trembled slightly as activated Rock Thrust!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sharp pointed rocks burst from the ground in succession and pierced through the stomach of a few battle tigers as Heaven’s Rain and a bunch of magic knights were violently thrown into the air. What a domineering skill! Candlelight Shadow did not have a mount and yet, he had the guts to slaughter so many riders head-on! This was something that normal players would not be able to achieve!


A blazing red energy started to form on the tip of Candlelight Shadow’s sword and condensed into a swirling flame. He tilted his head upward, waiting for Heaven’s Rain to hit the ground before one-shotting her with his Barrier Break.

However, at this moment, Gui Guzi started to charge at Candlelight Shadow with his spear in hand, taking him by surprise. The force behind Gui Guzi’s charge was so great that it flung Candlelight Shadow back. Candlelight Shadow took a few steps and gritted his teeth in anger when he realized his Barrier Break had been forcefully canceled.


Gui Guzi instantly unleashed a Barrier Break of his own and shaved off more than 15000 of Candlelight Shadow’s HP. Unfortunately for the Martial God, he had provoked the wrath of Heaven’s Rain. Her eyes turned red as she picked herself up from the ground and unleashed three consecutive crescents of energy with a swipe of her sword.

"Candlelight Shadow, be careful!"

Tempest Shadow stood before Candlelight Shadow and held up his shield immediately to block that three consecutive blows. A bunch of Viper Dragoons swept past them swiftly, aiming for the Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen in front of them. To my surprise, those ferocious vipers fiercely opened their mouths and started to attack the battle tigers!

The vipers swiftly bit the battle tigers on their heads, instantly shaving off nearly two thousand HP. God damn, it will be hard to deal with these Viper Dragoons if they can attack without getting close to us!

Candlelight Shadow gripped his sword and shouted, "Charge! Break their battle formation!"

Unfortunately, things did not play out the way he wanted it to. He Yi thrust her Blade of the Earthen Soul into the ground and activated Purgatory of Ice and Magma. Five hits of the skill burst forth, a bunch of enemies in its range. The flashy attack stopped many Viper Dragoon Cavalrymen dead in their tracks.

Moreover, the enemy’s vanguard was brutally slaughtered after being enveloped by Burning Blade Slash, Thousand Ice Slash, and the Phantom Wolf King’s Purgatory Storm. Their battle formation was torn apart and they no longer had the courage or the drive to continue fighting.

"Attack! Charge at them!"

Gui Guzi roared as the Cyan Tiger Cavalry brandished their swords and charged into the crowd of enemies. Ignoring the Viper Dragoons’ attacks, they swung their swords continuously and concentrated on attacking the enemy.

I too lifted the Cyan Netherworld Sword and smacked the Armored Ice Qilin Horse, rushing into the group of enemies. Frost swirled around my Cyan Netherworld Sword as I unleashed Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon upon the bunch of Viper Dragoons before me. Even though they were blasted with such a powerful attack, only half of their health had been eliminated. Dammit! These guys are all high-level with excellent equipment. Even Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon is unable to one-shot them!

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