Chapter 663: What a Despicable Skill!

The two Knight Generals, Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust, had finally appeared in the city and joined the battle. Under Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, and the other warriors' protection, a group of players managed to summon their mounts. They swiftly flipped themselves onto them and activated their stratagems, preparing to activate Charge and face their enemies head-on. This region of the city was only 20 yards wide and I highly doubted that any enemy would be left standing if we were to Charge back and forth a couple of times.


Candlelight Shadow stared at us with red eyes. He barked at the top of his voice, "Charge at them! Don’t let them get into their battle formation! If their riders get into battle formation, this region of the city will be lost! Blue Sky Scar, Song of Pig, and Blood Slash, gather your forces and charge at them! Break their formation and prevent them from summoning their mounts!"

A group of Candle Dragon players started to charge at us with a battlecry. Two Soul of the Foot Famous Generals, brandished their swords with fury in their eyes and shouted, "Damn you! Trying to screw with Candle Dragon? Dream on!!"

Song of Pig and Blood Slash led a hundred players into battle each and activated Soul of the Foot. That Famous General Skill increased the entire party’s Attack and Defense by 100%, making it an extremely powerful skill. The two hundred players charged with a loud cry and clashed head-on with Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, He Yi, and I. Fortunately, Gui Guzi, He Yi and I had managed to summon our mounts beforehand so we could counterattack fearlessly!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He Yi’s Purgatory of Ice and Magma’s five consecutive attacks exploded amid a group of enemies. Enemies who were buffed with Soul of the Foot retreated rapidly with fear in their eyes as they tried to avoid being killed. To our dismay, only a few of them were one-shot due to their 100% increase in Defense. This caught He Yi and I by surprise. We had not expected for the Soul of the Foot to be this powerful. God dammit!

Even Li Chengfeng was forced to take a few steps backward when the enemy came at us head-on. The enemy’s 100% increase in Attack was truly powerful and it seemed as if all of them had already learnt Barrier Break. Their consecutive attacks were insanely brutal and Li Chengfeng had taken three consecutive hits of Barrier Break! He let out a string of curses as his health was nearly depleted!

Transient Smoke and Clouds laughed loudly and yelled, "Blood Slash, work with me! Let’s eliminate one of their Famous Generals!"

"Sounds like a good plan!"

In the next instant, Transient Smoke and Clouds pulled his bow string and released an arrow. The arrow flew swiftly and hit our Flying General, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun with a resounding bang. That hit had stunned him successfully and Transient Smoke and Clouds wasted no time and rapidly fired a volley of arrows at him. Out of the dozen arrows he unleashed, nine of them managed to hit Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun squarely in his chest!

Blood Slash dashed forward suddenly and swung his sword at Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, unleashing a Barrier Break on him!


Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun cried out pitifully as he collapsed from the Cyan Tiger he had been riding on. Just like that, he had become the first Famous General in the Ancient Sword Dreaming Soul to lose his life in the battle of Immortality City!


I gritted my teeth at the scene before me in outrage and shouted, "Beiming! Eliminate two of those Soul of the Foot assholes!"

"With pleasure!"

Beiming Xue ran swiftly and leaped onto the city wall gracefully, her pale legs looked extremely mesmerizing in the moonlight. She slightly bent her waist over the edge of the wall to get a better aim as her Dragonbone String shone brilliantly in the dark. When she released her arrow, it whistled through the air and stunned Blood Slash successfully. He stood rooted to the spot and Beiming Xue instantly released a dozen arrows of Evil Spirit Volley at him. She smirked in satisfaction as eleven out of twelve arrows pierced his chest!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood Slash collapsed with a pitiful howl and dropped his Cyanlight Helmet. A barrage of arrows was not something most melee players could stand up against.

Beiming Xue continued to execute my command and did not stop to savor her victory as she turned to run along the city walls. Once she came to a stop, she swiftly positioned her dazzling bow and locked on to the enemy’s last Soul of the Foot Famous General, Song of Pig!

"Fuck! It’s the Dark Archer Beiming Xue!"

Song of Pig exclaimed frantically and retreated like the wind, holding up his hands in a defensive position hoping that it would be enough to save him from death.

Beiming Xue sighed helplessly as she continued to rapidly fire thirteen arrows. Of which, 70% flew straight for Song of Pig!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hits were so powerful that his entire armor trembled. Song of Pig had barely withstood that round of attack and half his health had been shaved off. His face lit up with joy and exclaimed in relief, "Is this all the famous Dark Archer can do?! What a joke! I managed to Guard successfully…"

At this moment, the Dragonbone String in Beiming Xue’s hand started to tremble as a faint dragon’s roar could be heard in the distance. Holy shit! The Evil Spirit Volley had actually activated the Dragonbone String’s Outstanding Property!

In the blink of an eye, a shining dragon shaped arrow started to form on Beiming Xue’s bow string before she released it as it whistled through the air. It was an attack imbued with the power of the Dragonbone String. Proud Dragon Arrow!

"What the hell?!"

Song of Pig’s was so stunned that he failed to react in time. The Proud Dragon Arrow flew at the speed of light and pierced through his armor, hitting him smack in the chest. Song of Pig could only watch with wide eyes as blood started to seep out from the arrow stuck in his chest.


Everyone stared in shock at the damage number that floated above his head as Song of Pig slowly sank to his knees, collapsing onto the ground. Moreover, Proud Dragon Arrow was an AoE skill that was designed to eliminate all enemy players in a straight line.

With a loud explosion, a few arrow towers in the distance collapsed into a mountain of rubble. Proud Dragon Arrow was so powerful that it could even destroy towers!

I smiled proudly as three Soul of the Foot Famous Generals were all eliminated within a short span of time. Beiming Xue had killed two of them while Li Chengfeng did away with one. The enemy players were debuffed now that all their Famous Generals were killed.

Now that the tables have been turned, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon and High Fighting Spirits stopped defending and immediately unleashed their attack skills. Reverse Scale Slash, Rock Crush, Xiezhi Howl, and other skills were unleashed into the crowd of enemies. Pitiful wails rang out immediately as the Candle Dragon players were brutally slaughtered without the buff from Soul of the Foot.

When a party leader died, the party would be promptly disbanded. The fighting was so intense that none of them could spare time to create a new party. How would our enemies withstand powerful Famous General Skills like Blitz, Plunder, and Stamp without any buffs?



Blade of the Earthen Soul clashed violently against Blade of Scarlet Flames as both guild leaders finally faced each other directly in battle.

Candlelight Shadow sprung out of nowhere, hoping to catch Xu Yang off-guard. Fortunately, the latter managed to block his attack while He Yi saw an opening and thrust her sword at Candlelight Shadow. In the nick of time, Candlelight Shadow quickly held up his sword to parry her blow. Unfortunately for him, He Yi’s equipment was exceptionally powerful and her Attack was further boosted by her mount. Even though Candlelight Shadow managed to parry He Yi’s blow, the attack flung him back violently.

"Goddammit, she’s so powerful…"

With an indignant snort, Candlelight Shadow planted his feet firmly into the ground and swiftly activated Burning Purgatory Slash. With a swing of his sword, he one-shot two Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players within his attack range. He turned instantly, performing a helix maneuver as he weaved into the group of players and activated Encourage VII. His attacks were extremely powerful and players collapsed instantly at a single swing of his sword!

I glanced at Candlelight Shadow and decided that I would deal with him later as I had my hands full at the current moment. I rushed forward and unleashed various AoE attacks among the enemy while tanking most of the attacks from the arrow towers at the same time. We were right in the middle of the attack zone of the arrow towers, Without any form of protection or cover, many of our players were brutally slaughtered. Damn those arrow towers, we would have a much easier time dealing with Candle Dragon if it weren’t for them!

On the other side of the battlefield, Blazing Hot Lips’s players had arrived and started hacking away at Candle Dragon players. Meanwhile, our opponent’s cannoneer, God’s Dance waved her staff as volleys of Galaxy Storm rained down, slaughtering many of our allies.

Beiming Xue ran swiftly as she lifted her bow and took aim for God’s Dance. Her Evil Spirit Volley rained down on the mage and rapidly reduced her Magic Shield’s durability. God’s Dance gasped in shock and stopped her attacks on the masses in face of a new threat. Needless to say, everyone heaved a sigh of relief now that God’s Dance was preoccupied by our dark archer.

At this moment, the leader of Blazing Hot Lips, Stranger of Three Lifetimes, finally managed to scale the cloud ladder and reach the top of the city wall. She activated her Magic Shield and glanced at the Candle Dragon players before her. She waved her staff with a giggle as Galaxy Storm + Icicle Flurry started to rain instantly upon the group of enemies before her!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Such powerful skills!

Tempest Shadow wailed out as he was caught in the blast and retreated readily. Gripping his pike, he shouted in fury, "What the heck! Stranger of Three Lifetimes is vicious! Transient Smoke and Clouds, go eliminate her!"

Transient Smoke and Clouds shivered in fear and replied, "If I do that, you need to keep Beiming Xue and Lu Chen occupied for the time being! Otherwise I would be slaughtered before I even get close to the archer’s attacking range!"

Tempest Shadow sighed deeply before saying, "Let’s go kill Chaos Moon then!"



He Yi swung her Blade of the Earthen Soul with such quick movements that Tempest Shadow was forced backward. He eyed He Yi cautiously after getting a taste of how powerful she was. Even though he was a CGL Hall of Famer, He Yi’s equipment was extraordinarily powerful. Her Blade of the Earthen Soul was definitely not any inferior to Candlelight Shadow’s Blade of Scarlet Flames and even her mount was exceptional. She had nothing to fear when faced with Tempest Shadow or anyone of his rank for that matter.

Beiming Xue continued to keep God’s Dance busy with her constant attacks. Thus, God’s Dance was unable to unleash her full potential and could not wreak havoc among her enemies.

Meanwhile, Candlelight Shadow cruised along the borders and cut down every single Cyan Tiger Cavalryman in his way. But no matter how powerful an individual was, it was simply impossible for him to solo an entire army. Blazing Hot Lips’ army continued to press forward while Stranger of Three Lifetimes led her mages into battle. A group of mages were exactly what Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls needed! They unleashed their Galaxy Storms in constant waves as they exploded amid the enemies, tipping the scales of battle in our favor.

Our two Knight Generals, Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust, led a dozen magic knights as they charged back and forth through the battlefield. Other Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen started to join them and their numbers continued to increase. As a battle formation started to take shape, it became harder for Candle Dragon to deal with their opponents.

Candlelight Shadow gripped his sword and moved with lightning speed. With a thrust of his sword, he pierced through the armor of a Cyan Tiger Cavalryman and unceremoniously dragged him off his mount. Stepping on the rider’s corpse with one foot, he shouted, "Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch, take your men and gun for Beiming Xue! Little Dance, come here and beat the shit out of those Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen!"

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch nodded his head obediently as he led a group of players toward Beiming Xue. Beiming Xue was forced to retreat when she saw the Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch charging at her but continued to release her arrows upon her enemies. Beiming Xue gritted her teeth in annoyance as she was forced to back away from God’s Dance and could no longer stop her from attacking.

God’s Dance heaved a sigh of relief as Beiming Xue was no longer hassling her. She smiled and waved her staff instantly as Galaxy Storm rained down on Diamond Dust. Within seconds, Diamond Dust’s mount tenacity was reduced to zero and as her mount collapsed with a loud thud.

Candle Dragon smiled with glee when he saw that Diamond Dust was left with a third of her health. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he flew forward as thrusted his bright Flaming Crimson Blade toward her.



Sparks flew in all directions as the Blade of the Earthen Soul blocked the incoming Blade of Scarlet Flames. He Yi stood over Diamond Dust protectively as she enveloped Candlelight Shadow with her Purgatory Ice and Magma instantly. Resounding bangs rang out as Candlelight Shadow was forced backward by the five consecutive hits. His face turned ashen with shock as he was almost one-shot by He Yi’s skill.

I applauded inwardly with glee. Finally, the day had come where He Yi could be absolutely confident of her abilities in the game. Not many dared to go head-to-head with Candlelight Shadow after all. He Yi’s skills were far worse than Candlelight Shadow’s, but she had actually dared to face him head-on. This took Candlelight Shadow completely by surprise and so he did not perform on the level he would have had he known the danger she posed.

He Yi stared at Candlelight Shadow but directed her words at me, "Lu Chen, go kill God’s Dance!"


I leaped forward without hesitation, activating Thunderous Charge and locking my sights on the warrior beside God’s Dance!


I flew swiftly to my target as lightning and thunder accompanied me. God’s Dance noticed me from the corner of her eyes and swiftly retreated. A ball of red energy formed at the tip of my Cyan Netherworld Sword as I unleashed Frightening Slash. As I thrust my sword forward, it penetrated through the opponent’s Magic Shield with a loud bang!


Nearly 30000 of God’s Dance’s MP was shaved off instantly as she did not manage to get out of my attack range fast enough. She turned ashen instantly and exclaimed in shock, "God dammit! I can’t believe such a despicable skill actually exists!"

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