Chapter 661: Equal to a Thousand Men

The blood and bodies of all our valiant warriors who had been caught in that Storm of Destruction was sent flying all over the place. It was too terrible to even look at! God’s Dance’s spell had practically been a forbidden curse-level spell! Its power was so absurd that it could even tear apart a sturdy siege tower which had shrugged off countless other arrows and spells. So how could frail human flesh fare any better?

Chaos Moon bit down hard on her lower lip as she stared at the wreckage in front of her. Her sword arm had actually started to tremble as she gasped, "Candle Dragon’s top mage is… crazy strong!"

I bellowed, "Prepare to assault the city walls. Fucking hell, we have to take revenge for Fighting Spirits and Chengfeng!"

After I said that, I immediately summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse. I leaped onto the back of my horse and slammed a sword into the drawbridge. I wasn’t going to wait for it to be lowered!


A huge ringing sound reverberated in the air as the drawbridge was knocked down by my mighty swing. The battlefield was suddenly unveiled before our eyes as the huge metal plate fell to the ground. We were currently about fifteen yards away from the city walls, but my Armored Ice Qilin Horse definitely had the jumping power to cross that distance.

However, it was at this exact moment that an opposing player sprang into action. He ran up the city walls before leaping off. His body drew a beautiful arc in the air as he spun toward the siege tower to our left. It was Blue Sky Scar!

He savagely thrust the longsword in his hand into the siege tower’s plated hide. When it sank into the wooden frame, he used it to swing himself up to the top of the siege tower. After that, he immediately yanked out his sword and launched a wave of sword energy at the players inside the tower, causing the Blazing Hot Lips players inside to wail with pain.

On the other side, Candlelight Shadow had used his sharp sword to draw a magic formation. A fierce and majestic-looking lion covered in dripping blood burst out of the formation in an explosion of light. It immediately reared back its gigantic head and let out a furious roar. The words "Bloodthirsty Lion King" floated above it. Candlelight Shadow had also switched pets! It was a Heaven Rank boss pet and it looked super strong!

As the Bloodthirsty Lion King roared, it pressed its paws firmly into the ground as it coiled its enormous body backward like a spring. It quivered with pent-up energy as its fur started to stand on end. Countless crystals of ice started to form in the air before the Bloodthirsty Lion King suddenly let out another furious roar. The earth itself shook as I heard a loud bang! I immediately looked down to see that a huge spear of ice that was more than a dozen meters tall had shot out of the ground and skewered a siege tower that wasn’t far away from our own. An attack from below had far more penetration power than usual so there was no doubt that the warriors in that siege tower were having a bad time right now.

Killing intent flickered in Candlelight Shadow’s eyes as he suddenly turned toward me. The look in his eyes turned haughty and mocking as he retreated a few steps. Then, he suddenly brandished his sword and shot forward like a missile. He flew straight toward me like an arrow as he leapt into the air!

"Lu Chen, it’s time to show me just how strong you’ve become!" he yelled.

The air around us seemed to freeze as everyone on the battlefield turned to look at us. Two legendary Heavenly Kings were about to do battle! What would happen next?!

"Ice Qilin Horse, let’s go!" I yelled in response as I spurred my horse forward. It leapt into the air and flew straight toward one of the arrow towers on the city walls. The Cyan Netherworld Sword dipped low as cold energy started pulsing along its blade.

"Heh! You’re looking to die!"

Candlelight Shadow’s eyes grew cold and suddenly executed a backward somersault midair! He used the momentum generated from his spin to fly right above me. His hand smacked against my right shoulder as he used it for support to spin back down toward my back. The Blade of Scarlet Flames glinted with a deathly cold light as a spiral of burning energy formed on the tip of its blade. Barrier Break!



Even though he was using Encourage VII, I had to admit that Candlelight Shadow’s Attack was incredibly high. The Blade of Scarlet Flames seemed to be a Level 140 5-star Outstanding Earth-grade weapon, so its attack power was extremely terrifying.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Candlelight Shadow took advantage of the fact that a player couldn’t turn around and attack while mounted to hit me again. He balanced expertly on the back of the Armored Ice Qilin Horse as he struck me in the back with his Blazing Purgatory Slash. Those three fierce strikes dealt nearly twenty thousand damage! That was forty thousand damage in the matter of seconds.

I had no choice but to grit my teeth and take those blows but the Armored Ice Qilin Horse’s steel-shod hooves had finally landed on top of the city wall. After that, my hand immediately shot out to grab Candlelight Shadow’s as I snarled, "Have you had enough fun?"

I gave a loud grunt as I bodily slung Candlelight Shadow toward the ground. The Cyan Netherworld Sword howled when I instantly hit him with Burning Blade Slash. Three blades of blazing sword energy mingled together as they shot toward the downed warrior. Candlelight Shadow barely had any time to react after I had hurled him off my horse, but he still managed to raise his sword to parry all three of my strikes! He had entered a defensive stance way too quickly!

Clang! Clang! Clang!




The difference between normal players and players in the Earthfire Realm was revealed in that instant. Even though Candlelight Shadow had managed to successfully parry my strikes, he still lost nearly 20000 HP. He only had about 50k health in the first place, so this fight would go very poorly for him if it continued like this!

The tip of my sword suddenly shuddered as it suddenly shot out toward him yet again. Crushing Blow!

If I managed to connect with that attack, Candlelight Shadow was dead meat!

Unfortunately, his reaction speed was even faster than my sudden strike and he instantly stopped trying to defend against my attack.

I changed my strike midway as Crushing Blow transformed into Universe Break! A flash of cold light erupted up from below the Armored Ice Qilin Horse as my Universe Break shot toward Candlelight Shadow like a venomous snake.


Candlelight Shadow gasped in shock as he hastily backpedaled. His body suddenly started to bob and weave as he used the helix maneuver in a bid to dodge my attack. Unfortunately for me, it worked splendidly as he seemed to vanish from the arc of my strike like a flickering shadow. My attack swhooshed over his head as a huge "MISS" popped up into the air. He had actually managed to use pure agility and skill to dodge the Universe Break that seemed destined to hit him!

Shock sprang up in my heart, but I had no choice but to grudgingly admit that Candlelight Shadow had never rested on his laurels and the title of "Martial God”. He was always diligently training his skills and refining his techniques to grow stronger. The current Candlelight Shadow was many times stronger than the Candlelight Shadow who had just turned pro and he was one of the few people who could simply use their mechanical skill to evade my Universe Break in that kind of situation.

However, Candlelight Shadow was smart enough to not engage me in a direct battle after our first clash. The gulf in our stats was too wide! I had my super-OP mount, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse, while he was still on foot! Even though he had more room to maneuver and display his skills, skill was useless in the face of absolute power. Besides, even if my agility was limited by my mount, I still possessed first-class skills and offensive power myself. He couldn’t afford to be careless.


He brandished the Blade of Scarlet Flames warily as he beat a quick retreat. Once he had retreated far enough, he waved a hand and used his Ghost God Prophecy against me as he yelled, "Archers, use your Shock Arrows to stun this asshole! After that, I want everyone to kill him!"

A group of archers positioned on the city walls began to rain down fire on me!

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

A flurry of arrows forced the Ice Qilin Horse backward! Candlelight Shadow had too many powerhouse players by his side and Transient Smoke and Clouds’ bow was definitely an Earth-grade weapon at the very least. Furthermore, he wasn’t unleashing a hasty barrage of arrows at me. He was slowly and methodically aiming at my weak spots before firing. His accuracy was startlingly high as well, and even my lightning-quick movements weren’t enough to dodge his iron arrows!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Those arrows exploded when they hit my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor. Transient Smoke and Clouds’ attacks seemed to have an explosive property which dealt huge damage against heavy-armor opponents!





The constant heavy blows had left me at my wits end as well, but I still wasn’t willing to retreat yet. If I didn’t hold their attention, all the siege towers that Stranger of Three Lifetimes had used a lot of time and effort to build would be destroyed!

My blade swept forward as my Thousand Ice Slash exploded within the enemy’s midst with a resounding boom. My attack one-shot many archers and assassins while restoring a huge amount of my health. My Phantom Wolf King had also leapt onto the city walls with a furious howl. It seemed extremely angry at the fact that its master had been ganged up on by so many people, so it dove straight into the crowd of Candle Dragon players and unleashed Claw of the Storm, carving huge slashes into the cobblestones that made up the city wall!

Candlelight Shadow shuddered at the might of my pet, but he immediately ordered his own pet to launch a counterattack. The Bloodthirsty Lion King immediately wheeled toward the Phantom Wolf King, and I also urged my little wolf forward. In the end, the two kings of beasts smashed into one another as they tore at each other’s hide. Countless streams of energy swirled around them as they ripped into one another, the savage display leaving the surrounding players dumbfounded.

"All archers, focus your fire on Lu Chen! We need to take him out in one shot!" Transient Smoke and Clouds yelled.

Nearly a hundred elite archers raised their bows at his command. The sound of them nocking arrows and pulling their bowstrings taut caused my heart to leap into my throat.

Whoosh, whoosh...

After I cut down a few Candle Dragon fighters, I immediately saw an opportunity and yelled, "Little wolf!"

The Phantom Wolf King howled when it heard my call. It immediately bounded forward and unleashed Purgatory Storm in the next instant, the huge storm sweeping up most of the elite archers who had trained their bows on me. My precisely-timed attack had ripped most of them to shreds, but Transient Smoke and Clouds had reacted with supreme speed. He escaped the radius of that storm with a single Leap, saving his own life in the process.

Candlelight Shadow gritted his teeth angrily when he saw that. Not allowing this to go on any further, he instantly shot straight toward me with the Blade of Scarlet Flames raised high in the air!


I missed my first strike! Candlelight Shadow had managed to pull off a zigzag to dodge my first attack despite moving at such a fast speed. After that, his feet skidded against the ground as he instantly wove an "S" on the ground and got behind me. He slashed me a few times from behind before slipping away again. He was a blur of constant motion, and my slower turning radius while mounted allowed him to keep dancing around me. Was he trying to maneuver his way to victory?!

I chuckled to myself when I realized what he was up to. Was he really that naive?

I suddenly urged my mount forward, and the Ice Qilin Horse’s superlative speed caused me to fly forward and out of the range of Candlelight Shadow’s sword. Light exploded from the Cyan Netherworld Sword as I used Burning Blade Slash on a squad of his elite magic knights, instantly one-shotting most of them. The 200% Attack boost from my Martial God skill and the overwhelming offensive power of my Cyan Netherworld Sword turned Burning Blade Slash into a nuke that most players couldn’t endure. Of course, more than a few of those elite players had managed to defend against my attack, which had saved them from the grisly fate of their companions.

I did a half-spin as I cleaved players to the left and right of me with my Cyan Netherworld Sword. I had mowed down nearly a hundred Candle Dragon elites like so in the matter of seconds! I wheeled around once more to meet Candlelight Shadow, who had only just managed to catch up to me. His face had gone completely white. He clearly understood what my intentions were now. I was going to kill every player of Candle Dragon I could lay my hands on before his very eyes and dare him to stop me!


It was at this precise moment that Galaxy Storm suddenly exploded all around me. My body went cold as I instantly lost 17829 HP. Fuck, that’s one strong spell!

I spun around to see that God’s Dance was the one who had attacked me. This WMD of a mage had always been a huge thorn in our side. Her powerful magic and oustanding mechanical skill had utterly justified her reputation as the best mage in Candle Dragon.


My Cyan Netherworld Sword flickered in the air as I immediately rushed toward God’s Dance. I braved the countless spells and arrows that were raining down on me as I charged ahead.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I had definitely overestimated my defensive capabilities. As God’s Dance and Transient Smoke and Clouds poured fire down on me, I saw the Armored Ice Qilin Horse’s tenacity bar grow shorter and shorter. In the end, it gave a sorrowful whinny and disappeared from beneath me. Goddammit, I really couldn’t just charge in headfirst like that!

Thud, thud, thud...

I frantically scrambled across the ground as my health instantly plummeted. A bunch of fireballs and icicles were flying right at me even as I tried to dodge the first few spells and arrows. However, what made the situation truly grim was Tempest Shadow’s sudden charge. His spear shot through the air like a bolt of lightning as he headed my way with Barrier Break!

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