Chapter 658: Intense Collision

Our troops continued to trudge through the barren desert, making their way to the city. I tried to ignore the prickling pain on my face that came as the hot grains of sand in the desert wind brushed against my face. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse let out a loud neigh as it raised its front hooves and trampled on the enemies. The Cyan Netherworld Sword gleamed with an icy sheen as a translucent dragon circled around the blade.

I lifted my head and saw countless archers on top of the city walls. Bending over the wall as much as they could, they took aim and started to fire their arrows at the group of engineers at the base of the walls.

"Beiming, kill all their archers!" I yelled.


Under the protection of Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue rushed forward while avoiding as many flying arrows as she could. Her Dragonbone String glowed brilliantly as she unleashed Spiraling Arrow Blade continuously at the city walls. Her arrows exploded as they came into contact with the city walls, throwing more than a dozen enemy archers off the top of the walls. Bow God increased her Attack by 150% making her attacks extremely domineering and powerful.

However, the enemy numbers continued to increase and it was just impossible for Beiming Xue to deal with all of them by herself. Blazing Hot Lips’ engineers were frantically trying to set up their cloud ladders while having to avoid the life-threatening volleys of Galaxy Storms and Spiraling Arrow Blades.

Volleys of arrows continued to wreak havoc as they rained down on us. I glanced up at the city walls and noticed that there were many high-leveled and powerful archers. It looked like Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch had spared no efforts by sending all of his elite long ranged players to ‘welcome’ us.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three consecutive explosions of Spiraling Arrow Blade one-shot an engineer to my right. Those playing the production classes were well aware of their fighting strength. Therefore, they focused on stacking HP so that they wouldn’t die easily. Unfortunately, they were still unable to withstand the powerful attacks of the enemy’s combat players.

Enraged by the engineer’s death, I lifted my head and the Cyan Netherworld Sword started to glow radiantly in my hand. I made a sweeping motion and directed a crescent of sword energy toward the city wall. The indigo sword energy transformed into a spiraling tornado, blasting its way through the entire city wall region. Blood covered the city walls as the tornado continued to wreak havoc on countless archers and mages.

The tornado was so powerful that many low-level players were killed instantly. Only a few high-level mages managed to narrowly escape death due to the durability of their Magic Shields.


"What the fuck! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you’re a dead man!"

I turned my head at the mention of my name, only to see that it was the Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch who had insulted me. He was carrying his sword over his shoulder as Rose Thorn and Emperor’s Equal stood beside him. The enemy had diverted all their focus to us the moment we decided to raid the city. They didn't even pay any attention to Warsky Alliance who was attacking another part of the city.


Rose Thorn pulled her sword from its sheath and growled, "Players of the Rose of the Holy Domain, heed to my command. Defend the city at all cost and don’t let a single enemy climb up the city walls! Archers, use your Devil Piercing Arrows and Shock Arrows! Mages, focus your attacks on Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, From Water, Legendary Brave, and all the Famous Generals. Killing one will double your pay and the rest are just easy targets once we’ve killed all their Famous Generals!"

He Yi gripped her Blade of the Earthen Soul as it glistened brilliantly in the sunlight and tilted her head upward. Smiling at the three guild leaders, she asked, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has a total of eleven Famous Generals. Rose Thorn, do you think you can kill us all?"

Rose Thorn gave her an icy glare and replied, "We will try even if it kills us!"

He Yi’s expression instantly turned stone cold and she pointed her sword toward the city. In an icy tone, she shouted, "Prepare to raid the city! We’ll give them what they want!"


One by one, the cloud ladders positioned right next to the city walls started to extend upward. If the engineers managed to set them up successfully within sixty seconds, the mechanisms of the cloud ladders would run automatically till it extends to the top of the wall.

I laughed and shouted, "Everyone, dismount and attack!"

With a neigh, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse was sent back to my mount space. Holding the sword with my teeth, I started to climb up the nearest cloud ladder. He Yi, Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, and the others followed suit and started to climb up their own ladders as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I continued to ignore the fireballs that came crashing down on me and concentrated on swiftly climbing up the cloud ladder. Once I enter the city, I’ll be able to fight on solid ground.


Hearing a pitiful scream, I glanced to my left and saw High Fighting Spirits sprawled on the ground. A dozen arrows stuck out of his chest as a stun CC icon floated above his head. He was successfully stunned and was blasted off the cloud ladder. God damn, this idiot had actually lost half of his health.

High Fighting Spirits groaned as he recovered from the stun and got back on his feet. He resentfully wiped the dirt off his nose and continued to climb up the ladder.

Toward my right, both Knight Generals, Heaven’s Rain and Diamond Dust, were halfway up the walls. However, like High Fighting Spirits, they were successfully stunned by Shock Arrow and blasted off by balls of raging fire instantly. Fortunately, both had activated Knight General which increased their Defense substantially, allowing them to escape death.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, our guild members continued to fall off the cloud ladders. Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker had sent their main force of elite players to fend us off. Not only were their players extremely powerful, they had the high ground as well. Even though our players were very powerful, they still could not withstand the barrage of attacks and were sent hurling off the cloud ladders.

My jaw dropped when I saw that Li Chengfeng was the first to reach the top of the cloud ladder. His sword trembled slightly as he swung it and executed Reverse Scale Slash which exploded amidst a group of enemy archers. But before Li Chengfeng could even take a single step onto the city walls, six high-level murderous-looking warriors suddenly sprang forward. Swirls of spiraling flames started to form on the tip of each of their swords as they simultaneously used Barrier Break!

Li Chengfeng was completely cornered and even god would not be able to save him now. Even though he had great Defense, he was not foolish enough to tank six Barrier Breaks at the same time. His eyes widened in shock and muttered, "What the hell, is this even allowed…"

Li Chengfeng frowned, clearly annoyed by the ‘special’ attention he was getting. Facing six Barrier Breaks simultaneously, his only option was to fall off the cloud ladder to avoid being hit.

The Dragon Warrior wasn’t one to go down without a fight. Right before falling off, he activated Encourage VII, increasing his Attack by 80%. He immediately turned slightly to his right and made a sweeping motion with his sword, unleashing Barrier Break + Dragonbone Flurry.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!





Four consecutive attacks one-shot that warrior as he collapsed to the ground. Unfortunately for him, he even dropped his sword. It was a pity that Li Chengfeng had only managed to glance at the city for a split second before he was violently hurled off the city walls.

"Fighting Spirits, catch me!" Li Chengfeng shouted.

High Fighting Spirits gripped his Invincible as he ran toward Li Chengfeng swiftly and shouted, "Don’t worry brother! I’ve got you!"


Dust flew off the ground as Li Chengfeng landed heavily on the ground, right smack in the face. Dirt covered his entire armor as he quickly scrambled up only to find High Fighting Spirits hugging Chaos Moon’s thigh. Li Chengfeng glared at him and shouted, "What the hell! I asked you to catch me! Why in the world are you hugging Chaos Moon for…"

Chaos Moon gave High Fighting Spirits a tight slap as she kicked him away with her free leg. In an annoyed voice, she said, "If you dare to take liberties with me again, I’ll end you!"

High Fighting Spirits face turned ashen by Chaos Moon’s threats. Turning to look at Li Chengfeng, he said, "Do I look like I want to hug this girl? I intended to catch you but she fell from the sky and landed right on my face! What was I supposed to do…"

Li Chengfeng facepalmed and murmured, "What the fuck…"

Boom! Boom!

Gui Guzi and Xu Yang too fell face first into the ground. Crawling back up, they glanced at their surroundings and asked, "What happened? What happened?"

Li Chengfeng sighed exasperatedly and shouted, "What happened my ass! Climb up quickly! We’re left with Lu Chen and the guild leader up there!"


Clang! Clang!

He Yi stood at the border of the city walls, raised her shield, and blocked two blows of Barrier Break. She gritted her teeth in pain as she lost 30000 HP immediately. Her Blade of the Earthen Soul shone radiantly as she thrusted into the ground and activated her new skill, Purgatory of Ice and Magma.

The ground where she plunged her sword into started to cave in, creating a gigantic hole as scorching hot magma started to splurt forth from it. To add to her damage output, five bursts of icy cyclones continuously emerged from her sword and swept through the crowd of players.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions rang out as an entire group of enemies collapsed, instantly creating an empty zone around He Yii. None of the Hall of Immortality players within its attack range had survived, not even the Ghost Riders.

However, a barbarian charged at He Yi and attacked her while she was activating Purgatory of Ice and Magma. With a swing of his sword, he unleashed three consecutive blows, two of which were Barrier Break and Blaze. After loud bangs, sparks flew off her armor as He Yi took the blows and was hurled off the city walls. That barbarian was actually Wing Breaker, who had taken part in the Dark Moon City raid previously. His Strength and skills were definitely above that of normal players!


I growled in a low voice before stretching out my hand to grab a magic knight by his neck and throwing him off the city walls. Unable to ascend the cloud ladder, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, and the rest started to grow bored as they waited at the bottom of the city wall. When that magic knight landed at their feet, they grinned sadistically and started to hack him to death.


My feet met with solid ground as I leaped from the cloud ladder onto the city wall. However, a volley of attacks enveloped me immediately. I was too busy defending myself from the various arrows and spells that I didn't even have the time to summon my Armored Ice Qilin Horse. My Defense and HP were extremely low without my mount and I was left with only two thirds of my HP within seconds!

I leaped high in the air with my Cyan Netherworld Sword raised and with a loud shout, I stomped my foot amidst a group of enemies. My sword glowed as I activated War Crush and dealt three consecutive attacks to the enemies. Everyone within my attack range was one-shot and collapsed instantly while I regained much of my health with the lifesteal.


I looked at a sky blue symbol when it appeared above my head and panic gripped me. Why does this skill symbol look so familiar?

In the next instant, countless icicles started to rain down on me. God damn! This was Galaxy Breaker Mage’s skill! Has the number one mage of Hall of Immortality come to welcome me?

I retreated swiftly to the border of the city walls. It would be such a pity if I were to die in the hands of that mage!

With a loud howl, the Phantom Wolf King appeared and started to charge at Galaxy Breaker Mage at my command.

I was not out of the woods yet though. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch waved his hand as a group of enemies parted, making way for a large group of Ghost Riders. What the hell! Are they going to use Charge on these narrow city walls?

Almost as if Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was verifying my thoughts, he let out a sinister smirk and shouted, "Charge! Yeet Broken Halberd Sinks into Sand off the city walls! Don’t let him get a chance to summon his Armored Ice Qilin Horse!"


More than a hundred magic knights activated Charge and headed straight for me. I leaped onto an arrow tower and swung my sword, slashing out sword energy that landed on a magic knight with a loud bang, sending him flying off the city wall. Tsk, your Strength is nothing compared to mine!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like swatting flies, I swung my sword and sent another bunch of magic knights flying off the city walls. However, the enemy’s magic knights continued to come at me in never-ending waves, no matter how many I killed.

The crowd continued to surround me and at last, I was finally hit with a Charge!

Bang! A loud sound rang out as a Ghost Rider charged at me and knocked squarely into my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor. Unable to brake in time, both the Ghost Rider and I were sent flying off the city walls.


I landed face down but quickly flipped myself over and scrambled off the ground. I growled in anger as I swung my sword and one-shot that magic knight.


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch stood on the city walls and raised his sword, shouting, "Ghost Riders, jump down from the city walls and attack them head-on! We must defend the city and prevent Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls from raiding it! Ten minutes! That’s all we need to hold them off for!"

Emperor’s Equal turned to look at Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch asked in a surprised tone, "Why ten minutes?"

The corners of Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s mouth lifted up as he laughed arrogantly and said, "Because ten minutes is enough for Candle Dragon to finish off Warsky Alliance!"

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