Chapter 659: We’ll Meet Again On The Battlefield

"What?! Candlelight Shadow is here?!" Emperor’s Equal exclaimed in shock.

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch smirked and said, "That’s right! It is impossible for us to defend Immortality City because we are greatly outnumbered. So, I invited Candle Dragon to help us. Warsky Alliance will be done for once Candlelight Shadow, God’s Dance, and Blue Sky Scar arrive. Why do you think Warsky Alliance was able to assault the northern wall with such ease?"

Rose Thorn giggled and replied, "Oh, looks like Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch has such great foresight…"

"Hahaha! That goes without saying! No one is…"

"...infallible after all?" [1]

"Fuck you!"


While the three guild leaders were busy chatting away, three hundred Ghost Riders plummeted down the city walls. As they landed, half of their mounts’ tenacity bars were shaved off and they lost a third of their health. Unfortunately, the Ghost Riders landed among a group of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players and were instantly hacked into pieces. It was clear that many Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players were starting to get frustrated for not being able to scale the cloud ladders successfully.

However, the three hundred Ghost Riders had also delayed our attack plans. Many players who were halfway up the cloud ladders were actually knocked off by the falling Ghost Riders. They could only grit their teeth and take their anger out on those Ghost Riders before scaling the cloud ladders once again.

The rattling of chains could be heard as the eastern city gates started to open at this moment. Once the gates were fully opened, more than 10000 Ghost Riders began to charge out of the city! Dammit, there were so many of them! Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch decided to sacrifice his trump card just to stall us for ten minutes!

I summoned my Armored Ice Qilin Horse, flipped myself onto it and yelled out, "Brothers and sisters, get on your mounts! Cyan Tiger Cavalry, come with me! Those of the Warrior class, stay here and continue to raid the city with Blazing Hot Lips, The Monarch Descends, and Baidicheng!"


It was clear that I had great influence over the members of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Not a single person defied my command as 5000 Cyan Tiger Riders swiftly gathered. He Yi too joined the platoon and activated Royal Road as she started to form a hundred-man party.

Following suit, many other parties were formed and Famous General Skills of all sorts such as Martial God, Royal Road, Knight God, Knight General, and Flying General were soon activated. The Ghost Riders of Hall of Immortality were going to have a hard time dealing with us!

One’s Strength and HP were life-determining factors when going head-to-head with a rider. I charged at the enemy and welcomed them with Thousand Ice Slash. Right after I unleashed Thousand Ice Slash, the Phantom Wolf King followed suit and unleashed Purgatory Storm at the same group of people. Their tactical formation was instantly ruined as they started to collapse and trample one another!


Gui Guzi’s eyes lit up as he ordered the cavalry to activate Charge. The Ghost Riders had little time to prepare which resulted in a huge disparity between our strengths. As the Cyan Tiger Cavalry and Ghost Riders clashed with each other, the Cyan Tiger Cavalry managed to maintain their battle formation while the Ghost Riders were brutally slaughtered. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry looked like a sharp knife cutting through butter as they charged their way into the group of Ghost Riders, hacking at anyone standing in their way. In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand Ghost Riders had already collapsed.

After killing an opponent, a Cyan Tiger Cavalryman would instantly turn to another opponent and activate another Charge!

After five rounds of charges, the Cyan Tiger Cavalry managed to eliminate half of their enemy with minimal losses!

At this moment, I looked to the distance and saw Ling Xueshang leading a large group of The Monarch Descends players. Her Unyielding could increase a player’s Attack by 100% and HP regeneration by 200%, making it an extremely powerful skill! They charged in from the side and swiftly took control over the battlefield, even going so far as to cut off any retreat routes for the Ghost Riders.

"Xueshang, I’ll leave this place to you!"

"Alright!" Ling Xueshang nodded her head and shouted enthusiastically, "Keep up the fight! While you guys attack the city walls, I’ll go prepare the cannons to bust the city gates wide open!"

"Alright, let’s do this!"


I signaled for the Cyan Tiger Cavalry to retreat back to the city walls and by the time we regrouped with the main force, half an hour had passed. Meanwhile, the battle continued to wage intensely at the eastern walls. Whenever Beiming Xue and her party launched an attack at the enemies, they would counterattack and aggressively hurl our melee fighters off the city walls.

All the elite fighters from the three guilds congregated at this part of the city wall. The enemy had deployed most of their troops to counterattack and focus their firepower on us instead of Warsky Alliance. It was impossible for us to scale the cloud ladders!

Gui Guzi gripped his spear and was about to climb up the ladder, but stopped when he heard He Yi call out, "Little Gui, wait a moment!"

"What’s the matter, Eve?" Gui Guzi asked.

He Yi glanced at another portion of the city walls with a serene gaze and said, "The situation’s changed. We’re not dealing with Hall of Immortality alone anymore."


Gui Guzi and other players at the foot of the walls held up their shields to block incoming arrows and magic attacks as they turned their heads to look in the direction He Yi was looking at.

She was absolutely right. A line of players emitting an aura of confidence could be seen marching in an orderly fashion on top of the city walls. The level of each and every one of them was shockingly high and they all wore the same emblem on their shoulders. Their leader was a Level 149 warrior dressed in a magnificent armor. There was only one Level 149 warrior in the entire China server, and that was Candlelight Shadow!

He was not alone. Blue Sky Scar, Tempest Shadow, God’s Dance, Transient Smoke and Clouds, and other elite players were following close behind him. Fuck! They’ve finally made their entrance!

Candlelight Shadow took a glance at our battle formation before smirking proudly and said, "Hmph, even though Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have made a name for themselves in Sky City, you think too highly of yourselves! How dare you extend your clutches into Vanished God City! Do you think that this is your territory?"

He Yi clutched her sword and calmly replied, "The pot calling the kettle black, are we? Candle Dragon is here at the Vanished God City too after all. Do you really think that Candle Dragon is still the number one guild? Do you really think you can cover the heavens with one hand?"

Candlelight Shadow glared at He Yi icily and said, "Just you wait and see!"

After speaking to He Yi, Candlelight Shadow turned to glare at me. His eyes turned red with fury as he looked at my Earthfire Realm insignia. He was clearly annoyed that he had to delay his sixth class promotion for this battle. After all, the sixth class promotion’s Earthfire Realm was extremely important to him. Candlelight Shadow had always harbored a grudge against me because of my Famous General Skill. Now that the Divine General Skill patch was finally out, he could only rely on that to recover some lost ground.


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch smiled as he clasped his fists and welcomed Candlelight Shadow, "Martial God, you’ve finally reached Immortality City!"

Candlelight Shadow smiled and replied, "My apologies for taking this long to arrive."

Rose Thorn asked, "Candle Dragon entered from the western gate and headed straight for the northern walls to ‘welcome’ Warsky Alliance. What was the battle outcome? Warsky Alliance is rather powerful and they have six Famous Generals with extraordinary stratagems on their side. Candle Dragon is regarded as one of the Top 3 guilds in Sky City and on equal footing with Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. But even so, I doubt it would be that easy to eliminate Warsky Alliance. You only took thirty minutes after all."

Even though Candlelight Shadow knew that Rose Thorn was sounding him out, he laughed and replied, "It was alright. Warsky Alliance isn’t as powerful as you think they are. Don’t forget, Candle Dragon has three Famous Generals, Golden Age Hero, Song of Pig, and Blood Slash. All of them have Soul of the Foot which raises the Attack and Defense of foot soldiers, making it an excellent stratagem when defending a city. Haha! Why should we fear Warsky Alliance at all?"

Rose Thorn smiled and asked, "So what was the battle outcome exactly?"

Candlelight Shadow smirked and said, "Warsky, October Rain, and Lin Bing Dou Zhe were forced to retreat, while Farewell Song was forced to teleport back to Sky City. Their Famous General archer, Nongfu Spring, was killed by Blue Sky Scar while Hundred Battler was killed by Tempest Shadow. Haha, October Rain was also struck with my Ghost God Prophecy. She will be dead in less than three minutes!"

Tempest Shadow who stood beside Candlelight Shadow laughed and chimed in, "How could Warsky Alliance withstand our attacks when less than a thousand of them managed to scale the wall? Warsky left with his tail between his legs while the rest of the guild were left outside the northern walls, unable to decide if they should attack or retreat. They simply looked like pitiful lost puppies. And their pretty little military advisor, October Rain should be dead anytime now."

Transient Smoke and Clouds laughed heartily and said, "Hmph, it won’t do if you have all brains and no brawns! Old Blue, it’s all your fault! I wanted to kill the Famous General archer first!"

Blue Sky Scar laughed in reply and said, "You should have told me earlier! If you had, I would’ve let you have your way!"


The bunch of Candle Dragon players were chatting amongst themselves in such a relaxed manner, it was almost as if they were not in the midst of a battle. However, we could not help but notice that God’s Dance had led a group of players and placed them along the top of the city walls. They were all elite archers and mages of above Level 140! It would be even harder now for us to scale the walls and enter the city.

At this moment, two warriors, a magic knight, and an archer started to push their way through the crowd at the foot of the city wall with ashened faces. They were the core members of Warsky Alliance—Warsky, Lin Bing Dou Zhe, Laughing At The Heavens, and October Rain!

Warsky gripped his sword in his hand as he frantically staggered through the crowd of players and made a beeline for me. Panting, he spoke in a low voice, "Lu Chen, you have to save October Rain no matter what…"

"What’s wrong?" I frowned.

Before Warsky could reply, October Rain pointed at the Ghost God Prophecy symbol above her head. "I only have forty seconds to live. I’m hoping that Beauty Mingyue will be able to save me with her Bright Mirror. I will be eternally grateful for your help and won’t forget this life debt…"

"OMG…" Murong Mingyue muttered in shock as she glanced at He Yi and I, silently asking for our opinions.

I glanced at He Yi and understood her wishes when I saw her nod her head.

I turned to October Rain and said, "Alright then, hurry!"

Murong Mingyue instantly added October Rain into her party and activated her Famous General Skill, Bright Mirror!


A pale blue energy rippled under Murong Mingyue’s feet before washing over October Rain, baptizing her. As the energy enveloped October Rain, the Ghost God Prophecy symbol above her head vanished instantly!



Tempest Shadow gripped his pike tightly and stared at us with eyes wide open. "God dammit! Boss, your Ghost God Prophecy got washed away by that pretty priest! It’s really gone!"

Candlelight Shadow’s eye twitched in annoyance and said, "I knew this would happen! Prepare to defend the city! We must not let a single one of them reach the top of the walls!"


Every Candle Dragon player pulled their swords out of their sheaths and prepared for battle.


October Rain left the party and exclaimed gratefully, "Thank you for not holding a grudge against me and saving my life. I will be eternally grateful for this."

I laughed and replied, "You don’t have to thank us. I will be very thankful as long as you don’t try to stab us in the back in future."

October Rain giggled and said, "Alright, we will go back and attack the northern walls. We’ll leave Candle Dragon to you guys. And then…"

"If you guys dare enter the city first, we’ll show you no mercy!" High Fighting Spirits growled mercilessly.

October Rain laughed heartily and replied, "Well then… We’ll meet again on the battlefield!"


1. TL note: 智者千虑,必有一失 is a whole idiom that Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch only said halfway. So Rose Thorn finished the idiom for him.

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